Saturday Drama, Pencil Sharpener, and Love

Yesterday was a doozy of a day.

The hubs and I did not start out with too much of a plan.  We both had work to do (and lately, the hubs has not had much work to do so then I feel jealous of his TV watching and computer surfing and I inevitably make a comment such as, "Must be nice!" to which he always responds, "Which one of us just had three months off?" and then I have to justify my time off and why it is absolutely necessary for teachers to have that time off.  It's just much better for all involved if he is as busy as me.  Namely, me.).  

About a half hour into the drinking coffee part of the morning, we decided an alternative plan was in order.

We named it the Lazy Plan and determined the working part of the weekend could happen on Sunday.

So most of my day consisted of lounging around, snacking, watching a movie, blog stalking, pinteresting, and things of that nature.

And then.

DUN DUN DUN! (As my kids would say because I taught them to do that when something big is about to happen in our classroom.  For example, when the intercom buzzes in the middle of the day, we say, "Dun, Dun, Dun!" or if I announce that I found a band-aid on the carpet and it is absolutely not okay and I'm going to get to the bottom of it, we say, "Dun, Dun, Dun!")

Kerry, my twin, called.

"Did you hear about Dad?" she said.

Uh, no.  That's because my family has this weird thing where I am the LAST person to ever know anything.  For real.  That is a whole 'nother issue, but we'll have to talk about it later.  But can I just point out that Kerry lives in Texas and she got the call before I did?  Do you see what I'm saying?  Huh?  Do you?

So my brother-in-law stayed calm and helped Kerry and me get my older sister on a three way call for us.   My hubs was also extremely calm, as always, and had the car keys in his hand, at the ready.  I was trying not to cry and failing.  Hiccup.

Come to find out, my dad was not feeling well.  Blurry vision, wanting to throw up, no color in his face, etc.  It doesn't help that my parents do not have air conditioning and it was 93 degrees in their house, according to my older sister.  It also doesn't help that my dad is always trying to be the big man and not act like anything is ever wrong, ever.  Ever.  "I'm fine," he always says.  Meanwhile, he has hives on his elbows and feet from stress, or he steps in a fire during a family camping trip, or he falls off the ladder while putting up Christmas lights . . . but he's fine.  Just fine.  

So my dad got up and basically passed out.  

Passed out.

When he came to, he felt much better, but it was too late.  The paramedics had already been dispatched.  I am beginning to think they know their way to my parent's house by now.

When it was all said and done, my dad had run out of some medication, and it finally came in the mail yesterday.  

So he did what all "fine" people do.  He doubled up on the medication.

Um, yeah.  That would do it.  

I was so relieved.  He was released after his blood pressure went back up to normal.

I promptly texted my older sister and told her to tell him that I would most definitely be blogging about this.

Talk about emotions all over the place.  High, low, confusion, what in the world, are we getting in the car, and let's not forget I was the last one to know again.  The last one.

But I felt relief, mainly.

Then I got an email.

A wonderful follower from Alabama named Michelle sent me an email saying that she and her buddy, Brandy, had just bought a 3 pack of the best pencil sharpener in the world.  They had already shipped and were on their way.  And they wanted to send ME the third sharpener.  Just because.  

Just because!

She also cracked me up!  I am cutting and pasting what she wrote in her PS.

"P.S.  The knob fell off of my pencil dispenser, too, and it was really bugging me until I knocked the whole dispenser off the shelf and it shattered the lid.  Now the knob isn't bugging me near as much."

I died laughing.  It was EXACTLY what I needed after the whole dad fiasco.  

However, another follower had left me a comment with a link to the pencil sharpener on Ebay that was in stock and ready to ship. 

So, thanks to Tammy at Teaching is an Addiction, I have one on the way and I don't need the one from Michelle and Brandy.  But how nice!!!  HOW NICE!!!!!!

So Tammy, Michelle, and Brandy are my new favorite people in the world because they all made my day when my day had gotten a bit scary.  And emotional.

