Five for Friday

Hooray for Saturday!!  We have dinner plans with some super good friends of ours tonight -- and since Sheri reads my blog, I should remind everyone that Sheri is the one who helped me go on an archaeological dig for the finger in the trash can.  Apparently, that incident bonded us for life because we're still friends sixteen years, three kids (her), three dogs (me), one career change to domestic goddess (her), one school transfer (me), and countless numbers of lunches and phone calls later.

I'm linking up for the first time with Kacey from Doodle Bugs Teaching (I love her!) for Five for Friday.  I couldn't get it posted last night because even though we only had a four day week, it felt really long, and I came home and could barely hold my head up.  I wanted a glass of wine, but the effort of uncorking a bottle was beyond me.  Now THAT'S saying something!

1.  This is what I did on Monday for President's Day.

I told myself when it first aired that this was stupid.  Stupid spinoff.  Come on.  When the hubs asked if I was going to watch it, I was indignant.  No, I said.  It's stupid!  

And then I was off for President's Day.  And Bravo aired a marathon right after a re-run of the Atlanta Housewives which I had to catch up on.  And then Murphie distracted me and so I was unable to change the channel/and or turn off the TV.  I was trapped.  Clearly, it wasn't my fault.   

And now I'm addicted.

Stassi drives me crazy.  Jax can be really cute at times.  Kristin has my name.   There you go.  My hands are tied when another character has my name.  Must watch.


Round two of antibiotics for a RAGING UTI.  Kill me now, I said. Stop telling me to drink all that water and cranberry juice.  I'm a teacher.  I teach.  I'm not allowed to use the restroom every five minutes.  Do you think I am a first grader??

Here's what went down on my SECOND visit to the Urgent Care (because I had no time to schedule an appointment during the week with my primary care physician because, again, I'm a teacher).  

*Mr. Physician's Assistant thumped me on both shoulder blades and declared that at least it wasn't a kidney infection.

*Mr. Physician's Assistant tried to prescribe me an antibiotic that I could not take with my heart medicine.  Once I asked him if it was okay to take with my heart medicine, he said, "What?"  And then proceeded to look over my chart.

*Mr. Physician's Assistant said he would send my urine to the lab for screening and it wasn't until I got to my car that I realized I hadn't left a urine sample in order for him to do this because he never asked.   

About five days after THAT, I started feeling a lot better.  That was Wednesday, I think.


Teddy Bear Day.  I wonder if I should have sent home the note my partner teacher did about making sure your teddy bear fits in your backpack . . . 


Murphie's ears are outta control!  That right ear can stay up for quite awhile before falling over again.  This little girl just got enrolled for Puppy Obedience at some famous Cesar Milan approved/stickered/must-be-amazing training facility.  I have high hopes that they will teach her that she cannot keeping sitting in my spot on the couch.  Priorities, people.


We just found out yesterday that my niece, Ashley, (the one who scared Sydney half to death) got into her first choice school.  I am so proud of her.  A tear or two might have slipped out.  She has worked really hard and overcome a lot to get here, and I sincerely believe that she deserves this.  :)

Best part?  It's in WINE COUNTRY!!!

Second best part?  Road trip in four weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  With just the girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Road trip?  Wine Country?  Just the girls?

Another tear or two may have just leaked from my eyes.

So there's my Five for Friday on a Saturday.

Link up with Kacey!!  


  1. Hahahah! This whole thing made me LAUGH. You CRACK ME UP!!!!!

  2. OMG!! I just read your finger story...AHHH!! I can't even imagine!

    Kimberly Ann
    Live, Laugh, I love Kindergarten

  3. Might have to watch Vanderpump Rules, but definitely when the kids are all long asleep...then I'll probably be out, too! I thought the same thing you did, not going to watch this one! But, if you're hooked, I probably will be too, since I am a big Housewife fan. Have you watched Duck Dynasty? I just started. Can't keep from laughing so hard. Gotta try this one!

    Amy Howbert
    Little Miss Organized

  4. We have our Teddy Bear's Picnic in a fortnight. Regardless of what I tell my class, I always have teddy bear's that are twice the size of some of my kiddos. But they enjoy it (and it's only for a day) so I let them have their fun... and then work out how to cart it home!

    Miss Galvin Learns

  5. Hahaha - you're hilarious. The backpack rule is definitely clutch. Maybe next year :) Sydney's ears are precious!

    Have a wonderful weekend,
    The Brown-Bag Teacher

  6. I've gotten UTI's many a times so hang in there girl! It's so cute when shepherds are in that awkward ear phase ;)


  7. i love you!!!!! .. and you are the only person who has ever convinced me to watch the bachelor.. so I am a fan for life!

    and Murphie.. is PRECIOUS! love those ears!!!

  8. So sorry to hear about your UTI that is SO not fun. Feel better soon!
    Finally in First

  9. I don't even know what to say first, you make me laugh the whole way through!! Your little girl is too cute for words with that ear! I'm sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well (I can't shrink the font here so I won't mention the actual problem). I hope you are feeling better soon :) :)

  10. I just love you! Thank you for making me laugh when I so needed it. Murphie's ear gave me a good laugh too!

    Too tired for wine is a serious condition. Be careful to not let that happen too often.


    Heather's Heart

  11. First off SSU rocks- almuni here :) Second I adore the puppy ears. We have two GSD and missed out on the second ones ears because we got her past the ear stage. However, I know those ears mean land shark time... good luck. Hope this next weeks goes well!

    1. and obviously and alumni that can't spell today :)

  12. Hilarious post! A road trip to wine country sounds like heaven!!

    Live Love Laugh and Teach!

  13. I love your blog! I am a first year teacher who graduated from Sonoma State, it's a great school. Your niece will love it!

  14. Reading your blog makes my day! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    Suntans and Lesson Plans

  15. That bear is so huge I didn't even notice the kid standing behind it! LOL
    Congrats to your niece! {and you for the whole wine country/girls trip fabulousness of it all}
    Murphie is just too dang cute!


  16. Hello! I recently just started a youtube Korean food channel, EasyKoreanFood, where you can learn how to make fast & easy Korean food! It would mean the world to me if you could check it out because I'm just starting out! Thanks!

  17. That Murphie gets more adorable every time you picture her!

    Granny Goes to School

  18. Found youo on Doodle Bugs Linky party! Hope you feel better soon!


  19. I'll have you know that I shared that finger story at our last curriculum meeting- everyone was dying laugh and we could all picture that happening to us. (not funny what happened to the child, of course, just the circumstances you went through) Then I happened to find a little gem in the comments (I believe it was comment #28) And now when we see each other in the hallway we might occasionally mention "Just give the kid a bag!"

  20. I just read the finger story, and now I wish I hadn't!

    There's a natural remedy for UTI called Cranactin. It's made by Solaray & you can find it at the health food store. The active ingredient is what is in cranberry juice and it really works! I use it at the FIRST sign of trouble and rarely have to have an antibiotic.