After Thanksgiving and My Shopping Cart

Happy Couple of Days After Thanksgiving.  Hope yours was happy and restful and yummy.

Here's how my Thanksgiving went.

Slept late.  Ate cinnamon rolls and drank coffee.  Chilled.  

Then the hubby and I went to my parents.  Fun was had by all.  My mom made a DELICIOUS meal (I had ham, not turkey) and then we played Things.  This is our go-to game.  My family is immature and silly and all we do is laugh and mess up and start over and repeat ourselves.  It's a hoot.  I do believe we could have our own reality TV show.

We also played the Wii.  And can I just say that I got three strikes in a row IN THE TENTH FRAME?  That's how long it took me to figure out what I was doing.  I killed it, people.

We also played Catch Phrase.

Can you tell where I get my ramblings from?  We don't stay on any one thing for too long.

Yesterday was absolute heaven.  HEAVEN.  I only got out of my pjs to take a long bath (And just so you know, other people take their dogs to the park in pjs, too.  I'm not the only one.)  The hubby and I played Words with Friends (with each other) and watched movies and ate and napped and just did whatever.  It was so so so so so so so so so so so so so so nice.

I don't really know what our plans are for today, but I know that the big TpT sale is coming so I've been making a wish list.  Here are some of the things I am planning on getting (besides a new pair of pjs).

Click (HERE)
My kids love the Old Lady books.  I think the old lady reminds them of me.  These activities will be perfect for those couple of weeks few days when I don't feel like teaching when I'm out of curriculum right before break.

Click {HERE)
It's coming down the pipe that our District Assessments are going to start including a fluency part . . . something to do with Common Core and all that . . . what do I know?  I'm pretty sure it's true, but I also think I was either daydreaming during that part of the training or being recognized as a famous celebrity blogger (I'm a big shot).  So it's not exactly my fault if I really don't know what's up.  But anywho, I love Jodi's stuff and this looks like an amazing place for me to start.  

Last, I have to do this from Teri over at A Cupcake for the Teacher
Click {HERE}
Oh my word - look at those adorable elf shoes!  Those alone do it for me.  But I definitely need a cute writing activity for my bulletin board so this will be perfect.  I LOVE IT!

I'm also going to have my kiosk on sale starting tomorrow . . . 
I know this says Monday and Tuesday, but I'm getting a headstart.
Early bird and all that.
Thanks, Ashley, for this cute button.
Look at the snowman drinking coffee.
And that penguin on the bottom of the cart like it's a 2 Liter of Soda.  
It just cracks me up.

I'll be back tomorrow with more specifics.  You probably don't need the specifics but I feel it's necessary.  You know - it has a lot to do with my need for writing super long posts and explaining everything down to the littlest detail.  Including what I'm having for lunch today.  

Jersey Mikes.  Just so you know.

In the meantime . . . 


  1. I highly recommend your choices, I have all of them and they are great.

  2. Oh I'm sooooo confused!!! How do I get on the list....I thought I was on the list....is this a different list than the one I joined.....can I join more than one?!?!?!?! EEEEK! Ok, as you can tell, I am feeling better:) Thanks for the good wishes...amazing what some rest, amoxicillin, and inhaler can do for ya when ya can't breathe..lol. I'm glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We ate ourselves sick and I'm still feeling it! Ick! I've been playing Word with Family all week with the fam! Love that game:) Happy weekend!!

    4th Grade Frolics

  3. Happy Holidays Kristin!!!! We had a similar Thanksgiving, cinnamon rolls and all! :)

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