Dress Debacle Conclusion (hopefully)

I hope that this will be the conclusion of the Dress Debacle.  Really.  I hope.  With all my heart.

I conquered my fears today.  

I went back to the tailor.

GASP!  Oh no, she didn't.

Yes.  I did.

On my own.  Without the hubby.

Here's why I went back.

I finally got two new pairs of jeans.  And even though the tag said short and the salesgirl assured me they were short, I'd have to wear high heels with them in order for them not to drag.  Really high heels.  The kind I don't own.  They're called stilts.  So I needed these jeans hemmed.  Obviously.

Well, I don't hem.  No one ever taught me.  I still don't know how to sew a button onto a shirt.  The hubby does that for me.  I don't even think Home Economics was offered at my school.  Instead, I took typing and careers.  Typing has really come in handy, let me tell you (and let's not forget my obsessive compulsive disorder to type on my legs that a lot of you are afflicted with, too).  Me?  Sew?  No.

In order to get my new jeans hemmed, I had to go back to the tailor.  I had to face him.  

I did think about shoving the dress into the deepest part of my closet and forgetting about it . . . that way, I could take my jeans to get hemmed and all would be well.

But the hubby insisted I return the dress for a redo.  INSISTED.  And because I need him for button sewing, I relented.

Today was the day, I decided.  Gulp.  Today was the day.  Hubby wasn't able to come.  Turns out he was volunteering for our church food bank.  I mean, really.  When push comes to shove, my hubby chooses people in need.  I tell ya.

I did a lot of deep breathing exercises.  And a little bit of stretching.  You just never know.

I zoomed into a dressing room with the jeans and the dress as soon as I got there.  I tried to make the dress as little as possible so the tailor wouldn't see it.

When I came out wearing the too-long jeans, Mr. Russian Tailor said, "What's going on with the dress?"  Or something along those lines.  I forget now.  I was in such a panic that the sweat perforated my forehead and got into my brain and now I can't remember.  He saw the dress?!  HE SAW THE DRESS.

"Um, well . . . you see . . . um, these jeans are too long," I answered.

He measured the jeans.  Made a chalk line about two feet up.  Repeated, "Is there something wrong with the dress?"

"Well, the thing is . . . "  What was the thing?  Gulp.  Clear throat.  "The, um, the zipper . . . doesn'treallylayflat."

He said, "Oh no."    

It took everything in me not to run (well, that, and the fact that those jeans were dangerously long and I could have killed myself if I had run in them).

He asked me to try the dress on for him.

So I did.

And the zipper was still catty wompus.  I have to admit I was afraid it would be like taking my car to the mechanic and it wouldn't make that noise anymore.  I was afraid the zipper would be all good, and smooth, and I would look like a fool.  Not so.  

Mr. Russian Tailor shook his head.  Pulled the dress.  Pinched the dress.  Smoothed the dress.  I may have been a little bit molested, but I wasn't going to say one word, I can tell you that.

He said he would do everything he could to fix it.  

I went back into the dressing room, changed, and emerged with my head down.  I couldn't look at him.

"Take as much time as you need on the dress," I said.

He said, "I'm so sorry it wasn't perfect."

I'm so sorry it wasn't perfect.

Kill me now.

I felt awful.  Just awful.

So I apologized.

He said not to.

I did, anyway.

Then he did.

We generally had a big ole sob fest, people.

But I did it.  And now it's over.  

Let's hope I never ever have to do that again.  I'm pretty sure my cardiologist wouldn't recommend it.


Lunchbox Linky

I love Linky Parties.  They give me a focus for writing.  If you haven't noticed, I tend to ramble.  Linkies change all that.  For the most part.

I am joining up with Tara at 4th Grade Frolics.  :)  How cute is this graphic?  It's by Michelle at The 3AM Teacher.  LOVE IT!

Here's my lunch box.  It's not fancy.  But it gets the job done.  I'd like one with longer handles, but it's fine.  It's worked all year.  Plus, I bought it through a school fundraiser.  Yep.  That's me.  Helping out the little guy.

Seeing as how I'm on Spring Break, I didn't pack a lunch today.  But this is what I'm going to have for lunch today, and it's a typical lunch that I would take to school.

I generally don't bring the whole box of cereal and the gigantic jug of milk with me.  So I threw the tupperware into the picture at the last minute so you get the idea.  

