Talk About It Tuesday

Happy Tuesday to you!

First, thank you so much for all of the love and good wishes about my Murphie girl.  I also appreciate the "you've got my back" when it comes to her name!

I went to school and it felt like I had a baby shower.  One of my little girls brought Murphie treats and a toy, while two of my teacher friends also brought her treats and toys.  You'd have thought the gifts were for me the way I reacted.

For those of you worried about her care during the day, I want you to rest assured that she is not alone very often.  My hubby gets to work from home anywhere from two to four times a week, and my school is about two miles from home.  So, if necessary, I can come home on lunch.  But the hubs can also bring her to work once she has all her shots.  She will be extremely spoiled.  

Okay, onto the good stuff!

The Bachelor!

AshLee got the first one-on-one.  Tierra called her a cougar because AshLee is 32.  Tierra might have been feeling extra feisty because she was sleeping on a cot.  Of her own free will.  Even though they were staying in a fancy hotel with nice beds.  Crazy is as crazy does.

Sean and AshLee swam to a catamaran.  {I was a little uncomfortable because the cameramen wouldn't stop showing off AshLee's body.  And they did not show off enough of Sean's.  I would like to draft a letter reminding them that this show is called The Bachelor.  Hello?}

AshLee talked about the drama with Tierra.  She called her Pouty Pants.  I liked that.  Sean seemed to absorb AshLee's words.  Who knows?

Then there was the obligatory water rushing over their kissing bodies in the sand.  The big wave that crashed over them and got sand up their cracks was edited out, mark my words.  That's what happened to us the one time my hubby and I tried to be romantical.  Now we just say "it's your turn to pick up the poop" and it's super romantical the times we don't argue about it.

AshLee had some "news" to tell Sean at dinner.  It was built up with suspenseful music . . . I was on the edge of my seat  leaning forward off my pillow.

AshLee got married when she was a junior in high school!  The horror!  And then she got divorced when she was a senior in high school!  The shame!  But Sean accepted her and so then she screamed at the top of her lungs that she loved him.  I'm thinking she may like him a little more than he likes her . . . 

Tierra found out she got the second one-on-one and started complaining.  With an arched eyebrow which also made her look a little like Angry Spice.  Or Scary Spice.  Or a spice that I would never add to my food.

On their date, Tierra and Sean walked around the town of St. Croix.  She went shopping with Sean and he knew her so well because he bought her things!  Because don't ya know that when a guy spends money on you it means everlasting love?  It has nothing to do with how he treats you or you treat him or even whether or not you're THE ONE that America wants Sean to send home.  Buy me jewelry?  It's meant to be.

They danced in the streets and Sean really liked her personality, and he thought they were having a great time.  I was trying not to puke.

But thankfully, Sean talked to her about the drama while they sat on some steps.  Tierra just kept fake smiling and arching her eyebrow . . . and then later, she felt as if there was distance between them.  Sean was being distant.  Because he has a BRAIN.

Tierra later told Sean that she was falling in love with him.  This was code for she wants the rose, and she wants to be on TV longer, and she wants more jewelry.

Group Date - Sean woke Desiree, Katherine, and Lindsay up at the crack of dawn to go on a Sunrise to Sunset activity.  

They each spent time with him one on one, but there was also some awkward chicken fighting in the ocean.  

The group date was nice.  The girls were nice.  Sean was nice.  All was well.  Katherine told a sad story and didn't cry.  Desiree told a happy story and did cry.  Lindsay got the rose.  Stop crying, girls!

Lesley got the last one-on-one.  They hung out in a secret garden of sorts.  And then Lesley had difficulty telling him she loved him so she suggested they pick fruit.

I'm going to try that the next time I'm nervous about something.  Do you think a parent questioning me about my homework policy (of which none exists) would respond well to the suggestion of possibly picking some apples?  Or should I suggest cherries?

Shay, Sean's sister, who also happens to write the blog Mix and Match Family, showed up in St. Croix to help Sean.  I love Shay.  I feel as if I know her now.  And her children are the cutest things ever.  You need to read her posts on Tuesdays.  Wait.  You still have to read mine.  Okay, first read hers and then come back and read mine.

Shay wanted Sean to know that he should not pick THAT ONE.  You know, THE ONE that the other bachelors have picked that no one should pick.  As in, Tierra!

AshLee and Tierra had a big blowout.  In between chasing Murphie around the house, this is what I took away from it.

AshLee:  You're rude.
Tierra:  I'm sweet as pie.
AshLee:  I say good morning and you say nothing.  Only your eyebrow arches.
Tierra:  I can't control my eyebrow!  
AshLee:  It's in your character!
Tierra:  My eyebrow has nothing to do with my character!  I can't go around smiling 24/7.  I'd get freaking tired!
AshLee:  You're rude.
Tierra:  I can't control my face!
AshLee:  You're rude.
Tierra:  No!  I have sparkle.  My mom and dad said so!  And you can't take my sparkle away!
AshLee:  Go sit on your cot.  Go on.  Go.  Go to your cot!
Tierra:  {eyebrow arched, sparkling all the way} Sabateur!  

Sean decided to get Tierra in a conversation with Shay so Shay could see for herself what a whackadoodle she was.  Although Sean said it in a nicer manner.

