Talk About It Tuesday

Hey there.  It's Tuesday.  Are you ready to talk because I sure am.

First, let me just preface this post by saying that there really wasn't enough drama going on in this episode.  Everyone is in love, everyone is on their best behavior.  It's practically a Barney episode.   

The episode starts with Sean reflecting about the remaining three girls.  None of which are Desiree, by the way.  Grrrrr.  In a nutshell, Sean basically said:

Catherine is weird, nerdy, and goofy.
He and AshLee have the strongest connection.
The spark for Lindsay has grown into a massive flame.
He misses Desiree.

1.  Lindsay

Sean and Lindsay went to an outdoor Thailand market.  There was a little bit of foreshadowing when Sean asked her if she was adventurous with food . . . I knew right away what was about to transpire.  And, sure enough, Sean wanted her to eat bugs.  And, folks, they ate TWO.  

Then Sean and Lindsay fed some monkeys.  Luckily, they didn't eat any.  I was a little worried there for a second.  Sean and Lindsay later had dinner in front of traditional Taiwanese floats.  Lindsay said everything is open for her and she would be ready to move to Dallas.  Justlikethat.  (That impressed me because, for example, every time I had to move as a child I put up some kind of a fight.  I mean, really.  I get attached to people and places.  Call me crazy.)  

Sean and Lindsay decided to stay in the fantasy suite.  And for all you people with your minds in the gutter, I have read between the lines and I want you to know that Sean just wanted MORE TIME AWAY FROM THE CAMERAS with each woman -- he is not a player.  Nope.   

BIG SIGH.  Lindsay finally told Sean that she loved him.  And all Sean could say was . . . well, nothing, because he's not allowed.

2.  AshLee
Sean made Ashlee swim through a cave to get to a private beach.  She was very concerned about the availability of a floatie even though Sean continued to tell her that she just had to hang onto him.  Hello?  Done.  Give me a high five and call me Velcro.

AshLee continued to make parallels and metaphors and similes and used all sorts of words to basically say that she was freaked out and is just so totally in love. 

Um.  I don't know about you, but I think she needed to calm the heck down.  Relax already.  Smell the soup.  You love Sean.  We get it.  Now stop acting crazy.

The swim through the cave was so nerve wracking.  I honestly thought they might not make it.  I was on pins and needles the whole time.  

But they did.  Phew.  Talk about a nail biter.

When Sean pulled out the Overnight Fantasy We Won't Do Anything That Teeny Wouldn't Do Because We Just Want More Time To Talk And Sean Is A Nice Guy Suite, he confirmed and validated my theory.  He is NOT a player.  

It's clear as day.  Right?

AshLee then told Sean the cut of diamond she likes and her ring size.  Okaaaay.  (This kind of reminded me of the time one of my friends was interviewed for a teaching position, and when the principal asked her if she had any questions, she said, "Yes.  Which classroom is mine?"  And yes, it was a FRIEND.  Not me.)

But then she got hired so maybe this might work for AshLee? 

3.  Catherine
There were no bugs or caves.  Just sail boating and snorkeling.  There was lots of conversation and talk about commitment issues.
Like, lots.  Lots and lots of talking.  

I thought I could talk, but Catherine might have me beat.

Again, there were no Fantasy Suite issues -- just two innocent kids staying up all night talking.  No hanky panky business going on at all.  I'm sure of it.

Sean watched the video messages that the girls made for him.

Lindsay's was cute.
Catherine's was a lot of talking.
AshLee's was a metaphor about a wall and Berlin.  Or maybe not Berlin?  I don't know.  I stopped listening when she started crying.  Get ahold of yourself, I said.  You've known Sean for how long?  Sean needs to think about AshLee in the future.

Sean:  Do you want to bungee jump or skydive tonight?
AshLee:  Well, (beginning to cry) I have this wall and I don't know how to get down from it or over it or past it (tears) and I'm scared so you might have to talk me into it (more tears) because this is really hard for me. (sniff sniff) I don't know why I'm crying.  I said I wouldn't cry between 3 and 4:00 today.  Are you sure we have to do either one?  Can't we just stay home (sniff) and I will stare adoringly up at you?

