I tried to write a post yesterday, but I think I was still traumatized from my periodontist appointment.  

I drove to a far away land for my "consultation".  

Once there, I was complimented on my printing.  Gushed over, really.  I made the clerk's job super easy, she said.  Then, my flip flops from Payless were oohed and aahed over.  Seriously.  Last, I was told that primary teachers in grades K through third are just the sweetest people ever!  Smile.  Blush.  Aw, shucks.

I thought I had come to the best periodontist in California, ever.

In hindsight, I should have known better.

After a thorough examination, it was determined that I need a gum graft.  We will not talk about that.  No.

But first!  Mr. Perio explained I needed to do a step before that.  A pre-step, if you will.  A step that MILLIONS of kids have done all the time.  Apparently, it's the SECOND MOST COMMON procedure of all time, next to TEETH CLEANING.  And since I've traveled SUCH A LONG WAY, why don't we just do it right now and get it over with?

Sure, I said.  Why not?  I mean, it's the SECOND MOST COMMON procedure of all time.  Kids get it done all the time, they reassured me.  I can do this, they said.

Well . . . let's just say that I now have STITCHES in my MOUTH.  (Which, actually, is a good thing because if he had put stitches somewhere else, I might have a different story to tell.  On KCal News.  And I am the type of person that things like that happen to so it's quite a relief that a periodontist put stitches in my mouth, rather than somewhere else.)

Excuse me, but I have never had stitches in my mouth after a teeth cleaning.  Or a cavity.  Or a root canal.  Never.  

People, I think I unwittingly had surgery.

I have a list of things I have to do now, post operatively.  And it is really cramping my style.

1.  No drinking through straws.
2.  Soft diet.  (I have no idea how to diet.)
3.  No brushing the area.
4.  No spitting.  (Drat.)
5.  No exercise.  (Silver lining)
6.  No alcohol.  (I may have let a tear accidentally slip out)

This SECOND MOST COMMON procedure is called a Frenectomy.  Basically, Mr. Perio cut my frenulum.  That's the muscle (or the disgusting stringy thing) that connects your lower lip to your lower gums.  They CUT mine.  Apparently, it's too high.  

How I've lived this long with it that high is beyond all comprehension.  

These stitches will dissolve and I will go back next week so they can make sure.  Otherwise, they'll remove them.  

Whatever, I said.

I went in for a consultation.  I came out with stitches.

And I didn't cry in the car on the way home.  The windows were down and that's all.  It was dry eye.  Or something like that.

To make it up to me (because this is how Hubby handles things like this), the Hubs took me out to eat (I had SOUP!  and a few french fries and a crouton or two, but that's all), and then we went to see the Avengers.  Finally.  He's been chomping at the bit.

I have now decided that I am completely and totally in love with Thor.  And the Huntsman.  And being that they're the same person, I am not cheating on anyone.

And you know how people write OMG?  I never do.  I don't want people to think I'm saying God (out of context).  If I do say it, I'm saying Oh My Gosh.  Oh My Goodness.  Or Oh My Good Golly Gracious.  BUT NOW, seeing as how Thor is supposed to be a god, I think I will start writing OMT.


It made up for EVERYTHING.  


Talk About It Tuesday

Hey peeps!

Before I begin, can I just say that while watching the Real Housewives of New York City, my picture kept going out???  I could hear what was happening, but not see it?  I'm telling you, that must have been the number one most stressful thing to happen to me all summer.  My word.  It was agonizing.

Let's get on with it, shall we?

Arie gets the first one-on-one.  Did anyone notice how oily his skin was?  What was up with that?  I was also not a fan of the elbow patches.  I'll give it to him, though, considering he did not wear the girly tank that Ryan wore last week.

That whole one-on-one date sequence was hilarious to me.  Chris Harrison was popping in and out to give us the low down in the "interest of full disclosure".  I loved it.  We got to watch Emily discuss with Kassie, aka Arie's "romantic fling" from years and years ago, how dumb she feels.  And Kassie told her over and over that this whole sequence-and meeting Arie-and bringing it up right now was not a "thing".  It was not a thing!  But last week when Emily asked for another rose -- now THAT WAS a thing.  But this?  No.  They would never do that for ratings.  It's The Bachelorette, for heaven's sake!