Cereal?  CEREAL?  Yes.  Cereal.

I love cereal.  (Not the milk, but I wet it just enough to get my vitamin D for the day)  I don't have time to eat cereal in the morning.  And, believe it or not, I've cut out my English muffin with peanut butter.  I know.  I almost don't believe it, either.  But it's true.  It's gone.  Now that I'm "walking" every morning, I don't have time.  

Let's rephrase that.  I do have the time.  But I am just having way too much fun getting up at 5:30am as it is.  To get up even earlier for a toasted English muffin might be TOO MUCH FUN . . . 

Now I just grab a granola bar and go.  It was a huge shock to my system not having that English muffin anymore.  It was either that or the Fiber One bar (I had no idea fiber could do that).  

So now I take cereal.  And have breakfast for lunch.  Yum.  I usually save the apple for after school.  

I'm not a big drinker unless it's wine, and since that's frowned upon at my school (I know - rigid), I usually bring Crystal Light or Iced Tea.  I keep fifty cents in the bottom of my lunch bag, just in case I need a soda.  You just never know.  It all depends on those little rascals.  

I feel really lucky that our soda machine only requires fifty cents.  I had a particularly bad day when the machine wouldn't take my two quarters.  It kept spitting one back out.  What in the world?  I understand the Dollar Bill Syndrome but I had no clue how to flatten and smooth out a quarter.  No one in the lounge had anything to trade it out with . . . I was in a tizzy.  I never even got my soda that day because as it turns out, I was using a Canadian coin.  My husband goes to Canada about twice a year.  That machine is really smart because that coin could have fooled me.  I mean, it did.  Really.

I also keep snacks in my lunch bag.  I'm a snacker.  Chomp chomp.

Notice there are no pictures of starbursts.  Or math pills.  Or Girl Scout Cookies.  Nope.  I am a healthy eater.  Nod.  Yep.  Nod.

We always go out to eat on Fridays.  Places close by to us include Jack in the Box, Subway, a pizza place (by the slice with salad), Chick Fil A, Wendy's, and Panera.  On days when we feel like the world is on our side and we can drive reallyreallyreally fast without getting caught, we can make it to In and Out.  (I have decided I am having lunch right after I type this post.  I'm suddenly starving.)  

Even though Fridays are our designated going-out days, it's not hard to talk my partner into "going down the hill" and foregoing our lunches from home.  She can just as easily talk me into it.  It's okay.  We deserve it.  We teach first grade.

Tara also wanted us to discuss our lunch situation.

Here's the situation.

My lunch is from 11:25 to 12:10.  Or 12:15.  It depends.  Let me explain.  The bell rings at 12:10.  Which means the kids freeze on the playground at that time.  Then the noon supervisors blow their whistles and the kids run like crazy devils walk really nicely to their lines.  Then they continue to play and chase one another line up like soldiers.  We give the noon supervisors time to reflect on how wonderful our classes are before we pick them up.  It's only fair.

People, I have a DUTY FREE LUNCH.  It's in our contract.  I can't believe all of you who don't have this.  Well, both.  You don't have a DUTY FREE LUNCH so I'm assuming you don't have a CONTRACT.  Our contract states that we get a 30 minute duty free lunch EVERY DAY NO MATTER THE WEATHER.  And our principal is AMAZING when it comes to the weather.  She'll have the kids sit in our multi-purpose room to eat for the first 25 mintues, and then she has them sit outside under the pavillion in the rain or wind for the last 20 minutes when they would otherwise be playing had the weather cooperated.  Yep.  I know.  I'm trying not to chuckle.  I think she thinks it's good for them.  (sneaky smile)  Anyways, I almost always get my whole 45 minutes.  

I feel spoiled after reading about some of your lunch times and eating with kids and everything.  When my class earned a reward of eating with me in the classroom, they wore me out.  "Can you open this?  I can't open this.  Can I use scissors?  The noon supervisor always gets this open for me.  This is hot.  This is cold.  This is good.  This is gross.  This is my favorite.  Do you have a microwave?"  If you do this everysingleday, I bow down to you.  As soon as I saw the rest of the first and second grade classes heading down to the playground, I yelled for my class to get out announced that it was time to play.

So that's my lunch story.  Now I need to go get me some.

Don't forget to link up with Tara.  She's also having a giveaway!  Go check it out!

Did I ramble?