Sean stood there looking a little awkward.  I wished he would have put his hands in his pockets.  Just saying.

Cut to the Rose Ceremony.

He let AshLee go after about ten loooong minutes of stares and sighs and grimaces on everyone's part.  It was THE WORST EDITING OF ALL MANKIND.  It was worse than Ryan Seacrest on American Idol.  I don't know why they didn't dim the lights.  It was that bad.  

AshLee tried to be all tough and not allow Sean to talk to her.  "Just stay here," she said.

And then, for the first time, she did NOT cry in front of him.  

Did you hear the horror movie soundtrack playing in the background, too, or was that just me?  EEEEE -- EEEEE -- EEEE!  Yikes.  Sean needs to watch his back, I think.

AshLee finally broke down and hid her face from the camera and, for once, we couldn't see her cry.

Poor AshLee.

Girls Tell All is next week.  And then we have the finale the week after that.  The previews TRULY looked like the MOST DRAMATIC SEASON FINALE EVER.

Who thinks that letter is from AshLee?  Or Desiree?


How Was Your Day?

I had a great blog post in mind for tonight.  It was terrific.  I thought how wonderful it would to be share with you all.

And then I went to school.

And here's how my day went down:

1.  I picked the students up from the playground in the morning to hear one of my little rascals say, "Did you get my mom's email?"  Noooooo, I thought, followed by oh no, what did I do now?  Turns out that said student was battling constipation and could I allow said student to use the restroom whenever necessary, as well as take as much time as needed?  

Er, um, . . . well, how does one respond to that email?  Did you try some Mucilax?  Or fiber?

2.  I picked the students up from the playground at first recess to discover one rambunctious boy was "accidentally" hit in the eye with a ball and he said he had blurry vision.  Well, considering he is rambunctious and loud and talks all the time, I thought it prudent to send him to the nurse immediately.

3.  I picked the students up from the playground at lunch time to find out that my one little girl who had been absent during the morning due to a TOOTH EXTRACTION had returned, and she couldn't get over the fact that the left side of her mouth was numb. "Do I look funny?  I feel funny.  Am I puffy?  Do I look weird?  Can you tell that I can't feel my cheek?  Look at me.  Do you see the numb part?  Do I look strange?"

No, but you sound funny.

4.  I decided NOT to pick my kids up from the playground at last recess.

Alright, alright, I did.

My teacher friends talked me into it.  They reminded me I needed my paycheck to pay for all of Murphie's treats and college education  obedience school.

I finally picked the students up from the playground at last recess to find one student in tears because she had drawn a beautiful picture (instead of playing) and everyone was trying to take a peek at it, and she didn't want them to, and it really really really (whine a little as you read this) really really really hurt her feelings.

I may have told her to draw an ugly picture next time and then no one would want to see it . . . 

So there you have it.

In a nutshell.

My day.

How was your day?


Five for Friday

Hooray for Saturday!!  We have dinner plans with some super good friends of ours tonight -- and since Sheri reads my blog, I should remind everyone that Sheri is the one who helped me go on an archaeological dig for the finger in the trash can.  Apparently, that incident bonded us for life because we're still friends sixteen years, three kids (her), three dogs (me), one career change to domestic goddess (her), one school transfer (me), and countless numbers of lunches and phone calls later.

I'm linking up for the first time with Kacey from Doodle Bugs Teaching (I love her!) for Five for Friday.  I couldn't get it posted last night because even though we only had a four day week, it felt really long, and I came home and could barely hold my head up.  I wanted a glass of wine, but the effort of uncorking a bottle was beyond me.  Now THAT'S saying something!

1.  This is what I did on Monday for President's Day.

I told myself when it first aired that this was stupid.  Stupid spinoff.  Come on.  When the hubs asked if I was going to watch it, I was indignant.  No, I said.  It's stupid!  

And then I was off for President's Day.  And Bravo aired a marathon right after a re-run of the Atlanta Housewives which I had to catch up on.  And then Murphie distracted me and so I was unable to change the channel/and or turn off the TV.  I was trapped.  Clearly, it wasn't my fault.   

