How Was Your Day?

I had a great blog post in mind for tonight.  It was terrific.  I thought how wonderful it would to be share with you all.

And then I went to school.

And here's how my day went down:

1.  I picked the students up from the playground in the morning to hear one of my little rascals say, "Did you get my mom's email?"  Noooooo, I thought, followed by oh no, what did I do now?  Turns out that said student was battling constipation and could I allow said student to use the restroom whenever necessary, as well as take as much time as needed?  

Er, um, . . . well, how does one respond to that email?  Did you try some Mucilax?  Or fiber?

2.  I picked the students up from the playground at first recess to discover one rambunctious boy was "accidentally" hit in the eye with a ball and he said he had blurry vision.  Well, considering he is rambunctious and loud and talks all the time, I thought it prudent to send him to the nurse immediately.

3.  I picked the students up from the playground at lunch time to find out that my one little girl who had been absent during the morning due to a TOOTH EXTRACTION had returned, and she couldn't get over the fact that the left side of her mouth was numb. "Do I look funny?  I feel funny.  Am I puffy?  Do I look weird?  Can you tell that I can't feel my cheek?  Look at me.  Do you see the numb part?  Do I look strange?"

No, but you sound funny.

4.  I decided NOT to pick my kids up from the playground at last recess.

Alright, alright, I did.

My teacher friends talked me into it.  They reminded me I needed my paycheck to pay for all of Murphie's treats and college education  obedience school.

I finally picked the students up from the playground at last recess to find one student in tears because she had drawn a beautiful picture (instead of playing) and everyone was trying to take a peek at it, and she didn't want them to, and it really really really (whine a little as you read this) really really really hurt her feelings.

I may have told her to draw an ugly picture next time and then no one would want to see it . . . 

So there you have it.

In a nutshell.

My day.

How was your day?


  1. I had a student (ADHD) who had dental work done and they brought her back to school around 10:00. She was numb too, of course. Well, during stations she chewed a HOLE in her lip ... I mean a HOLE! She bled all over the place and she and her station partner just sat there! OH MY WORD ... I freaked out. Mother "oh, I guess dental work and ADHD medicine doesn't work well together ...." Poor thing.

    1. Oh my . . . she needed some constant attention until the numbness wore off!
      What I Have Learned

  2. ha ha ha . . . much better than yours. I had one student loose a tooth. He handed it to me after recess. Had another student in tears during Library time because another student got a book she wanted. Tears are a daily occurrence for this student. I'm amazed that you have three recesses, though. We only have two.
    What I Have Learned

  3. LOL just go draw an ugly picture... THAT is something I totally would have said!

  4. I can always count on your posts to give me a great laugh! Thanks for sharing your day. I thought my day was rough, but girl yours took the cake. Hoping tomorrow is a much better day for you!

    Mrs. Pauley’s Kindergarten

  5. Hahaha. Girl you are awesome. First of all, I am jelly that you have so many times at the playground, I have one 15 minute recess. Bleh. And second of all, I love that you told her to draw an uglier picture bahaha sometimes those things just NEED to be said. Especially during whining. Uh, biggest. Pet. Peeve. Ever.

  6. Oh, Ms. Teeny . . . what a post!! I love the response too - draw an ugly one next time :) Classic. My day went surprisingly well (I'm sure I'll pay come Wednesday). My highlight had to be the crumbled little note that I got saying, "I love you mush mor than a cat!"

  7. You guys sure at the playground a lot- good gravy!!!
    If Murphie needs any references for "college" I can Truman or Barkley "paw" something up....ha ha (I'm delirious)
    Going Nutty!

  8. We practiced testing today. Which means that I sat and stared at my students for 4 hours while they took a test. Technically 3 hours then a lunch break then another hour, but still... Poor babies, they need the practice, but it is so hard on them.

  9. I wish I would have had time to be with my Littles today. I was off last week for Mid Winter Break (Awesome-sauce), but I had to go a a training today. It was no bueno and I made my head hurt to think about all the stuff that I should be doing and how I am supposed to "lead the charge" with my teammates...oy!
    : Mrs. Holder’s First Grade

  10. Right there with you. I'm blaming it in the full moon. 1/3 of my class moved on the behavior chart today- it was a very colorful chart this afternoon.

  11. Oh my! I had to LOL at the draw an uglier picture comment, that is SOOO something I would say! I was back after 3 days on jury duty last week, so our day began by me marching each table in my room into the construction corner to explain to my why EVERY toy was a mess and out of place! Needless to say when it was time for indoor recess much cleaning had to happen before any playing! Hope your tomorrow is better!!!

