A Thilly Story and Three Winners

Happy Friday to you!  I imagine most of my non-Pacific coast friends are not up because it's already late here so it must be even later where you are.  Unless you're across the world and it's already tomorrow.  In which case, don't tell me what happens - I want to be surprised!  (I got that from Chandler on Friends and use it whenever the hubs travels to Asia.  I'm a riot, I tell ya.)

Today, we were killing time  reviewing some sounds in the most fascinating way which I can't conveniently remember right now or otherwise I'd blog about it.  

At any rate, we had a little practice sheet/quick assessment/worksheet/blah blah blah with pictures on it.  The kids had to identify the pictures that had a certain sound which I also can't remember right now.  K?  M?  T?  I don't know.  It was important, though.  Trust me.

So we're naming all the pictures before we go back to our seats so that umpteen children do not attack me and chase me around the room with, "What's this picture?"  or  "What do you call this one?"  or "I'm hungry."  or even "My bottom hurts."

That last one happened today, just not during our Review Time.  It happened later.  I responded with, "The bottom of what hurts?"  Turns out, we had a little, um, er, well . . . it's not in my job description and this little guy needs some practice doing something that I'd rather not discuss here, in the classroom, or anywhere, for that matter, whereas he had absolutely no shame or embarrassment and announced it in front of his whole table group.  I mean, to each their own, right?  Hey, I ate too much at dinner tonight and I feel a little bloated, but you can bet I'm not going to bring it up to a bunch of people sitting at my table.  

Wait.  that's not exactly a good example.

Anyway, you can bet that some things in life should remain private.  I mean, I have certain things in my life that are private.  

Hmmmm.  Let's see here.  I won't ever talk about . . . well . . . I couldn't ever discuss . . .

I'm sure I'll think of something.

Anyways, we went through all the pictures and then we came to a thimble. You know, the sewing kind that I have never used because I have no clue how to sew.  And I'm sure I'd just stick myself with the needle a dozen times in the same manner that I burn myself with a hot glue gun over and over and over . . . no thimble necessary.

My kids did not know what a thimble was.  I said, "This is a thimble."

They started giggling. 


Confused, I said, "It IS a thimble.  People use it when they sew."


Still confused, and then wondering if I had spinach chocolate in my teeth,  I repeated, "THIMBLE."

A couple of kids called out, "SYMBOL!"

"No.  TH-imble."

There was a lot more laughter and a lot more, "SYMBOLS!" before I finally got it.

They thought I was being funny.  Since I'm tho thilly and all that.  

I laughed.  And laughed.  And then I got the giggles. 

I lost control of myself.  And my class.

Fun was had by all.

It was THO funny.  Theriouthly.


Thanks for the interest in the Daily Language Arts Skills Review pack that nearly killed me.

Big hugs.

Onto the winners!

Congratulations Melissa, Trudy, and Pam!  


I'm stuffed.

I feel disgusting.  Chips, salsa, flautas, and a salad will do that to a girl.

I've heard ice cream helps soothe upset tummies.  Right?


A Verb is a Word! Yo!

Two things.

And then I need to get out of here to go to bible study.

Okay, so the Quietest Pencil Sharpener in the World arrived.  

People, get it.  GET IT.  I am over the moon about it.  My upper grade helpers can sharpen pencils while I am teaching.  In mid-sentence.  Even if I'm whispering which I never am, but even if I was, they could.  And the pencils are SHARP.  My helpers were very intrigued and impressed.  It might have been my demonstration and the "Wait!  There's more!" statement, but either way, they love it as much as me.

Now, my only pencil problem is that SOMEONE keeps breaking the ends off the pencils.  Yes, that whole silver part that holds in the eraser.  That whole thing.  


And sometimes, if this certain SOMEONE can't get the whole thing to snap off, they squish it flat.  Squash.


I do not understand the sheer disrespect for the pencils that I purchased with my own money  were donated by families in my classroom.  And I can't find the culprit no matter how many times I tell my kids to POLICE EACH OTHER, ALREADY!  Let's throw him in the slammer!  

Shake head.

This class is too sweet and I can't find a rat anywhere.

So even though I have the Pencil Dispenser coupled with the Quietest Pencil Sharpener in the World, I still have a pencil problem.