And now I'm addicted.

Stassi drives me crazy.  Jax can be really cute at times.  Kristin has my name.   There you go.  My hands are tied when another character has my name.  Must watch.


Round two of antibiotics for a RAGING UTI.  Kill me now, I said. Stop telling me to drink all that water and cranberry juice.  I'm a teacher.  I teach.  I'm not allowed to use the restroom every five minutes.  Do you think I am a first grader??

Here's what went down on my SECOND visit to the Urgent Care (because I had no time to schedule an appointment during the week with my primary care physician because, again, I'm a teacher).  

*Mr. Physician's Assistant thumped me on both shoulder blades and declared that at least it wasn't a kidney infection.

*Mr. Physician's Assistant tried to prescribe me an antibiotic that I could not take with my heart medicine.  Once I asked him if it was okay to take with my heart medicine, he said, "What?"  And then proceeded to look over my chart.

*Mr. Physician's Assistant said he would send my urine to the lab for screening and it wasn't until I got to my car that I realized I hadn't left a urine sample in order for him to do this because he never asked.   

About five days after THAT, I started feeling a lot better.  That was Wednesday, I think.


Teddy Bear Day.  I wonder if I should have sent home the note my partner teacher did about making sure your teddy bear fits in your backpack . . . 


Murphie's ears are outta control!  That right ear can stay up for quite awhile before falling over again.  This little girl just got enrolled for Puppy Obedience at some famous Cesar Milan approved/stickered/must-be-amazing training facility.  I have high hopes that they will teach her that she cannot keeping sitting in my spot on the couch.  Priorities, people.


We just found out yesterday that my niece, Ashley, (the one who scared Sydney half to death) got into her first choice school.  I am so proud of her.  A tear or two might have slipped out.  She has worked really hard and overcome a lot to get here, and I sincerely believe that she deserves this.  :)

Best part?  It's in WINE COUNTRY!!!

Second best part?  Road trip in four weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  With just the girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Road trip?  Wine Country?  Just the girls?

Another tear or two may have just leaked from my eyes.

So there's my Five for Friday on a Saturday.

Link up with Kacey!!  


Hall Pass

I am linking up with my buddy, Reagan, over at Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits.   Reagan also shares the love of The Bachelor with me, but gets to watch it three hours before me.  This is completely unfair.

Anywho, I got a Hall Pass and now I'm sharing.  

P is for my favorite Product
I love my Rhyming Cards.  I use them ALL THE TIME because our district constantly assesses first graders on rhyming words even though we just did it, and did I also mention that my kids have to come up with two words that rhyme with another word out of thin air and if they can only come up with one word then they don't even get credit for that one word because they have to have TWO?  

My kids love the cards because we play "Find your rhyming partner" a lot, but they also love to use them in our centers.  The pack also has differentiated worksheets to go with it . . . if you're so inclined to use worksheets.  My kids prefer the partner game for some reason.  I don't have any pictures of us using these cards because I wasn't prepared.  I think I was pulling my hair out and/or crying because one of my kiddos could only come up with one  rhyming word/and or thought waterskiing rhymed with boat.  So I didn't have my camera ready.

A is for the Area of my room that I really like right now
I just talked about this area on a recent post because I love my new stools, and they have finally made this center accessible and easy and compact and cute and fun.  Everything I'm always looking for, but can't seem to get.

Listening Center Area

Up close!

In action!

Seriously, this picture makes me all kinds of happy.  Mainly because these kids are LISTENING and not talking in this picture. And the boy on the far right has a really hard time not talking.  And when he talks, he talks really loud.  So this is a nice break.  Also, these kids can't see what else is going on around them.  They can't see that the kids in the math center are not using the manipulatives correctly or that the kids playing the Sight Word game are just seeing how high they can throw the dice and not practicing their sight words at all.

