Kindergarten Morning Work {Continued}

Hey everyone!  I can't tell you how excited I am that tomorrow is Friday.  This has been a sloooooooow week.  Sloooooooooow.  Much like the turtles in my room who take foreverrrrrrr to finish an assignment.

Also, much like me, who took foreverrrrrrr to finish my second Kindergarten Morning Work pack.  But it's finished.  I can't see straight and I'm sort of experiencing a paralysis in my right hand, but people, I've said it before and I'll say it again.  I'm a giver.  

(I'm also a taker - mostly in the "Give me a gold tag because when you don't like someone's new haircut, you don't say, "You look funny!"  Instead, we just keep that little truth to ourselves.  And wonder if said student cut it themselves or if this is a new style that I'm unaware of.  I mean, is it meant to look like a Chia pet?  Or is it just a lack-of-gel situation?  Either way, no one should say it looks funny out loud.  Whispers between teachers is one thing -- bold faced honesty to the student is another is what I always say.)


Kindergarten Morning Work {continued} is what I'm calling it. 

It just picks right up where we left off in the other pack.  

Here are some samples:

I am all for giving 3 of these packs away.  Told ya.  I'm a giver.   Just leave me a comment and I'll choose a winner on Saturday morning.  Ish.  In the morning-ish time.  I have decided to sleep in.  I'm determined to sleep in.  And then I am going to have coffee in my pjs.  And catch up on reality TV.  And possibly go back to sleep again.  Then I'll blog.  Wouldn't want you to think anything happened to me.

Click on any of the pics to check it out at TpT.  And, if you'd like to see some of the pages up close and personal, click {HERE} for your three page freebie.  

I'm off to Bible Study!  


Talk About It Tuesday

Ready?  Set.  Go!

Once again, the episode began with another glimpse of Shirtless Sean.  YESH, I SHAY!  YESH!  YESH, SEAN!

Selma got the one-on-one.  She's a super cute girl.  She wore work out clothes on their date even though she said she didn't know what they were doing . . . I don't get it.  AshLee had to wear a short dress and heels to Magic Mountain and little miss Selma wears workout clothes in a limo.  ABC has some explaining to do.   I just loved how she shouted out her weight of 110 pounds.  Now's that's confidence.  I mean, who reveals their weight on national TV?  Besides all the contestants on the Biggest Loser, I mean??  Who does that?

A skinny girl.

There was a private plane instead of a helicopter.  I hereby approve this mode of transportation.

Well, Sean took Selma to Joshua Tree.  And then Selma cracked me up when she said he took the Iraqi to the desert.  Ha!  

I kinda liked that she was disappointed in her date (only because I am sad about Sydney and so I can be petty about people I don't know in real life) and I really wasn't feeling her princess attitude.

"Are we always going to travel like this?"  

"The next time we go on a trip, are we going to fly in this plane?" 

"Can we buy this plane?

 "I'm 110 pounds."

Knock it off.

But, really?  Heights again . . . except instead of going down, they climbed up.  With ropes.  And all the proper equipment.  Piece of cake, I say.  Except Selma felt scared and nervous and afraid.

So Sean gave Selma all the courage and energy she needed and off she went like Spiderwoman.  I think he was hustled is what I think.  I think she's actually a professional rock climber and we were all duped.  As a self-proclaimed-non-athletic-person just like Selma, words of encouragement from my significant other would not have given me the energy I needed to get up that rock.  In fact, most likely, just the opposite would have happened and I would have yelled at my hubby to stop talking already, I would do it on my time when I felt like it, you talking to me is not helping me at all, I can't believe I let you talk me into this, we are never doing this again!  

They had dinner at an RV park of sorts.  I think.  Not really sure.  But either way, Sean wanted to kiss Selma but she's not allowed.  It's a cultural thing, she said.  Something about her mom not wanting her to kiss a man who's been kissing lots of other women on TV.  

I don't think that's cultural.  I just think that's a mom thing.   

