Winner and Junk

Let's take care of some business first!

The winner of the All You Need Is Love Giveaway is . . . 

Seeing as how I'm new to this whole rafflecopter thing, I have no idea if this is Appropriate Announcing Of The Winner or not.  

But any way you look at it (and believe me, I have looked at this from every angle trying to figure out if there is a better way to announce this), Susan Chew is the winner of the TpT gift certificate and one item of her choice from my "store".  Congratulations, Susan!

I am off today for George Washington.  Are you?  I have heard that some people are not off and I do not understand it.  And I feel sorry for you.  Now you must return the favor and feel sorry for me if you get a Ski Week or something ridiculous like that . . . a whole week off in February?  What?  WHAT?

Today, on my day off, I sorted gummi bears for our upcoming Teddy Bear Day on Wednesday.  It's extremely hard work to sort yellow, white, and orange gummi bears when you are color blind.  However, I recently learned I may not actually be color blind.  I just might be so dang near sighted that I can't see the differentiation in colors.  

That's what the eye doctor said last week.  "So dang near sighted that I can't see the differentiation in colors."

I think I just rolled my eyes.  My so dang near sighted eyes.

We're pretty much doing the same thing this year as we did last year for Teddy Bear Day.  We already painted our T-shirts and sent them home.  Now the kids just have to remember to wear them.

You can read all about how we celebrate Teddy Bear Day {here} in last year's post.

Other than Teddy Bear Day, we should have a pretty normal week.  A week without a big event.  Minus the Teddy Bear t-shirts and teddy bears, anyways.

I do have to work on my Pinks and Blues later today though.

Pinks and Blues?  Huh?

The paper is pink for girls and blue for boys.  And I have to fill out all this info on each student, including strengths, weaknesses, assessment scores, behavior, IEPs, SSTs, CELDT, Speech, etc. etc. etc.

It is AWFUL.

And don't ask why they are due on Friday when the end of the year is not until a lifetime away and I live in fear that summer will never come again because it's cold and wintry and I'm wearing Uggs inside the house (and, well, because we're potty training Murphie and there is just no rhyme or reason to when I am going to have to jump off the couch and get to the back door and outside on the grass before she pees on yet another place on the area rug when the entire rest of the downstairs is travertine tile and how can she pee again when I just took her out?).

So yep.  Potty training and crate training going on around here.  The potty training is going . . . okay.  We're getting there.  I see a light at the end of the tunnel.

The crate training is fine at night.  No problem.  I'm tired.  Get in the crate, I say.  Kiss kiss.  Shut the door.  Halfway through the night, I take her out for a potty break.  I'm tired.  Get in the crate, I whisper.  Kiss kiss.  Shut the door.

Crate training during the day?  Well . . . it's a lot more difficult.

Reason Number One
These two are in love and I am jealous.

Reason Number Two
This is the cutest thing ever and 
how could I stick her in a crate?
I'm not even sure that sleeping position is possible in a crate.

Reason Number Three
She has taken to sitting right under my feet while
I blog, do schoolwork, or whatever.
She's there now.


Apparently, I am in need of some training, too.  Obviously.


  1. I am the same way with our new yorkie puppy. The other dogs were strictly crate trained and were awesome. This one is just so cute and I think i am getting soft in my old age. I just want to snuggle... then she goes and pees! UGH!
    Thanks for sharing her with us!

  2. I have a boxer that literally sleeps/lays/sits underneath every piece of furniture! Even though he is 90lbs he still thinks he's 9lbs! :)
    Training...what's that! {Good luck}

  3. My bubs is currently smooshed between my back and the couch. He likes to cuddle up back there while I work. I don't know why he likes to be smooshed, but he does. He also curls up on me while I sleep. I don't think I could have a crate trained pet. I would need way too much training.

  4. She is so dang cute! I think she's looking bigger too! You train dogs the way I would too- I fall for their cuteness & don't do what needs to be done. Haha Carol

  5. Haven't you heard dog/puppy training is for the owner, not the dog. She is adorable!

  6. Murphie is sooooo ridiculously cute!!!!!! I couldn't stick her in a crate either.

  7. Soo cute!!! I couldn't put that baby in a crate either. Good luck with the training! :)

    Second Grade Sparkle

  8. Darling pictures of your little cutie! Thanks for sharing.

    Granny Goes to School

  9. Your dog is waaay toooo cute!


  10. Funny! I have to laugh because I am with you on the summer is never going to get here boat!

  11. I hear you about crate training during the day... Our just run around like crazy all the time... since the day we got them.

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