S is for my Favorite Signal right now
Oh, I have a list of signals.  I probably use too many.  Right now, my favorite one is I say, "Macaroni and Cheese" and everyone else says, "Everybody Freeze!"  And then they freeze.  And some kids fall over because they're trying to freeze on one foot, bent over at the waist near the trashcan.

I use all kinds of "I say, you say", such as "Hot - Dog, Salami - Sandwich, Pepperoni - Pizza, First - Grade, Lunch - Time" etc!

I like to do clapping rhythms, too.  For whatever reason, this is magical and they try to copy my pattern and rhythm . . . and they DO NOT TALK.  I don't understand it, but THEY JUST STOP TALKING.  Maybe it's because they cannot clap and talk at the same time?  Maybe it's because I look dazzling when I'm clapping?  

My last little signal is more of a trick.  When we're transitioning to the carpet and they're a little chatty, I will write a quiet citizen's name on the easel IN CURSIVE!  And then I'll write another one IN CURSIVE!  And another and another and before you know it, I have all 28 of my kids sitting like little angels because they are just DYING TO SEE THEIR NAME IN CURSIVE.  I don't like my cursive writing AT ALL, but they don't know that's it not that pretty.  My favorite letter to write in cursive is capital L, by the way.  What's yours?

S is for my Sanity when I don't think I'm going to make it through the day
Right now, it's Girl Scout Peanut Butter Patties.  One or two a day based on the circumstances of the day.
I also like starbursts.
I also like Coke Zero and Diet Dr. Pepper.
Left over math pills will work in a pinch.
Venting to my team.
Going out to lunch on Fridays with my team and a rogue second grade teacher who we love.
Bopping myself in the head.
Chipping off all my nail polish.
Prayer (which should be the FIRST thing I do, obviously)

So.  There's my Hall Pass.  Do you have yours????  Link up {HERE}.


Talk About It Tuesday

So I semi-survived a rainy day back after a three day weekend.

I say semi-survived because I decided to sing Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes with my kids and, in doing so, I sped it up as usual which made my long, flowing, paid-for blond locks whip back and forth so fast that they got in my new contacts so then I couldn't see and then I cried my eye make-up off.  If you do not know this song, nor sing this song, I highly recommend it but either cut your hair off or wear it in a pony.

But you don't want to hear about that . . . 

Let's talk!

I can't believe it was already time for the Hometown Dates!  This season is flying by!   

1.  AshLee - Houston, TX 
Sean told us that he knew he had to really focus on their date because AshLee told him that she loved him on last week's episode.  In fact, she screamed it at the top of her lungs.  I am still worried for her . . . I don't think she's it.  But as soon as she said that he will "protect her heart", I had horrible memories of Casey's (Jake and Vienna's season) infamous tattoo, "I will guard and protect your heart."  You, too, can have these same memories but you have to say it in Casey's weird voice or the horrible memories won't flare up like mine.

Lunch with AshLee's parents was super pretty.  They sat outside.  

AshLee got emotional talking about the Polar Bear Plunge and then pretty much gave an ABC audition for The Bachelor in creating metaphors for submerging and re-emerging and leaving things in the water and coming out refreshed and wet and cold . . . or something like that.  Whatever it was she said, it was perfect for the Bachelor.

2.  Catherine - Seattle, WA
They went to that famous Pike's Fish place.  I think it's called Pike's Fish.  I don't know.  Not really.  The Real World was filmed there once.  Anyways, I once watched a motivational video on that fish market before a new school year started and it was absolutely amazing.  We were throwing kids back and forth that whole year.  Sean caught a lot of fish.  In a row!  Of course.  :)

Catherine is a fun girl - you could totally tell that Sean was having a great time with her while they walked around on the wharf.  It was very natural.  (Whereas AshLee's date was more subdued and grown up.)   

Lots of women in Catherine's family.   

(As an aside, I LOVE LUMPIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY WORD ---- SO GOOD!  If you haven't tried it, I highly recommend it because I'm the world's pickiest eater and I can eat about sixteen of these in a row.  That's an exaggeration on my part and not a specific amount no matter what my hubby tells you.) 

