Magnets ???

Happy Wednesday!

I tend to like Wednesdays.  It's our Early Out Day.

I also got a lot accomplished today - but eating and using the restroom were not on the list so I don't know how long this post is actually going to be . . . 

But I'm sort of excited to show you my new and revamped Fun Friday chart.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, you can read my post all about it {HERE}.

I say "sort of" excited because I'm already thinking I may need to re-re-vamp it.

(This behavior of going back and forth and changing my mind is exactly what I was trying to describe to you on my Talk About It Tuesday post from yesterday when Lesley could not decide whether or not she should kiss Sean . . . )

Anywho, just as a reminder, this was my old Fun Friday chart:

Let me be clear.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE Fun Friday.

But I am sick and tired of the clips.  SICK AND TIRED, I tell you.  
As a matter of fact, I've stopped wearing any kind of clip in my hair.  Even the ones with butterflies and puppy dogs.  And I've outlawed my girls from wearing them, too.  Our hair is down or in a pony tail and that's all.  I said, sick and tired of clips.  And from what I hear, some of you are sick and tired of your clips, too. 

I had an email from a follower a loooooong time ago about my chart . . . and whatever it was she said (sorry - I can't remember who it was!) got me thinking.

Uh oh.  Teeny was thinking.

And I came up with this:

MAGNETS!  I love magnets.  I pretty much buy these in bulk, along with candy and wine.

The numbers at the bottom of the chart are student numbers.  This will work even better when I reinforce the fact that we actually have student numbers. (I am not good at this unless it comes to supplies and then I'm a crazy person.)

Each Fun Friday center will still have 4 available spots.  But instead of 4 clips, there are 4 magnets.

This shows 4 people at the Computer Center.
And a couple of people at Cars.

But then I worried about what to do when I close a center.

Close a center??  What's that, you ask?

Why, that's for when I find that the Art Center is basically a gigantic puddle of water and a bunch of paper that looks like trash wadded up at the bottom of the bin.  So then I yell  say loudly just calmly take the 4 clips off the chart and say it's closed next week due to the failure of proper clean up procedures as noted in the Fun Friday manual passed out on the first week of school.

I have to be able to close a center.  I mean, it's in the manual.

So then I came up with this:

I made a blank card and put magnets on the back of it.
BAM!  Art is closed.
I win.

I put magnets on the BACK OF THE CHART for that little blank card's home.  So I know where it is.  And I don't lose it.  I'm telling you, I thought of everything.  (Wait for it . . . )

I love my new chart!  I will no longer have to make any more clips when my kids break them.  Which means I will no longer have to say I'm going to make more clips, but then I never do, and so there are only two kids at computers, and one kid at Candyland playing against himself.  (It's the darndest thing.  He always wins.)


Here's my dilemma.  (No more waiting.  It's here.  Dun Dun Dun!)

I brought my new chart to school today.  And during the transferring of it from my car to my classroom, two  three  a whole lot of magnets FELL OFF.  Even though they're magnets!  As in, MAGNETIC! 

Math and Science people?  Explain this, please.

I put them all back on the chart calmly and hung it up.

And then, when my kids were oohing and aahing over the new chart and asking if today was Friday (this is what happens when you're told not to do Calendar anymore), MORE magnets fell off when I moved the chart closer.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.  :(

My original thought (before the magnets) was velcro.  But I hate the scritch-scratch-stop-playing-with-your-shoes-who-is-doing-that-I-said-stop-part of velcro.  So I went with magnets which I thought was BRILLIANT.

Might still be.  Fingers crossed.  

I am going to try the new chart on Friday.  (Please pray for my sanity.)

And if I end up re-doing the chart with velcro, it doesn't matter.  I am made of money, don't you know.

Just rolling in it.

And the chart is recyclable.

I think.

Math and Science people, is it recyclable?

PS - the adorable frames are from Mr. Magician on TpT.  I am trying to figure out his TOUs and once I know it's okay to share my labels as a freebie, I will give them to you.  Click {here} to see his store on TpT.


  1. OMG..am I really the FIRST to comment. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! If your chart is laminated, that is the problem. Sticky magnets and laminating don't mix...but there is a special kind of glue that is really stinky and you should definitely not use it when the kids are around kinda stuff....that will stick them on nicely...except I don't know the name, only that they sell it at Hobby Lobby, and it has a number in it's title.
    Someone else will know...good luck. I Love Fun Friday...I have an all boys first grade...so Fun Friday is pretty much MY saving grace Fun Friday..so much power.

