Talk About It Tuesday

Hey there!  How was your day?

Mine was good.  Yesterday was better.

I kept my promise to all of you.  SEE??  This was yesterday.

(This little girl is holding our class bear.  His name is Wilson and he makes everything better.  
Did someone hurt your feelings?  
Hold Wilson. 
Does your ear hurt?
Hold Wilson.
You're tired?
Hold Wilson.
You miss Mommy?
Hold Wilson.
You wish you were still in kindergarten?
Hey!  You little stinker!  Hold Wilson.
You don't feel good and you're a frequent flyer that always
goes to the nurse?  Not this time.
Hold Wilson.

If you ever come to my class, don't ever hold Wilson.
He's covered in snot and germs.  I try to wash him as often as possible, but . . . I don't know.  I have enough laundry to do.

Look!  They're building.
We will count later on.
We're not there yet.

Yikes.  Maybe I need to hold Wilson.
Okay, let's get on with it.  Talk About it Tuesday!

The episode opened with Sean in the shower.  I didn't think it was necessary or appropriate, but I did rewind.  

Listen here.  It doesn't matter how many times.  That is neither here nor there.

And then, out of a clear blue sky appeared a . . . 


I think we all know how I feel about helicopters.

Kacie B. was surprised.  Uh, wasn't it Kacie's B.'s season with Ben that turned into the SEASON of the HELICOPTERS?  I don't get why she was surprised.

Anywho, Sean takes Sarah (the girl with one arm) on a one-on-one date.  

Here we go again -- we've brought heights into the mix.  AGAIN.  Sean and Sarah have to free fall through the air.  

(These types of things actually make me happy that I have a heart condition because it comes in pretty handy.  For example, I can say, "You're bungee jumping this weekend??  Lucky!!  I really really really want to do that, but my cardiologist won't let me."  Or "I have ALWAYS wanted to free fall off of a building with a strange man that I just met in order to get a rose because I can't pick any from my neighbor's yard without getting yelled at, but my cardiologist won't let me.")

At least Sean was realistic - he said it was a sense of accomplishment and that they did it together.  Exactly.  I love that he did not give any stupid "now we have reached new heights and the lowest of lows and so we will live happily ever after until I no longer have any more roses to give you."

Sarah got a rose . . . AND a kiss.  Sarah kept saying 'fairy tale' -- she needs to sloooooow down.  Good grief.  It's only the second episode!!

Next up:

Group Date - Photo Shoot for Romance Novels

Tierra was getting on people's nerves.  She might be THE ONE this season . . . we will have to keep our eyes on her.   Something is off.  Anyone with me on this?

Lesley got to kiss Sean because the photo shoot director told her to . . . and then the rest of the girls were ready to hurt her in one way or another, mainly through the method of "If Looks Could Kill Lesley Would Be A Dead Woman".

Kristy's shoot was hot . . . according to the girls.  But Tierra wasn't going to let it bother her.  Nope.  Instead, Tierra decided to talk about herself in the third person.  

Pool Party (in which no one actually gets in the pool)

Lesley doesn't kiss Sean during their time alone together --then debates about whether or not she should have kissed Sean --then she steals Sean back from another girl --and then she finally kisses Sean.  This girl is living my life, but instead of debating on whether or not to kiss Sean, I'm debating over whether or not I should eat another chip.  It's better if I don't --but they taste so good --I'll regret it if I don't --what if hubby eats the last one --I should just probably finish the bag --what should I do --and then I always end up eating another chip.

Katie (the girl with the really BIG hair) does not fit in.  And so she goes home.

Kacie B. got the rose on the group date.  So Tierra wanted to punch her.  That's a totally normal reaction, right?

Then we saw a one-on-one with Desiree - Prank Date.  

Punked.  Candid Camera.  Either way you look at it, it's reality and I was on board.

I absolutely loved how giddy Chris Harrison is.  Totally.  He was into it!

She was a really good sport so they followed up with dinner at Sean's. (steak and TWO vegetables - where was the bread??  Or the baked potato?  And the butter?  Thank goodness there was wine.  Oh, and they had some, too.)

