Alright, alright!

Hey people!

I worked a whole day today.


It was good.  We were all a little sleepy.

And no one mentioned the H word.  (Halloween)

We did have a little bit of excitement when we had an out-of-the-blue lock down.

I guess it's always out-of-the-blue because you never know when some lunatic is going to go crazy.  Luckily, we all know when one of our teachers might go off the deep end . . . say, around parent conference time, or report card time, or progress report time, or Halloween on a Wednesday, just to name a few . . . but I'm talking about the general public lunatics.  You can never be too careful, you know.

My class was in the Computer Lab and my kids all had their head phones on, and I was diligently doing something worthwhile and not checking my email or TpT stats, that's for sure, when the announcement was made.

There wasn't a code or anything.

We have talked about a code before.  Something along the lines of "It's time to take out the trash because it stinks now."  Or "A red canary sings to the bluebird over on the bush."  We've thought of so many that I think the actual emergency just warranted a "Batten Down the Hatches" panicked announcement.

My kids had no clue.  None.  Turns out headphones have multiple purposes.

I went to the door to make sure it was locked.

It wasn't.

So I asked the computer lab aide if she could lock it.

She didn't have a key.  As a matter of fact, she doesn't even possess a key because she is a part time aide, and so the door is always open for her.

Well, I felt a little vulnerable, what with it being an ACTUAL LOCK DOWN, and our door was unlocked.

But I warmed up with my Tae-bo moves and practiced a few on the aide.  It didn't matter that it's been a few (a million) years since I faithfully did my Tae-bo tapes.  I've still got it.


Five minutes later, the trash had been taken out, the birds were no longer singing, and we were good to go.  

I still don't know what the issue was, but I'm thankful for it because instead of a 30 minute time period to read blogs  for my kids to learn and practice valuable computer skills, we had more of a 45 minute time period.

Yeah, buddy!  :)

Alright, alright!

Here I am.

Don't judge.

Good grief.
I don't think I look like Velma.
I'm not sure what I look like.
I think I look scary.
My twin and older sister said I look cute.
Hadar said I look cute.
So, fine.
I'm bowing to peer pressure.

The glasses drove me crazy.
So I took to wearing them on the top of my head.

Hubs says he likes me better as a blond.  I think I like me better as a NORMAL person that wears her NORMAL clothes and looks
like a NORMAL person.  You know, like the one couple at the party who did not dress up because they say they didn't get the memo that it was a Costume Party.  Uh huh.  Sure.  But that's how I like to look.  

I actually tried to forget my wig at home a few times and the hubs kept finding it.  I had a hard time explaining why it kept showing up in the hamper and the garage.   

And, just so you know, I did flat iron the wig.  I don't think it did anything to help the whole disaster that the wig was, but it didn't melt.  A lot of you were afraid of that, but I'm here to tell you that this fake hair is practically real.  Eighteen dollars well spent, I'll say.

Before I go bury my head in shame, I just wanted to answer a question that I got about my iPod.

I do not hook my iPod up to speakers, but I know another teacher who does, and that works fine.  I have a docking station.  It wasn't that expensive and I think I got it from Target.  Also, it isn't really an iPod.  It's my hubby's old iPhone.  I just use it as an iPod.  :)

So there.

I'll see ya later!

I'm running out of here as fast as I can because I feel embarrassed!


  1. Our code is something like, "The blue day meeting has been rescheduled to a yellow day." (We are a K-12 school and the HS has blue and yellow days.) Problem is...we have so many meetings that this sounds like something we would really say, and not at all emergency-like! I might suggest one of your phrases instead.

    You rocked the Velma look!