Tierra cried when she saw Sean.  But with a smile on her face.  It made me nervous.  People, hide your children.

Tierra:  I'm so sensitive.  And I have such a big heart.  You know this is hard for me.
Sean:  {eyeroll and big sigh}
Tierra:  {holding her eyebrow down with her hand} AshLee is mean and this is so hard.  I'm scared.  {still holding eyebrow down and pleading for him to throw her a bone}
Sean:  Hold on.  I'll be right back.

I have to admit I was afraid there was a rosebush nearby.   I was nervous.

But then Sean did the right thing.


He told her it was time for her to go.  She apologized and actually accepted it gracefully.  

Sean:  Are you going to be okay?
Tierra:  No.

Well.  There you have it.

Wait.  Not quite.

In the minivan ride of shame:

Tierra:  I can't believe they did this to me!  I hope the girls got what they wanted.  I'll get through this.  I'm strong.  No one is going to take my sparkle away.  

{Arched eyebrow.}

End scene.

Sean knew exactly what he wanted to do with his roses so he canceled the Cocktail Party.

The music became suspenseful as Sean told the girls he didn't like drama and then he looked directly at AshLee.   DIRECTLY AT HER, I said.

They were all worried for AshLee.  The music and tears didn't help.

In the end, the hometown date roses were handed out to:  

Lindsay (already had one), Desiree, Katherine, and AshLee.

Poor Lesley - she just had to pick more fruit when she should have been professing her love for Sean.

Meanwhile, AshLee stated that "this was her husband" and "love does conquer all".  Ummm, I don't know.  I don't have a good feeling about that one.  I think she might get her heart broken . . . who's with me on this?

Katherine was a hot mess because Lesley left.  She felt Lesley and Sean had more in common.  And she was just putting it out there.  It was kind of weird.

There are previews for next week in which Desiree's brother and Sean appear as if they're going to go at it.  I want to go on record that Sean does this as another prank on Desiree.  Whatcha think?  I just can't imagine an actual fight over this . . . 

Well, that about wraps it up.  Let me know what you're thinking!


  1. Loved your recap of Ashlee and Tierra's conversation. So much better than the real thing.

    I agree I think Ashlee's going home soon. I feel bad because she keeps talking about trust, but I just don't see the connection he has with some of the others.

    The Katherine thing was super weird. I didn't get where that came from at all.

    And...I think he should def. end up with Lindsay. And if he doesn't she should be the next bachelorette. Because even though I thought she was crazy at first with her wedding dress, she's my favorite because she seems like a real person I'd actually be friends with.

    Just my thoughts! I'm off to read Sean's sister's blog now :)

    Carolina Teacher

  2. Totally agree about the prank.

    IF you are going to repeatedly tell your child that she has SPARKLE and not to let anyone ever take that away... while NOT teaching that same child good character, responsibility for your actions and the golden rule... That sparkle is bound to fizzle... right? What WAS that?!

  3. I hope it's a prank! I really like Des and Sean together. I agree about AshLee but feel totally sad about it. And THANK HEAVENS Tierra is gone...I may or may not have been screaming THANK YOU to Sean. My cousin also writes about the show...you should check out her blog. http://cassieplusjeremy.blogspot.com/

    Keep Calm and Apple On

  4. Hmmm...interesting. My family was thinking that Des is going to have her brother help her prank Sean to get back at him for the whole art museum thing... but maybe you're right! Maybe it's another one of Shawn's jokes! I can't wait to see how it plays out. It's got to be some type of joke, right?!

  5. Your re-cap is so funny! I keep laughing over the - I can't control my eyebrow comment - what a ridiculous thing to say Tierra!! Thank goodness for smart sisters like Shay - way to go! I agree, I think AshLee is a little too confident & that she is going to be heartbroken, they just don't seem to go together. Who is he going to pick??? The suspense is killing me!!
    I love your blog!
    Science for Kids Blog

  6. Love, love, love your recaps...I wait {impatiently} for you to post it. :) I follow Shay's blog, too... She is one smart sister! Were you cheering when the Tierra-rist {and her eyebrow} were sent home? I was. I totally think that the whole fight scene between Des's brother and Sean has to be a set up...maybe Des decided to repay Sean for his little artwork prank. In any case, I agree that it is not real. Can't wait for next week!

    Read with Me ABC

  7. I'm with Mrs. Ryan above, I think Des orchestrates the prank against Sean! Can't wait to find out what really happens!
    And that Catherine thing was sooooo weird! I thought they had really good chemistry and then she flips out? I hope she was just feeling emotional about Leslie leaving and didn't know what to say. I'm sure some girls end up being really good friends, even though they are dating the same dude. It's like if a sister-wife was sent away, or something.
    Thanks for the laughs!

    Teaching With Style

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  9. I LOVE your commentary! This is the first time I have come across it and I am a bachelor fanatic...NEVER missed an episode and it makes Mondays seem so much better! Even better that this weekend, there is no school on Monday and then a night of the Bachelor! I saw a preview that there is another two night event. I hope that he ends up choosing someone...I refuse to read any spoilers but am starting to get worried. I hope the Des thing is a prank!
    Fourth Grade Flipper