Heidi Songs

Hey chicks and peeps!

Today was wonderful!  


Let me rephrase.

Today became wonderful when 12:30 hit.

Until that point, my kids were basically unraveling.  I'm pretty sure these half days make my kids think we're on vacation.  Or headed in that direction.  

Or they're just taking advantage of me because they've clued in to the ear plugs I've started wearing because I'm too worn out to go through my bag of tricks and make them stop talking.  

And, anyhow, I can't find my bag of tricks.

So . . . it was a bit of a rough day, but nothing that ear plugs, sunglasses, and wearing a hula hoop (You can't get any closer than this hula hoop - don't even try, I said a million times) can't take care of.

Besides the kids acting like a major holiday is just around the corner (I sure haven't told them so I don't know who did!), the Curriculum Cops have been out in full force.


As in, every single day this week.  Like clockwork.

Today, we were just about to stomple all over each other to get back to our seats while talking to one another at the top of our lungs  to transition to our seats when I saw a cop through my window.

Rather than show off how wonderfully managed my transitions are, I thought I should show off some Heidi songs.

Heidi songs have saved my life.

I put on a sight word song ("have" to be exact, from the cd below) and we were singing when the cop entered.

The cop smiled.  The cop was IMPRESSED.  I could tell.  I know these things because I've been pulled over a lot.

So I had to play another one.

We sang "come" from this cd:

That one's kind of long which is why I played it.  

It worked - the cop left.

I have Heidi's cds on my iPod which makes it super easy to find the songs I want.  I alphabetized them and also put them in weekly playlists to match our curriculum words . . . I'm telling you, Heidi is BRILLIANT.

She has all kinds of cds - not just sight words.

She sent me this one to try out:

Heidi caught my Question post and thought I might need her "Is It a Question or a Story" song.  She was right.  I needed it.

But it also has The Tattling Song and The Smarty Pants Dance.  It is awesome.

It also includes the Potty Dance which I know quite well because I am always doing that dance.  It's due to my teeny tiny bladder.

Heidi also sent me the Phonics cd:

We're not ready for this one yet, but I'm super excited that it has those hard to learn phonics spelling patterns like ar, ee, au/aw, etc.

All the cds have matching dvds with movements.  If you don't have these, or have never heard about them, or want to check them out, click on any of the pics.  

Oh, and the following story happened at a conference, too.  And it's a TRUE STORY which is why I decided I needed to blog about Heidi songs.  

Me:  Your child really knows their sight words.

Parents:  I know!  She's always making up songs for them!

Me:  What?

Parents:  Yeah, she's always singing these great songs for how to spell and say them.

Me:  Uh, no.  I'm playing Heidi songs in the classroom.

Parents:  What?

Me:  Well, for example, does she sing the word "where" like this?  Oh where, oh where has my candy bar gone?  W-h-e-r-e . . . I left it there by my daddy's chair . . . W-h-e-r-e."

Parents:  Yes!  Isn't it cute???  We just love her creativity.

I had to burst their bubble before they tried to have their six year old audition for America's Got Talent or Ellen.

I ended up giving them Heidi's website.

And a shameless plug that I have met Heidi.

And that we're FB friends.

And since she's famous, I must be, too.

Thank you, Heidi.  :)


  1. So wonderful, Kristin!! Heidi's songs sound fantastic, I will definitely have to check them out... I work with older students but for tutoring and things like that, it would be perfect :) Love your blog!! Hope you can check mine out sometime!!

    Laura, http://lovetoteach123.blogspot.com

  2. Love the ABC organization on the ipod, my friend!!
    Amy Howbert

    Little Miss Organized

  3. I have Heidi's dvds but I have never thought to copy and alphabetize them. DUH!!!! Guess what I'll be doing this weekend?! Thanks friend!
    Finally in First

  4. My kinders love the abc CD. We play it every day when we clean up but their favorite is the S song. I also used the phonics cards for the ing, ee, ay, etc combinations and they LOVED them. I always would show them off for my principal and even when the superintendent came in. It was impressive and so much fun!!

  5. LOVE Heidi! I have every dvd except the new classroom management cd. My second graders still beg for sounds fun phonics and they mastered them in 1st grade.
    Miss Nelson’s Got the Camera!

  6. I have never heard of Heidi songs *gasp* and I'm definitely going to share this with my teachers. I have a feeling they will think I'm so smart if I do.

    Buzzing with Ms. B

  7. bahahah omg!!! I can't believe you just crushed the parents like that!! And I LOVE Heidi's classroom management CD! My favorite song is "first say please and then say thank you, nu-na-na-na!!" hahaha!

  8. You have play lists by week! I love it. Organization ! Very cool!

  9. Oh I love this thanks for sharing!!! GULP I have never heard of this before, but am sure to check it out.

  10. I love heidi songs too :)

  11. Guess what I am going to be ordering this weekend!!! Your post convinced me that I need to check this out! Thank you Kristin! I LOVE your sense of humor and wish I was on your staff!

  12. Conference vacation mindset is nothing like the first snowfall of the year....I can't wait till recess and we can build a snowman....we can build a snow fort....we can have a snowball fight! No you can't have a snowball fight, it is against the rules. And no the ground is still too warm, snow may be falling from the sky, but it is not sticking to the ground..what little might stick will melt soon. Yes, you need to wear your coat....no gloves? Tell your mom to buy you some, no...you cannot stay inside, I have to go to the bathroom. On top of that it is nearly Halloween! My kids have been squirrely all week too.

    But Heidi songs...I have been thinking about getting me some. Any suggestions which ones to order first for Kindergarten?


  13. Your stories always make me smile! TGIF!!!

  14. I started using Heidi Songs last year when I had a K/1. Both grades loved them. This year with a straight first, I started the Sounds Fun Phonics right away. I am AMAZED at how well my kiddos are reading more advanced sounds this early in the year. What a great resource!
    I love the idea of having the songs organized on the iPod. I think I'm going to have to get one soon!
    Always look forward to reading your blog!

  15. I love Heidi songs. In fact, I was getting the Musical Math coin songs out today to use next week. I also met Heidi a number of years ago so I must be famous too. hee hee!
    2B Honey Bunch
    Honey Bunch Blog Design
    The Best Endings

  16. Thanks so much for sharing this great little resource.
    Granny Goes to School

  17. You are famous! If I met you in person, I would want your autograph and blog about it:-)

    Chickadee Jubilee

  18. i think i need the sight words one! ahh!! lol..

  19. If you have the songs on your iPod, how do you play them? Through speakers? Or is the iPod speaker enough? Thanks. Always read your blog!

  20. I teach with Heidi...I'll pass on the nice comments about her materials!

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