All was well.  Arie was forgiven.  But that whole forgiving sequence was not video taped.  Drat.  I mean, really.  Come on.  Give a girl a bone!  I use that expression because don't you remember that Emily and Arie rubbed the dog for loyalty???  It made perfect sense to me.  I rub my dog all the time and I'm the most loyal person I know.

Then we have fireworks.  And kissing.  You know. A typical night for me.  How about you?

John Wolf got the next one-on-one.  He told Emily he was cheated on. He couldn't find his girlfriend for days.  He was so worried that he called hospitals and prisons.  PRISONS?  What type of girlfriend was she?  I think most people call friends and family . . . and maybe the occasional See's Candy Shop . . . 

After their date, we found out that Chris was upset.  Like, a lot.  He was going to explode.  You could see the steam coming out of his ears.  Maybe he's really the wolf!

Meanwhile, Sean started searching for Emily and running around Prague.  Then he found her.  Cue music.

Sean wasn't supposed to get a one-on-one, but then he got one because he chose to find her.  Emily loved it.  

Onto the Group Date.

Let's be clear.  Doug would rather be on a date with his eleven and a half year old son than Emily.  And, people, that half year is huge.  Austin is eleven AND A HALF and don't you forget it!

Doug was weird.  He didn't want to touch her.  Emily noticed his body language right away.  When she FINALLY hinted at the fact that he was going home RIGHT THEN AND THERE, he interrupted her with a kiss. She thanked him -- I mean, she is a southern belle from the back-woods-hood-rat section of West Virginia.

Well, it was too little, too late.

Awkward. Yeah. Uh huh. "Yeah," Doug said a million times.  He was blind sided.  And then he cried in the van.  It wasn't pretty.  It was awkward like I-was-at-a-public-pool-with-a-bunch-of-people-and-my-bathing-suit-had-inched-up-where-the sun-doesn't-shine-and-I need-to-get-it-out awkward.  I was squirming.  It was that bad.

The group date became a two-on-one after that.  Sean was relaxed.  Cool.  But, Chris was all wound up.  So Sean got the rose.  Chris was all kinds of upset.  Was this his age coming through????????

Jef was the last one to get a one-on-one.  They did a fun puppets thing.  It was cute.  I liked it.  Call me crazy.

He professed his love for her in puppet language (of which I'm familiar and fluent) and asked if they could get a dog. It was actually quite cute.  Until Emily said they could get a cat instead.   

Rose ceremony---Chris was freaking out.  He knew he behaved badly.  He was on the verge of tears.  I could feel it.  Plus, one tear may have splashed on me.  And he needed the chance to talk to Emily.  He was COUNTING on it.

BUT THEN!  DUN DUN DUN!  Emily told Chris Harrison no cocktails!!!!


The End.

Chris started crying.  Waa.  Waa.  Waa.

After Emily gave roses to Jef and Arie, Chris made a last ditch effort and asked to speak to Emily, all while he had a coronary right in front of her. 

All the other guys exclaimed that this was "intense".  That's guy drama for you.

After much silence, and ominous piano music, and Emily's confused looks, she finally gave the rose to Kiss *ss  Chris. Did he change her mind? Was this her plan the whole time? Will we never know?  To quote the guys, it was too intense for me!

Chris was over the moon happy.  Thrilled happy.  Dancing around happy.  I think he will be happy for a maximum of one week.  And then Emily will cut him. 

The scary piano music went on for awhile.  Anyone else notice that?

John Wolf was shocked.  No tears, though.  Although, when I went to bed, I thought I heard some howling.

Next week, Emily appears to be losing it.  She has definitely held herself in check up until this point so I give her some props.  

In the meantime, I'm off to the periodontist to see a guy about a root situation.  And I'm not happy about it.  AT ALL.  It's just a consultation, but STILL.   Either way you look at it, I have to get dressed.  And go somewhere besides lunch with a friend.  

Look away - I may start to cry like Doug.



I love Sundays when they are not tainted with the Sunday Night Blues.  It just makes for a much better day.  

I decided I could finally begin tackling my school to-do list.  Except I still can't find it.  And, if I could, the following project wasn't on the list.  I know.  

But I started it.  And now I don't want to finish it.

See, the thing is . . . we use enVision math.  

