I survived.

Halloween wasn't too bad with the crazy kids counting down the hours until trick-or-treat-time.  I forced curriculum down their throats until lunch, and then we did Art in the afternoon.  It was early dismissal, too, so that helped.

The day after wasn't too bad either.

But I did feel a little sick after I came down from all the sugar.

Now, it's November.

I don't know how I feel about that.  (Excited for the holidays?  Freaked out about the holidays?  In denial?  Looking forward to vacation?  My mind is spinning.)

I do know I'm looking forward to our long Veteran's Day weekend.  We have Friday and Monday off so I have two four-day weeks in a row.  Plug your ears.


So here's what I'm up to:

Well, most of my Currently is self explanatory.

**I want a puppy.  Or two or three.  But Sydney is old, grumpy, and hard of hearing (man, it sounds like I'm describing the mister), and has told us in no uncertain terms that she will not allow it.  So it's not going to happen.

**An EXTRA hour of sleep.  I've really been looking forward to this.

**Argo looks good.  I'm interested.  But it would involve showering.  And we have been so busy lately that I'm enjoying my sloth-like appearance.  So I'm on the fence about going out.

**Well, I want a whole new wardrobe.  Obviously.  I would have added bras, too, but that just seemed like too much information.

**I've got left over Butterfingers, Baby Ruths, and Whoppers.  I would really like a Kit Kat bar.  

**I am a music queen, if you didn't know.  I'm all about the music. Ever since my husband convinced me to put all my music on an iPod (and let's be clear: I didn't do it until I saw another teacher do it, and then I figured the hubby might be onto something), I am basically a virtuoso.

I have about 90 playlists on my classroom iPod.  I know.  And they're organized to the nth degree.

For example, I took all of our Houghton Mifflin stories on cd and imported them into my library.  So I have 30 playlists just from that -- HM Theme 1, Week 1, etc, etc, etc.

I also have my Math songs broken down into playlists of Patterns, Shapes, Counting By, Counting On, Doubles, etc.  But they're listed as -- Math--Patterns, Math--Shapes, etc.

Yes.  I realize I have a problem.  I'm okay with that.  It's not at the clinical point yet.  But I'd be up for joining a study if they were going to pay me.

Anywho, my biggest playlist is George Winston.  Even though I probably have six or seven of his cds, I put them under one playlist because I can't choose a favorite.  I just love his music.  I had one little girl a long time ago that would get teary eyed when certain songs played because she thought they were so sad.  Either that, or she was imitating me.

And, recently, while playing my Native American music (yes, that's right.  You name it, I've got it.) a little guy asked if I could turn it off because it was freaking him out.  He said the drums scared him.  

I obliged and then he asked me to play one of my silly songs (under the playlist "Silly Songs") instead.

Uh, no.

The Native American music went with our Social Studies activity. A silly song did not.

I know these things.  Like I said, I'm a virtuoso.

In my real life, I like alternative music the best:  The Fray, Mumford and Sons, The Script . . . and then I have this other side that likes Bon Jovi, Nickelback, Train, Gavin DeGraw, Goo Goo Dolls, etc.

I'm not ashamed to admit that I also love hair bands.

Especially the ballads.  Did you know that every rose has its thorn?

I also enjoyed the non ballads.  When you get a sec, pour some sugar on me.

In the name of love, be sure to link up with Farley and remember the rule of 3!


  1. I enjoyed reading your post! You made me laugh. I will have to check out George Winston as I have not heard of him. I have put most of my music on my old ipod. I should go and organize mine more!
    Learning With Mrs. Brinn

  2. I love George Winston too! I play his music in the mornings when the kiddos are coming in. My hope is that it will start our day in a calming kind of way. Notice I said "hope!" I'm with you with the new wardrobe, I would love to go shopping and get some new things. But, we are headed to Disneyworld over Thanksgiving. My wardrobe will have to wait until after my date with Mickey!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade

  3. You always make me laugh! Love the....every rose has its thorn

  4. I love your idea of putting the HM CDs on the school IPad! Will have to do that now!!!! That would solve my problem of having 2 boom boxes. I have one that plays CDs and one that plays tapes (the tape one the CD broke). Thank you for such a wonderful idea!!!!

    I love me some hair bands too. Then again I have a wide range of likes in music!

  5. You crack me up! Thanks for the update :)

    Peacocks and penguins

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  7. Gosh it is good to be over here and read about what is going on in your life. Drama just finds you sweet friend! I miss you too. Let's whine at Hadar and make her plan a meet-up on one of our days off-right?

  8. 2 Four day weekends in row!!! I'm jealous. Just bought two pairs of boots today...love this fall weather. You go, music queen!
    Funky First Grade Fun

  9. ugh...my girls did NOT get the memo that it was ok to KEEP sleeping during the whole turn back clocks thing...grrrr

  10. Ha, your music organization made me smile. I'm not so good with "real" music (that's my sister's job). But I love my kid music. I have most of the Jack Hartmann cd's and one summer I listened to every song and figured which month it would match my curriculum and made month cd's. I guess I could catch up with the music world and get an iPod...next summer. Love your blog, have a great day!

  11. Can you make an i-pad work like an i-pod? if not I may need to get an ipod. It's my birthday this month...I may suggest that to my children (especially since they would have to teach me how to use it). I really must figure out this playlist thing. You are the second one on Currently that has talked about it. I love teaching with music...but I am definitely behind the times.


  12. HA! I had Too Cute on all day yesterday in the background while I was working. And I love George Winston. My husband and I had our first date to one of his concerts.
    2B Honey Bunch
    Honey Bunch Blog Design
    The Best Endings

  13. I love George Winston! And Jim Brickman too! Love! :-) I'm jealous of your four days weekendS!!!

  14. I am so jealous that your district had the forethought to purchase the HM cds Mine did not we've got tapes Ugh! I dislike them mucho. I pinned a tutorial on how to convert tapes to digital but then lost/misplaced my ipod. Sooo.. still need to work on that.