Post Christmas

Hey people!

How was your holiday?

Mine . . . well . . . I mean, don't get me wrong.  It was great.  Really, really great.  

We just had a bit of a hiccup in the morning.

Sydney had some trouble.  We weren't really sure what was happening . . . just lots of fluid coming out of her that was not urine . . . but might have been . . . but it wasn't . . . it was weird . . .

She seemed "out of sorts".  

For example, she wasn't eating her treats.

That's a BIG SIGN that something is wrong because her diet basically consists of treats and hot dogs and, as a last resort, dog food.

Anyways, because the hubby and I do not have kids of our own, we are unnaturally attached to our dog.  When we say we adopted her, we mean it.  

So . . . to be on the safe side, the hubs elected to stay home and keep an eye on her while I went to my parent's.

Christmas at the parent's house was fun and loud and happy.  We opened presents and ate chips and dip, and See's candy, and fudge.  Then we had a big ole dinner.

We ended the night with home movies.  

Of this variety:

Ours was broken so we all chipped in and rented one all special-like for the holiday.

We have the projector for the whole week so we are watching a few movies each night.  This does not date me at all, I'm sure.  Everyone has their life (birth to 15 years old or so) on one of these reels, correct?  And you also showed which birthday you were celebrating by holding up fingers, right?

I really wish I could show you some.  

I keep yelling at the screen white sheet, "Somebody help that poor girl!  Get her some contacts!  Relax the perm!!"  

It took me awhile to grow into the beauty that I am today.  Wink wink.

In the meantime, Sydney has since had some blood work and is going for an ultrasound in the morning . . . it doesn't look too good since she is over 13 years old . . . so think good thoughts for me and then let's not talk about it anymore, okay?  Okay.

In the other meantime, I've been working on some Kindergarten Morning Work.  This is because several  many  two or three people have sort of requested it.

This is the format for January:

This is the format for February:

And this is the format for March:

You can check it out {HERE} or click on any of the pics.  :)

It's so hard to work when my family is here . . . and we have fudge, and See's candy, and Elf, and home movies . . . 


  1. Merry Christmas! Hope Sydney is ok =)
    Your pages look awesome!
    First Grade Blue SKies

  2. Those kindergarten worksheets look great! Your work is always fabulous!

    Have fun watching some movies. It looks like a great time!

    Keeping Sydney in my prayers!

    Pixy Stix and Teacher Tricks

  3. That is fabulous. Do you need me to edit? Remember, I am much better at editing other people's stuff than my own!

  4. Oh Kristin. I'm not going to say another word unless you want to talk (email me if you do!!!) but please know my thoughts and prayers are with you right now.

    I agree with Jennifer, the pages are look awesome! I wish I had little guys who could use them, I would in a heartbeat :)

  5. Wow- I'm impressed you're doing work over Christmas break! Cute kinder work. I love your first grade set & use it daily.
    I'll be praying for you and your "baby"- I know how tough it is go through tough times with our animals. I won't say anything else. :-) Carol

  6. Oh no! :(

    P.S. Did you get my email before Christmas with goodies? I think I'm being flagged as spam. Pooey!

  7. I sure hope Sydney is okay-I know how pets can be such a part of your family. Sending good thoughts :)

  8. Thinking of you and Sydney! :)

  9. Hope things go well with Sydney and you and your hubby. Prayers and hugs.

  10. I cannot pass See's w/o getting my fix. Thinking good thoughts about the other thing. vhair61215@gmail.com

  11. I miss my Brandi who was 15 years old this past January. We had to put her down in August and it was the most difficult decision ever... BUT... it was also the most loving one. Our pets are our children even when we have human kids ;-) I will be thinking of you and Sydney and praying she has many more years with you.

    Love the Kindergarten morning work, we have gone from full day K (Title I) to half day programs (because we lost that status) Its nice to have some time to get things all switched over when the afternoon class comes in!!

  12. I am sitting with my girl Rosie (11 years ) and we are both sending all our good wishes to you . She was sick just before the holidays and really bounced back quickly so good thoughts......

  13. P.S. on another note...convert your old reels to VHS, then you feel somewhat younger when viewing.....did your Dad have the huge lights he held up while yelling at you to look at the camera ?????

  14. Love watching old home movies too! Dad had many of ours transferred to VHS. We laughed, cried, oohed & awwwed for HOURS! Sweet memories! Cant WAIT for your new packet to come out. Please price for folks who have already blown their budget! HA! Will pray for you & your sweet four legged baby! Happy New Year!

  15. LOVE the home videos on camera reels - and I know EVERYONE has those...even those we are now getting as student teachers...right?!? haha!
    Prayers for Sydney and you.
    Can't wait to see the whole set of kinder morning work - I'm already scheming to get them printed, laminated, and put in the clearviews for multiple use! yay!
    Thanks for ALL you do! I love reading your posts! It's like my morning giggle for the day to read from someone who totally gets teaching the little ones! :)

  16. Will be praying for your sweet little doggy! Glad Christmas was great!
    Hey, we should do a meet-up soon! :)
    Kerri B

  17. So sorry to hear about your dog. I hope your dog feels better.

    I can't wait to see your finished product of morning work.


  18. I hope Sydney is better now. The kindergarten worksheets look great! Right now I am loving the first grade morning work for my older special ed students but I just got a new kindergartner in my class right before Christmas so I am excited about your new product!
    Kathy I.

  19. Love the morning work pages and can't wait until they are ready!! On another note I hope your dog begins feeling much better soon!!


  20. Love your blog! Praying for you and your furry family member! My doggie was 19 and my favorite friend ever. When she felt sick I felt sick so I know how hard it is to see our furry family hurting!

  21. merriweather and dori send sydney get well wishes!!!

  22. Keeping Sydney and y'all in our thoughts and prayers! Hope everything is ok!

  23. Just saw your Kgn. Morning Work posted on TPT. It looks great. vhair61215@gmail.com