Moving on.

I introduced verbs today.

I didn't teach it like I did last year.  Nope.  I got a hair up my nose and changed things a bit.

Maybe I've been under the whole morning work file a rock, but I found a really cool verb rap on You Tube.


You don't have to watch the whole thing right now, but let me tell you -- hook, line, and sinker, this song is stuck in my head.  Fo-sho!

My kids ate it up.  Play it again, play it again, they screamed.

I played it again.  You know, keeping my crown of Best Teacher Ever and all that.

It was fabs.  Apparently, this is the sequel to the Nouns Rap.  

Sequel?  There's a Nouns Rap?  

I must have it.  

After we clapped, jumped, and shook, we used my picture cards to name the verb.

These cards are in my kiosk.  You can click to view them.

My partner came up with the idea that we could show them the picture, but cover up the word.  So they actually had to think about an ACTION/VERB that the picture conveyed.  So when a few of my kids said, "Dog!" the rest shouted out, "That's not an action!"  Or they sang the rap to get their point across.  "A verb is a word, it's an action word!  If you can do it, then you do it!  If you do it, it's a verb!"  With lots of attitude.  I think keeping my sunglasses on and wearing my hoodie was entirely appropriate.

I feel there may have been some rigor involved.  And a higher level of Bloom's Taxonomy.  Just saying.

Not to toot my own horn or anything, but it was a fun lesson.   


Too late.

Toot Toot!!


Morning Work and I Was Recognized!

I can't believe what happened to me today.

I went to a Common Core Training.  

No, that's not the big thing.  I've been to one of those before.  And I actually LOVE the trainings because things are a'changing around these here parts.  That's right.  Uh huh.  That whole "fidelity to the core" is about to be a thing of the past.  

Insert gigantic smile here.  And a happy dance.  And let's have a drink, shall we?  

A drink is all I can manage right now.  I'm actually really really really full because the last time we went to a training, a table near us brought snacks.  And my friends and I were jealous.  This time, we trumped them.  We brought FOOD, not just snacks.  One of my girls brought a crock-pot, no joke.  

I ate all day and couldn't even eat my lunch.  Well, I ate some of it.  But I only enjoyed it a little.

Anywho, I'm at the Common Core training and I presented the whole Question lesson that I did a week or two ago.  The one that I blogged about.  Yeah.  That one.

And at the next break, a teacher from another table came over and crouched down next to my chair.

"Does the name Teeny Tiny mean anything to you?" she whispered.  All stealth like.  Incognito, if you will.

I stammered.  Hemmed.  Hawed.  Coughed.  Debated lying.

Tenny Tiny?  Who's that?  Looky here, strange teacher that I do not know, are you picking on my size?

But I copped to it.  I said, "Yes it does, and yes I am, and SHHHHHHHHH!!!!"

She was adorable!  She shall remain nameless in the event that you might put two and two together and figure this all out.  She obviously did.  :)  She asked to hug me and so we hugged and giggled and then I can't remember the rest.  It was actually very sweet and nice.  Thank you, teacher friend!!!  You made my day!  

In other news, I finally got my morning work up on TpT.  

People, it just about killed me dead.


When I first created this a few years ago, I had a PC.  And Microsoft Word.  I was not a blogger.  I did not know TpT existed.  Or that you could create wonderful things on Powerpoint.  So I made 34 folders.  And in each of those folders was a week's worth of printables.

Looking back, it wasn't that smart.

Now.  They're all in one place.  It's really nice, actually.

I made two sets.

This pack has lunch number practice
for those of you whose students need it.
Mine need it.  Desperately.
But we're getting there.  We are.
At least that's what I keep telling myself.
It's hard to really know when I keep hitting myself 
in the head about it.

This pack does not have lunch number practice.
That's for those of you who are super lucky.
Where is it that you teach again?

This year-long morning work has a bunch of stuff that I won't bore you with.   Suffice it to say that penmanship, sight words, beginning and ending sounds, short and long vowels, rhyming words, contractions, compound words, grammar, etc., etc., etc., are included.  It's a LANGUAGE ARTS review.  Of SKILLS.  