Guest Blogger

I was asked to be in a giveaway by Holly over at Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade.  And she was a genius.  She figured out a way for me not to spend any money.  Holly asked if I would guest blog for the winner.  How easy is that?!  This was way before Dave Ramsey, but I'm going to pretend that I was already on the plan and so I made a good decision.  Pat myself on the back.  Kiss my brain.

So . . . I've got my story about letting my kids sit wherever they want on the carpet (Angry Birds reward) over on Rebecca's blog.  Seeing as how Rebecca won the giveaway.  So the story is waiting for you over there.  It's not here.  It's over there.   

What are you waiting for?  CLICK THE BUTTON!  :)   
Teaching First


Angry Birds

Happy Monday!  I can say Happy Monday because I slept in this morning and had my morning coffee with PJ and Kelly.  Lovely is all I can say.  Just lovely.

Let me just tell you that seeing The Hunger Games for the second time was just as good.  I caught things I didn't see the first time.  I saw it for the second time in the "O.C."  That's Orange County in case you didn't know.  The O.C. audience clapped spontaneously in the middle of the movie, and then again when it was over.  I really appreciated that.  The audience in my town did no such thing.  I am attributing the clapping in the O.C. to the Housewives phenomenon.  Everything is a night out.  Everything is important.  Everything is a cause to be celebrated.  So let's clap, shall we?  I'm on Spring Break.  Clap away.

I have no idea if this post will bring about a lawsuit.  Let's hope not.  Do not clap here.

This post will show you how I am currently using Angry Birds as a management tool in my classroom.  Because we need it.  We're getting too big for our britches.  Too comfortable.  A little sick and tired of one another.  And, quite possibly, annoyed with the teacher who continues to do her same old signals in the same old way. 

So I found this pic, inserted it into a document, and printed it.

Then I typed in a bunch of the other birds by color.  Blue angry bird.  Yellow angry bird.  White angry bird.  I was amazed by my knowledge because I don't play this game.  I just listen to the hubs say bad not-so-very-nice words while he plays.

I also googled the towers.  I had a hard time finding a tower.  So I just printed out a pig.

I printed everything out on cardstock, laminated it, cut it out, and stuck magnets on the back of each bird and the pig.

On my whiteboard, I put an angry bird far over to the left and the pig far over to the right.  Let me put my recent map skills to good use.  

There.  Now you have a visual.  

The goal is to move the angry bird all the way over to the pig.  I mainly use this for carpet behavior.  I use a little easel over there ALL THE TIME when I am teaching.  Another visual:

I put 4 number magnets on the easel.  I just use the magnets from my math program, but you could use anything you want.  I got this idea from Kim at Kinder Gals.  I love the way she uses different magnets based on what she is teaching.  So far, I'm just using number magnets.  I should probably make little Angry Bird magnets to use.  Genius!  But I just use these:

I put numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4 on my little easel.  When the kids see that, they know Angry Birds Are In Effect.  They Are On.  It's Time.  

Prior to my Angry Birds flying in to flap their wings in my kids' faces . . . my teaching might look a little like this:

I begin teaching.  I am phenomenal.  I am engaging.  The kids are on the edge of their seats (bottoms on the carpet).  I wish I was being evaluated right now - I am a superstar!

One minute later, someone shouts out.

I growl.

Then I continue.  It is still an Oscar-worthy performance, if I do say so myself.

Thirty seconds later, two kids start whispering to each other.  They may even giggle.  And it has nothing to do with me or anything I said.  The steam from my ears fills up the room.  I bark.

I keep teaching.  I have lost a little of my zest.  But I carry on.

Someone raises their hand to join in the discussion of synonyms.  Instead of providing a synonym for the word "big", the student says, "Did you know that I had broccoli last night for dinner?  I liked it.  It was like I was eating trees!  And I dipped them in ranch so it was like I was eating snow-covered trees!" 

On and on it goes . . . 

By the end of the lesson, I am worn out, defeated, and throwing a worksheet at them to get them off the carpet, and as far away from me as possible . . . mind you, this is not every time.  But it does happen.  Has it happened to you?


Now my lessons on the carpet go like this:

I begin teaching.  I am fresh.  I am awesome.  I smile.  I glow.  I pause for the clapping to end.

I am on fire.  It is that good.

Someone shouts out.

Without saying a word, I remove magnet number four.  The kids turn and glare at the shouter-outer.  I continue.

