Shoes and Such Revisited

I have survived two days of being back in school.


I only have 13 school days left until my 3 week winter break, but I'm not keeping track, or counting down, or crossing off numbers on the calendar, or using an app that tells me how many hours and minutes left until December 14 at 3:00pm, either.

I don't have to keep track.  Everyone else is and it's also on the marquee at school.

My class has been MIA.  I had four kids absent yesterday and then two decided to vomit later in the day . . . and since they did it outside and on the way to recess, it didn't affect me at all.   

Then I had some come back today and others not come at all . . . with a total of seven kids out.   

I'm still holding strong on fighting off this dreaded whatever-is-going-around disease.


I had a different thing going on with me entirely today.  I've talked about this before.  You can check it out {HERE}.  


I got new flats.

From Nordstroms.

Let's recap:  I have a fancy-pants laminator, and now I have fancy-pants flats.  (on sale)

Check them out:

I know.  Not only did I do a good job for a girl who does not know fashion in any way, shape, or form, but two other teachers were wearing them today.  Fashionista teachers, too.  I KNOW.  

Okay.  So here is the problem.

They HURT like a son-of-a . . . . . . . . . . . . gun.  

(I wanted to say it, but I didn't.)

I got those no-show-super-low-cut socks to help -- they just slid around inside of the shoe.  They are worthless.  WORTHLESS, I tell you!

By about 2pm, I was DYING.  And crying a little.

So I asked my kids if they wanted their normal, nice, easy-going teacher for the rest of the day, or more of a crazed, fire-breathing dragon of a teacher.  Their choice.

A few wanted the crazed teacher that breathes fire.  Is it just me or do you also have two or three smart aleck's in your room?

I don't know why they think they can outsmart me.  I'm old.  

So I sent those three kids to the ACTUAL CRAZED FIRE-BREATHING DRAGON TEACHER on our campus.  (Is it just me or do you have one at your school, too?)

Oh, stop.  I'm just joking.  

Well, not really, but my feet are still hurting so just excuse my behavior.

In the long run, I took my shoes off in the classroom for the last hour of the day.  And then I was kind, and I smiled, and I nurtured my kids, and learning was had by all. (Just not the kid who was too busy poking a hole in the cap of his water bottle to be a good listener.  This is the NEW THING IN MY CLASS that the kids have created to torture me.  Luckily, it has replaced a sound effect or two for the time being.)

Anywho, I need help if you have it.

Number one:  Do I take them back and get a half size bigger?

Number two:  Do you know of socks that work better?

Number three:  Since they are "ballet" flats, will they break in?

Number four:  Are they nice enough to wear to a party that says "Dress Like You're Going Out"?  (Because, let's be real, going out for me means taking the dog to the park in actual clothes or going to school.)

Well, that's all. 

I'm not going to talk about the TpT Cyber Sale.



  1. OMG that whole-in-the-water-bottle cap thing drives me CRAZY. That was HUGE for my kids a few years back. I caught one kid doing it in August this year and shut it down right away...seriously, why do they not understand how disgusting it is to poke a whole with PENCIL LEAD and DRINK from it??

    Phew that felt good. Sorry for the rant. :) The shoes are cuuuute, but if they hurt I say get a new size!

  2. Mine haven't started poking holes in their water bottle caps yet this year - BUT, the pouring little bits of water into their caps.... and then spilling that all over the place while trying to drink out of it like a cup... is driving me bonkers!

    I love those shoes! Tell me if the next size up are comfy (YES, take them back!) ... cuz if they are - I'm getting a pair!

  3. I love the Sam Edelman "Felicia" leather flats! They are super comfy and are well-made shoes.


    Worth the price too. :)Most comfortable flats I've ever worn...plus they come in all sorts of cute colors!


  4. Sorry to interrupt your as always funny blogpost but....I had to tag on Traci's comment....the pouring lid cup thing drives me nutso!! LOL

  5. Exchange them, Nordstrom will take anything back. Wear only knee-hi's from Target! If they still hurt, get your $$ back, but keep the knee-hi's!

