Talk About It Tuesday

Do you want to know what I did on Sunday?

I ate junk food and pretended to watch the Super Bowl.  The one part I saw that I couldn't believe I was seeing with my own eyes was when that Raven (the football player, not the bird for those of you like me) took the football from one hoop  one goal  one end zone to another without any 49ers stopping him.  Swoosh.  In, out, around, fake out, excuse me, coming through, touchdown.


We watched the half time show and then left so we could go home and get in our pjs and catch up on Downton Abby.  No one tell my hubby I said this, though, okay?

Alright.  Part One of the Two Day Bachelor Event Of The Year You Better Not Miss It Because This Is Unheard Of.

The episode began with Chris Harrison telling the ladies to pack their bags.  They were going on a WORLD WIDE JOURNEY.

To. . . MONTANA!

Sean said they would probably be roughing it while they were there.   

These girls got to stay in a lodge.  If that's roughing it, I think I can call myself outdoorsy now.  

Lindsay - the substitute teacher who wore a wedding dress on the first day, got the one-on-one.  She cried a little.  It could have been because of the over done helicopter.  I know I cried a little when I saw it.  

Lindsay said she felt like she had known Sean forever . . . which is kinda weird because, except for the wedding dress, I don't remember this chick in any other episode.  And they spent a lot of time kissing like they knew each other really well.  

Why hasn't she made an impression on me?

I don't know.  All I know is that she was an army brat and then Sean said all the puzzle pieces were fitting together and they did a lot more kissing.   And then Sean gave her the rose.  They followed this up with a concert in the town square and a huge crowd of people.  That's better than a huge crowd of cows which would be highly likely in Montana or so I've been told.  (And I'm from Oklahoma so I do feel as if I'm an authority on crowds of cows.) 

Insert uncomfortable slow dancing on a platform with lots of people watching and that about sums up that date.

Group Date:  Montana Wilderness Relay Race


It consisted of five events.

Canoeing - Red Team had a bit of a problem.  They didn't quite understand how to go forward in a straight line . . . because it was a canoe.  In real water.  And not on the Wii.  I really sympathized with them.

Delivering Hay Bales (or transporting them or carrying them or whatever, I didn't understand the point of that event) - The Blue Team lost their lead as the bales of hay fell apart . . . as hay tends to do . . . 

Cross Cutting - in other words, cutting a log until it is sawed in half.

Milking a Goat - because that's easy.  Obviously.  Just yankity yank.  And try not to get kicked in the head!

Drinking the Goat's Milk - Desiree chugged it.  DISGUSTING.  I have no words because I don't even like cow's milk.  It's a personal preference.  The lack of milk in my diet has nothing at all to do with my height, thank you very much and let's move on now.

The Red Team won.  The Blue Team had to go back to the Lodge.  

Later, Sean felt it was wrong to send the Blue Team home because he wanted to spend more time with the ladies . . . so he bent the rules and invited them back.

Swoon.  Faint.  Head rush.  I love this guy.  However, the Red Team was not happy about this news because it meant less time for each of them.  And let's face it, Desiree basically chugged that goat's milk for nothing.  Like I said, disgusting!

Selma was really upset about it.  Remember when I said that I didn't like Selma because of her princess attitude?  Well, apparently, Selma also enjoys speaking in the third person.  And when Selma gets mad, Selma gets mad.  You've been warned.

I seriously think she's super pretty, though.  And I wish I could wear that head-band-beanie-accessory in my hair the way she can.

But none of that matters AT ALL because Tierra the Total Stalker crashed Sean's date.  

I'd like to know which Blue Team girl gave Tierra permission to wear her shirt.  Something tells me that she didn't ask for permission.  Did anyone else notice that she was wearing a Blue Team member's Montana Wilderness Relay Race Plaid We're In the Sticks So Let's Dress the Part shirt?

Katherine and Sean got some one-on-one time -- mainly Katherine sat on Sean's lap which really upset Daniella.    

So Daniella spent her one on one time with Sean crying.  And then Sean reassured her which led to a kiss.  

Lots and lots of kissing on this here episode . . . 

Sean ended up giving Daniella the rose.  Much to the chagrin of the others.  Especially because Daniella had been on the losing team and shouldn't have been there in the first place.  The injustice of it all!!!

TWO ON ONE - Tierra and Jackie Go Horseback Riding with Sean

Tierra said, "I'm excited to see my husband! HAHAHA!  {Insert smiles and giggling hysterically}  "Jackie has no idea! HAHAHA!"   

Poor Jackie got the slow horse . . . poor thing.   

I think Tierra has a bad habit of telling Sean what she wants him to think about herself, such as, "I'm sensitive.  I have the biggest heart.  Being the person that I am . . ."

She said she was afraid of getting close to Sean . . . are you kidding me?

Jackie was sent home . . . and then I debated not watching this show anymore because Sean gave Tierra the rose.  



There was this scene where they showed Tierra with the rose and she was laughing manically.  It scared me.  I had to get up and make sure the doors and windows were locked.  Twice.

Rose Ceremony:

Sean and Desiree's time together was nerve wracking!  And she was in a super short dress!!!!  And their convo didn't go well and I love Desi!  I love her so much that I call her Desi now!  

Tierra and Robin had words.  Mainly, Tierra had a lot of bad words to say while Robin just listened.  Tierra warned us all that she is a Scorpio and her stinger will come out!  It will!  There was lots of arm movements and glaring and one eyebrow arching up higher than the other. 

Luckily, Sean walked around the corner and saw the Tierra drama unfolding in action.  And Sean was not happy.  

Sean really wanted to get to the bottom of all the drama where Tierra was concerned.  And he wanted the girls to start spilling it.

But they didn't want to because they didn't want to be a tattletale.  Where is Kacie B. when you need her??

I think it's safe to say that if a girl is being talked about, then that's all you need to know.  Case in point, Sean!  

Everyone got a rose except for Robin.  And he gave the last one to Desi which was making me nerrrrrvous!

And that's it.

It was kind of . . . well . . . not my favorite episode.  I am very much looking foward to The Case of Hypothermia tonight!  How about you?


  1. Ahhh these Bachelors need to get a grip on reality! Didn't Sean watch Jake's season? No one liked that nut job (Vienna) either- and he picked her! I'm hoping Sean is smarter than Jake! If the girls collectively dislike one girl... that should be a red flag!!

  2. I'm watching the 'Hypothermia' episode right now... :) Tierra is crazy. Selma's a princess.
    Do you read Reality Steve's blog on The Bachelor? I do. I can't help myself. I just have to know. :)


    Read with Me ABC

  3. I was thinking thatvthecgirl who wore the wedding dress went home that first night.....but I could be wrong. . . Of course I could be wrong, it's an important part of my life! Love rereading about this show. Thanks

  4. Hahah! This post made me chuckle out loud all the way through :)

    My hubby and I left the Superbowl early too to watch Downton Abbey - what an addicting show!

    Joy in the Journey

  5. I. just. died. I could not stop laughing at your Bachelor play-by-play! I totally saw the shirt stealing as well, but clearly no one else seemed to notice!