A Teeny Traumatic Tale

I was late posting last night because I was traumatized.  I'm still not really over it.  So I've been doing what I always do when something is bothering me.  I talk about it.

Every single person at school knows, including my students, their parents, our custodian, the complete staff, and possibly our gardener who was here when I got home.  (Yes.  A gardener.  I'm super fancy.  We've been over this before.)

Here's my teeny traumatic tale.

My hubby wasn't home last night so it was up to me to take Murphie on her walk.

She needs one more set of shots so we have taken to walking her down the middle of the street in our little gated community (there it is again - fancy) so she is not near any grass.  I know.  I know.  We shouldn't.  It's a risk.  I know.  But, people, we HAVE to or we might go crazy.  Really.

If you'd like to turn me in to the ASPCA people, go ahead.  And then can you give me their number because I need it, too.  You'll see why as you read on.

Like I said, I had to take Murphie on her walk.  We're working on heeling.

The key word being WORKING.  

She walks on a gentle leader.  Get one if you don't have one.  I swear by them.  I could go on and on about how I could walk Foster and Sydney by myself at the same time, but I won't.

So we were walking.  Every once in awhile, we were stopping because Murphie would see an amazing leaf that would grab her attention or, in one case, an old envelope that was just fascinating. I couldn't blame her.  I needed to see it, too.  There could have been money in it . . . 

When we got to the last street before mine, we came upon a GIGANTIC DOG.  Think Clifford, the Big Red Dog.

Okay, okay.

Not that big.

But picture a very big reddish/goldish/overweight lab or retriever or something.  I don't know.  Cute fella.

And, people, he was TIED UP in HIS FRONT YARD.  He barked ferociously.  No one was with him.  So he was very excited to see us.  

But we ignored him.  Well, I ignored him, and Murphie did her best to see him.

We just kept walking.  We came to the next house and there was a car in the street, motor running, with two girls inside.  I'm assuming their mother or father just had to go grab one more thing and that they were going to be right back out.  Right?

I'm also assuming I live in a neighborhood of hippies.

Anywho, we just kept walking.

And, yep.  Yep.  That dog GOT LOOSE.  He came barreling towards us and basically grabbed Murphie and threw her on the ground.  

Maybe.  I don't really remember.  I just know that Murphie was crying like he was hurting her, I was tangled up in the leash, and I think I fell down.  

The little girls (turns out one was five and the other was three or four years old) jumped out of their car.

"That's our neighbor's dog, Finn!" they cried.  

"Help!"  I said.

They grabbed his rope and then he took them on a little joy ride because, apparently, their little toddler muscles couldn't pull him back.  They just went forward.

I was finally able to pick up Murphie (which is not getting easier as she gets bigger, but I am MIGHTY) after what seemed like an eternity.  

Picking up Murphie didn't help.

Because I'm short.  And so she was only a little ways off the ground and the other dog still had his head in her butt.

And while the dog checked out her lady parts, Murphie just peed all over me.

We're super close, us two.

Somehow, and I don't even know how, the dog stopped coming after us. 

I carried Murphie half way home, and when I put her down, she just collapsed and cried.  So I sat down next to her and she sorta climbed into my lap and licked me half to death.

It was a scene that should have been in a movie.

German Shepherd puppy is rescued from Teeny Lady and they live happily ever after.

I got her to get up and walk the rest of the way home with me.

And I cried all the way.

That is, until I saw my lovely neighbors at my front door.  Which meant I had to stop crying quickly or otherwise they'd know!!!  And I do not cry in front of people very easily.

I'm rock solid, don't ya know.

The cat's  dog's out of the bag now, though, because my neighbor reads my blog.  So, Lindsay, now you know why I looked like a hot mess.

I was just SCARED.  I knew the dog wasn't trying to hurt Murphie or scare me . . . it's just that he was tied up, got loose, and came charging.

That, and ohhhhh . . . possibly the fact that no grown ups were around to help.

Now I'm sore.  My right shoulder blade and left calf are hurting, and I have skin missing from the top of my foot. 


Needless to say, I skipped the walk this morning.

And all I can think is, "Just you wait til Murphie grows up!"  :)


  1. Oh my word.....so glad you are ok....I have a big problem with people who don't watch A) their kids B) their dogs. My sweet Rosie was attacked once and bitten and mauled so I can feel your pain. Take good care and I hope your hippie neighbours smarten up !!!

