Fill Your Basket

Hey everyone!  Hoppy spring!  And happy Easter!  All of us over at Freebielicious have teamed up to celebrate with you by giving away a bunch of freebies.  

My freebie is a simple activity that my kids just love.  Each student needs two dice and/or they can get one dice and roll it twice.  I recommend FOAM DICE so that you don't get a splitting headache and/or pull all of your hair out.   

The students roll the dice, add the numbers, find the sum, and draw what the code tells them to.  EASY!

Maybe you'll get a chance to nap or something while they do this.  

I've done this activity whole class, as well as in centers.

Click {HERE} to download your copy!

Now you're at the end of the bunny hop trail!  :)  Be sure to check out Freebielicious today if you haven't.  There are a BUNCH of goodies to grab!  Click below to start at the beginning of the hop.


P.S.  I was supposed to announce the winners of my Compound Word Picture Cards yesterday, but we had family over all the livelong day.  And being that I am the life of the party, time got away from me.  OOOPS.  I'm tho thorry!  I'll be back tomorrow to announce the winners seeing as how I'll still be on spring break and have absolutely no plans except to wear pjs.   :)


  1. Thanks for the freebie! It looks like a great rpoject to keep the kids engaged.
    I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  2. Well, that's a fun twist! I love how they get to draw the pictures instead of just color them in! Very awesome! :) Thanks so much and Happy Easter to you!

  3. Thanks, I love it! Are you the last stop on the blog hop? The link back to Freebielicious bring you back to the beginning.

    Take care,

  4. Very creative! Thanks so much!
    Ѽ Lori
    Teaching With Love and Laughter

  5. I bet these always turn out so neat!

    Creating & Teaching

  6. so wonderful Kristin!! My kids will LOVE it!
    ❤ jeannie ❤
    Kindergarten Lifestyle

  7. Such a good freebie!!! My kiddos will love this!

  8. Thanks for this freebie! I know my students will LOVE it!

  9. What a cute freebie! I can't wait to do this with my kiddos :) Happy easter!


  10. Love the activity! Thanks so much!

  11. This is going to be such a fun way to practice. Thanks so much for your generousity.
    A Differentiated Kindergarten

  12. Thanks! I love these roll and draw activities! I recently picked up a couple packs of foam dice at the Dollar Tree. They are blank so you can Sharpie-in the dots, or letters, or numbers...you get the idea;-)Love, love, love your blog!

  13. This is fabulous! Thank you so much for this freebie. I'm right there with you about the foam dice! I love your blog. Thank you again, Happy Easter!

    Jungle Learners

  14. Greatness and just what I needed for this week (not that I am procrastinating and just now getting ready for next week, ehem). THANKS!
    <>< Crystal

  15. This is so cute! My nuggets are going to love it!
    Seusstastic Classroom Inspirations

  16. What a fun way to sneak in a little addition practice! Thank you so much :)


  17. I don't teach young ones and I don't teach math, but could I tie it to a 5/6 grade social studies standard.....hmmm.....


  18. Thanks for the great freebie... we have one more week to go until Spring break and I'm sure I can find a use for it:-)

  19. This is so cute!
    It will definitely keep the kids engaged!!!
    Thank you for sharing :)

    Kinder Alphabet

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