Stuffed With Thankful Thoughts

Well, I'm on day 4 of my four day weekend.  This is it.

Big sigh.

It's okay, though.  Because this time next week, I'll be on Thanksgiving vacation.  So it's all gravy.  Literally.

I'm joining Lyndsey over at A Year of Many Firsts to take a quick moment to say all that I'm thankful for.  Well, I won't say every.single.thing or we'll be here all day so I'll try to just hit the bullet points.  I'll try really hard.


First, I'm thankful for the hubby.  He is a big, giant Teddy Bear that tries to act tough, but he's not.  Not really.  I mean, don't mess with me, just to be on the safe side, because he's very protective of me, but deep down, he is a Teddy Bear.  Sometimes, the guys at work call him Grumpy Bear.  Also, Care Bear.  As you can see, Bear is a theme here.  My family has this huge Teddy Bear joke with him -- I won't go into it here, but trust me.  It's DYING LAUGHING HILARIOUS.  SNORTING DYING LAUGHING CRYING HILARIOUS.  

The hubs watches chick flicks with me.  He cooks because I don't want to know how.  He sews my buttons because I don't want to know how.  He fills my car up with gas because I don't want to know how.

We both enjoy movie marathon days.  And we both love love love dogs.  And we both enjoy food.  And going to the movies.  And wine.  And traveling when we can.

That about sums up our similarities.  

Yep.  I'll say that does it because I don't like the History Channel.  Or jogging.  Or video games.  Or snowboarding.  Or snoring.

My church.  That picture is actually taken at church a month or two ago.  The mister and I help out with the Baptism ministry once a month.   I love my church.  

Well, obviously, I am thankful for my family.  My mom, dad, brother, older sister, twin, two nieces, and three nephews.  We really have a good time together.  Lots of laughter.  See Teddy Bear reference.

My family is comfort to me.  Hugs and relaxing.  Food.  Games.  Laughing.

I'm thankful my parents are still together.  And in love.

My school.  I love my job.  I am so blessed to have a classroom of my own on the grade level that I love, at a wonderful school in an amazing location.  

Mostly, I am thankful for my girls at school.  I would die without my girls.  They let me be myself.  Our lunches and get togethers and chit chats save me.  I am super super super thankful for Laurie, Heather, Stephanie, Kristy, Alicia, Natalie, Meghan, and Nicole.


Sydney.  Awwwww.  I am just so thankful that she is still going strong and is still here with us 16 months after we lost Foster.    She makes me so happy.  She can also be very naughty and that can drive me crazy, but still.  I wuv her.  Even when she waits until I've sat down on the couch, gotten comfy under a blanket, and sighed a big sigh . . .  Only to slam the back door blinds against the window in a big ole temper trantum because I should have known she needed to go outside.  Oh, and did I mention she has a doggy door?  Turns out, my niece and I are the only ones using it.  


Blogging.  TpT.  Hadar at Miss Kindergarten.  Love this girl and our newfound friendship.


I'm thankful.  :)


  1. I am thankful for you because I LOVE reading your blog. You always make me laugh...many times outloud when no one else is home to ask me what is so funny. I've even read your post aloud to my husband as I'm laughing! THANK YOU!
    Connie Anderson:)

  2. Hi there! Love your blog! I am also a teeny tiny teacher so it is nice to have someone to relate to. I pin all those short people problems on pinterest just so I know I am not alone in my shortness. Sydney is so cute! Love the pic! My blog is going to have a 100 follower giveaway and I was hoping you would be willing to donate an item. I love your blog and it would rock my world to have you be a part of our giveaway. Thanks for all your fun to read posts!

    Simple In Second

  3. You forgot to mention Ted's and Braums oh wait you don't have those where you are do you??? LOL snort snort sorry:) Great list of Thankful's. My hubby is a big ol bear too.
    First Grade @ Storybook Cafe

  4. I'm thankful for laughs, which in turn means I'm lucky for you!

    And I love love love love love dogs too!

    Happy Thanksgiving :)

    Across the Hall in 2nd Grade

  5. Did I say lucky? I meant thankful, but I am lucky too!


  6. Hello Kristin-Dear:
    I am sure I will only be one out of three-hundred-seven-or-so that mentions my thankfulness for you--but it will still be true. Thanks for bringing laughter into the Blog-O-Sphere. Thanks for not noticing the preponderance of hyphens in this comment. Thanks for being my sweet BlogBuddy!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  7. You sure do have a lot to be thankful for but don't we all! Cute pics. I'm thankful for your blog. It's one of my favorites.

  8. It never fails . . . I crack a smile about two lines into your post each and every time. I second Holly. The bloggy world is oh so thankful to have YOU :)

    Kelley Dolling
    Teacher Idea Factory

  9. You have such a good heart!

    Amy Howbert
    Little Miss Organized

  10. I love your blog and you go to a big famous church:-)

    Chickadee Jubilee

  11. With all of the stress in teaching and all of the things/people that frustrate us, we are all thankful for your humor. Thank you for making us laugh and for reading our minds and saying what we are all feeling and thinking. You may be teeny, tiny but you are a HUGE blessing to us all.

    I hope one day to meet you when you come to Texas. =)


    Heather's Heart

  12. I'm having a GiveAway.
    Please stop by.


  13. LOVE THIS! I'm thankful for your blog because no matter what kind of day it is... I always laugh!

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