No steam.  No growl.  No bark.  All is well.

Two kids start talking on the carpet.  Giggling.  Hee hee.  Ha ha.

Without saying a word, I remove magnet number three.  The kids turn and stare down the hyenas.  They stop immediately.  I smile on the inside.

The lesson continues without a hitch.  The kids talk to their shoulder partners, we blow answers into our hands, we release (this is all whole brain teaching stuff that I have never been trained on, but I watch videos and try to copy it) and we conclude the lesson.  We have two magnets left.

Soooooo, I move the Angry Bird two spaces closer to the Pig on the whiteboard.  The beauty of this is that I get to determine what a "space" is.  Doesn't matter.  I just count "one, two" while I scoot him.

Once the Angry Bird gets to the Pig, the kids earn a class reward.  Most times, it takes about two to three days for us to get to the pig.  I make a big show of it and have him knock the pig off the whiteboard.  They love that.  I have a lot of boys and they like it when I destroy things.  Or throw stuff off the whiteboard.  Or accidentally drop a whiteboard marker.  Or a pile of papers.  Or trip on a backpack.

So far, our rewards have been an extra recess (with special equipment like hula hoops and jump ropes and millions of balls), lunch in the classroom with me, sit anywhere on the carpet that you want (of which I have a story to tell), and we have watched a movie (that was Friday before Spring Break).  That one was more for me, but they didn't really know that.

When I knock that pig down, the kids are actually more excited to find out what Angry Bird we're putting up next.  They'll chant, "Boom-er-ang!  Boom-er-ang!  Boom-er-ang!"  I have to shoot them with tranquilizers  signal them to be quiet and wait for them to calm down to say, "Just tell me a color."  I had no idea these birds had names.

So that's my little system.  It's working wonders.  I actually love that the kids are holding each other accountable on the carpet for their behavior. 

One of my friends uses five magnets.  She also starts over every day.  It's however you want to do it.  I told the kids I would never move it backwards.  And I haven't.  I have wanted to, but I haven't. I will also move the Angry Bird for little things - coming in quietly, transitioning, etc.  Whatever.   

Are you doing any extra management tools to get you through the end of the year???  I'm almost out of colors and I'm not sure what I'll do next . . .  (thanks, Kerry, for the blog post idea!)


The Hunger Games

I saw The Hunger Games last night.

People, I loved it.  LOVED IT!!!!!!  

I went with some teacher friends, and we got in line for the 4:45 showing.  Don't worry.  It was a short line.  One of my former students was in the line.  We'll call him . . . Dennis.  As in Menace.  And now he's taller than me.  I think he's a freshman.  Or a sophomore now.  He looked like he'd seen a ghost.  He froze when I said hi to him.  It might be because not only did I remember his first name, I remembered his last name, and so I said both together.  "Hi, First Name, Last Name."  Then, because I am evil and have a great memory, I said, "First Name, Last Name, I'd better not hear any talking from you during this movie."  Because that is ALL HE DID during first grade.  (I also remember a lot of spittle on the sides of his mouth.  Perpetual spittle.  It bothered me.  You'll be glad to know that went away.)

Well, while we were standing in the little line (I think we were fifth in line), one of my other teacher friends came OUT OF A DIFFERENT THEATER to use the restroom.  And she said, "There's no one in our theater and it starts in ten minutes.  Come over there."  We knew a couple of the girls were going to the earlier showing, but we didn't want to risk the line.  And sitting down in front.  And hurting our necks.

I was ready to just run in there (I may have actually done that), but I was at the movies with some goody-two-shoes, and they felt that they needed to go see if we could exchange our tickets.  So we did.  Legally.  (Some people did NOT.)  Not only did I see The Hunger Games, I saw it thirty minutes earlier than planned.

That's what I call a VERY GOOD DAY.

No Dennis the Menace in our theater.  But lots of LITTLE KIDS.  What were their parents thinking?????

After the movie, we went out to eat.  And we made a toast and clinked our various glasses of alcohol (wine for me!).  Because not only did we see The Hunger Games, we are OFFICIALLY ON OUR TWO WEEK SPRING BREAK!   

It gets even better.

Don't hate me or unfollow me.

I am going back to see The Hunger Games tonight.  After church.  With the hubs and his aunt and uncle.  I CAN'T WAIT!  I am literally giddy.