    Clearly Kindergarten

  12. My day was better than Friday....and Friday was better than Thursday. I never want another day like Thursday. I apparently am not supposed to threaten to chop off fingers for not making a lowercase f the correct way. My fellow teacher told me the problem was she offers the choice of fingers to be chopped. I however did not offer my students the choice. I will however have to remember that for future reference. Choices....offer choices. That is right after I teach them how to wash their faces (another parent called to complain I did not do that and their student came home with lunch still on their face).


  13. I'm pretty sure someone spiked our tap water because my kids were C-R-A-Z-Y today! Seriously! During reading groups, I had a kid start rubbing his hands in a circular motion on the table and said "this feels soooo cool." So then of course the others had to try it as well. Let's see...one of my kids thought it was okay to keep sitting on people today. Another one DEMANDED that I find a new book tomorrow for her reading group (yeah...THAT didn't go over very smoothly with teacher!) Some of my boys started tickling each other during our lockdown drill....I could go on and on...

    When they actually sat still and were quiet during a chapter of our chapter book, I decided we needed to read three.

    I didn't realize it was a full moon until Emily's comment. I TOTALLY believe in that. It has happened WAY too many times for it to be coincidence!

  14. haha...I feel the same way when a student says "Did you get my mom's email?" I actually had one from a parent last week that the subject line said "Good Morning." I knew it would not be a good morning is I opened it right away.

  15. hahhaha. I love your advice. I see your future as an elementary school paper advice columnist.

    My day was horrible! I found out my very, very, very favorite student in the whole wide world is moving and today is his last day! I'm absolutely crushed. Why do the good ones have to move away??? I'm wearing all black to school today to reflect my mourning.

    Across the Hall in 2nd Grade

  16. Didn't pick them up....CRACKS ME UP!

    There are times I feel like I am doing the walk of shame. The head down I am in trouble walk to force myself to go get my students from lunch. That cafeteria is a scary place.

    Hope today is MUCH better. It doesn't help that half of blog land is on a snow day. ?!What's that?!

  17. You're so funny! Sounds like a typical day with first graders (they're so predictable- haha). Today is parent conferences for me- I think I'll pick teaching the afternoon instead if anyone offers me the choice. Carol

  18. My day had poop in pants and then he sat in it refusing to admit it. Then my behavior problem ran out of the room not only once but twice because he didn't want to stamp his spelling words at centers. Exhausting I tell you.

  19. As usual- a very fun and entertaining post! You really do need to think about writing a book about teaching :)

    Granny Goes to School

  20. Ha I don't think I could ever teach little kids. I admire you!

  21. Wow! That is a lot of playground time. We get one 15 minute recess and about 5 minutes after lunch.

    I can take pretty much anything except whining. Loved the response about the picture!


    Buggy for First Grade

  22. Bahahaha Make an uglier picture next time! Made my day! Sounded like something I would've said (or..."They're chasing me." "So... don't run"). :) My day is pretty good today, just had a kiddo "teaching" me on what she was going to be doing on her math (I asked her to, to make sure she understood it). So, of course I had to look at the ceiling, interrupt her lots, whine a little, and throw a tantrum how others in the class do when they're frustrated (quite spectacular I might say!). Hahaha good thing I wasn't on video, but it cracked the kiddos up. :) Hope today was better!


  23. 4 recesses in one day???? We have 10 minutes max at the END of the school day! No fair!!!

  24. My day? Heavy sigh. On Friday the art teacher told me she couldn't do a thing with my kids. Today the librarian told me my class was unpleasant. During reading groups during which they are not allowed to interrupt me unless they are bleeding dying or throwing up, one of my little tape players that you can't buy anymore died. Another child sat and whined that she couldn't hear a thing on hers, turns out she had unplugged the headphones. Another kid came over to tell me his leg hurt, and I asked him if he was "bleeding, dying or throwing up." (I had a parent call the principal about that ha ha joke but don't bother me statement a few years ago...but I still say it.) He walked away. Another kid came to ask what he should do...after 112 days of school he still doesn't know. I yelled a little bit. The reading group just stared at me, although they really didn't care. I'm thinking it is me, but then I remembered that last night was a full moon...so maybe I can blame that instead.

  25. Since you asked...it was a no good, horrible, very bad day. Even my good ones were completely off. Nobody would stop talking or follow directions. I threw in the towel several times for heads down time (no recesses here). On top of all of that, my team partner is out with the flu so I had two of her worst lovelies. One ended up getting slapped in the face by one of mine who she stole lipgloss from. The other one, well, last week his father murdered his mother and then shot himself, so this kid is understandably a royal basket case. He was clingy, refused to do any work, and tried to stab one of mine with a pencil. Today was actually much better.