And all of that is absolutely nothing in comparison to what Alisha's friend, Tiffany, is going through right now.  She has been diagnosed with stage 3 Hodgkins Lymphoma.  You can read more about it {HERE}.  Alisha from The Bubbly Blond is helping raise money by bundling a ton of blogger's units and offering them to you for $20.  The units are worth over $200!  If you donate $20 to the fund, you get ALL the units.  

To learn more about it, click the pic above or check out Alisha's newest update {HERE}.

I am super happy to be a part of it, and it really puts things in perspective.

Deep breath.

So.  Today is my work day.  I have to tackle those progress reports.  

PS  I love my dad.  Dearly.


  1. Oh your daddy-o....always keepin' you on your toes! Between him and your mom breaking...what was it that she broke? They just like to shake things up!!!!

    Big hugs to you...you'll love the pencil sharpener by the way. Great addition to your dispenser deal...


    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  2. I'm really emotional right now {you know why} and reading this post made me laugh and cry! I seriously heart you! So lucky to have you in my life:)

  3. I'm glad he's ok!

    My Oma (grandma) had a heart attack a week ago today and I've been emotional this whole week, but my bloggy buddies have soooo helped me feel better!
    Journey of a Substitute Teacher
    Endless Pinabilities!

  4. Kristin, I am sending so much love your way!!! Please be super good to yourself today. Those icky emotional days take a lot out of us and we needs lots of time with PJ to catch up - LOTS OF TIME!!!!! Lots of chocolate, too!
    An Open Door

  5. oh my goodness Kristin, I'm so glad your dad is doing ok now! How scary for you!! I hope you have a restful rest of the weekend (that sounds awkward, but I'm too tired to edit it, lol!) :)

  6. So, so sorry to hear about your dad. I hope he is better quickly. I will send out my thoughts.

    I have that pencil sharpener and I guard it with my life. I have an unnatural relationship with this inanimate object.


  7. Glad your dad is ok!!!!!!!! I miss you!!!! I need to come to Cali!

  8. Thank you so much for sharing and donating!

  9. I'm so glad that your dad is now ok! How scary that must have been for you all!

    A is for Apple B is for Blog

  10. Sooo glad your dad is doing better! Dads are always "just fine", & oh how we love them so much! Laughter is the perfect medicine, too! Glad all is well!
    Amy Howbert
    Little Miss Organized

  11. Yikes!!! So scary but glad everything turned out well.


  12. So happy your Dad is okay!! I'm sure your heart was just racing :(

    First Grade FUNdamentals

  13. I'm glad your dad is okay! I finally posted tonight after a 9 month absence...I had to mention your blog; thanks for always making me smile!:) I have the amazing pencil sharpener!! I do love it! Enjoy yours!
    Thanks, Nancy
    The Apple Basket Teacher

  14. So glad to hear your dad is fine, had me nervous for a sec, and congrats on the pencil sharpener. I think I want to get one...if Chicago ever stop striking, haven't seen my little guys in a week :(

  15. Hey Kristin, I know you are a fan of DJ Inkers. You might want to visit my site. I'm giving away a DJ Inkers CD called Spook'Tacular Smiles.
    Come on over and check it out!

  16. So glad your dad is okay! How super nice to get one of the awesome sharpeners sent to you. My teaching partner has one and I am so envious!
    Finally in First

  17. I'm glad your dad is ok, i get so nervous when my phone rings! My dad had a heart attack 2 1/2 years ago, and then a pacemaker a year ago. They finally decided he needed major open heart surgery, he just turned 80 and is in great shape except for needing a valve replacement, a bypass and a graft put on his aorta! Didnt need the other bypass, we think that vein went on Craig's List, or a mitral valve repair! So he had surgery at Mayo, MN the best!!! On my birthday, July 31, I told he'd better not screw my day up as I was crying as he went to surgery. He did well! Now they have adjusted his pacemaker and 6 weeks later is on his tractor and pushing piles of dirt around and walking up and down hills and getting away from my mom! I really am becoming the sandwich generation! Take care!

  18. Oh my! So glad to hear that your dad is doing ok. You gave him the no doubling up the medication lecture with the one about being the "last to know", right? Hope your next lazy day is super lazy!
    Funky First Grade Fun