Roll the Dice FREEBIE

Hey friends!  TGIF tomorrow!  :)  I'm pretty proud of myself for getting up every.single.day this week.  We have our Staff Christmas Party tomorrow.  I don't know how you do yours, but we always go to someone's house and we usually get it catered.  You're supposed to bring an appetizer or a dessert and a white elephant gift.

White elephant gift exchanges make me nervous.

That's because once I saw someone open a toilet seat lid.  For real.

And I also saw someone open something naughty.

In front of our principal.  

Who never weans jeans or pants of any kind.  In other words, she's a lady.

And this was . . . well, it was just plain ole naughty.

I'm always afraid.  VERY afraid.

I tend to be nice and get gift cards because I don't understand the White Elephant part of this . . . obviously.  

But I have a handle on it this year.

I want to bring dryer lint.  From my dryer.  I want to put it in a box with tissue paper and wrap it up.  WRAP IT UP.  


But I'm afraid that if I do that, I'm going to open up something even more embarrassing.  Like . . . like . . . well, I don't know, but I know it will be just awful.

So I imagine I'll be getting a Starbucks gift card.  Like always.

I have no White Elephant gifts for you tonight.  No.  Only the regular, gray kind.

A freebie, if you will.

I shared this last year, but that's when google docs and I didn't get along and so I used Scribd.  

Google docs and I are on good terms again.  So just click the picture and you'll be all set.  Students need two dice.  Or they can play in partners.  Whatever.  Roll the dice.  Add the sum.  Draw the picture.

Best part?  There are pictures and words so you should be able to give this activity out during your nap time and no one should bother you.

Just make sure you use the foam dice.  That's what I have.  SILENT DICE.  


Leave me some love if you grab it! :)

And wish me luck with the White Elephant Gift Exchange . . . not to mention, it's an UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATER party.

Now I have two things to worry about . . . Sigh.


  1. That actually sounds fun! We don't do squat as a faculty for fun. (literally) lol
    First Grade Blue SKies

  2. Oh my gosh.....why can't people just dress nicely and drink wine , right ? We had our staff party on Monday night, of all nights, but it was still fun. Hope you have a good time :)

  3. Oh, forgot to say, I grabbed this last year, still love it, just copied it and set it out at centres after school today !

  4. We did a White Elephant thing once, and someone wrapped up a bottle of prune juice. I thought it was pretty funny. Probably because I didn't unwrap it!

    Thanks for the freebie!!

  5. We haven't taught addition yet, but it looks cool! We are trying to plan our staff holiday party right now, and aren't getting anywhere! We are thinking catered and ugly holiday clothing in general. Have fun.

  6. Put the dryer lint in a little box with the gift card underneath! Then you can do both!! Love the freebie- my kids will adore it!
    Rowdy in Room 300

  7. We used to do white elephant gifts too at our party but the hurts got too racy and out of hand also. A toilet lid was also one of the gifts I have seen opened too..... But it was funny!

  8. OMG what a greeeeaaaaat idea! Thank you for sharing!!!

  9. Thanks for the freebie! My kids will love it!

  10. hahaha! I would be worried about both of those things too--I'm sorry Kristin!!

  11. I like the lint idea.

    We have 2 weeks of grade levels bringing in breakfast (only 2 days a week) and the Thursday before we get out for break we wear ugly sweaters and have a pot luck. Last year I made my sweater by putting all the Christmas ear rings on it and pins. This year we are going to have a snowball fight (marshmellows). We are also going to have a white elephant. A few times we had a ugly ornament exchange. That was fun!!

  12. Oh white elephant gifts can go either way. Love the idea of dryer lint and gift card-- best of both worlds!

    Hate the ugly sweater thing. All my sweaters are super cute (ha ha ha) It's the only time I wear teachery clothes anymore (snowmen, reindeer when we read Imogene's Antleers)Oh well.. maybe it means I have a chance at winning when we do this at our staff meeting.

    Have fun and hope you open a good gift don't forget to tell us what you got :-)


  13. What a fun twist to have the kids draw the decorations! I love it! Thanks for sharing!

  14. I heart your freebie AND all of your posts!! The last time I did a staff White Elephant was like 7 years ago. They said, "Bring something you don't want anymore, that you would want to get rid of." Well, I had a half-burned big Yankee Candle. Oh, yes, I did! I brought it! People laughed so hard when it was opened, but I was SO embarrassed because other people had brought normal things. It scarred me, so I haven't done a White Elephant since, although we are supposed to do one this year....!

    1. This made me laugh so much!! Thanks for sharing Cynthia.

  15. The best white elephant I ever saw was this. Beautifully wrapped box.
    Open it.
    A piece of paper inside that says...
    "You get NOTHING!"