    1. Are you thinking E6000, it's awesome stuff. That's what I would try.

  2. Love the new chart! And the closing a center card...you are such a genius! So sneaky! I wish I could help but magnets and I don't get along either. I hate velcro too so I'm hoping the magnets work out for you!

    As for Meg above, bless your heart! An all boys first grade has to be quite rambunctious! However, I'm sure you have lots of fun!


  3. I did Velcro when I taught kindergartner. It worked well for three years.

  4. It might seem redundant, but you can use clear packing tape to "tape" the magnets on. Just use a small piece over the magnet and back down to the laminated paper. Magnets and lamination do not mix well. Learned that the hard way. Magnets still work fine with the tape over them. Scotch tape will not work though.

  5. I made a fun Friday chart like the one you posted about. I really like it except, like you said, the clips break even when "we didn't do anything to it". And, like you, I seem to forget to make new ones. Haha! I will count on you to tell us how this new version works, and then I may try it:)

  6. LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUv the new chart! I think I need to start Fun Friday!

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  8. Kristin- New Friday Fun looks great!!! I have hang the chart on the white board and the kid magnets go next to the center they choose. They know only 4 names (okay sometimes 5 or 6 at art)can be next to the center name. So no need for the extra magnets.


  9. I think I've said this before, but this post is worthy of it being said twice- you crack me up! I love your new Fun Friday chart and your sense of humor! I also love the idea of closing down a center if the students don't clean it up.


    Covered in Glitter and Glue

  10. I love the new Fun Friday Chart too! My firsties love Fun Friday- and they were very sad when they didn't get it last Friday because we had an assembly at the end of the day. (Who schedules these things anyways?) And they didn't get it the Friday before vacation because well, because we had a party...and they're not getting it this week because we have a Teacher Workday on Friday...sigh... I paid them with M&M's last week- one for every gold tag:-)

    Looking forward to making your new chart- we haven't had great luck with the clips either!

  11. I teach three year old preschool, so I do things a little different, we have centers everyday (kinda like your Friday thing). We use the clips with the kids pictures on them and that's how they change centers, if I close a center or say I only want 2 friends in the art center instead of 4, it have these cool clips similar to yours but they have a big red X on thm. It works great!

  12. I love Mr. Magician's clipart! I've bought several things from him! :)

    Good luck on Friday!


  13. Your chart looks great! I can't believe the magnets kept falling off! I really hope you figure out a way that works cause it looks so cute and functional. I love the idea of Fun Friday. Do you have a post that tells more about how you manage it and how long it goes? I would love to read more.

    Compassionate Teacher

  14. I'm trying to think what I have that is laminated and has magnets on the back. I have some laminated pictures for sequencing and I think I just stuck them on with the pre-sticky magnets (a splurge). But most things I just use hot glue. When I used tacky glue the magnets slid next to each other while they were drying. It was pretty funny. I came back and it looked like the magnets were off visiting each other. Little eyeballs on my round alphabet rocks.

    Terri Izatt

  15. I have used hot glue to attach magnets to everything and they haven't fallen off yet. Good luck!

  16. I have a similar chart that I made with heavy duty velcro and velcro dots. I have been using it for three years now (it is CRAZY that anything lasts that long in my pre-K class). You can check out the link if that helps.



  17. I am using your gold tag system this year. Well this has been just the best year ever. It works like a charm. Thanks so much!!! I use index cards in a pocket chart for my Fun Friday chart. Each Friday I post one index card for each opening in whatever activities I want out that day. Like if I want 4 kids on computer games I will have 4 index cards posted each with the word computer on them. The gold tag winner of the week picks the first index card and takes it with them to the activity. The second place winner picks the second card and so on. I store the cards in my desk for the rest of the week. It's super simple and allows me to change activities on a whim. Thanks again for the great behavior management system!

  18. OMG I just peed a little regarding the art center!!!!!!!!!!! Dying!!!!

    Love your new system! I need to implement Fun Friday Asap!
    Mrs. Wheeler’s First Grade
    Mrs. Wheeler TpT

  19. Your chart looks suuuuuper cute! I hate clips too. But I have them. Lots of them. Grrrr. Good luck on your Fun Friday-with-a-Fabulous-Chart day! We are not allowed to have fun at school. Unless it's in secret.

    Rowdy in First Grade

  20. My entire team has been doing gold tickets and fun Friday this year! Brilliant we all love it! I have yet to get around to making a fancy chart. Love the idea of closing a center for poor clean up. Good luck with the magnets

  21. My entire team has been doing gold tickets and fun Friday this year! Brilliant we all love it! I have yet to get around to making a fancy chart. Love the idea of closing a center for poor clean up. Good luck with the magnets