The program either came with math manipulatives or we bought them.  I don't know which.  However you look at it, I have math manipulatives.  I know.  I'm a lucky girl.

We got counters, clocks, pattern blocks, money, tens and ones, etc. etc. etc.  And we got cubes.

The biggest problem I faced with my supplies was that they came in a huge ziplock bag - one for each kid.  Each bag contained all of the manipulatives each student would need.  It made complete sense to me.  Give the first grader their bag at the beginning of the year and tell them not to touch the tens and ones.  Or the money.  Or the clocks.  Because that's second and third trimester.  Don't touch it.  Don't lose it.  Hang on to it, though, because I only have this many and there's no more where that came from. 

Uh, yeah.  Not happening.  I couldn't do it.

I have what my therapist (aka chocolate and wine) likes to call "control issues". 

So I dismantled all of the bags.   

And I bought tubs.

And I made 2x4 labels.

Of course.Math Manipulatives Labels

And I organized all the cubes together, all the counters together, and so on.  And when we need those supplies, I get out the tub and we use them.  And when the lesson or unit is over, I collect it.  It has nothing to do with germs.  Or vomit.  That only happened once.  Yes.  For real.  ALL OVER some manipulative money.  And the desk.  And the chair.  And himself.  And the little girl across from him.  I was quick.  I got out of the way.  Every man for himself, I always say.

Anywho, this whole manipulatives-in-tubs thing really works for me.  

Except the cubes.

The cubes have bothered me since day one.

Here's why:

It's not usually that messy.  I've been messing with it which has made it messier.

But do you see those packs?  Each pack has 20 cubes.  

And they're all different colors.  DIFFERENT colors.  That, my friends, is called a CUBE CRISIS.

Because almost every lesson says to divide your cubes into TWO color trains.  TWO.  That's hard enough for my kids who can't even get the cubes OUT OF THEIR BAG.  True story.  And it's even harder for my kids who can't get the cubes UNSNAPPED from each other.  True that.  And now, once we've gotten through both of those hurdles and built guns (Stop that.  That's not appropriate at school.) and made houses (Yes, I love it.) and created a dog (That is so cute.), now we have to make TWO color trains.  

That's a little impossible to do when each bag that came with the program (Not that it's the program's fault - I'm just pointing out that I didn't do it this way because I am, in fact, a TEACHER and not a textbook writer or creator or what-have-you.) has four of this color, three of that color, two of another color, six of that color, etc.  

And, no, we can't share.  Or trade.  Or fix it.  Because she was USING that color to make the dog's nose!  And because he NEEDED that color to make the gun trigger!  And she HAD TO HAVE that color for the door of her house.  (Don't be alarmed.  All of those examples have something to do with math.  It's higher level thinking and all that.  I'll explain it to you in a different post.  Sometime down the road.  In the far future.  If I remember.)

Do you see where I'm going with this?


This is what I started.

I'm sorting cubes.  Unsnapping.  Snapping.  Two colors per bag.

I will not go into the agony and stress I feel over choosing the two colors that should go together.  Red and black?  Red and yellow?  Orange and green?  Brown and . . . what?  WHAT? WHAT?!

Ugh.  What was I thinking?  I have 27 more bags to go.  And I don't even want to think about what will happen if I run out of a color to make a complete bag . . . It's a nail biter, people.


Another House Project

Happy whatever-day-it-is.  

I have a few things to discuss.

First, my vision has cleared.  This could be due to the major amounts of rest, lounging, and lunching going on around these parts.  And the complete lack of school, work, cleaning, and anything else related to doing something worthwhile with my day.  At any rate, my blog's font is all back to normal on my end, too.  I am seeing what you all were seeing this whole time.  Bam.  It just happened today.  Out of the clear blue sky.  And I am an authority on the clear blue sky.  I spent an hour under it reading Best Friends Forever by Jennifer Weiner just a little while ago.  And I may or may not have been in a bikini on an old orange folding lounge chair.  And I know that I did not overreact by jumping up and down and running around because a killer bee came near.

Second, have you caught "Blue Lagoon - The Awakening" on Lifetime yet?  It's fantastic.  I almost watched it two times in a row, but then I saw a Dance Moms Marathon.

Last, I sort of did a project yesterday.  Sort of.