Sean gave her the rose even though she wouldn't let him kiss her.  Awww.  What a guy.  Seriously.  What a guy!!!!

Group Date:  Roller Derby


Those poor girls.  Ow.  Ow.  Ouch.  Ow.  

Alien Amanda lied and said she'd done it before.  But she hadn't.  She was using her alien mind powers to make the girls think she had  . . . and it worked.  

Poor Sarah didn't want to do it because of her one arm . . . it was awful.  But Sean talked to her and since he is the sweetest-guy-ever-in-all-the-land, she felt validated and loved and secure and thought no problem . . . just as Alien Amanda fell super hard on the floor and possibly might have broken her jaw or something.

And I didn't snicker.  Nooooo, I didn't.  I thought I had to sneeze.  That's all.

Well, Sean called off the competition because he felt that maybe the date was going wrong . . . seeing as how someone might not be able to eat solid foods for six to eight weeks . . . so they went "old school" and just had a roller skating party.

The memories.  I might not be athletic, but people, I can roller skate in a circle like nobody's business.  Play "I've Been Waiting for a Girl Like You" by Foreigner, give me some Aqua Net, and a pair of Jordache jeans, and I could have skated circles around any of those fools.

Then they got dressed up and hung out around the pool.  Amanda came back and joined the party.  She wasn't hurt very badly . . . her jaw didn't need to be wired shut, goshdarnit.  

Tierra got offended because she is the mean girl in the house and didn't understand why someone wouldn't address her in a conversation . . . so she stomped offandcriedandcrouchedonthefloorandstalkedhim during his time with another girl that I didn't know.  

So Sean let Tierra drag him away and she cried.  Boo hoo hoo.  She told him she was sensitive . . . "I'm sensitive," she said.  Which was actually code for "I'm manipulative and I will stalk you while you sleep."  

Come on!!!  COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

He followed up by giving her the group date rose.  


(My husband's hearing will return - don't worry about it.)

I mean, COME ON, SEAN!!!!!!!!!!

One on one with Leslie H.

Leslie H. got earrings. And she got to ride in some expensive car that I do not know the name of.  And she got to shop on Rodeo Drive.  

I love Sean.  (said in a whisper voice)

Leslie is sweet.  Sean is sweet.  How could any girl not be nice and sweet on this type of date?  HOW?  (Although, I've been known to throw a temper tantrum or two while shopping because most apparel is too long, or they don't have my size, or or it's too long, or I'm hungry, or it's too long.)

Then he gave her a necklace.  She didn't get to keep it.

I was kind of worried for Leslie . . . I didn't think she was going to get the rose.  I don't know why.  He can't keep everyone.  But I really liked her.  Her laugh made me laugh.

But I just wasn't feeling the sparks on Sean's side.  I felt like he was interviewing her, rather than it all just clicking into place.

He let her go.  Poor Leslie.  At least she got to keep the earrings.  

Womp womp.

Cocktail Party

The first thing Tierra said at the cocktail party was that she came on The Bachelor to win

Well, there you go.  That's it right there.  Am I right or am I right?  And why won't my hubby answer these questions?

Tierra apologized to Robyn because she was covering her butt and was afraid the girls might start talking to Sean about what a mean girl she is.   Then she told Sean that girls have a hard time accepting who she is.  


(Okay, it's possible the hubby's hearing may not return for awhile, but that's fine.  It also explains why he isn't answering my questions.)

There was a kiss here and a kiss there . . . 

Roses were handed out.  

Alien Amanda did not receive one.  Instead, she got a big ole bruised chin.  And off she went to the far away planet of Newport Beach, CA.

Previews for next week - two day Bachelor event.  Did ABC hear that my report cards are due that week?  Is that what's happening here?

Am I supposed to have a Talk About It Tuesday and a Talk About It Wednesday?  And then a Let's Talk About Why I Didn't Get My Report Cards Done?

I would like to go on record that even though I don't know what in the world happens in the next two episodes to make Tierra shake that hard . . . I would like to say that there is such a thing as waterproof mascara and she should invest in some.




