A Verb is a Word! Yo!

Two things.

And then I need to get out of here to go to bible study.

Okay, so the Quietest Pencil Sharpener in the World arrived.  

People, get it.  GET IT.  I am over the moon about it.  My upper grade helpers can sharpen pencils while I am teaching.  In mid-sentence.  Even if I'm whispering which I never am, but even if I was, they could.  And the pencils are SHARP.  My helpers were very intrigued and impressed.  It might have been my demonstration and the "Wait!  There's more!" statement, but either way, they love it as much as me.

Now, my only pencil problem is that SOMEONE keeps breaking the ends off the pencils.  Yes, that whole silver part that holds in the eraser.  That whole thing.  


And sometimes, if this certain SOMEONE can't get the whole thing to snap off, they squish it flat.  Squash.


I do not understand the sheer disrespect for the pencils that I purchased with my own money  were donated by families in my classroom.  And I can't find the culprit no matter how many times I tell my kids to POLICE EACH OTHER, ALREADY!  Let's throw him in the slammer!  

Shake head.

This class is too sweet and I can't find a rat anywhere.

So even though I have the Pencil Dispenser coupled with the Quietest Pencil Sharpener in the World, I still have a pencil problem.


Moving on.

I introduced verbs today.

I didn't teach it like I did last year.  Nope.  I got a hair up my nose and changed things a bit.

Maybe I've been under the whole morning work file a rock, but I found a really cool verb rap on You Tube.


You don't have to watch the whole thing right now, but let me tell you -- hook, line, and sinker, this song is stuck in my head.  Fo-sho!

My kids ate it up.  Play it again, play it again, they screamed.

I played it again.  You know, keeping my crown of Best Teacher Ever and all that.

It was fabs.  Apparently, this is the sequel to the Nouns Rap.  

Sequel?  There's a Nouns Rap?  

I must have it.  

After we clapped, jumped, and shook, we used my picture cards to name the verb.

These cards are in my kiosk.  You can click to view them.

My partner came up with the idea that we could show them the picture, but cover up the word.  So they actually had to think about an ACTION/VERB that the picture conveyed.  So when a few of my kids said, "Dog!" the rest shouted out, "That's not an action!"  Or they sang the rap to get their point across.  "A verb is a word, it's an action word!  If you can do it, then you do it!  If you do it, it's a verb!"  With lots of attitude.  I think keeping my sunglasses on and wearing my hoodie was entirely appropriate.

I feel there may have been some rigor involved.  And a higher level of Bloom's Taxonomy.  Just saying.

Not to toot my own horn or anything, but it was a fun lesson.   


Too late.

Toot Toot!!


  1. I used that song last year and my kids STILL remember the verbs and nouns lol :)

  2. You're nicer than me. On account of I have yet to share my lean green pencil sharpening machine with my students. I think I need one for them and one for me!!

    ❤ -Stephanie
    Falling Into First

  3. Hey, I have a pencil decapitator also, at least I know who it is and we have had a "do this again and . . " good luck with that. Thanks for the tip on the video.


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  5. My pencil decapitator moved on to 2nd grade this year. I never did figure out which one it was.

    I have used that song for the last couple of years. The first year I used it, I guess some of the kids didn't fully understand. I had them using magazines looking for nouns person, place and thing and a verb an action word. I looked at one of my top students and he had cut out a bunch of words and glued them under verb. I asked him about it, he said, "A verb is a word." OOPS!!!

    Kelly @ I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  6. love it!! Have you seen Sweet Brown on youtube?? Oh my word - It is so so funny! This sweet lady is being interviewed because her apartment complex is on fire and she thought someone was a barbacuin. Then she said, 'lawd Jesus, it's a far!" She ran for her life. Didn't grab no shoes or nothin Jesus. She RAN for her life. Then the smoke got her, she got bronchitis. AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FO DAT!

  7. How can you watch that out laughing - tears streaming down your face?!?!?!

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  8. My kids LOVE the verb rap along with every single other video from that site... havefunteaching.com! They are genius! My kids beg me to play the letter videos and they have just recently started putting sight word videos on there too. :)

  9. Sorry you are not able to achieve the trifecta of pencil bliss. It's always something (or someone), isn't it!

    Coloring Outside The Lines

  10. Love. It. That is so awesome... My kids will love it when I show them tomorrow. We have been using your noun, verb, and adjective carspds all week and it is really helping my second graders... Especially my lowest ones who are reading at kindergarten level. I'm going to have to check out that noun video too.

  11. Toot toot is right!! Why have we not made youtube videos yet?!??!

  12. Toot toot ah beep beep ! You rock. We all know it, and we don't mind hearing you say it! Keep it real in the hood, Tiny!

  13. Love it! Have you tried writing names on pencils? A sharpie works well. I can quickly figure out who's using their pencil as a snack when I collect them each day to sharpen. My biggest offender likes to chew- it's gross so names are a must for me. I don't want his germies in the hands of other little people. YUCK-O!

    The Learning Tree

  14. Haha, great minds think alike! I just posted about this pencil sharpener. I agree, it's a must-have! Need to check out that verb rap later.

    Don't Let The Teacher Stay Up Late

  15. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this video! Thanks for sharing, I can't wait to show my second graders!

    Learn, Play & Have Fun

  16. I'm glad your sharpener arrived! It's the little things that make our days a little brighter when we're feeling down...lol...or help you find your happy place...turn the handle...turn, turn, turn...

    I will definitely check out the video...have a great Friday!

  17. I just checked out both the verb and noun vidoes- I love them! Thanks for sharing.

  18. I love it! We've been youtube-ing short o video's this week, singing and dancing to the short o sound. So fun!

  19. I would love one of those pencil sharpeners, but unfortunately they do not ship to Canada. We moved to a new elementary with in our K-12 school and we don't have pencil sharpeners at all, it really sucks.

  20. Toot Toot!! You rock...going all Common Core. Lots of rigor in their thinking and your teaching!! I am heading over to check out the video. Thanks to Kinder Garden for suggesting they have letter videos (now I don't have to wait for spring to use verbs with my kinders).

    Terri Izatt

  21. I solved my pencil problem by writing the names on tape and then putting them on the pencils like a flag. Each child got two pencils. We had a pencil check at the end of the day. The children thought it was a contest. I also use only Ticonderogo pencils. They don't break. Good luck!

  22. I have tried to show you tube at school and cannot because it's blocked and I have wanted to save the videos but of course, cannot.

    How did you show it to your class? :)

  23. I showed my students this verb video. They L O V E it! Maybe they will remember what a verb is. Thanks for sharing it.

  24. Good luck on finding the culprit! I'll have to check out the video and use it ASAP!