    Amy Howbert
    Little Miss Organized

  6. Love the shoes! Try wearing them and heating them a little with a blow dryer and then moving your feet according to pinterest this should help stretch them out. If it doesn't work I say take them back and get a bigger size they are too cute not to have a pair of. And if all else fails keep some slippers in your classroom, they definitely help on days when I seem to make the wrong shoe choice for school. ;)


    BTW they do make the socks a little thicker too I've found them at Macys but they still don't help much.

  7. I loved your post! The shoes are super cute, but if they hurt, I say take them back! I LOVE Nordstrom because they are so great about taking things back that don't just work out! (I just took a purse back that fell apart a few weeks ago, and got a new purse plus a new shirt all for the same price as the purse that fell apart!) I am all for cute shoes, but let me tell you, I was a happy camper today in my black tennies!

    A Little Tech

  8. Go high boots-Charles & David I believe, wear with wool socks so they don't hurt. BEST "school shoes" for a short person EVER! (gotta find the zappos link for you...I wore them 3 days in Maryland for a lacrosse tourney with my son, and was happy and comfy the whole time, and taller, too!)
    Ditch the flats--if they hurt, not worth it! (as cute as they may be!) Hard to wear good socks/hose with 'em.
    Best of luck with the pukers...I have a sneezing/sinus thing going around this week, and am taking Epicor like crazy.
    Must say, I started "gold tags" this week, and my class has NEVER been happier and more positive since I got rid of my color chart! THANK YOU!!!!! :) (and believe me, I am the "nice" teacher, but I can be hard-nosed, and this has taken away much of my hard nose! Thank you!)
    Patty So

  9. Try moleskin. I had some cute new leopard ballet flats that hurt my feet so bad I had band aids all over. Another teacher took pity on me and brought me a package of moleskin the next day. Works like.a charm! You just cut the amount you need and stick it to the inside of your shoe and tada! Moleskin...who knew?

  10. Oh definitely take them back and try another size - I have an entire closetful (well, okay, maybe three or four pair) or shoes that don't fit so I don't wear them.

    When my kids start with the bottles, I take them away - it drives me BONKERS - and the next day, nobody pokes or drinks from the cap - of course, they forget and the next day after that we're back to the battle of the bottle. Maybe in more ways than one... :) Lisa

  11. Ya, I'm with the others, I can't wear shoes that make my feet hurt. We never sit!!! I have such a hard time trying to find pretty shoes that don't hurt my feet. I hope some shoemaker is reading this post!

    I forgot you had such a nice long break!! Those 13 days will go quickly for you!

  12. Oh my gosh! I am reading this during my conference and laughing out loud. I soooo sympathize with you. I can't wear the cute shoes either, except for the wedge flip flops. I hate it when it gets to cold to wear the flip flops.

  13. Oh girlfriend-so can relate! I have several pairs of flats (in the correct size) that still kill my feet, give me blisters, etc. They are flats people! I'm not walking around sportin some four inch heel. They should be comfy!
    Yes I would take them back...
    Fluttering Through First Grade

  14. Oh, honey.. I keep a cute pair of black slippers in my closet for just these occasions!

  15. If you wear your flats with pants these socks will work. They are AMAZING. and won't slide around all over the place inside your shoe. My shoes used to hurt my feet, but not anymore! I have 4 pairs and I wear them all the time! Pinterest find :) http://www.keysocks.com/

  16. Im pretty far down the comment list, but i can help!!!!!!! ROCKET DOG shoes!!!!!!! AMAZZZZZZZing. The only shoes I wear that dont kill the backs of my heels. TRUST me!!!!!

  17. As a shoe-collecter and part time employee of a shoe store (for the discount, duh), ballet flats are the least comfortable shoes ever! Even though they are adorable they are super hard to fit.

    Smart-wool makes a nice no-show sock that doesn't seem to move too much.