I am overwhelmed by all the kind words, emails, and comments on my blog and facebook page about Sydney.  Your thoughts and prayers really helped.  I felt like I was getting a hug each time I read a new comment or email.

It's been a rough weekend.   

And, in the interest of telling you everything about myself as you all know I have the tendency to do, I think it's safe to tell you that I am sad.

But.  Deep breath.  Smell the soup, as I tell my kids.  Watch Ellen and laugh a little.  Take dinner to a good friend who just had a baby and hold that baby and smell that baby and squish that baby and pretend you are kidnapping that baby.

So.  Life goes on, apparently.  That's what the baby said, anyway.

Thank you.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you.  It makes me get emotional just thinking about the outpouring of love I've experienced so I'm going to stop talking about it now.

Two things I want to tell you.

First, I had a watch dog come in on Friday.  This is actually a dad, and not a dog, just to be clear.

He thought the identical-twins-related-to-a-famous-person were hysterical.  He got to watch them perform a choreographed dance during our inside recess.  It wasn't that professional, and there was no music, and they may have fallen down a few times, but we all shouted for an encore anyway.

The watch dog also got to see my kids share (oral language).  They were sharing their collection of one hundred things.  And my new girl (who is actually not that new anymore because I got her before Thanksgiving break, but I still think of her as new girl because she almost never talks and I don't know that much about her) got up to share her pencils, of which there were not one hundred and more like six.  I know this because she could hold three in each hand.  But that's neither here nor there because she HATES sharing in front of the class due to her limited English, so I take what I can get.  Up until this point, she echoed what I whispered for her to say.

But, on Friday, she said she didn't need my help.  

And she spoke all on her own, even with transition words!  We didn't care that she said, "First, Second, First, Seventh".  The whole class erupted into applause -- it was a moment.  

We had a moment.

And one of my twins took that moment to wipe pretend tears from his eyes and shout, "TEARS OF JOY, NEW GIRL!  TEARS OF JOY!"

The watch dog lost it.  LOST IT.

He said he could have stayed all day.

Uh, I think not.  I mean, it was the 100th day of school and no one needed to see us eating fruit loops off the floor during our make a necklace activity.

The second thing I wanted to tell you is that (up until this weekend, at least) I've been working really hard on my Kindergarten Morning Work Pack 2.  It's getting this.close to being finished.  So for those of you who have requested more sight words and some sentences, I've got you covered.

Here are a few samples:

(picking up where we left off in the other pack)

So . . . almost finished.  And then I'll give some away!!  Check back this week.

I'm looking forward to the housewives of Beverly Hills and The Bachelor tonight . . . how about you?


You've Got To Be Kidding Me

Remember my whole Dress Debacle last spring?  If not, you can read about it in order {HERE}, {HERE}, {HERE} and {HERE}.  I told you it was a debacle.

I'm currently having a Fun Friday Chart Makeover Crisis.  As you already know, I am sick and tired of the clips.

You've heard me say it over and over.  Sick and tired.  I confiscated three clips from two different girls' heads of hair today because that's how sick and tired I am of clips.  Give me those, I said.  Now.

You also know how I tried to use magnets.

But the student numbers didn't exactly magnetically attract to the magnets which defies all sorts of science to me, but there you have it.  My class got to have a free for all Fun Friday last week which some enjoyed immensely while others felt as if it was the biggest injustice since the last time recess was canceled due to that wayward leaf blowing too dangerously near a child's precious eyeball.  

(No, that's not true.  Scoff.  That would never happen.)  

SO THEN I decided to use velcro.

Hubby thought I could stick the velcro dots on top of the existing magnets and not re-make the chart.  

He has not come to terms with my illness of All-Things-Must-Be-Cute.

I re-made the poster on the weekend.  I made the poster (minus the velcro) because one must laminate the poster with the labels on it so that one has durability and never has to make it again.  Clearly, two times is enough. 

I laminated it at school on Tuesday.