However, number one on each page is always asking something about their personal information that they should know so that when you ask them when their birthday is, they don't say, "May.  I mean June.  Wait.  I think it's in October."  And when you ask them what their last name is, they don't say, "Idon'tknow."  Because that is not anyone's last name that I've ever heard of, and I've heard of a lot of last names, not to mention that I have last name envy and pay close attention to last names.  So I know.  And that's not it, friend.

(I usually make a label to stick on the back of their nametag with all that info, but I included a homework piece in the packs so that you can make the parents fill it out with their kids.  Then you could laminate it and the kids could keep it in their pencil box.  Or what have you.  Or whatever.  Bottom line:  you can make the parents do it.)

I have to give a HUGE SHOUT OUT to Katie over at Teacher to the Core.   She edited all 34 weeks for me.

On a Sunday.


I owe her big time.  If you don't know Katie or follow Katie, you really should!  Check her out!  She's having a contest to give away her printing unit.  Click {HERE} to go enter.

Alright.  So there you have it.

I will definitely give away 3 packs of the Daily Language Arts Review (whichever one you need - with or without lunch numbers).  I'll use the random number generator thingamajig.  I'll pick a winner on . . . oh, let's say Friday.  How does that sound?

And, because I seriously thought compiling this would never-ever-ever happen and that I might accidentally-on-purpose throw my computer out the window and then drive over it as I backed up to go to Coldstone or Baskin Robbins or some sort of Cupcake Bakery . . . I am also going to ask you to do two easy things for me.  Just two little things.  Itty bitty.

1.  Leave a comment with your email address.  In case you win.

2.  Follow my store!  If you want to.  Click {HERE}.   

That's all.

I have to go lay down on the couch now and let my food digest.


Bears, Birthdays, and a Fall Sale

Apparently, it's the first day of fall.  You wouldn't know that if you lived where I live.  Mainly because you would have passed out from the heat already.  Supposedly, it's going to be in the 80s next week.  Fingers crossed.

Anywho, Happy First Day of Fall.  I am looking forward to this season.  I enjoy it.  I can hibernate without feeling ashamed.

A bunch of bloggers (over 50) are having a sale to welcome fall.

Click the pic to go to Second Grade Math Maniac.  
Casey is our host and you can check out all of the other bloggers who are having sales, too!

I said, why not?  Me too.  Granted, I still only have a couple of things that you might like for yourself, and I can't really call it a store yet, but everything's on sale.  Click on any of the pics to go to my kiosk.

In other news, the twins had their birthday this week.  I got them each a present and we had cupcakes.


I didn't.

Just kidding.

That would be playing favorites and, as you all know, teacher's don't have favorites.  We love all our little stinkers equally.  Hand over heart.

I had to miss half the day due to a dentist appointment (in which we discovered that a bottom front tooth has decided to move.  Even though I have a permanent retainer down there.  It's not moving back or forth.  Or even side to side.  Oh no.  That would be way too common for little ole me.  Instead, it's moving vertically.  As in, up.  UP.  They called it this big scientific name and decided I was not to blame.  But of course I have to go back now because the dentist wants to bond the tooth to the retainer so that it will stop that.  I have since had a talking-to with the tooth, and we are no longer on speaking terms.)

So I had to have a morning sub on the day of the twins' birthday.  I made it perfectly clear in the plans that the sub could NOT play the Birthday Song for them even if they asked.  

I wanted to do it.

It was everything I hoped it would be.

Later, one of them told me he can't wait for his hair to grow out.

He's going to get a wave for the babes, he said.

Another little boy in my class cried out, "Why would you want to do THAT?"

Good times.

Meanwhile, we had to take a couple of tests this week.  I hate tests.  All the "no talking during a test" and "stop looking at your neighbor's paper" and "why do you need another pencil, you just got one" and "I know you don't understand because you've struggled this entire time, but just do your best" and "Someone pour me a drink, please".  It's too much.  Hate it.

One of the tests we attempted to take was on the American Symbols.  I don't feel we really need to test in Science and Social Studies, but that's just my opinion and no one ever asks me for it.

In order to review this week, and liven up the place after lunch because I am not a sane person, we played Hot Potato with our class bear.  In other words, we played "Hot Bear".

