Fun Friday

Hooray for a Holiday!  I've heard some of you have professional development today . . . but your kids are off . . . that just doesn't seem fair.  I promise to stay in my pjs and watch TWO Lifetime movies, as well as some good ole fashioned reality TV for you.  I hope that helps.

I'm still sick.  But I am definitely going in tomorrow because I'm not wasting any time today writing sub plans.  No way.  That's crazy talk!

Well . . . remember my brand new magnetic chart for Fun Friday?

I went for it on Friday.  The kids were super excited to try it out, too.

And I'm happy to tell you it worked like a charm!

I'm happy to tell you that butterflies and rainbows appeared!

I'm happy to tell you that flowers bloomed and puppies played!

It was a DISASTER!

It worked pretty okay in the beginning . . . but then those student numbers started falling off.  So while I was trying to get some me time  beat the pants off a first grader in a mean game of Candyland, a huge scuffle broke out at Computers.

Apparently, the four magnets had slipped off which made it appear as if no one was at Computers so four more kids slapped their numbers up on the chart (causing other numbers to fall off) and then I had eight or nine or maybe twelve kids at my piddly two computers arguing about who was actually supposed to be there.  

I'm no brainiac, but my bet was on the four kids already sitting in the chairs and playing on the computers . . . 

And then I had another kid come up and say that their number wasn't sticking to anything . . . and that they really really really wanted to go to blocks . . . 

I said, "Gimme a break!"

I said, "Sorry about your bad luck!"

I said, "You're killing me, Smalls!"

I said, "Don't you cry, booger bear.  Just go to blocks."

He said, "I can?  Really?"

"Go," I said, wearily.

And then I had that same conversation with about twenty-four other kids . . . so we had a Free For All Fun Friday Because I Didn't Care Anymore Whatsoever That This Did Not Work Out And You Live And Learn And I Better Tell All My Friends In Blogger World Before They Make The Chart, Too, And Get Super Mad At Me.

Basically, the gold tags earned from last week did not factor into Fun Friday at all, (except for those four kids at computers) and I learned that it's perfectly acceptable to have eighteen kids paint with water colors at the Art Center because they learn to share that way, as well as work out their differences where paint brushes are concerned.  That's pretty darn important in my book.  I'm sure that will come in handy later on in life.  I mean, you never know when you're going to find yourself at Paint a Memory.

So it's back to the drawing board.

I'm going with velcro dots.  I already got them.

They're expensive, but I had a gift card and another kind of card that the husband will have no idea about until the bill comes. 

I also bought more poster board. 

I also bought more color ink because I need to print out more labels.

All for Fun Friday.

All because I'm sick and tired of the clips.

All because I have issues.

I have heard that others have my same type of issues so I'm not that worried about it.

Check this pack out for my Fun Friday labels or you can make your own because they're EDITABLE!

Enjoy your day - I hope you're off!


  1. I'm sorry your sick...nothing seems to go right when you are sick. I feel your pain. I have pink eye. I thought only kids got pink eye. I toughed it out Friday because if I make it though the next 4 days (1 full, 2 early outs, 1 professional development) I get an extra 100.00 in my paycheck. Today I am resting my eye by staying in bed and taking occasional look at the computer screen breaks while listening to the television. Here's hoping you get feeling better soon.

    Terri Izatt

  2. I've watched TWO Lifetime movies this weekend too!!! Love the long weekend! :) Have a great rest of the day! And let us know how the Velcro turns out!!!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing your FUN Friday cards!
    Have a great weekend!
    Ms. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe

  4. Who ever said teachers weren't flexible?! I hate it when you have some great big grand plan and then it all goes out the window. The velcro will work!! PTL!And thanks for the shout out ;) Love your Friday Fun Day!

  5. Repeat after me, velcro is my friend, velcro is my friend...

    Hope you're feeling better!

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  6. Holly is right - velcro is your friend. I feel in love with velcro this year and now use it to solve many types of problems. A friend shared this link with me since I am now the velcro queen. You MUST watch it. Trust me, you MUST!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTSDPKktbUk
    Hope you feel much better soon!!!!!! (Real soon!)

  7. I love your idea for Fun Friday and also HATE velcro. What if you attached your fun Friday labels to a cookie sheet. Will that be strong enough to hold the numbers? A teaching partner of mine uses them for all sorts of magnet work, but I think she normally has them flat not hanging. Just a thought before you go for the velcro. I hope you feel better!

  8. You are so lucky to have today off. I did not. Hope those movies were good. I enjoyed your Fun Friday story! I have had something similar happen and I too resorted to "Free for all Friday". Sometimes, teacher just needs a break!! I call my choices "Happy Boxes" because the kids are happy they get to "play" (such a dirty word nowadays) and I get sanity time, so I am happy, hence the name, Happy boxes! It's all good! I put my choices in a pocket chart, until I had a little cheater pants, change the cards so he could go to his favourite happy box! So I am leaning towards velcro too. Get well soon!

  9. Ah, so sorry your magnetic board didn't work... but velcro will be just as fabulous!! :)
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  10. Velcro...brilliant! I have been trying to figure out how to get my numbers to stick to my clips on my clip chart. I have used every type of glue out there and they still manage to come off. I will definitely be starting a relationship with velcro on my return to school Wednesday!

  11. Too funny! That's what I think we all love about you, though. You are real--just like us. And you are not afraid to admit failure!!! That disaster story could have happened to any one of us. . . LOL.

  12. I hope you are feeling better-gets lots of rest, chicken soup and warm tea. I love your Fun Friday Chart. I probably will have the kids check in like I do for Daily 5. Clips and I aren't on a talking relationship. Take Care!!

  13. Oh Kristin, you are a crack up...i love the Bachelor so i love your talk about it Tuesdays. Reading your blog makes me feel more normal...in crazy Kindergarten land. By the way, have I told you recently how much I love your Kinder warm up that you sell on teacherspayteachers. Fabulous and kids love the routine of them too!

  14. Velcro rocks. If...if...if... The Velcro comes off the kids numbers, try the industrial super sticky stuff. Post pictures cutie!

  15. Love your new Fun Friday labels- can't wait to make a set for my Firsties. Thanks for sharing:-)

  16. Children are always going to like that as it would give them the Most Outstanding Epic Gifs Ever to enjoy on friday and your plans are great and full of fun for the youngsters even as they have a plan now to do something funny on Friday.

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