Yes!  It's green.  I'm trying something different here, people.  And the velcro circles are white.  So cute, I tell you.

And then I ran around like a crazy person on a Tuesday morning after a holiday . . . and was I distracted and still a little sick . . . 

I had just enough time to cut out the laminated poster before I had to go pick up my kids from the playground.  I mean, why wait?  I had to finish this darn thing.  It's been a thorn in my side and I needed to show you-all the finished product!!!

So I grabbed my best Laminate Cutting Scissors (there is such a thing and no, you cannot borrow them, and yes, I do hide them) and cut away.

My poster.

Not the laminate.


For those of you not familiar with my illness,
this is not cute.

Now my poster looks like this:

Raise your hand if you think I've lost my ever loving mind.


Talk About It Tuesday

Hey there, Bachelor fans.  Hi there, people just like me!

What a way to start the first minute of the show  --  Sean, shirtless, on a treadmill.  Thank you, ABC.  Thank you.  I think my fever spiked, but I'll be quite alright.

Lesley got the first one on one.  They went to the Guiness Book of World Records museum . . . or shop or place or building . . . 

They had the challenge of beating the longest on-screen kiss which was 3 minutes and 15 seconds or something like that.  Their kiss was cute, fun, funny . . . but was I the only one worried about Lesley's dress coming up in the back?  Or is that just because my big ole booty would never have stayed under that short little shirt dress and the whole wide world would have seen my Spanx?  And why am I worrying about that, anyway, when we all know that dress would have gone past my knees had I been wearing it?

They beat the record.  And, as far as I know, no one in London or France saw her underpants.

(But, seriously, how did she sit in that chair with that dress on?)

Then Sean gave her the rose.  Before or after dinner, I'm not really sure because they went from kissing to sitting in a chair.  I think we missed the dinner.  But it's okay because instead of fireworks shooting off, confetti burst from from the sky.  It was a really nice change!

Group Date:  They went to the beach.

And they had to play Beach Volleyball.  

Before I go any further, I have to tell you that I don't like to play volleyball.  On a court or on the beach.  Or in a pool.  I think it hurts.  And I am just not good at it.  (or any other kind of sport unless it involves doing a somersault or a cartwheel or writing an essay)

Anywho, they played Beach Volleyball.  In bikinis.  The winning team would get more time with Sean, whereas the losing team would have to go home.

It started out fun.  

And then it got competitive and all of these high stakes were involved because this could be their husband and they needed time, people.  TIME!  

Well, one team lost.  Of course.  And they were emotional and tired and exhausted.  For goodness sake, they played beach volleyball on the beach, in the sun, with the ocean nearby, and let's not forget that Sean was there, shirtless.  Talk about a long, hard day.  I'm surprised their necks held up their heads.

The other team went back to Sean's house.  

Desiree and Sean hit it off again.  And then creepy Alien Amanda was all strange and weird . . . but I guess that's normal behavior if you are, in fact, an alien.

And then Kacie B. pulled a fast one.  I didn't like it AT ALL.  She went to Sean and tattled on Amanda and Desiree for being dramatic.  It was really really really stupid.  And dumb.  And not true, I don't think.

Kacie B. ended up looking kind of stupid.  And Sean didn't like the way she was acting.  And I know this because Sean said, "Why are you acting like this?  And where did you put Kacie B.?"

Maybe because Kacie B. WAS acting?  She kept talking about "a plan" and kept looking like her eyes were squinty and confused and full of mascara clumps or something.  I'm with Sean.  I didn't like the way she was acting either.

So Sean gave the group date rose to some other Lindsay chick and then Kacie B. cried and had to leave her interview.  NO DUH.

Then, it's the next morning and the girls were having breakfast and THUMP, THUD, SCRAMBLE, FALL, GASP, GASP, OH MY GOSH, OH NO . . . Tierra took a big fall.  

Sean arrived to take AshLee on a date at about the same time the paramedics came to get Tierra.  But she didn't want to go to the hospital.  Or wear the ugly collar.  It didn't go with her outfit.  Clearly.

