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So I've sort of been drowning in everything at school and still trying to have a life outside of it . . . like dinner with a good friend (I adore this girl and she reads my blog faithfully so that when I go to catch her up on a story, she already knows the ending!) and bible study and TV, of course.  And let's not forget blogging.  

Drowning, I tell you.  But yesterday, I got a mini-break.  Woo hoo.

We had our Disaster Drill.

You know, in case the Big One hits.  

Earthquakes freak me out.  I grew up in Texas with hurricanes.  No problem.  Then I finished growing up in Oklahoma with tornadoes.  No problem.

You're warned.  You've got time to get ready.  You stand outside with your neighbors and talk about it.  It's all good.


Well, they freak me out.  Not to the point of Aviva-phobia or anything like that, but we've got other things shaking in our house besides the chandelier (not that we have a chandelier, but we have some sort of light contraption that the builder put in that hangs above the table we never sit at for dinner, and it should be replaced, but instead, I buy clipart).  Besides that light contraption, I'm shaking.  Freaking out.  Running to a doorway.  Asking should I be in the doorway or should I duck and cover?  What am I supposed to do again?  And what are we supposed to do with Syd?  And meanwhile, the shaking has stopped in the house and the hubs is still sitting on the couch laughing at me.

So, yeah, we had this big Shake Out thing at school yesterday.  It lasts for about an hour or two or three because of all the fake after shocks.

I'm on the First Aid Team.

I have no idea why.  I think because I'm certified in CPR.  And maybe the Heimlich.  

I'm not certified to sew limbs back together.

Either way, it's a way better team to be on than student supervision, let me tell you.  I get to drop my kids off on the blacktop with some activities to do and walk away.  And other teachers have to supervise them.  I feel awfully sorry for them as I skip away to my station.

So I had a nice hour or two or three spent with the other four adults on my team.  In the shade.

Then it was time for lunch.

No joke. 

It was a nice break and I appreciated it.

Do you do anything like that at your school?  Besides the monthly required fire drills in which I have to repeat 1000 times, "Do not touch the tetherballs on our way out, or on our way back, or you will be in big trouble, mister, this is not recess, this is a fire drill."  Cling.  Clang.  "I just said do not touch the tetherballs!"  And then I also have to say to the requisite one as I hold their hand, "It's just pretend.  Everything is okay.  Please don't wipe your snot on my arm.  You're going to survive.  See that tetherball?  Maybe we can play tetherball after the drill."

I love fire drills, if you can't tell.

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Just last week?

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Happy Friday!


  1. I'm on first aid too! Bye bye kiddos, be safe, don't throw grass or kill each other!! Muahaha!!

  2. I live in Oklahoma, so of course we have tornado drills, but they don't call them that for some reason, they call them security drills. Who knows, we had a lot of little earthquakes last year, they may add that to the drills! We do not have a first aid team, I guess it's every man for himself!

    Kelly @ I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

    BTW I LOVE Freebielicious

  3. I'm from the school district who had two schools destroyed by the big east coast earthquake last year, and we now have to do earthquake drills and had one yesterday. We just get under the desks for a few minutes, and then the principal pulls the fire alarm and we go outside for a regular fire drill. We don't stay outside for hours of pretend aftershocks though!

  4. I'm glad you were able to get some time out! Everyone deserves a break occasionally! Australia is boring, we only have fire drills and alas only about 1 a year......

    Teaching Maths with Meaning

  5. We did our "Intruder Drill" this week. We have a silly code about the iguanas being out and we stand in a dark closet until they find the iguanas. I don't know which is worse- standing in a dark closet with 20 five year olds whose have to be silent, those who really think there are iguanas lose and look for them for days on end or both!

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  7. Sorry, I totally messed up the first time I tried to submit this...
    Anyway, can you tell us where we can get the abc teach font from? I heart it too...


  8. What a great post! Very funny. We, too, had an earthquake drill yesterday at exactly 10:18. I thin it's some sort of state-wide thing. Love your comments about it. We have to remind our littles about the tetherball, too!

    What i have learned

  9. I'm "Central Command". I'm not sure what that means but I get to ditch, I mean drop off, my class too! I have a question about earthquake drills. Do you have the kids get under desks? We used to but now they say the desks will crush them so we are out in the open but not under the monstrous lights, curled up in little balls. I'm thinking whatever crushes the desks will crush us...

  10. This cracked me up (as always!). We just had an earthquake in NH and it was small (4.0?) compared to what other people experience out west but I was completely terrified for those whole 40 seconds!!! I'm with you, better about those disasters you know are coming! :)