Dave Ramsey (from my Financial Class) would not agree with the amount of money I am spending on movies.  

However, I can't help it.  I am avoiding him at all costs.  

Have you seen it yet?  Did you like it???

I remember seeing the first Twilight (as if it were yesterday) and being very disappointed with the acting and the special effects.  I didn't feel like it lived up to the book.  I do think each movie has gotten better as each one has been released.

This is a whole 'nother ballgame.  A ballgame where your favorite team is playing in the World Series and they win.  Go Dodgers!

This post has nothing to do with school or reality TV.  I'm trying to think of something to throw in, but I can't.  I'm on vacation.  It is THE BEST feeling!

Seriously, don't hate me.  Or unfollow me.

May the odds be ever in your favor!



You know how I was super busy last week?  In terms of a teacher who happens not to be a mother?  Well, it happened again this week.  I won't go into details.

Who am I kidding?  I will.

Monday:  Dinner with Friends (fun times and good food!)

Tuesday:  Dave Ramsey Financial Class (I elect not to put anything here in paranthesis for fear you will get the wrong idea and not take this class seriously.  Money is serious business.  I just don't find it interesting.  So, again, I elect not to put anything in paranthesis.  How'd I do?)

Wednesday:  Bible Study (because someone's kids had soccer, baseball, softball, basketball, Taekwondo, jazz, dance, art, cheer, basket weaving, lego building, homework, headache, etc. so we had to switch from Thursday to Wednesday this week)

Thursday:  Wii Party in the Classroom (My teaching partner and I sell ourselves at this "thing" to earn money for the school.  I bring my Wii and we have pizza and snacks AFTER SCHOOL with some kiddos.  It is fun, but it's still something I have to cross off the list every year.)  I just took a bubble bath to recover.

Friday:  Although it's not here yet, it ALMOST is!  Can you say HUNGER GAMES?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  At 4:45??????????!!!!!!!!!!  Already got my ticket!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I won't go into the weekend, but it's busy too.  

I'm hanging in there, though.  What with my TWO WEEK SPRING BREAK coming -- what what!! 

So, anyway, remember how I told you that we were having some very special guests come to our school because we are up for a HUGE AWARD?  

I had to change my four bulletin boards from winter to spring.  It took awhile, but I did it.

Here they are for your viewing pleasure.  Enjoy.  I'm going to go get a Cadbury mini egg while you look.  (By the way, I took these with my new 4S phone.  I'm not impressed.  Do I need to do something with the settings or something?)

We wrote cinquain poems about weather.  

This is that small board above our cubbies.  No student work is displayed.  
I know.  Shoot me.

We wrote about Spring.

We wrote about weather.  I think.  I can't remember.  But I love these ducks. 
 I want to bring them home with me.

I was a wreck when the V.I.P.'s visited.  So was my principal.  It was a BIG DEAL.  The district even gave us money for new landscaping and painting in preparation.  I know.  Where'd that money come from?  My supply closet?  My purse?

The special visitors came through my classroom in the morning.  There was a lot of knocking leading up to that point.  Even a phone call or two.  We were in a tizzy.

The classroom visit went well.  My kids were great.

Later that day, I had to have a sub because the special people interviewed the Leadership Team.  No pressure.  

"No pressure."  That's what my principal said.

I alternated between foaming at the mouth, and saying too much to sitting there like a bump on a log. and not saying anything.  Folks, it wasn't pretty.

We'll know in mid-April if we get the big award.  The big shebang.

We'll see.

In the meantime, I have a lot of blogs to catch up on.  As well as TV.

I don't miss Ben, but I do miss Talk About It Tuesday.  My friend (hi Christina!!) wants me to have Wine About It Wednesday.  And we can talk about the O.C. Housewives . . . anyone?  Is it too late?

Here's the Writing Paper from all three bulletin boards if you want to grab them.  :)
Spring Butterflies Page 2
Spring Publishing


Teeny Tiny to the Rescue!

I just had dinner with two friends that I used to teach with . . . it was fantastic, as always.  Love those girls.  And the food.  I had a yummy half sandwich called "The Walnut That Kissed The Chicken".  Or maybe it's called the "The Chicken That Kissed The Walnut".  Can't be sure.  Plus I had a cup of "Cocky Leeky Soup".  Don't those titles alone make you want to eat at this restaurant?  It's Rutabegorz.  They have lots of healthy items on the menu that I steer clear from, but I can definitely recommend some of their high-fat, high-calorie, high-cholesterol choices if need be.