I didn't start it until about 6:00pm what with the remote control and dark chocolate covered Acai with blueberries.  Or as I like to call them fruit disguised as chocolate.

Get some.  
And the hubby and I have decided they're good for us.
So we buy two bags at a time.

My project involved the desk drawers in our kitchen.  Which are not really in a desk anymore.  They used to be.  

Let me explain.

When we bought our house, it was non-existent.  That's right.  We're fancy pants.  We built a house.

Okay, okay.  Not with our own two hands.  And it's different here in California.  We picked from three tract homes, decided on a lot, and then they built it.  Cookie cutter.  That's what we have. 

In the model, there was a built in kitchen desk.

In our house, there was empty space.

So my handy husband built me a desk our first week living here.

And then a few years later, I kept saying that a spot on the wood floor next to the desk felt warm.  I said that for a few months.  And then finally I was heard.  Turns out we had a bad pipe under our house.  Or pipes.  Or plumbing.  Or what have you.  We didn't know.  We don't go under the house that often.

So we basically gutted the whole first floor and rebuilt.  And now, instead of a kitchen desk, we have a 


I know.  Talk about fancy pants.  And heaven.  

{Source - My Kitchen}

I'm talking about those drawers on the left.  There are four of them.

Some might call them junk drawers.  

But that just hurts my feelings.

So I call them desk drawers.

And they need to be organized because they are full of junk  important things.

Here's something I found on Pinterest.

Those containers are TUNA CANS.  

I happened to have five in my super clean pantry.  I opened all five.  Gave one can to Syd with her dog food (and yes, I looked it up and it's okay) and dumped the rest.  Don't tell.  I know there are hungry people everywhere.  But I needed to do this.  Right then and there. 

This is my version.  Five cans does not look as nice as nine cans.  And there was no tutorial on what to do with scissors, glue, and crayons that don't fit in tuna cans.  

Oh, and also I didn't find a tutorial on how to get rid of the tuna smell.

Here's the next drawer.  

And here's the last drawer.

Seriously, this is way better than it was.  I rubberbanded the cords (I got the rubberbands from the tuna can two drawers above) and everything.  But I seriously need some square tuna cans or something for this mess.  By that point, though, I was tired.  I had been off the couch for at least an hour so no wonder.

The top drawer is the hubby's.  I'm not touching it.  It is a disaster, but at least I don't have to look at it.  I have trained him to put his stuff on the counter, open the drawer, and just slide all his stuff in.  Then close the drawer.  That last direction is super important.

That was my project.

Any ideas for all those cords??????

Any idea where my school to-do list is?  Because it wasn't in any of those drawers . . . 


Talk About It Tuesday

Happy Tuesday to you!  I am happy to say that I have upgraded my clothing attire.  I am out of my pjs and into sweats.  Does it matter that I have on the same Boomer Sooner T-shirt that I had on yesterday?  And quite possibly the day before that?  I don't think I slept in it . . . Scratch head.  Oh.  When was the last time I washed my hair?? 

I am just kidding about my Summer Vacation hygiene.  



Let's talk about the Bachelorette.

All I really want to talk about from the entire two hour episode is this:

What in the world is Ryan wearing???  Is it a tank top?  Does he have his underwear on the wrong end of his body?  Or is this a bra gone wrong?  I mean, WHAT IS THIS????????  I do not understand it.  

And can I just say that I like facial hair on guys.  I do.  I like some scruff.  I just do.

But Ryan's facial hair?????



I think I need to wash my eyes out with soap.

I didn't take notes on last night's episode.  This is due to the fact that my hubby was flying in late to an airport near my parent's house.  So I went over there and hung out until an unGodly hour (at which point the hubs finally landed on nearby soil).  My older sister was at my parents, too.  Do you get the picture that we're a close knit family?

So we watched it together.  Without Tivo.  (The parents did NOT watch it.  They stayed in the family room with the big screen TV and the Tivo.  We were booted to their room.  Where the TV is small.  And does not have Tivo.)

It was like being transported back in time.  I actually had to watch commercials.  No wonder my eyes need a good washing.

So I didn't take notes.  I couldn't.  Not with the piece of Chocolate Mousse Pie that my mom made with her own two hands and then made me eat.  

So I don't have too much to say.

Travis - Egg Boy - Goodbye.  

He cried.  

