Periodontal Pain

I did survive.

And I did not cry so I think it's safe to say that I am ONE TOUGH CHICK.  Don't mess with me, is what I always say.  And then I point my finger and shake my head for added emphasis.  Don't do it, I say.

So yesterday was my gum graft SURGERY.  That's what they called it.  A surgery.  But I was not put under.  So I am going to call it a procedure.  A procedure no one should ever volunteer to have and a procedure in which one should be put under.

This is the entire reason I had my frenectomy drama.  Read about that {here}.

I won't go into specifics about my procedure, but I will tell you the gist.

They took tissue from the roof of my mouth and then attached it to my lower gum area where I guess I needed it.  For all I know, I didn't actually need this done and I was on some hidden camera show or something.  

Before Mr. Perio took the tissue from my palate, he said I probably wouldn't have enough to work with because I am so "petite".  Aw, shucks.  

I snapped my fingers in a "isn't that always the way?" kind of fashion and left.

He chased me down the hallway and out to my car and brought me back.  

What?  That only happened three times.  I'm improving.

Turns out, I had enough tissue in my palate.

It also turns out that alcohol inhibits the healing process.  No, I did not cry.  I didn't!  Something was bothering my contact.

I went home with stitches in the roof of my mouth, stitches in my lower gums, and four prescriptions, people.  FOUR!  Antibiotics, Ibuprofen, Vicodin, and a special mouth rinse.

Hubby took good care of me.  He picked up Panera AND Coldstone for me.  

I'm actually not in a lot of pain today, but we're not telling him that.  I think I can milk this for a week or two.  Alright, at least three days. AT LEAST.

And if you're enjoying a glass of wine tonight, please write my name on it in a wine writer pen, and then have a sip for me.  Okaythankyouverymuch.


  1. Definitely milk it for a week or two! Hope you heal soon!

    Amy Howbert
    Little Miss Organized

  2. You are so brave. I hate going to the dentist especially since mine says I need a gum graft, too. Which dental insurance does not cover. (What's the point of insurance, I ask?)

    Glad you have such a sweet hubby to take care of you. Don't rush it, except the countdown to wine day!

  3. Aw you poor thing!! My sister had the same SURGERY a few months ago and she said it was quite painful! I'm proud of you for not crying :) I hope you heal quickly! I'm drinking a glass for you tonight girl!

    Love and hugs,

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  5. Sorry about your procedure! :( I hope you're feeling better. Dental work is NO fun!

    Sugar and Spice

  6. Hope you feel better!!! I HATE the dentist!!!!! Eeeek! I'll have a glass of wine for you tonight- no prob! :)

    Soaring Through Second

  7. MyDearestSweetFriend:
    OWWWWWWW. Okay, that was shared pain between friends. You may be teeny tiny, but you showed gigantonormous courage.
    I promised myself that I would schedule a dentist appointment over Spring Break.
    I may have to re-read your post for some "You-can-do-it" motivation!

    I hope that you are quickly on the mend...

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  8. What a weird coincidence--my mom just told me yesterday she has to have this procedure done soon! Her one comment was: "I hope they put me out for it." Uh oh. I'll have to break the bad news to her.

    Hope you feel better soon. Oral surgery is never fun. Make your husband pamper you extra :)

    English With Mrs. L.

  9. Kristin - first I missed you at the bloggy meet up...last time...well ok I missed last time but a year ago you had me cracking up. ( no surprises there ). Anyway I am one of the rare people in the world that had this EXACT same surgery but way, way, way back when I was in college in 1991. They took the tissue off the roof of my mouth and the guy said it was actually good I had a retainer because it would help me with the pain and healing and act as a protector from wind, food, air, saliva and whatever else travels into my mouth. Anyway it SUCKS, I feel your pain and am so sorry you are dealing with this ugg! Hang in there -- hugs!!
    Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After

  10. Ouch! I've had that same surgery but because I'm a weirdy I asked if I could watch the procedure. The dr. would give me a mirror after each step. It was soooooo cool and gross all at the same time. It was also the worst pain afterwards I've ever had. IDK if your perio told you but you also need to stay away from drinking soft drinks.

    Take it easy & let the hubby spoil you.

  11. I used to be a dental assistant so I know your pain!

  12. You're one tough cookie. That does not sound fun at all and to think it's part of your spring break...

    We will have a glass of wine (or 3) for ya. Feel better soon -how could you not with that pharmacy in your medicine cabinet!!!

    ~Christy & Tammy
    Fluttering Through First Grade

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