I like Desiree.  She's very sweet and normal so far . . . Sean and Desiree seem like a good fit . . . you know, swimming, kissing, talking, laughing . . . 

Cocktail Party:

Amanda -- was SCARY.  And I don't know who she is or where she came from which made me think that she might possibly be an intruder or an alien.  

Rose Ceremony:
A whole bunch of girls received roses - obviously.  But Amanda received one so she must have used some sort of alien mind trick on Sean.

Two girls did not receive roses, but don't worry about it because we didn't get to know them and I don't even know their names.  Poor things.  
The previews for next week show Tierra falling down the stairs!  I CANNOT wait!!

And that pretty much wraps it up.  Did I forget anything???


  1. I don't watch the Bachelor but your post still makes me smile ......and the kid in me likes to be first to comment....just saying !

  2. I totally need a Wilson!!! Go tell Wilson who you are tattling on, go cough on Wilson, go get mad a Wilson, go read to Wilson....this might be a GREAT idea!! ;) Have a good rest of your week!

  3. I zoomed to the bottom without reading because I haven't watched yet!!! It's killing me but my daughter is GLUED to me at home and in front of the TV and I can't be watching this trash! Can't wait to read after I find some time alone with my TV!

  4. Oh Lord! The shower rewind...LOL for me tonight!

    Amy Howbert
    Little Miss Organized

  5. My husband was home last night and agreed to watch the first half of the show with me (because he works 2nd shift and doesn't interfere with my tv watching...) and decided that he should make a drinking game out of it.
    Anytime there was a helicopter - drink!
    Anytime Sean has his shirt off - drink!
    Anytime you see a rose - drink!
    He was drinking water but it was fun.


  6. Oh I bet you did enjoy a rewind or two. =)

    I loved how Robyn brought up the diversity in the house because that's immediately what I noticed after the show received lots of criticism for never having diversity in previous seasons.

    Amanda definitely an alien. Or maybe a robot. She seems to have an on off switch. There's no way she should still be in the house.

    This season is just heating up! I can definitely tell Tierra will be The One. Can't wait for the Tierra fiasco next week. "I can't believe they did this to me!" It's gonna be good! Talk about it Tuesday will be a must read next week!


  7. Love Talk about it Tuesday!! The recap is so perfect. I was watching last night wondering hmmm "What's Kristin thinking?"

    You are a nicer teacher than me! No playing with the tens and ones. "Tools NOT Toys!" I repeat that over and over then I take them away if they are playing with them. No time for playing in 1st grade- we've got to get through a math lesson a day to finish 20 topics by June :-D


  8. OMG! I am so into the Bachelor this season! I am with you about Tierra something is very off, but she seems so genuine with Sean. Did you see her with a neck brace in a clip of the next episode?

    You really make me laugh with your summary of the show. You are so observant. I didn't even notice what they were eating!

    Love reading your posts!!

  9. My husband said the same thing about Kacie and the helicopter. Like why is she surprised? I was also taken aback by the dinner they had and the lack of a potato. Then again, did it really look like they ate anything? I also figured it was because Sean must be really healthy. That was the only way I could explain it?

  10. I agree. I like broccoli and corn, but bring on the starch with a steak!

    Tierra is off and Amanda is just weird.

  11. These bags under my eyes are for you! I put the kids to bed and stayed up WAAAAY too late! Ok you didn't make me. But I hate being out of the loop! I agree on all of it except I am not a big Kacie B fan right now...not sure what the problem is with her this year. ??

  12. I'm not sure which I enjoy more...watching the Bachelor or reading about it on Talk About It Tuesday...Anyway, thanks for making me smile before I leave for work this morning!

    Read with Me ABC

  13. Am I the only one that thought Lesley was super awkward? She seemed very robotic and kept saying silly things. Not a huge fan...

    I do like Desiree though! She seems very sweet and down to earth. Tierra seems like a dog going after a bone! She is definitely going to cause some drama this season.

    So excited Talk about it Tuesdays are back!!!

    Teachery Tidbits

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