Sean - he threw a big log and then the log broke.  Emily liked that.  So did I.  Wink wink.

Emily kissed Arie, Sean, Jef, and Chris whilst on that date.  That is not gross or anything.  Her cold had cleared up.   

Ryan -  I guess he's worried now that the show is going to edit his stuff in such a way that he comes off looking like a big jerk.  I can't wait for the Guys Tell All.  He made some great friendships along the way, you know.  I am sure it will be a big Bro-mance.

Doug and John Wolf - cried.  Cried, cried, cried.  It was a little embarassing.  Doug almost couldn't get the words out.  And then she kept both of them.  By dramatically and heart stoppingly asking for an EXTRA rose from Chris Harrison.  

I heart Chris Harrison.

I wonder what he and that girl were talking about outside?  Possibly basketball.  Or maybe the weather.  Or their conversation might have been about when in the heck was Emily going to come out and ask for that extra rose that they told her to ask for.

Next week, Arie is in big trouble because he dated a Bachelorette producer and now that producer is Emily's friend.  And no one told her.  Whoa.  BETRAYAL.  Arie better watch out for his a** or Emily might go West Virginia-Hood Rat-Back Woods on him.

I mostly got the above information from US Weekly.

And there you have it.




I am starting the third week of summer vacation.  

I haven't done anything except spend time with family, sleep, eat, and watch reality TV.  

People, I'm serious.  It's true.

I have a list of things to prep for the beginning of the year.  But the list is just sitting there.  Somewhere.  I think it's on the dining room table.  Maybe.  Or it's in my school bag which is . . . well . . . it's somewhere safe.  The garage?  Let me know if you find it.

Suffice it to say, some of you out in Bloggy Land are freaking me out.  You're accomplishing way too many things.  Would you please stop?  It would help me feel better about my lack of contribution to society.  And the teaching world in general.

Let's just say you are making me feel guilty.

Not to mention, I had some documents over on TpT from almost a year ago that shouldn't have been there because of a clipart situation.  Talk about feeling guilty.  And seeing as how I think they restrict access to Direct TV and all things Tivo in prison, I took care of it.  I removed it.   

And I am putting it right here on my blog where it is allowed to be.

First, I need you all to help my BBFF!  Hadar from Miss Kindergarten is nominated for the Really Good Classroom Blog Contest in the Pre-K and Kindergarten category.  You can only vote ONE TIME.  If you download these documents, will you please go vote for Hadar?  It would mean the world to me!  :)

Vote {HERE}.  Click on Miss Kindergarten.  I am super excited for her.

I feel better now. 

Just click the pic to go to my TpT store

I use them at the beginning of the year as Morning Work.  One each day.

It really opens your eyes to the varying abilities in your class.

For example, one student may trace, copy, and color in five minutes.  

Another student may just trace and copy, but run out of time for coloring.  

And another student may just color.   Apples can be purple, right?

It happens.

And then you know which student you'll be super close with all year.

So there you go.   Enjoy.  And vote.

Here is a HOME PROJECT that I did.

No, I didn't mod podge.  Or hodge podge.  Or whatever.

No sewing.

No gluing.

I just organized the kitchen pantry.  I know.  I was exhausted.

I didn't take before pictures.  Oops.  

Just picture the pantry full of stuff with me in there griping and whining and complaining that I JUST put peanut butter cups in here!  Who ate them?  The hubs ate all of them?  I JUST got them. I swear,  I just --- oh, here they are.

But now it looks like this:  

The beauty.

The shelf above the cookbooks is cooking supplies.
I tried to throw a lot of it out, but Hubby wouldn't let me.
He says he uses all of it.
I don't get it.
You can't open any of that and just eat it.
You have to mix all that stuff with other things to get something edible.
That is just too hard.

We have no food.
We have been traveling.
(Hubby gets home tonight from Trip #2.  FINALLY.)
But now I'd rather not buy food and mess up the gloriousness of this.
This is pantry glory.

Okay.  I'm off.

To eat.

Take a nap.

Spend time with family.

And watch reality TV.  Anyone catch New Jersey Housewives last night?

Oh, Teresa.  Teresa, Teresa, Teresa.

In the words of Caroline Manzo, "Why are you yelling?"

In the words of yours truly, "What happened to you?  I used to like you!"