Anywho . . . I told my friends about how I saved a boy's life this week.  Now it's your turn.

Last Wednesday, it was early dismissal like always.  I walked my kids to the Back Gate in Far Away Land.  I had one little left over whose father forgot her whose father was late so I waited with her.  Meanwhile, I was worried I was going to be late to PTT and it was Staff PTT, not grade level.  So as soon as that father came, I walked veryfastveryfasttrottrottrot down the playground to the far ramp closest to my building, which happens to be near the library, which happens to be the meeting place of every PTT.  

It would be a lot better if I could show you an actual picture.  All I can think is to have you picture a FOOTBALL FIELD and that's what I've got to get across to begin climbing the ramp back up.  (Of course this is an exaggeration, but it IS far.  Really.  I don't do feet or meters.)

Here's a map that I whipped up.  So you can see.    

When I finally got to the ramp, the gate was LOCKED.

LOCKED.   I was locked in the playground.

I shook my head.  Growled.  Turned around and walkedveryfastveryfasttrottrot half way back to the "middle" ramp of the playground (third and fourth grade teachers tend to use that ramp) . . . 


This was really unusual.  I go to the back gate every day at dismissal.  I do tend to vary my routes.  Sometimes I take the first ramp (for the fifth and sixth grade teachers), other days I may take the middle, and sometimes I just walk to the last one.  It really depends on who I see, who I want to see, my daydream, the shoes I'm wearing, the weather, etc.  You just never know.  But all three gates are always open.  Obviously.  I've got to get back onto school grounds.  My purse is there.

So when the middle gate was locked, I was stumped.  And panicked.  And LATE to PTT.

I debated going to the first ramp (which would make me even further from the library) and then decided against it.  (This is PIVOTAL, people.)

Well, I had my keys.

Had you going there for a minute, didn't I?  Did you think I was typing this from the jungle gym?

I was worried my gate key to the grass area (completely different key and not worth discussing) would not open the gate to the ramp. BUT IT DID!

I was FREE.  FREE!!!

The tricky part was locking the gate back up.  I couldn't just leave it.  I had to lock it back up.  Otherwise, I might get in trouble.  I guess.  I don't know.  But I felt compelled to lock it back up.  I had to fight with it.  It was not easy.  The chain was short and the two gates wouldn't meet in the middle. . . it was a dilemma, let me tell you.  Keys generally intimidate me . . . I am not good with keys.  

While I was fighting with the lock, I heard a bang above me, near the playground bathrooms.  I looked.  Nothing.

I kept fiddling with the lock. 


I looked again.  Nothing.  

Fiddle Fiddle.  Faddle Faddle.  (Fiddle Faddle sounds good.)

BANG.  BANG.  "HELP!  Somebody help!"

Cue the music.  Maybe from Rocky?  Or the Greatest American Hero?  (Flying away on a wing and a prayer . . . who could it be?  Believe it or not, it's just me!)

Super powers overtook my hands.  I locked the lock.  Just like that.  JUSTLIKETHAT.  


I flew (Literally.  With my cape) up the ramp, up the stairs, and towards the bathrooms.

And, people, it was one of our teacher's kids.  A boy.  In the boy's bathroom.  LOCKED IN.

I shouted at him that I had arrived.  


Once I figured out who it was (I think he's in fifth grade.  Teacher friend who reads my blog, am I right?), I told him I would get help. Actually, first I asked him why he couldn't just push the door open.  He probably thought that was a dumb question.

Then I said I would get help, and to hang on, and we would get him out.  (Just for the record . . . no, my key would not open the bathroom door)

So I ran to the library.

People, I can't run.  My heart does not work like yours.  

So I would have to stop and rest.  (Much like Cameron Diaz in the movie The Holiday when she gets out of the limo to run back to Graham because she finally cried.  And as she runs, she stops and doubles over with her hands on her knees?  Do you know what I'm talking about?  That is a great movie.  LOVE.  Well, that's how I did it.)

When I got to the library, PTT was in full swing.  I flung open the door (cue volume on the music --- crescendo) and . . . 


Our principal continued her speech (I forget what it was about) and so someone said, "I think Kristin needs to say something."

Ya think?