The girls weren't buying it . . . who knows?  It was a big fat let down for me.  I thought for sure it was going to be way more dramatic.  Some hair pulling or something . . . and a hot fireman and a paramedic or two . . . throw a girl a bone, why don't ya?

AshLee finally got to go on her date to Magic Mountain.  They actually took two girls from the Starlight Foundation around with them.  It was pretty darn cool and I hope Sean was the reason behind it because I really feel like he might come up with that on his own.  Once can hope, right?  

I was all about the dresses on this episode -- I liked AshLee's dress a lot, but I really think she should have been allowed to change for walking around an amusement park.  I mean, really.  That was just not appropriate.  And when they were on the big ship that goes back and forth like a big swing??  Well, I DID see HER underpants and I was just plain shocked and unprepared.  Yikes.

But I got over it really quick because then she told Sean all about how she was adopted, and she made Sean and me cry.  We just bawled.  So we had to give her the rose.  We had to.

Cocktail party:

Sean brought Sarah's dog to the mansion in a limo.  IN A LIMO.  He didn't take Sarah on a date this week, and he wanted to let her know he was still thinking about her.  So he brought her dog to her.  Leo. 

(Hang on.  I need to look at my wedding ring for a second and remind myself that my hubby is this sweet, too.  Hold on.)

Okay, I'm good.

Tierra had some one-on-one time with Sean and then Desiree interrupted.  So Tierra got mad.  And took him back.

And then a whole big stealing game started and poor Sean just had to go here, there, and everywhere . . . 

Kacie B. tried to salvage the mess she made but, of course, they got interrupted.  It was the overall theme of the night.

With a mean girl here, and a sad girl there, here a short dress, there a short dress, everywhere some underwear, poor Sean the Bachelor had a rose, ABC on Mondays.  (You're supposed to sing that to the tune of Old MacDonald if you weren't sure.)

Rose Ceremony:

Well, he sent Kacie B. home before the ceremony actually started. It was a bummer.  But oh well.  We tried. 

And then he gave Tierra THE FIRST ROSE.  WHAT?!  Come on! It's official.  She's THE ONE this season.  Jake Pavelko and Ben Flajnik (had to look that up) would both pick her in the end just to drive us all crazy, but I have faith in Sean that he will not do that to us with this Tierra-Sat-On-A-Wall-And-Had-A-Great-Fall-Chick.

Two girls were sent home.  

And that wrapped it up.

The previews showed a bunch of Tierra drama next week along with some roller derby injuries.  

I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to it!


Fun Friday

Hooray for a Holiday!  I've heard some of you have professional development today . . . but your kids are off . . . that just doesn't seem fair.  I promise to stay in my pjs and watch TWO Lifetime movies, as well as some good ole fashioned reality TV for you.  I hope that helps.

I'm still sick.  But I am definitely going in tomorrow because I'm not wasting any time today writing sub plans.  No way.  That's crazy talk!

Well . . . remember my brand new magnetic chart for Fun Friday?

I went for it on Friday.  The kids were super excited to try it out, too.

And I'm happy to tell you it worked like a charm!

I'm happy to tell you that butterflies and rainbows appeared!

I'm happy to tell you that flowers bloomed and puppies played!

It was a DISASTER!

It worked pretty okay in the beginning . . . but then those student numbers started falling off.  So while I was trying to get some me time  beat the pants off a first grader in a mean game of Candyland, a huge scuffle broke out at Computers.

Apparently, the four magnets had slipped off which made it appear as if no one was at Computers so four more kids slapped their numbers up on the chart (causing other numbers to fall off) and then I had eight or nine or maybe twelve kids at my piddly two computers arguing about who was actually supposed to be there.  

I'm no brainiac, but my bet was on the four kids already sitting in the chairs and playing on the computers . . . 

And then I had another kid come up and say that their number wasn't sticking to anything . . . and that they really really really wanted to go to blocks . . . 