Luna Winner! (and my eyes)

Okay, peeps.  Apparently, it IS my eyes because most of you do not see what I see.  Which makes me feel like I have lost my mind.  To answer some questions:  

Yes, I use a Mac.  I love my Mac.  

Yes, I use an iPad.  I love my iPad.

Yes, I use an iPhone.  I love my iPhone.

Is it just me or did I just come up with a really good emergent reader?  The title could be "I love Apple Products."

The point being that I have used all of these tools to read and stalk and blog AND I have never had a vision problem.

And now I do.

Purse lips.  Shake head.  Oh well.

Thanks for taking a look.  Do any of you practice optometry on the side, by chance?

Anywho .  .  .

I have a winner for the Learning Resources Luna Interactive Projection Camera!  Woo-hoo!

Congratulations, Cassandra!!  I will contact you shortly!  (seeing as how I'm short and I can't contact you tall-ly.)

I am off to the parentals.  We are celebrating Father's Day today because my parents are celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary tomorrow.  I think it's 45.  I'm losing count.  But they've been together forever.  It's adorable.  :)

Speaking of the parentals, my mom is doing REALLY WELL.  She is driving again (YIKES!  ---- aw, just kidding!) and is back at church, and the grocery store, too.  Look out, world.  :) :) :)

Have a great day!


My Eyes

Those two words always make me think of the Friends episode when Phoebe sees Monica and Chandler kissing for the first time.  Phoebe is in Rachel's apartment and Monica and Chandler are across the way in Ross's apartment.  Anyways, she screams, "My eyes!  My eyes!"  I love it.  It's as if she's being tortured.

So . . . my eyes.  I am being tortured.

They're playing tricks on me because it is either too early for me to be up on a Friday morning of summer vacation, OR something is wrong with my blog.

I do not like this font.

I think it's . . . (hold your breath, look away, peek through your fingers) . . . Times New Roman.   No offense to any Romans who are new.  Or on time.  Or who read The Times.

But I do not like it.

I do not.  It makes me feel . . . gross.

I use Josefin Sans.  It makes me feel . . . good.  Comfortable.

So I went back into the Design part of this blog (of which I did not design, but I do know where you change the fonts and such), and it says I'm using Josefin Sans.  


So I "applied" it again.

It says it "applied".


What is going on??????

Also, when I click "Default Font" on the Compose part of my posting box, it will not stay there.  It refuses.  I don't know why it's so mad at me.

Do you see what I see?  Are you screaming, "My eyes!  My eyes!"???????????


P.S.  This was not the planned post for today.  So I may be back.  Prepare yourself.


Learning Resources Giveaway {CLOSED}

Happy Wednesday!  I am super happy because the Hubster is coming home today.  I also get my hair done.  Happy-happy-joy-joy!

This is the last giveaway I have for you from Learning Resources.  It's the Luna Interactive Projection Camera.  This was HUGE for me, seeing as how I just got rid of TODD (Terribly Old Decrepit Dinosaur, aka, The Overhead) only a couple of months ago.  

Nope.  That's not me.  I just didn't have time to get a 
picture taken towards the end of the year.
You know how it is.  Plus, I think I look younger than she does.  And, knowing me, I would never let a kid sit that close to my computer or the Luna.  Just saying.

I have seen lots of bloggers reviewing this and I think we are all in agreement.  This tool is awesome.  I feel so lucky that I was able to receive this piece of technology from Learning Resources.  Now, I have TWO pieces of technology in my classroom.  The Luna and our class telephone.

So!  This camera can be used for so many things!  I mainly used it for projecting worksheets (Yes, WORKSHEETS.  Big sigh.) or activities that we were doing throughout the day.  But I also used it with math manipulatives.  When we were reviewing how to count money, (Well, some of us were.  Others were picking their noses.) this camera came in so handy.  I could count different combinations of coins right in front of them so that everyone could see, and they were able to count along with their own plastic coins!  I also used it for our Pioneer Art and Writing Scrapbooks when we would sequence the scope of the art projects (I think that sounds very fancy, and like I went to an Art Academy or something.  No one tell the Curriculum Cops.  Shhh.).  Secretly, my favorite use for it was to show off student work.  It really stepped up the game in my classroom because the kids were dying to have their work on the big screen.  I mean, who wouldn't?  Don't think I didn't try to project my face up there.