So I said, 

GASP.  GASP.  "So and so . . ."  GASP.  SUCK AIR.  "Is locked in . . . the boy's bathroom."  GASP.

His mom shot up out of her chair at the exact same time as our Assistant Principal.  The walkie talkie went buzz buzz and they both ran out.

Confetti rained down from the ceiling.  

Everyone cheered.  "Hooray for Kristin!"

Later that night, I experienced post traumatic stress disorder from being locked in the playground.  But nobody seems to care about that.

Our over-zealous custodian is in a little bit of trouble.

That's not my fault.  I mean, should I have just let it go and not gotten the custodian in trouble?

That's what I thought.

Real heroes do the right thing.  Even if it's the hard thing.

Roll credits.

My teacher friend who reads this blog (and survived the telling of her son being locked in the bathroom) and I have talked about this.  And here's the thing.  

God is good.  

I could have used my keys on that last ramp gate.  But I didn't.  I walked BACK to the middle gate.  And I could have kept going to the FIRST gate.  But I didn't.

Also, that father who forgot his child who was late?  What if he had been on time?  I would have made it through that last gate and gone to the library.

Do you have chills?

I do, but I think it's because it's freezing cold in my house and I need to get my slippers.

Do you have any issues with keys like me?


Dress Debacle Part 2

Happy Sunday!  I don't think I will be experiencing the Sunday Night Blues.  I just have to get through this week, and then we are on our TWO WEEK SPRING BREAK!  Yes, that's right.  TWO WEEKS!  We have been told that we're on a Modified Traditional Schedule, but it's hard to find any evidence of it.  Most of the time, it doesn't feel like it.  But when this two week Spring Break rolls around, it really does!  So . . . the Sunday Night Blues will be curbed by the light at the end of the tunnel.

I did not intend to write more about my Dress Debacle.  The first reason being that this blog is not supposed to be about fashion or clothing.  The second reason being that I don't have the first clue about fashion or clothing.

However, I got lots of comments from you saying that you wanted to see pictures of the dress.  And, if you'll remember, I am nothing if not obliging.  :) 

I didn't have anyone take a pic of me in my dress with my camera or my phone.  Oops.  This isn't going so well.

The paparazzi was out in FULL FORCE, but I guess we can't really call them the paparazzi when we know we are going to see them everywhere.  It was more like the cameras at a red carpet event.  (No surprises in the bra department at Target.)  I imagine all of the paparazzi pictures will show up on our school website, Facebook page, yearbook, etc.  But I don't have access to them yet.

So I did the next best thing.

I found my dresses online.  They're from Ann Taylor Loft.  And, just for the record, I did go to Nordstroms with my gift card.  But I didn't like anything.  It turns out I wasn't going to the prom, but the sales assistant thought I was.

Here's the original dress that I bought (and then took to the tailor's).

Just imagine this girl with blonde hair and it's practically a duplicate picture of me.  I love this dress!  Even though the zippered side is now messed up, I am thinking I could just stand around like her all night and be fine.  I will have to try it.  Maybe for Open House?

The idea of returning this to the tailor's is making me break out in hives.  Any volunteers?

Dress Number Two:

What do you know?  This model and I could be twins, practically!  I bought that belt, too.  I had no idea what shoes to wear with it, and I didn't feel like it was fancy enough.  But the hubs loved it.  He really pressured me into buying it.  So did the sales lady.  My friends that were over before the Big Event loved it, too.  Just not for the auction.  But they want me to wear it to school soon.  With flops.  Casual style.  

Dress Number Three (and the one I wore to the Big Event):

Again, imagine this model with blonde hair and the resemblance is uncanny.  Just for the record, the dress is longer on me.  (And there was no way I was going to the tailor's to have it hemmed)  I wore wedges, a shrug sweater thing, and a black bracelet.  I also bought a belt to go with this one, too, but the girls just liked the tie for the Big Event.  A stranger-lady in the dressing room said I looked "darling" and that I had to buy this dress.  

I am not one for buying things with horizontal stripes.  I saw something on "What Not to Wear" and they said What Not to Wear is Horizontal Stripes.  Look at me . . . I'm a rebel.  My teaching partner said I could get away with the Horizontal Stripes.  So I did.

I have no idea if it worked or not, but I wore it.  It was fine.  Especially when one of our instructional aides showed up in jeans, a t-shirt, and a hat . . . 