    Ms. Rachel
    Ms. Rachel’s Room

  18. I have a few pairs of Me Too ballet flats that are very cute and comfy. Found them at DSW pretty reasonably priced. Good luck---it's hard to find cute shoes that you can wear all day long!

  19. They will stretch out! I have shoes by the same designer and they do hurt at first, but will stretch out and not hurt so bad. I love shoes from Nordstrom.
    I hate the whole punch in the waterbottle top as well. I have kinda discouraged kids from bringing in water bottles (since we have a water fountain steps away from my room) and try to get the kids to bring in water bottles that are not the plastic ones.
    My kids have just been a little nutzo because of the full moon!

  20. I think you should take them back, and go with something more comfy. I hate water bottles and I have never had anyone try to poke holes in them. They roll around and spill and generally drive me nutso. Therefore unless your mom is a cleanliness fanatic it's the drinking fountain for all. I keep wipes so everyone can get a germ free drink.

  21. The water bottle thing drives me nutso too! I usually have one a year, then I make them throw it away and that usually solves it for the rest of the class. I did have one kid say but the water will spill in the trash, I told him to dump out the water problem solved. The drinking out of the cap drives me nuts too!

    Cute shoes! I wish they made cute shoes that don't hurt feet.

  22. I also bought those shoes, but in the metallic finish. THEY ARE SOOOO PAINFUL!! Mine kind of push down on the top of my toes. I took them back and asked them to stretch the shoe area, thinking that would help, but it didn't. So sad!!

  23. Cute shoes :)
    Hate water bottles >:(
    JEALOUS of your 3 week break - I only get 1 1/2. Sigh. :'(

  24. Cute shoes, but I would take them back, if possible -- if they hurt, they go!

    I just found these: http://www.crocs.com/crocs-cobbler-leather-clog/11602,default,pd.html?cid=63N&cgid=women-footwear-clogs. No, they're not flats! but they are so comfortable AND they make me at least 2" taller. Very cool.

    I've worn them all day for the past two days -- they're brand new -- and my feet are happy like I've had 'em forever. Yay!

    LOVE your blog. Thanks for posting often!
    :) Amanda

  25. I wear TOMS everyday .... surprised no one else mentioned them. So comfortable! I have been wearing them everyday for a year now. Very cute designs!

  26. I saw this on Pinterest and it helped a lot with some bridesmaid shoes that I had to wear that hurt a ton! Moleskin also helps. Also saw something about wearing socks and using a hairdryer to break them in. Good luck!


  27. OK I am a Nordstrom expert. Just ask my poor husband! Take them back to Nordstrom. Buy yourself a pair of Cole Haan flats with Nike Air technology. They are the most amazingly cute, comfortable shoes ever! I wore a pair and walked from Central Park to the Empire State Building! I promise you will LOVE them.

  28. Ironically, I had one of those "vomit" days on top of a "lice" epidemic...good lord! I need me some fancy shoes to go with super clean hair! Yes, I went home and frantically washed with RID because I'm super paranoid ... lol:)

    Mrs Johnsons First Grade

  29. Mrs. Phillips is 100% spot on about the shoes. Don't you hate when they're super cute AND super painful.... life is so imperfect at times.

  30. Water bottles drive me nuts. I don't allow water bottles at their desks. They will spill and are constantly drinking, which means they are constantly needing to go to the bathroom. I make my students keep their water bottles by the sink. Unless it's instructional time or test time, they are allowed to get a drink if they need one. Unless they seem to have camped out by the sink. Then, of course, they get told to sit down and not get up unless they are vomiting or on fire.

  31. Kristin...take them back! I teach kinder so I am on my feet all day long and I have a perfect solution for you...

    Sofft shoes! I bought some the other day and while they are expensive, they are worth every penny! Wait until they go on sale at Macy's? I wear these every day and my feet have stopped hurting when they used to hurt all the time with my other flats.

    The thing I love about the sofft shoes is that they are totally cute but soooooo comfy! After the first day, when I had to break them in, they have been nothing but wonderful to my poor tired feet!