The Luna also takes pictures of documents and will save them for you on your desktop so you can use them later!  How cool is that for review?

It is also a video camera, but I haven't used that feature yet.  I am looking forward to having fun with that next year. 

To find out even more about Learning Resources, you can check out their Facebook page {HERE} and Pinterest {HERE}. 

I can't say enough good things about it.  TODD is none too thrilled.

If you haven't won a Luna in any of the other giveaways, here's your chance! {CONTEST IS CLOSED}

1.  Leave me a comment.  How's your summer going?

2.  Follow Learning Resources on YouTube.

That's it!  I'm making it easy on you since it's SUMMER!!!!  :)
I will announce the lucky winner on Saturday, June 16.  Thanks for playing along!


Talk About It Tuesday

I am back from Texas.  Yeehaw.   I mean, yeehaw.

Sorry.  I really can't find the haw to my yee because I really wasn't ready to come home.  However, my older sister picked me up from the airport and then came home with me for a girl's night.  We ordered pizza, drank wine, and watched The Bachelorette.

Which is our topic for the day.

First, I'd like to say I'm really glad that even though Emily was sick, she didn't go on and on about it.  That's my type of girl.  She just kept on trucking.   

One-on-one:  Sean got it.  I had said earlier that I needed to see about him - I wasn't too sure.  So this was a perfect opportunity for me  Emily.

Here's where I need to interject and tell you that I've been to London.  Yes, I'm fancy.  Lah-di-dah.  And I loved all the old stuff   history and architecture.  But, don't get mad at me, especially my friend/follower/commenter/blogger that lives there right now, but . . . the people weren't as friendly as I was hoping they would be.  I tried to talk to all of them.  Anyone.  Anywhere.   All the time.  On the tube (that's the subway, in case you don't speak British) and in the loo (that's the restroom) and in the pubs (bars).  And no one would engage with me.  My hubs kept telling me to quit trying, but I tried all the way up until we left.  And then the driver in the taxi (cab) that took us to the airport to leave London finally had a conversation with me.  I was really disappointed with my experience until we got to Italy where the people accepted me with open arms, and wanted to practice their English on me, and invited me to stay in their homes, and wanted to swap houses, and wanted me to meet their family, etc.

Where were we?

Sean and Emily went on a double decker bus.  Sean gave a super sweet speech (I wish I had found that place while I was there!) and they ended the date with dinner at the Tower of London.  I'm really glad Sean and Emily didn't have to climb the tower or anything else for their dinner. Or be-head one another.  Just saying.

I have decided that I like Sean.  Most definitely.

Back at the house--- Kalon was a little snarky about how if you're on a date with Emily, it will always be a group date because Rickie will be there.  I couldn't decide how he meant it.  Rude?  Mean?  Factual?  However, Jef and Arie decided from the get-go that it was TERRIBLE.  Jef was ANGRY.

Group Date--Romeo and Juliet Play

Hooray!  A play!  The boys auditioned which looked fun.  But then.

Arie had to be a nurse.  I decided that I am finally getting what some of you are saying about Arie's face.  It's a little pinched-looking.  I see it.  And on the group date, it was almost purple.  Relax.  Have fun. No one's watching, for goodness sake (just me.)

Travis was funny.  I appreciated the fun he was having, but I don't see Emily picking him.  I just don't.  What are your thoughts?

Kalon-- BORING!  BOOOORRRRIIIIINNNNNGGGG.  He was taking it way too seriously! And then he told Emily to run along so he could keep rehearsing!!!!  ROAR!  NO!  You're fired!  Romeo, Romeo, where for art thou JUST SHUT UP, KALON!

I couldn't believe how nervous and anxious Arie was about performing in front of others.  I couldn't relate to his fear AT ALL.  I don't get stage fright.  I just get afraid when I think I may not get a turn to do something like that.   

Doug also had to be a woman in the play, but he was being a good sport.  You know, he's a dad.  So that's why.

Ryan got to be the Romeo that kissed Emily.  And he had to have a do-over.  My sister and I were grossed out.  I can't believe how far off of Ryan I am now.    When I have to watch him, it's like someone is making me watch The History channel or something.  Or the news.  Or commercials.  It's that bad.