Catherine's sisters were a little bit of a killjoy.  If my sister brought home Sean, I would have had my makeup and hair professionally done, as well as a stylist dress me, and then maybe I would have asked Sean to let me sit on his back while he did a push up.  Is that being a killjoy?  I don't think so!   

Sean couldn't get the mom's blessing . . .  

3.  Lindsay - An Army Base somewhere in Missouri
Sean and Lindsay walked around the town, having fun, eating cupcakes, drinking beer - my kind of date!  Sean was really nervous to meet the General.  He didn't know what to call him . . . but then Lindsay took Sean to task with push ups and sit ups and other army things.  It was hilarious.  I was cracking up.  "KISS ME HARDER!"  Haha!  

This date made me really like Lindsay.  

Lindsay's mom was reallyreallyreally nice.  And her dad gave a big long speech about jumping out of airplanes, and landing on the ground, and finding out where you are, or where you might not be, and then he gave his blessing.  Awwww.  The general ended up being very down to earth.  Much like my father in law, a retired Marine Sergeant.  For real.  Except that he would have had to have been bleeped an awful lot if he'd been on TV. . . 

4.  Desiree - Los Angeles, CA
They went hiking which Sean liked because he keeps saying he's an outdoorsy guy and active.  (Would he think a patio couch outdoors and channel surfing is active enough?)

They went back to Desiree's apartment and some man showed up to tell Desiree that he still loved her.  Meanwhile, Desiree couldn't keep from smiling because it was a big fat joke.  And you all called it!  I thought it would be Sean's prank, but it was Desiree's! Just like you all said.   

Then Desiree's parents and brother came over.  There was lots of laughter.  Except brother was extremely skeptical.  And a bit of a tough guy.  He  had a big ole chip on his shoulder.  Sean could have knocked it off with his big gigantic muscles, but he was ever the gentleman.  Brother thought Sean was a bit of a playboy and told him so.  It was very tense and awkward.  

Poor Sean.  He felt riled up.  And unhappy.  I just wanted to hug Sean and make it all better.

Stupid brother.  

Poor Desiree.  What was up with the siblings last night??  GEESH.   

Rose Ceremony:  Desiree asked to speak to Sean right before he handed out the first rose.  She just wanted to apologize for her brother one more time.  And, of course, Sean made her feel better.  

Is it just me or he is the best bachelor ever?   

AshLee got the first rose.  Wow.  I did not expect that.  Lindsay got the second rose.  Called it.  No one heard me call it, but I did.

When it came to the final rose, Sean sort of had a freak out.  He left the girls hanging while he went back into the staging room to stare at their pictures in the frames instead of seeing them face to face.

And then . . .  he gave the rose to Catherine.

My jaw is still on the floor, people.  On the floor.  

Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I really liked Desiree!!!!!  I did!!!!!!!!

Oh DESI!!  WAAAA!!  :(

Stupid brother.  Will he ruin her chance for being the next bachelorette?  I wonder.

Sean and Desi's goodbye outside the limo . . . heartbreaking.  

Seriously.  Really sad.  I was glad there wasn't a balconey nearby or we may have run the risk of a Jason Mesnick scene.  Instead, Sean just kept his hands in his pockets and stared at the ground like a MANLY MAN.  And then he sat on a bench.  And I think he prayed.

And then it was over, except that . . . SEAN TELLS ALL is coming on tonight!!!!  With never before seen footage!!  I'm so excited!

I can't promise a Talk About It Wednesday.  We'll see.  But no promises here.  

I need rest, people.  And I need Murphie not to pee so much.

Final Three - Lindsay, Catherine, and AshLee.

Who do you predict for the final two?


Winner and Junk

Let's take care of some business first!

The winner of the All You Need Is Love Giveaway is . . . 

Seeing as how I'm new to this whole rafflecopter thing, I have no idea if this is Appropriate Announcing Of The Winner or not.  

But any way you look at it (and believe me, I have looked at this from every angle trying to figure out if there is a better way to announce this), Susan Chew is the winner of the TpT gift certificate and one item of her choice from my "store".  Congratulations, Susan!