***As a side note:  Our class bear is super special because he's about ten years old and my own mother got him for my class at Build a Bear.  Awwww.  My nieces and nephews helped build him, too.  It was a family affair.  My mom even talked on one of those thingamajigs, and the kids wore it out the first year, and I ended up having to have it surgically removed.  He has had to be restuffed twice and he wears different clothes for the seasons.  We named him after my school -- so I'm not telling you his name just in case you put all the information I've ever put on here together in one big package and show up to volunteer or stalk me.  And, just for the record, I have enough volunteers at the moment, but thankyouverymuch.***

We got in an organized circle a discombulated oval that barely fits on my carpet area what with all of the millions of children, and I explained the rules before beginning.

Do not throw our bear.
Do not fight over our bear.
Do not hold onto our bear.
Do not wipe your nose on our bear.
Do not put any part of our bear into your mouth, nose, or ear holes.
If you have to go to the bathroom, do so.  Do not stay in the circle and wet your pants because you are having too much fun to leave for two minutes and take care of business.

If only I'd really included that last rule.  I forgot it.  And yes, we had an accident.  Luckily, our class bear was nowhere in the vicinity.  Me either, for that matter.  

Then I played some fun Patriotic music (to go with the theme of the American Symbols) and the kids passed the bear around the circle.  When I stopped the music, the person holding our bear had to answer a question that would be on our test.  And so on.

The kids LOVED it.  I pretty much wanted to scrap the test and say that we all earned 100%'s . . . but I didn't.  I kept the halo on straight.

And that's about it for me.   

What do YOU do to review for tests?


Fonts! Fonts! Fonts!

For those of you who blog . . . um, I'm typing on the "new" blogger face and it's not letting me go back to the old one.  I feel like I'm driving on the wrong side of the road or something.  Not that I've ever done that, but I got a feel for it when I traveled in taxis around England.  It was very odd and things were on the wrong side of my peripheral vision.  I think Big Ben was supposed to be on my left and the London Eye on my right . . . but I could be wrong.  I was jet lagged.  And lost.  Which is exactly my point.  I do not understand this new blogger face.  Is it even called a face?

For those of you who read and choose not to blog, (which I cannot fathom because I tend to post in my head all throughout the day.  Except for this current rant.  This is just off the cuff.) I am sure it all looks good on your end so don't worry about me getting into a head on collision or anything.

I was stalking blogs as usual the other day (I have not been getting my maximum daily dose and I think a sick day may be in order) when I came across some new *FREE* fonts.  With virtually no rules.

I think they are ADORABLE.

I have been using them like crazy.

And guess what?

Nicole over at Rowdy in Room 300 created them.  For real.  On an app.


I think the app costs some money, but that's never stopped me before.  

Look at these fonts!!!!

The best part is that Nicole made it so super easy for me (and others, I suppose, but since I tend to think everything's about me, we'll go with me) to download them!  I did have to restart my computer in order to see them show up, but other than that, super duper easy.  

I love how she called them Rowdy.  Get it?  Her blog is Rowdy in Room 300.  That is just too cute.

So if I got the app, and I created fonts, would I call them Teeny?  Or Tiny?  Something tells me it doesn't have the same ring to it.  So I think I'll stick to downloading the fonts and using them like crazy.


This was a binder cover I made with Rowdy Spunky.

And then I fancied up my Parent Newsletter for next week with Rowdy Cute and Rowdy Swirls!

No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you.  It's blurry.  I wasn't able to save this as a JPEG.  Don't ask.  I'm over it.  So I took a screen shot.  The end.  The important thing?  Did you notice the fun fonts????  I KNOW!!!!

Go see Nicole over at Rowdy in Room 300.  Hurry before she decides she should sell these!! :) :) :)

In the meantime, I am gearing up for a BIG Reality TV night.

1.  Survivor Season Premiere.  With Jeff Kent.  As in the Dodgers. As in my husband is more excited to watch than me.

2.  Big Bro Season Finale.  I STILL can't believe Dan did that to Shane.  But I am STILL not over the fact that Danielle just did what he said in the first place.  I might have gone a little ballistic at the TV and scared my dog, but I'm working through the whole Dan and Danielle thing in therapy.

