Hall Pass

I am linking up with my buddy, Reagan, over at Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits.   Reagan also shares the love of The Bachelor with me, but gets to watch it three hours before me.  This is completely unfair.

Anywho, I got a Hall Pass and now I'm sharing.  

P is for my favorite Product
I love my Rhyming Cards.  I use them ALL THE TIME because our district constantly assesses first graders on rhyming words even though we just did it, and did I also mention that my kids have to come up with two words that rhyme with another word out of thin air and if they can only come up with one word then they don't even get credit for that one word because they have to have TWO?  

My kids love the cards because we play "Find your rhyming partner" a lot, but they also love to use them in our centers.  The pack also has differentiated worksheets to go with it . . . if you're so inclined to use worksheets.  My kids prefer the partner game for some reason.  I don't have any pictures of us using these cards because I wasn't prepared.  I think I was pulling my hair out and/or crying because one of my kiddos could only come up with one  rhyming word/and or thought waterskiing rhymed with boat.  So I didn't have my camera ready.

A is for the Area of my room that I really like right now
I just talked about this area on a recent post because I love my new stools, and they have finally made this center accessible and easy and compact and cute and fun.  Everything I'm always looking for, but can't seem to get.

Listening Center Area

Up close!

In action!

Seriously, this picture makes me all kinds of happy.  Mainly because these kids are LISTENING and not talking in this picture. And the boy on the far right has a really hard time not talking.  And when he talks, he talks really loud.  So this is a nice break.  Also, these kids can't see what else is going on around them.  They can't see that the kids in the math center are not using the manipulatives correctly or that the kids playing the Sight Word game are just seeing how high they can throw the dice and not practicing their sight words at all.

S is for my Favorite Signal right now
Oh, I have a list of signals.  I probably use too many.  Right now, my favorite one is I say, "Macaroni and Cheese" and everyone else says, "Everybody Freeze!"  And then they freeze.  And some kids fall over because they're trying to freeze on one foot, bent over at the waist near the trashcan.

I use all kinds of "I say, you say", such as "Hot - Dog, Salami - Sandwich, Pepperoni - Pizza, First - Grade, Lunch - Time" etc!

I like to do clapping rhythms, too.  For whatever reason, this is magical and they try to copy my pattern and rhythm . . . and they DO NOT TALK.  I don't understand it, but THEY JUST STOP TALKING.  Maybe it's because they cannot clap and talk at the same time?  Maybe it's because I look dazzling when I'm clapping?  

My last little signal is more of a trick.  When we're transitioning to the carpet and they're a little chatty, I will write a quiet citizen's name on the easel IN CURSIVE!  And then I'll write another one IN CURSIVE!  And another and another and before you know it, I have all 28 of my kids sitting like little angels because they are just DYING TO SEE THEIR NAME IN CURSIVE.  I don't like my cursive writing AT ALL, but they don't know that's it not that pretty.  My favorite letter to write in cursive is capital L, by the way.  What's yours?

S is for my Sanity when I don't think I'm going to make it through the day
Right now, it's Girl Scout Peanut Butter Patties.  One or two a day based on the circumstances of the day.
I also like starbursts.
I also like Coke Zero and Diet Dr. Pepper.
Left over math pills will work in a pinch.
Venting to my team.
Going out to lunch on Fridays with my team and a rogue second grade teacher who we love.
Bopping myself in the head.
Chipping off all my nail polish.
Prayer (which should be the FIRST thing I do, obviously)

So.  There's my Hall Pass.  Do you have yours????  Link up {HERE}.


  1. Hahhaa you are so hilarious. I have several of "that boy on the right" who likes to talk really loud, haha. :) Unfortunately, that was me in school so I can't get too frustrated!

  2. Was that one or two cookies or tubes of cookies cuz one or two cookies is just a precursor to a sanity break for me! By the way sorry I could not contain myself during bachelor. And I think I am only an hour ahead? Maybe 2? I love your signals! Have to try them!

  3. I like your "Macaroni and Cheese" signal! I think my group would get a kick out of that :)
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  4. This was fantastic! A little Kristin humor is a great cure for being "tho sick". A capital L is my favorite letter to write too! I can't believe you only eat 1-2 girl scout cookies a day. That's self control!


  5. Going to lunch on Fridays with your team? You mean you get to walk out of your school while the kids are still there? CUH_Razy Jealous. That must be the best feeling ever.

    I like your listening center stools too. It's also a brilliant idea to have them face the wall.

    Once again, you crack me up and make my day.

    The Frizz

    The Frizz in First Grade

  6. I had to read your rhyming story aloud to Tom bc I was laughing hysterically. Much like when the bookshelf hypothetically tipped over when your students were trying to read the all about me books. You crack me right up! And I'm OBSESSED with your cursive writing trick! I mean really?!? Why did I not think of that?!

  7. I have never visited your blog and NOT laughed. You really have a gift! I feel like I would be dazzled at your clapping rhythm just because I would be dazzled to watch you teach in general! :) I'm going to use the Mac & Cheese signal tomorrow - too cute! :) Thanks for sharing,

    Sugar and Spice

  8. Ok, I'm trying the cursive thing today! They do think it's amazing to write in cursive!

  9. I use the clapping pattern strategy too and LOVE IT! What I love even more is your "I say, you say" signals! :)

    Writing names in cursive....that will be happening today!

  10. I love your listening area too! I wish I had the space to do that in my room!!! Have a super week with your kids!

  11. Yes, the cursive writing trick is w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l and will be tried by me tomorrow!
    You are too funny!


  12. I devoured a box of tag-a-longs this week. They are so good!! Clapping patterns are really, fun, I agree. It's also fun to see which students lack rhythm! So cute. Thanks for sharing that great idea about cursive - clever, clever!! Can't wait for the next Bachelor update! Last episode was a doozy!

    Second Grade Sparkle

  13. LMAO about the constant assessing of rhyming words!!!
    What the ______??? Random! Um, I am obsessed with your listening center and jealous of that counter! I need it! My counter has cabinets under it, which is nice...or not so nice, considering there are posters from the early eighties shoved in them!

    Mrs. Wheeler’s First Grade
    Mrs. Wheeler TpT

  14. We use clapping rhythms at our school too.. the greatest thing is when you can take the entire student body of 600 and with a 1-2, 1-2-3 clap zip everyones lip and they reply back! It happens at every assembly in our school, at our PTA events, etc! I also like the "I say, you say" stuff but I like the clapping better!!

  15. Oooo, I'm going to try your cursive trick! My kiddos are obsessed with trying to write their name in cursive for some reason.
    Finally in First

  16. My son came home from school today and said that his teacher taught him something new today. Can you guess???? When his teacher says Macaroni and Cheese, the class says Everybody Freeze!

  17. My favorite cursive letter is the letter k... And it's in my name ...twice... So that works out nicely. The capital letter l is stunning though and I add hearts to each end in love letters....

    Ugh... Rhyming... They get it or they don't. I had one that just smiled at me the whole time I was assessing her rhyming skills.... Never gave me a rhyme....just smiled..... Ugh assessments are lame.

  18. I LOVE your listening center - so cute!
    Now that I am hear, I need to catch up on your past posts about the Bachelor!


  19. Your listening center is the best.