  2. He was hoping you'd take him with you since you love your dog enough to walk it and not tie it up in the yard. Can you tell this is a peeve of mine? Grrr...

    Glad you made it out okay!
    Strive to Sparkle

  3. Seriously cracking up. Loudly. I would've died if a large dog came charging at me. You were much braver than I would have been! I can see how you would be traumatized! The pee part is what got me rolling though! Poor Murphie!

  4. Ohmigoodness! Poor Murphie! We had a similar incident in our previous neighborhood (non-gated, but then neither is the current one, so it's not relevant), and it involved pit bulls. I'm glad you and Murphie are ok. (((The pee part had me laughing way too hard - I might need to grow up someday!)))

    Hello Mrs Sykes

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  6. Aww poor Murphie. That sounds scary. My dog would probably be the one chasing after another dog, barking, wanting to play lol.

    Oh and I swear by gentle leaders too. They have been a godsend for our pup.

    Engish with Mrs. L.

  7. I love dogs...but when they come running after me I get scared. I am glad Murphie is okay. You on the other hand may take longer to recover. I don't know if I would have kept it together in front of my neighbor. You are a brave woman!


  8. Oh my gosh girl.....you didn't make it sound THAT bad when we were talking to you in your front yard!! Poor murphie.....and poor you!! You should've told me the whole story....I would've marched back to that house with you and knocked on that door!! So scary!! Sorry you are hurtin today! :(

  9. How scary! That happened with my pup too and now it's made her so fearful of other dogs that every time she sees one she just barks and barks. I know she's saying-don't come near me. In my case the people were laughing that their dog was chasing her-yeah, hilarious. Some people should have to take a test before they are allowed to own a dog!


  10. That sounds pretty scary. I babysit the neighbor's little dog sometimes, and I could imagine the same thing happening to me when I walk her!! There's a few pretty big dogs in our neighborhood too.

    The Learning Metamorphosis

  11. I LOVE reading your blogs!!!! You are so funny! My name is Barbie and I am new to blogging...I'm trying to build my followers list. Please consider following me. I have you listed as a favorite blog. :) Plus, I follow you! bbeescorner2012.blogspot.com
    ~Thank you~

  12. Ok listen, you almost had me tears! That is not nice. I am so happy that the story has a happy ending. That IS SCARY and I would have either beaten up the other dog or been eaten by the other dog... It could go either way. But I know I would have dissolved in a puddle of tears too! Give M kisses for me! You win the merit badge for bravery.

  13. Poor Murphie and You! Last summer we went on a family walk, two kids in a stroller, hubby, and Large German Shepard. As we walked by one house a MASSIVE Rottwiller game charging at us...hubby was pushing the kids in the stroller and he put the STROLLER between him and the dog! Thankfully there was an invisible fence, but I chewed hubby out the rest of the walk for putting our kids IN FRONT of the Massive mean dog!


  14. I'm glad you and Murphie are okay. :) My dog is tiny and I don't think I could handle big dogs. Have a great Friday!! :)

    Sugar and Spice

  15. Oh, my! I got attacked once by a great big dog while I was walking one of our dogs a few years ago, and NOBODY came to help me! It was awful! I cried and cried! I can totally relate! I'm so sorry that happened to you and Murphy!

  16. Oooooh my goodness!! You poor things! I'm so sorry to hear about your doggy drama :( thank the heavens it has a happy ending!

  17. You just kill me. I love these stories even though they are sure to be traumatizing to you. Sorry about that! I wish your life was a reality TV show. It would be sure to be a nationwide hit! It might even compete with The Bachelor for rankings! And then everyone would talk about you on Tuesdays. =)


  18. oh my. I would have been scared to dead. I had a dog bite my ankle when I was a kid, so I don't like dogs coming at me. Luckily, it was winter and I had on snow boots. Glad you both survived. By the way, I am a new follower of your blog. My name is Rose.

  19. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry for you Kristin!!! That must have been horrifying! Poor Murphie...and poor you! I am laughing now though, I'm sorry :) :)

  20. Girl, how do these things always happen to you? I'm so sorry you and Murphy had a tough walk. I hope you both got a treat afterwards.
    Finally in First