3.  The Challenge - Battle of the Seasons.  Yes.  I watch.  I am basically a kid and act like I'm still sixteen.

4.  That's it for tonight, but has anyone been watching Breaking Amish?  I am FASCINATED.  My only worry is that it's not exactly reality.  How does that one boy know so many bad words? It doesn't make sense to me.

Well, I should go.  I am thisclose (yes.  thisclose.) to finishing up that Morning-Work-Unit-Compilation-That-Is-Going-To-Be-The-Death-Of-Me and I better get to working.


Saturday Drama, Pencil Sharpener, and Love

Yesterday was a doozy of a day.

The hubs and I did not start out with too much of a plan.  We both had work to do (and lately, the hubs has not had much work to do so then I feel jealous of his TV watching and computer surfing and I inevitably make a comment such as, "Must be nice!" to which he always responds, "Which one of us just had three months off?" and then I have to justify my time off and why it is absolutely necessary for teachers to have that time off.  It's just much better for all involved if he is as busy as me.  Namely, me.).  

About a half hour into the drinking coffee part of the morning, we decided an alternative plan was in order.

We named it the Lazy Plan and determined the working part of the weekend could happen on Sunday.

So most of my day consisted of lounging around, snacking, watching a movie, blog stalking, pinteresting, and things of that nature.

And then.

DUN DUN DUN! (As my kids would say because I taught them to do that when something big is about to happen in our classroom.  For example, when the intercom buzzes in the middle of the day, we say, "Dun, Dun, Dun!" or if I announce that I found a band-aid on the carpet and it is absolutely not okay and I'm going to get to the bottom of it, we say, "Dun, Dun, Dun!")

Kerry, my twin, called.

"Did you hear about Dad?" she said.

Uh, no.  That's because my family has this weird thing where I am the LAST person to ever know anything.  For real.  That is a whole 'nother issue, but we'll have to talk about it later.  But can I just point out that Kerry lives in Texas and she got the call before I did?  Do you see what I'm saying?  Huh?  Do you?

So my brother-in-law stayed calm and helped Kerry and me get my older sister on a three way call for us.   My hubs was also extremely calm, as always, and had the car keys in his hand, at the ready.  I was trying not to cry and failing.  Hiccup.

Come to find out, my dad was not feeling well.  Blurry vision, wanting to throw up, no color in his face, etc.  It doesn't help that my parents do not have air conditioning and it was 93 degrees in their house, according to my older sister.  It also doesn't help that my dad is always trying to be the big man and not act like anything is ever wrong, ever.  Ever.  "I'm fine," he always says.  Meanwhile, he has hives on his elbows and feet from stress, or he steps in a fire during a family camping trip, or he falls off the ladder while putting up Christmas lights . . . but he's fine.  Just fine.  

So my dad got up and basically passed out.  

Passed out.

When he came to, he felt much better, but it was too late.  The paramedics had already been dispatched.  I am beginning to think they know their way to my parent's house by now.

When it was all said and done, my dad had run out of some medication, and it finally came in the mail yesterday.  

So he did what all "fine" people do.  He doubled up on the medication.

Um, yeah.  That would do it.  

I was so relieved.  He was released after his blood pressure went back up to normal.

I promptly texted my older sister and told her to tell him that I would most definitely be blogging about this.

Talk about emotions all over the place.  High, low, confusion, what in the world, are we getting in the car, and let's not forget I was the last one to know again.  The last one.

But I felt relief, mainly.

Then I got an email.

A wonderful follower from Alabama named Michelle sent me an email saying that she and her buddy, Brandy, had just bought a 3 pack of the best pencil sharpener in the world.  They had already shipped and were on their way.  And they wanted to send ME the third sharpener.  Just because.  

Just because!

She also cracked me up!  I am cutting and pasting what she wrote in her PS.

"P.S.  The knob fell off of my pencil dispenser, too, and it was really bugging me until I knocked the whole dispenser off the shelf and it shattered the lid.  Now the knob isn't bugging me near as much."

I died laughing.  It was EXACTLY what I needed after the whole dad fiasco.  

However, another follower had left me a comment with a link to the pencil sharpener on Ebay that was in stock and ready to ship. 

So, thanks to Tammy at Teaching is an Addiction, I have one on the way and I don't need the one from Michelle and Brandy.  But how nice!!!  HOW NICE!!!!!!