Arie and Emily wasted no time and just started making out.  Right along with Emily's illness.  It was delightful.  Kiss, smack, snort, sniffle, hack, kiss, and repeat.

Ryan gave Emily a turquoise necklace.  And a wink.  Shudder.

Then we had the whole guy drama.  Chris said he heard this-and-that, and so then another guy had to ask so-and-so, and then they played a big ole game of telephone tag.  

When it was Doug's turn, he immediately hung up the phone and went straight to Kalon to ask him about . . . DUN DUN DUN . . . THE BAGGAGE COMMENT.

And, Kalon, being the stand up guy that he is, bought it, owned it, and decided to keep it forever.  He said it.  Yep. (and several of you thought that's exactly who did say it so kudos to you.  I don't actually have any kudos, though.)

Doug practically tripped over his own feet trying to get to Emily to tell her all about it.  

Emily was very upset.  As well she should be.  It's not like Kalon didn't know who Emily was.  And that she had a child.  So she said she felt like going "West Virginia-Hood Rat-Back Woods on his a**" which made me crack up.  Although I'm not quite sure what that means.  I understood what Taylor from the Real Housewives of Orange County meant when she said she would go "Oklahoma" on Kim so I'm assuming it's sort of the same thing.  But actually, I'm accustomed to going Oklahoma-Where The Wind Comes Sweeping Down The Plains-And Waving Wheat on your Behind.  (You are not allowed to say bad words in Oklahoma.)  Anyways, do you have something similar where you live when someone makes you mad?   

All of a sudden, Doug is the host.  I don't know what he did with Chris Harrison, but Doug brought Emily into the room where the guys were and asked for everyone's attention.  Clink clink the glass.  Clear throat.

Emily was on a roll.  The best thing she said to Kalon was to let her finish.  Followed up with, "I love to hear you talk, but not until I'm done. I got that line from you."  FINALLY.  

See ya Kalon.  Buh-bye. 

After all that, Emily had another one-on-one.  

Jef, aka Duckie, was the lucky guy.  They had to go to etiquette class.  It was not fun.  I don't think Jean, the teacher, would appreciate the way I eat Cadbury mini eggs (I suck all the chocolate off), or ice cream (I like to turn the spoon upside down), or cheesecake (I don't share).

Jef was very charming.  Two lines that caught my attention were "If Rickie is baggage, then she's a Chloe."  (I'm assuming that's a nice bag.)  And "I want someone to share the details with."  Be still, my heart.

Is that why she's so into him?  I just don't get it.   

They had dessert in the London Eye-- thank goodness they didn't have to climb it, or jump off of it, or land on it, or dance on it.

They kissed. Awwwww.  I mean, eewwwwww.

Cocktail party --- It was all about the guys having or not having Emily's back.  To be or not to be.

Most guys felt bad.  Most guys felt worried.

And then there was Ryan.   What was he wearing?  And that balconey scene?  Come on.  COME ON.  She's into him again.  WHY?  WHY??  WHY???

Sean--she knew she could count on him.  That was good.  They're good together.  I think I'm all about Sean now.  For reals.  All About Sean.   

Rose Ceremony:  Doug got the first rose.  I think it's because he hung up the telephone.  And then beat Kalon over the head with it.

We had to say goodbye to Alejandro, Alejandro, don't call my name, Alejandro.  I am thinking he'll be okay and he'll end up with Lady Gaga.  

He did have nice things to say about Emily and he held himself in check.  No tears.

Speaking of tears, I'm really glad that Emily hasn't been crying through all of these episodes.  Ashley and Ali would have cried a river or two by now.  And been in bed under the covers a few times already.

Next week, they're off to Croatia.


Thank you for all the book recommendations and the TpT advice.

I went with a book that my friend, Sheri, recommended.  It's called The Language of Flowers and it is REALLY GOOD.  In the meantime, I think I've read every other book you suggested except for the Janet Evanovich books.  I wasn't in the mood for laughing.  I know.  How strange.  And I know you're not supposed to judge a book by it's cover, especially on a Kindle app for the iPad, but I did.   

And I ended up with The Language of Flowers.  

And a Jennifer Weiner book.  I do not have last name envy with her.  Let's be clear.

I have no idea how to end this post.

So see ya.