Would you go back to the tailor's to have him fix your dress?  Would you demand your money back?  Would you use him again?  Or would you be afraid to go back?  I don't know what to do.  Waaaa.

All dresses can be found {HERE} and {HERE}.


Theme Tests and a Dress Debacle

Did you miss me?  Did you realize that I was gone?

I was crazy busy there for a minute.  

I have no plans today.  Zero.  And it's going to rain.  So I am planning on spending some quality time with PJ, the hubs, junk food, and all of you.  I cannot wait.  

I will "briefly" explain my absence.  Briefly is in "quotes" because I don't know if I can actually accomplish that.

First, I had a HUGE DRESS DEBACLE.  Much like the Great Recess Duty Debacle of 2011.

Our school had a big event last night and it's sort of dressy.  PJ is not allowed and neither is our Spirit Wear.  I generally have to get my legs and toes out of hibernation.

So I went shopping and took my tutoring money (no Dave Ramsey issues here) and found a SUPERCUTEDRESS.  But it was a tad too big.  No problem.  I have a tailor (because I am vertically challenged and he hems absolutely everything for me.  Even jeans that say they come in short.) and I knew he would be able to take this dress in for me.  After all, that's his job.

Well . . . on Wednesday, I picked it up, paid the man $46 dollars (FORTY SIX DOLLARS!?!?) and brought it home.  FORTY SIX DOLLARS?!


The SUPERCUTEDRESS is a little bit ruined.  (insert sad face here)

The zipper on the side is no longer invisible.  And it won't lay flat.  So my left side looks bumpy.  Not smooth like my other side (or the right side, if you'd rather).  And the spanx can't handle it either.  The zipper is just waffly, if that's a word.  Catty wompus, if you will.

I did some deep breathing exercises and tried on my two "go to" black dresses.  I have alternated wearing these to this school event for the last ten years.  Yes, that's me.  Don't judge.  I hate shopping.

Somehow, amongst of all my "walking", I have shrunk.  (?????)  They don't fit me anymore.  Or, as my hubby stated, "You look like you are wearing a mumu."  Perfect.  Just the look I was going for.

Next thing I knew, we were at the mall at 7:00 on a Wednesday.  It was too late to go back to the tailor's.  Plus, I really don't want to go back to the tailor's.  I like my little Russian tailor and I don't want to hurt his feelings.  Clearly, this is one for the hubby to handle while I wait in the car.  Under the seat.  With a hat, glasses, and a mustache on.

I tried on a GAZILLION dresses.  I bought two.  (Not in the Dave Ramsey plan, by the way)  I treated my hubby to Ruby's (I had a salad and french fries.  Yep.  If you can't tell, I keep my life balanced) and then I cleaned my house until about 11:00.

Thursday, I had bible study.  And then I cleaned the bathrooms until about 10:30.

Friday, a few of my friends who commute to school came over for a little pre-party before our big school event.  We had a glass of wine, some appetizers, some chit chat, and then we got ready and went to the big event.  And, people, that's why I was cleaning.  I'm not a nut (entirely).  But when girls are coming over to use your bathrooms and guest bedroom for changing . . . I had to do something.  The house had been a little neglected, what with all of the Housewives and the Bachelor and everything.   The beauty of it is that now my house is clean so I can be guilt-free while I blog stalk and watch movies today.

You're up to speed on my absence.  Sort of.

I still have a story about how I rescued a boy this week (SAVED his life, if I do say so myself) and another about a chew toy incident in my classroom.  But I'll save those.  I also have a couple about how I had to have a sub twice this week - school-related that will be sort of fun to talk about.  But I'll save those, too.

In the meantime, I promised Theme 8 tests for you.  I hope it's not too late!!  I'm throwing in Theme 9 tests to make it up to you!
Theme 8, Week 1
Theme 8, Week 2
Theme 8, Week 3

You can grab Theme 9, Week 1 {HERE}, Theme 9, Week 2 {HERE}, Theme 9, Week 3 {HERE}.

Sorry about all the clicking.  I wish they were in one file for you, but they aren't.  And I could possibly try to do that for you, but I'd rather eat these cinnamon rolls and drink my coffee while coming around to visit all of you.  Surely you understand.

P.S.  The hubs helped me clean AND it was his idea to go to the mall.  I am really spoiled.  Maybe I'll wear those jeans that stretch out today . . .