So Tammy, Michelle, and Brandy are my new favorite people in the world because they all made my day when my day had gotten a bit scary.  And emotional.

And all of that is absolutely nothing in comparison to what Alisha's friend, Tiffany, is going through right now.  She has been diagnosed with stage 3 Hodgkins Lymphoma.  You can read more about it {HERE}.  Alisha from The Bubbly Blond is helping raise money by bundling a ton of blogger's units and offering them to you for $20.  The units are worth over $200!  If you donate $20 to the fund, you get ALL the units.  

To learn more about it, click the pic above or check out Alisha's newest update {HERE}.

I am super happy to be a part of it, and it really puts things in perspective.

Deep breath.

So.  Today is my work day.  I have to tackle those progress reports.  

PS  I love my dad.  Dearly.


Following Up on the Following Up

Good morning.  I slept for a lot of hours last night.  I can't really remember anything about it, but I know it was absolutely wonderful. 

Let me start this post off by saying that I did not want the last post to bring about feelings of political angst or anything.  I'd rather not talk about politics on here.  As my pastor says, I should be a peacemaker.

With that being said, when I talked about the unions, I meant more of the type of union that matters to my friends and me at our school site.  Not the outside world as much.  You have to remember that you're talking to a girl with a 9 year old car that only only has 70,000 miles on it.  I tend to stay in my own little world (I do travel far to see the dentist, and the hairdresser, and the eye doctor, and my family, but that's all).

In other words, I kind of meant who fights for you the way our union fights for us so that we do not have to stay past our contract time for a staff meeting or a workshop or anything else the powers-that-be might plan for a fun evening spent at school.

In my old school district, it was not at all uncommon for staff meetings to run past 5:00.  Or to be voluntarily signed up against your will to attend a workshop after school without being paid.  I had no idea that was even a problem.  I just did it.

But then I came to my current school district and stuff like that is not allowed.  The union fights for stuff like that.

So our staff meetings are before school starts which is absolutely genius - there is no way that they can run long.  We've got to go.  Students are arriving.  And then, if you want to impress your principal, you could make a statement saying something along the lines of, "Aw!  Bummer!  I was really into this staff meeting matter and we've run out of time.  Pooh."  (Just for the record, that has NEVER come out of my mouth, but I'm just saying if you wanted to, you could.)

Workshops after school?  Well, first of all, you can't get signed up against your will.  And, second of all, you get paid if you do sign up.  

I know.  You get paid.  Extra.

I always sign up, but now we don't really have those opportunities, what with the budget being what it is these days.  You know - practically non-existent.

So that's kind of what I meant about who's fighting for you . . . because I really hope your staff meetings are as short as mine, and that if you do have to attend anything after school when you'd rather be home with your family, or your dog, or at the gym, or grading papers, or doing laundry, or creating a unit, or making dinner, or going to your kid's baseball game, or paying the bills, or learning about Common Core, you at least get paid for it.

And not to stir the pot in any way, shape, or form, but let me just say that I also have air conditioning in my classroom, and if it went out, my principal would let my class take over the library, or the lunch room, or something while the proper district personnel came out to fix it.  

The last thing I need to follow up on is the pencil dispenser.

It turns out that instead of following up on this bad boy, I actually caused a few more questions.


To find out where I got this wonderful thing that has created rainbows, puppies, and a kitten or two in my classroom, you can read about it in my original post {HERE}.

And, to be clear, when the knob kept falling off, it was not due to my kids' overzealous energy to get a newly sharpened pencil.  

The knob was loose to begin with.  

The hot glue is totally working.

And so is the whole system.  

I L*O*V*E it.

Now, I am obsessed with acquiring the quietest pencil sharpener in the world.  I'm sure you've seen them on the blogs.  I'm sure you have one.  Or I'm sure your principal bought one for every classroom in your school.

I finally decided I needed one when my upper grade peer helpers  come to help me, and I keep telling them they can't sharpen pencils due to the noise.  (They come on their lunch hour at the ungodly hour of 1:20 in the afternoon which means my kids are actually in class because we are pretty much finished with our lunch before it's actually considered lunch time.)  So my wonderful upper graders are sharpening pencils with the hand-held personal kind.  Over the trash can.  