I said, "Gimme a break!"

I said, "Sorry about your bad luck!"

I said, "You're killing me, Smalls!"

I said, "Don't you cry, booger bear.  Just go to blocks."

He said, "I can?  Really?"

"Go," I said, wearily.

And then I had that same conversation with about twenty-four other kids . . . so we had a Free For All Fun Friday Because I Didn't Care Anymore Whatsoever That This Did Not Work Out And You Live And Learn And I Better Tell All My Friends In Blogger World Before They Make The Chart, Too, And Get Super Mad At Me.

Basically, the gold tags earned from last week did not factor into Fun Friday at all, (except for those four kids at computers) and I learned that it's perfectly acceptable to have eighteen kids paint with water colors at the Art Center because they learn to share that way, as well as work out their differences where paint brushes are concerned.  That's pretty darn important in my book.  I'm sure that will come in handy later on in life.  I mean, you never know when you're going to find yourself at Paint a Memory.

So it's back to the drawing board.

I'm going with velcro dots.  I already got them.

They're expensive, but I had a gift card and another kind of card that the husband will have no idea about until the bill comes. 

I also bought more poster board. 

I also bought more color ink because I need to print out more labels.

All for Fun Friday.

All because I'm sick and tired of the clips.

All because I have issues.

I have heard that others have my same type of issues so I'm not that worried about it.

Check this pack out for my Fun Friday labels or you can make your own because they're EDITABLE!

Enjoy your day - I hope you're off!


Tho Thick

Oh, I'm thick.  Thuper thick.

If you're not a regular on this ole here blog, that translates to "Oh, I'm sick.  Super sick."

It's because I was bragging the other day about how I no longer get sick and that I do not have a weak constitution (my sister, Lisa, would rather I say "immune system" but I think constitution sounds like we're in the Victorian age or something which makes me sound fancy) anymore.

Apparently, my constitution has a leak in it somewhere . . . and I'd venture to say it's in my nostrils.

They're clogged and runny at the same time.

My ears are plugged.

My throat hurts.  

My eyes are watery.

I'm coughing.

I'm basically your basic NyQuil commercial.

It's generally all happening in the upper regions of my body and I refuse to allow it to get to the flu stages so I'm following doctor's orders (the doctor that I didn't go see, but who would say the magic words anyway) and staying in my pjs for the next two days.

I tell you all this because I tell you everything, but also because we did our cute "I'm Sick" art and writing project this week that I blogged about last year.  You can read that whole post [HERE}.  I recently linked up with Denise at Sunny Days in Second Grade with that post, too.  You can get a lot of good ideas for Winter on Denise's linky.

Here's a picture of this year's bulletin board:

I'm missing two.  These two kids took an extra long MLK, Jr. weekend.  And I wasn't invited.
One was afraid to tell me he was going to Disneyland.
I don't know why.
I don't cry EVERY TIME a student tells me
 they're going without me.

Here's a close up (from last year):

Our topic for writing was "Several things happen when I am sick."  But you could change that.  

As a matter of fact, another blogger, Miss Cosby of You Might Be a First Grader, sent me a sweet email about this project . . . and she created a writing template to go with it if you're looking for a freebie!

My kids loved writing about what they do when they're sick.  Lots of hot tea, toast, blankets, TV, couch time, and soup were prescribed.   A couple of kids wrote about vomit - of course, why not?  And my identical twins both wrote about bee pollen which I had no idea was actually useful until I talked to my team about it and they all agreed.  My only problem is that I'm afraid of bees so I don't know how I'd go about getting their pollen . . . 

Lastly, before I go, I wanted to give you an update on Sydney because I've received a few emails and comments about her.

You all are too sweet.

She's hanging in there . . . she's not eating as much, but still goes absolutely whack-a-doodle for a hotdog.  So we buy hotdogs in bulk now.  I apologize if you were trying to have a BBQ this weekend - we bought the last one-thousand bags.  She also loves going to the park and on car rides, too.