  2. You are a good sport !!!!! You looked really cute :)

  3. You look adorable!!!!!! LOVE.

  4. You look great in your costume!!! I love it! Our code is "Get out the purple folder" and when I heard it (the second week of school!!!) and actually really started looking for a purple folder?!?!? that was nowhere to be found...oh well. Glad everything turned out fine for you guys in the computer lab! :)

  5. You look great !!! We used to have codes & they kept changing every year. Then, one person said "why don't we say LOCK DOWN" since whoever in the building KNOWS he or she is in the building & wouldn't be surprised. Sounds like good logic to me. Now, it's "Teachers, this is a lock down". :) Glad everything was ok!

    First Grade Fairytales

  6. I love you for this one! (ok I already did but seriously-awesome!)

  7. Our code is something about lock and load, what can I say i live in a hunting state. We had a lock down once when a bank was robbed but the robber never came by it was kind of disappointing. I liked your costume no need to be embarrassed.

  8. Well, you are as cute as could be! You played the part well! Now you can dress up & hand out candy to trick-or-treaters- they'll all know who you are!
    Amy Howbert

    Little Miss Organized

  9. Ok...our old code was "there's a yellow corvette in the parking lot with its lights on." Now a teacher has a yellow camaro so she would be confused if that were still the case.
    Love the pic

  10. We used to have code names now they call it for what it is! You rocked Velma.

  11. Wow! We just had a lockdown today, too..but we knew that it was coming - it was just a practice. Even so, sitting in the dark, with everyone so quiet, when the principal comes around and fidgets with the doorknob to make sure it's locked...it is definitely a little intense!

    I love the Velma costume! I knew right away who you were being...lol...I guess I'd better get my own costume done before Wednesday...I'm going to be a minion from "Despicable Me". ;)

  12. We don't have a code phrase for a lock down. An alarm actually goes off on our computers. It comes complete with instructions. The first time it went off I was outside the room and some students came out and said my computer sounded like a fire truck. No one had told us anything about this new procedure so I didn't know what the heck was going on! It works well now that we all know what it is...as long as we're logged on to the computer...

  13. I think the knee socks make the outfit! You do look cute!


  14. The Velma costume is fantastic. I would also love to see some of the Tae-bo moves. I bet they're "killer!" :)

    Beg, Borrow, Steal

  15. Kristin, you are cute no matter what you are wearing....and I don't mean cute in a teeny tiny way. I mean it it a huge adorable way! At our school we have to keep our doors locked at all times. But since its a pain to always have to open it for each child who comes back from the bathroom, we keep some shipping tape covering the latch. So all you have to do is pull on the door instead of turning the handle. Then if we have a lockdown, we don't have to fumble with keys, we just pull the tape off. Some doors are metal so some teachers put one of those business card size magnets over the latch and the door still opens and loses just fine. Maybe one of those ideas might work for you.

  16. Thanks for explaining about the iPod docking station you use. :-)

  17. You looked good in your costume! Our school has no code. They just come over the loud speaker and say..."please evacuate the building" or "This is an intruder alert". How scary is that for a firstie to hear. So dumb!



  18. Great costume! LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog! You are one of my favorites to read - you always make me laugh!

    Simple In Second

  19. I never heard of a lockdown secret code! That's so funny, we do just get the its a lockdown announcement. I never thought about being in the computer lab! I will be sure to ask about that as soon as we are cleared to return after Sandy. It's always a drill so I never considered not being able to lock the door for real!

  20. My old admin, the great Melanie M. Corwin, would come on the speakers and FREAK us all out. She has a very authoritative voice anyway, but something happens over a school speakers system, calm authority translates into loud-freak-out talking. Even "do not be afraid" makes me afraid over the loud speakers.

  21. Scary lock down moment...especially with a door not locked!!!! Yikes! Funny dress up:) Love it! Too fun and you crack me up that you flat ironed a wig...lol! Happy Halloween:)

    4th Grade Frolics

  22. So cute! Happy "H" day! (OUR lockdown annoucement is....CODE 1!!! Code 1!!!) We use it often, unfortunately... anyway...Looks cute!
    FB TPT TN Pinterest

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