It's the last thing they do.  First, they test kids on math facts and sight words.  Then they file papers in the cubbies.  Then they check to see if I have anything else for them to do.  Finally, they sharpen. I am beginning to think they don't like hand-cranking or something.

Which means, sometimes, I have to sharpen pencils after school.  

I know.  What is the world coming to?

So then I remembered about the quietest pencil sharpener in the world and I thought to myself, it's time.  It's time!  This is the perfect answer.  

Uh, no.  

Not quite.

Here's the problem.

They are SOLD OUT.

They will not be getting any more until mid-November.

I'm tho thad.

Tho, tho, tho thad.

I'm trying to pre-order one.



Following Up

It's time to follow up.

On a couple of things.

And since I can't figure out how to add that cool feature to my comment section where I can hit reply and talk to you on a more close knit one-on-one basis, this will have to suffice.

This week our Sharing Topic was to bring a baby photo.  

I love this topic.  Seeing these first graders as little babies has made me fall in love with all of them even more.  I L*O*V*E this class.

I have also now decided that I never want the identical twin boys that I have to go to second grade.  Ever.  Their baby pictures made me want to put one twin in each pocket and surprise the hubby when I got home.  We have only been in school 25 days, and I know I have a lot more time with them, but nope.  I don't want them to ever leave my classroom.  

I just can't explain it. 

One example is that when my little girl who speaks neither Spanish nor English fluently finally got up the courage to get in front of the class to share her baby picture, the twins clapped and clapped, and then one said, "Ya can't let fear stop ya!"

I'm not the only who feels this way about them.  

EVERYONE loves them, including our secretaries who would normally tell a kid to get up, that's my chair, why are you touching my phone, what are you doing . . . because they love to watch them pretend to be doctors while they wait in the office for their mother.  

"Hello.  I'm Dr. Twin!" one says.  And the other one says, "No, I'm Dr. Twin!"  

The first one says, "We're BOTH Dr. Twin!"

The second replies, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, I like that better!"

Together they shout, "Hello?  We're Dr. Twins!"

So that's the skinny on that.

The other follow up is to my post - Pencils Are a Pain.

Not anymore.


This baby has SAVED MY LIFE.


No more mixed up pencils.

I wish I'd had this sixteen years ago.

My only complaint is that the left knob of the turn thingamajig was falling off in the beginning and I would just screw it back on.  But then after three times of this-is-ruining-my-day-I-must-get-a-grip-there-are-worse-things-than-a-broken-knob-such-as-being-a-written-in-candidate-to-be-a-union-representative, I finally got smart and hot glued that knob on.  

All is well.  

Unsharpened pencils go in the cup.  


(Well . . . some have to go in the trash.  A certain someone in my class has mistaken pencils for breadsticks or something.)

Anyways, it is BRILLIANT.

Last, did you hear that I was written in as a candidate for our union rep election?

Because I was.

And that is not funny.

The ballot had four names on it.  Cool.  You can vote for up to five people.  So I just checked all four names.  I thought to myself thank goodness someone wants to do this every year because it's not for me.  Toodle doo.  And then I turned my ballot in.

A couple of days later, an upper grade teacher came over to let me know that someone had written my name in.


Without my approval or my interest or my say so or, or, or, or . . . they wrote MY NAME ON THE BALLOT.

I said, what?  That's so funny.  You're so funny.  Ha.  Hee.

And she said, "It's not a joke."


I told the hubs and he said, "You can't do that.  It's not in you.  You can't confront people."

I yelled, "I know!  DUH!  THAT'S WHAT I SAID!"  (Because, as it turns out, I can stand up to the hubs which drives him crazy, but it's because I know he loves me and he won't leave me so it's sort of his fault.)

I had to lose a couple of night's sleep while I figured out a way to tell the upper grade teacher that I couldn't do it.

I decided to pull a Phoebe from Friends which I've used before.

"I really wish I could, but I don't want to."

I mean, really.  Me?  I don't think so.

The newest news to me is that my friend, Christina, who you all know just moved to North Carolina, told me that they don't even have unions.  

I don't get that.  Who fights for you?  I mean, obviously not me, but who fights for you?

Do you have a union???