The only thing that scares me is that, occasionally, she will shiver or tremble.  It kills me!  I cover her with a blanket and that seems to help . . . but I just don't know if she's cold or in pain.  Old people are always cold, right?  I'm always cold and I'm old.  I mean, she's 91 in dog years, headed towards 98.  We're only a few years apart.  Is she just cold?  Or is it a sign that she is in pain?

Okay, well, enough of that.

I need to go blow my nose now.  And drink some hot tea.  And take a nap . . . 


Listening Center Stools

Oh, am I glad tomorrow is Friday.  And that I have a THREE DAY weekend!  Yippee!!!   

Before I get on with the real reason for this post, I have to clarify something about my new Fun Friday chart.

The magnets themselves are not slipping off.  They're sticking to the laminated chart perfectly fine.  

What's falling off are the student numbers!  At the bottom!  Dadgumit!  They're just not very magnetic with the other magnets . . . even though they're the same kind and I tested it before I started this whole project!  (she said in the most annoying and whining voice ever)

I'm still just going for it tomorrow and I'm going to see what happens.  But my hubby came up with a good idea just in case it doesn't work out.

He suggested I get the little white circle velcro dots and just stick them on top of the black circle magnets.  No re-making the chart necessary!!!  So I'll see about that . . . but it still has to look cute.  If it doesn't, I'll have to remake the whole chart, obviously.


Today I want to talk about my new stools!!  I just got them yesterday.  They are from School Outfitters!

(By the way, this is not a commercial.  I searched, paid for, and waited patiently for these stools to arrive.  I'm blogging about them because I love them and I want to.  The End.)  

New stool!

These are the perfect height for my back counter and take up MUCH LESS ROOM than the big chairs my kids need in order to actually reach the counter.    

Listening Center
with 4 new stools!

My kids thought the "holes" in the stools were the coolest things ever.  So I told them that I was actually the one 
who made those holes.  

The stools are extremely lightweight.  I mean it.  The box had all five (I tucked one away for now.  Just in case.) stacked together, fully assembled.  I was able to carry that box all the way from the office to my classroom BY MYSELF.  ALL THE WAY!!  Without taking a break or setting the box down!  FOR REAL!

Fully assembled, I repeat.  All I had to do was take the stools OUT OF THE BOX.  Some were upside down which was a bit tricky to navigate, but I managed.

Here are the stools in action at Centers today.  My kids go bananas for centers.  BANANAS.  (I think it's because we only get centers on Tuesdays and Thursdays for about twelve minutes.  Talk about keeping the novelty alive.)

Awww.  So cute.
Mouths closed.  Listening.  
That is, until they heard MY VOICE on the tape and freaked out.

No book on tape or cd this time around.
Oh no - not this week.   
It's ME on the tape!  
They have to follow my directions and decorate the snowman according to my specifications.
I also dictate some sentences for students
 to write on the back.

I recorded this tape (and several others) about twelve years ago when I moved schools.  My old school had EVERYTHING including books on tape, pipe cleaners, tissue paper, counters in the shapes of bears and ducks and dinosaurs, construction paper, water bugs, crayons, mice, etc.

My current school really doesn't have anything so before I bought every book and tape that Scholastic offered, I just recorded my own voice doing all sorts of things.

And, as you know, I have to be silly and stupid which means I take what is supposed to be an important standard and turn it into The Disney Channel complete with the obligatory cheese factor.  

In other words, when my kids are supposed to be QUIETLY LISTENING, they tend to guffaw out loud . . . which startles the rest of us.  

And, did you know that when your kids are wearing headphones, the talking and guffawing is EXTREMELY LOUD?

So when you're in a serious game of checkers with a first grader and you're about to make your next move, the following conversation can really rattle you.




If you think you might be in the market for some stools, you can check them out {HERE}.  Again, this is not a commercial.  I just really like my new stools and I'm thinking of buying another set!  Maybe for my house . . . 


Magnets ???

Happy Wednesday!