    Then the person says..." Just kidding! Pull up the tissue paper (that had been taped down so it didn't fly out).

    Under the tissue paper is a little something.
    *Starbucks gift card
    *$5 and a list of fun ways to spend it
    *A lotto scratcher with a label that says "I hope you get LuCKy"
    *A coupon to do thier after school duty
    *Chick -fil-A gift card. (You'll be there for lunch anyway, so you can pick it up then, right?)

    Good luck at the party. I hope you dont unwrap any of the following:
    *dish towels with kitten embroidered on them
    *a picture of anybody's butt
    *a leg lamp from the movie a Christmas Story

    Does any of this sound too specific? You guessed it! These are all "gifts" I have unwrapped at white elephant exchanges!

    Good luck girlfriend!
    Teacher to the Core

  16. Here's a really funny white elephant gift my husband and I once gave: Take a box of chocolates and take a bite of each one leaving lots of wrappers and lots of half eaten chocolates. Then, take a picture of you and your hubby with chocolate smears and surprised looks on your faces. Put the picture in the half-eaten/emptied/wrappers only box of chocolates and wrap it up all pretty. Hilarious! ;)

    Oh, and THANKS for the freebie! You da best.

  17. Thanks for the freebie the munchkins will love it. I always give pickled pigs feet for a white elephant.

    Have fun!

  18. Cute activity- I'll be printing this one soon. White elephant gifts make me nervous too- I'm always afraid I'll be the only one who brings something "not normal". My pricipal retired last year & she never wore pants to school either- NEVER. Not even when it snowed and she ran outside in high heels to try to stop the bus from sliding (like she really could). haha

  19. Today the fifth graders, our reading buddies, come into our first grade space. Some Fridays, fifth graders read to us or they show us how to make foldables or in the case of today, we'll be doing addition and decorating the tree. Thank you for the freebie. Your comments give me a great big ol' laugh before I face the best audience in the world.

  20. I love me some foam dice! What I really want is foam base 10 blocks! They are so loud! We are not really supposed to "do Xmas" at my school, but I may just have to sneak this in on the last day before break!

    I'd be so honored if you stopped by my little blog...I've been posting about my Oprah's Favorite Things (for teachers) experience. :) Oh. And some educational-ish stuff, too.
    Growing Firsties

  21. Thank you for your freebie! You are an amazing teacher and I love following your blog, it always makes me laugh.

  22. Thanks for the freebie, it will be enjoyed by my class. You always bring a smile to my heart.

  23. I have an ugly Christmas sweater you can borrow....my mother gave it to me. It is covered with sequence and fake fur. I didn't send it to the thrift store even though my mother lives far enough away she would never know. I figured my kinders would love it. They did. I may wear it one or two more times before Christmas break (we don't get out until the 21st) If you can't wear an ugly Christmas sweater to Kindergarten...when could you ever??

    Terri Izatt

    I grabbed your tree....THANKS!!

  24. I love this freebie activity!! Thank you! I don't think I have ever participated in a gift exchange such as this...But I was very comfortable playing pranks in high school! My friends and I stayed over night at a ski resort. There was ice fishing and I found a dead fish so I placed it in my friend's bed!! You can imagine the rest!! Oh the memories...

  25. Love the freebie! My kids will enjoy playing this game. The white elephant/ugly sweater party sounds like fun! We have a "winter" breakfast in the library that is catered. They dim the lights in the library and decorate it haha, we try. Our big gift this year is an office Keurig. People are in love with it!

  26. We do our Christmas party at the school on the Thursday before we get out. Every class gets a parent or two to watch the class and we have a two hour potluck lunch and reveal our Secret Santas.

  27. You are so funny!! I love your blog. Hope you lucked out and got the box of Godiva chocolates as your gift!

  28. Hi Thank you so much! Looks like fun!!! :)

  29. You always have the most hilarious stories! Thanks for the freebie and hope your staff party/white elephant/ugly sweater was a success! :)


  30. Thanks for the freebie! I love it! Foam dice is a great idea! Too bad I already bought plastic ones, hehe! I'm your newest follower! Can't wait to read more posts on your blog. Check out my blog too if you have a chance!

    kindergarten kids at play

  31. Love this freebie! Thanks for posting it! And I HATE Christmas things like White Elephant gifts. I know I sound like a total bore but we have played a game called Dirty Santa where you can steal gifts from other people if you like what they got instead of choosing another one from under the tree. One year I stole a gift because I thought 'Okay... I can play this'. Well the coworker I stole it from totally flipped out! Yep... don't play those games anymore. :) Hope your White Elephant and ugly Christmas sweater party went well!

  32. Thanks for the freebie!!