How Do You Spell . . .

Happy Monday!  I can say that honestly because I'm home today.  :)

I wish I could say that I slept in, but little Miss Murphie tends to wake up between 7:00 and 7:30pm.  My twin said she trained her dog to sleep in so when she's here next week, we are going to train Murphie to do the same thing.  If that's the only thing I accomplish this summer, I will consider it a SUCCESSFUL summer!!!!

In between playing with Murphie, drinking coffee, and watching TV, I've been going through some of my files to prep for next year.  One of my files that I send to Print Shop (a wonderful place in our district that you can send originals to and they send it back copied, collated, stapled, whatever you want - and most of the time, our principal PAYS for it which makes it really magical!) is now available on TpT.

Nope.  It's not mine.  You know how lazy I am!!

It's my friend's!  Christina!  The one I'm always referring to . . . I always say "My friend, Christina, gave me the idea."  Or "My friend, Christina, showed me how to do that."  Or "My friend, Christina, is amazing."

She's also the one who moved to North Carolina.  Well, I finally convinced her to open up a shop on TpT.  It was either that or I was going to start selling her stuff and calling it my own.

Wait.  I may already have done that with my  her All About Me Book.  Let's be clear.  I had permission.

Anywho, now she is selling her Spelling program.  Which I use.  Faithfully.  It's a year long, developmental program and, believe it or not, I'm ALLOWED to use it at my school site (even though it's not 100% Fidelity to the Core and all that - oh my word, I just got the shivers and feel a little nauseous), because it's THAT good.  Our whole team uses it.   

My favorite part is the spelling test.  I love that the kids have to write the spelling word, edit errors in a sentence, and then read it in context.   

Don't get me wrong.  I do not like GRADING the spelling tests.  Or even giving the spelling tests.  Especially in the beginning of the year when this always happens:

Me:       Number one --  fox.  The fox is brown.  Fox.

Kid:      What?

Me:       Fox.

Kid:       I don't know how to spell that.

Me:      Well, think about the first sound ---

Kid 2:     I do!  It's f-o-x!  Want me to spell it for you again?

Me:       Listen here, Kid 2, this is a test.  We are not supposed to 
              help each other.

Kid 2:    What?  This is a test?

Kid 3:     What's a test?

Hmmmm.  Is it just me or did I just write the next best selling play?

Click on any of the pics above to check out the Spelling pack if you're in need of a new program or just want to revamp what you're already doing.  You can buy the pieces separately or all together.

I'm super excited for The Bachelorette tonight!  I will be back tomorrow with our regularly scheduled Talk About It Tuesday!  Hooray!!

I'm also excited for those Orange County housewives.  New Jersey did NOT disappoint last night.  Was anyone else annoyed with Caroline?  I am not a Teresa fan but Caroline just needs to BUTT OUT.  Go talk to Deena, how about that?  HUH?

When I yelled at the TV, she did not respond.  So I hope one of you will.



  1. Love your description of giving a spelling test! So true! I love how you perfectly capture first graders in every post!

    I can't wait for Talk About it Tuesday! It's the highlight of my week! Have you seen Lifetime's new show Pretty Wicked Moms? It seems like another show you would have a ball talking about. It's kind of like Real Housewives. Just pure crazy Southern moms. It's on tomorrow night at 9 EST if you want to check it out!

    The Polished Teacher

  2. Caroline totally needs to butt out, but so does Gia! Is she 11 or 30?

    I love the spelling pack, going to check it out now!

  3. I agree with Allyson...why is Teresa listening to GIA?!

    I'm hopping over to TPT to check out the spelling pack!

    First Grade Magic

  4. Agh!! I missed Jersey last night!
    If you get Murphy trained, I have to know the secret!! Maybe it will work on the baby ��

  5. I actually live on the same block as Caroline's and Dina's mom and dad. It is sad because they literally come separate for everything at different times like Father's Day. BUT Dina said my dog was adorable...and I agree there so she is my fave...LOL

  6. I laughed about the spelling test because it is sooooo true. Thanks for the tip, it looks like a great program.

  7. Oooh goodness! This makes me laugh. That pretty much sums up a spelling test at the beginning of the year. :) Thanks for sharing.

    Sweet n Sassy in 2nd

  8. I totally agree with you about the spelling test!! I always dread the first spelling test of the year because it takes 45 minutes to get through!!! By the end of the year, we're down to 15 minutes, but man that first one is tough!!

    Yes, Caroline needed to butt out! I'm already over the drama between the Guidices and the Gorgas! They are just going to spend this whole season going back and forth saying that they are going to be friends and then hating each other again and then back and forth and back and forth!! I'm tired of it! I'm totally Team Melissa, though, I think Teresa is ridiculous and acts like a child most of the time. She thinks that everyone else is to blame, but really it's HER!!

    Ok, whew, that was a lot! No more ranting from me! :)

    Awesome post, as usual. I can always count on you for that!!!
    Katie :)

  9. Thanks for encouraging her to share her ideas. :D Our new reading series even gives me sentences to say when I give a spelling test. I mean....c'mon...I can totally think of a sentence for dad. :D

    You Might Be a First Grader….

  10. I love the look of this spelling program! Do you think you could talk your friend Christina into creating one for second grade? I would love her forever. Seriously. That would happen.

  11. Good luck with the sleep training for Murphie. Can't wait to hear how it goes. Maybe it'll work on kids? Our 1 year old insists on waking up at 5:00 every morning. She doesn't seem to understand that it's summer and Mommy and Daddy would like to sleep in for a change. Oh well, it's a good thing my wife and I are morning people. :)

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