I tend to like Wednesdays.  It's our Early Out Day.

I also got a lot accomplished today - but eating and using the restroom were not on the list so I don't know how long this post is actually going to be . . . 

But I'm sort of excited to show you my new and revamped Fun Friday chart.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, you can read my post all about it {HERE}.

I say "sort of" excited because I'm already thinking I may need to re-re-vamp it.

(This behavior of going back and forth and changing my mind is exactly what I was trying to describe to you on my Talk About It Tuesday post from yesterday when Lesley could not decide whether or not she should kiss Sean . . . )

Anywho, just as a reminder, this was my old Fun Friday chart:

Let me be clear.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE Fun Friday.

But I am sick and tired of the clips.  SICK AND TIRED, I tell you.  
As a matter of fact, I've stopped wearing any kind of clip in my hair.  Even the ones with butterflies and puppy dogs.  And I've outlawed my girls from wearing them, too.  Our hair is down or in a pony tail and that's all.  I said, sick and tired of clips.  And from what I hear, some of you are sick and tired of your clips, too. 

I had an email from a follower a loooooong time ago about my chart . . . and whatever it was she said (sorry - I can't remember who it was!) got me thinking.

Uh oh.  Teeny was thinking.

And I came up with this:

MAGNETS!  I love magnets.  I pretty much buy these in bulk, along with candy and wine.

The numbers at the bottom of the chart are student numbers.  This will work even better when I reinforce the fact that we actually have student numbers. (I am not good at this unless it comes to supplies and then I'm a crazy person.)

Each Fun Friday center will still have 4 available spots.  But instead of 4 clips, there are 4 magnets.

This shows 4 people at the Computer Center.
And a couple of people at Cars.

But then I worried about what to do when I close a center.

Close a center??  What's that, you ask?

Why, that's for when I find that the Art Center is basically a gigantic puddle of water and a bunch of paper that looks like trash wadded up at the bottom of the bin.  So then I yell  say loudly just calmly take the 4 clips off the chart and say it's closed next week due to the failure of proper clean up procedures as noted in the Fun Friday manual passed out on the first week of school.

I have to be able to close a center.  I mean, it's in the manual.

So then I came up with this:

I made a blank card and put magnets on the back of it.
BAM!  Art is closed.
I win.

I put magnets on the BACK OF THE CHART for that little blank card's home.  So I know where it is.  And I don't lose it.  I'm telling you, I thought of everything.  (Wait for it . . . )

I love my new chart!  I will no longer have to make any more clips when my kids break them.  Which means I will no longer have to say I'm going to make more clips, but then I never do, and so there are only two kids at computers, and one kid at Candyland playing against himself.  (It's the darndest thing.  He always wins.)


Here's my dilemma.  (No more waiting.  It's here.  Dun Dun Dun!)

I brought my new chart to school today.  And during the transferring of it from my car to my classroom, two  three  a whole lot of magnets FELL OFF.  Even though they're magnets!  As in, MAGNETIC! 

Math and Science people?  Explain this, please.

I put them all back on the chart calmly and hung it up.

And then, when my kids were oohing and aahing over the new chart and asking if today was Friday (this is what happens when you're told not to do Calendar anymore), MORE magnets fell off when I moved the chart closer.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.  :(

My original thought (before the magnets) was velcro.  But I hate the scritch-scratch-stop-playing-with-your-shoes-who-is-doing-that-I-said-stop-part of velcro.  So I went with magnets which I thought was BRILLIANT.

Might still be.  Fingers crossed.  

I am going to try the new chart on Friday.  (Please pray for my sanity.)

And if I end up re-doing the chart with velcro, it doesn't matter.  I am made of money, don't you know.

Just rolling in it.

And the chart is recyclable.

I think.

Math and Science people, is it recyclable?

PS - the adorable frames are from Mr. Magician on TpT.  I am trying to figure out his TOUs and once I know it's okay to share my labels as a freebie, I will give them to you.  Click {here} to see his store on TpT.