I am off today for George Washington.  Are you?  I have heard that some people are not off and I do not understand it.  And I feel sorry for you.  Now you must return the favor and feel sorry for me if you get a Ski Week or something ridiculous like that . . . a whole week off in February?  What?  WHAT?

Today, on my day off, I sorted gummi bears for our upcoming Teddy Bear Day on Wednesday.  It's extremely hard work to sort yellow, white, and orange gummi bears when you are color blind.  However, I recently learned I may not actually be color blind.  I just might be so dang near sighted that I can't see the differentiation in colors.  

That's what the eye doctor said last week.  "So dang near sighted that I can't see the differentiation in colors."

I think I just rolled my eyes.  My so dang near sighted eyes.

We're pretty much doing the same thing this year as we did last year for Teddy Bear Day.  We already painted our T-shirts and sent them home.  Now the kids just have to remember to wear them.

You can read all about how we celebrate Teddy Bear Day {here} in last year's post.

Other than Teddy Bear Day, we should have a pretty normal week.  A week without a big event.  Minus the Teddy Bear t-shirts and teddy bears, anyways.

I do have to work on my Pinks and Blues later today though.

Pinks and Blues?  Huh?

The paper is pink for girls and blue for boys.  And I have to fill out all this info on each student, including strengths, weaknesses, assessment scores, behavior, IEPs, SSTs, CELDT, Speech, etc. etc. etc.

It is AWFUL.

And don't ask why they are due on Friday when the end of the year is not until a lifetime away and I live in fear that summer will never come again because it's cold and wintry and I'm wearing Uggs inside the house (and, well, because we're potty training Murphie and there is just no rhyme or reason to when I am going to have to jump off the couch and get to the back door and outside on the grass before she pees on yet another place on the area rug when the entire rest of the downstairs is travertine tile and how can she pee again when I just took her out?).

So yep.  Potty training and crate training going on around here.  The potty training is going . . . okay.  We're getting there.  I see a light at the end of the tunnel.

The crate training is fine at night.  No problem.  I'm tired.  Get in the crate, I say.  Kiss kiss.  Shut the door.  Halfway through the night, I take her out for a potty break.  I'm tired.  Get in the crate, I whisper.  Kiss kiss.  Shut the door.

Crate training during the day?  Well . . . it's a lot more difficult.

Reason Number One
These two are in love and I am jealous.

Reason Number Two
This is the cutest thing ever and 
how could I stick her in a crate?
I'm not even sure that sleeping position is possible in a crate.

Reason Number Three
She has taken to sitting right under my feet while
I blog, do schoolwork, or whatever.
She's there now.


Apparently, I am in need of some training, too.  Obviously.


It's Not Really Valentine's Day

I would say Happy Valentine's Day, but it's not really Valentine's Day yet.

I know!!  I know!!

I know it's February 14!!  I get it!

But our school can't celebrate it until tomorrow.  Because tomorrow is Friday and that's considered an appropriate party day. Not a Thursday, for heaven's sake!  Who do you think we are?  A school that abides by a calendar year or something?

Today was just a regular old day.  Except that I had to take a half day and drive out to that far away land to see the dentist again.  Is it just me or do I see the dentist way too much?  Is it because the hubby's aunt works there and they make me?  And they bully me?  And they are into my business way too much and so as soon as I walked in, they all (they all being the front office staff, the hygenists in the back, the dental assistants, and the actual dentist) asked if I'd had my gum graft yet??

Um, that would be a big fat no because I don't want to have a gum graft.  

Now I have an appointment because they called the periodontist for me and scheduled it.  Even though I cried and carried on.

Today's visit was just a regular cleaning.  

But nothing goes for regular for me.  So it was a cleaning and let's see what else might be wrong with Kristin.

So, whilst I was getting my cleaning and trying to answer questions with dental equipment in my mouth, my hygenist discovered that one of my bottom teeth is moving.

And it shouldn't be because I have a PERMANENT BOTTOM RETAINER.  Which RETAINS my teeth in a PERMANENT POSITION.

But, oh no, not me.  So tooth number twenty-two (little rascal) has pivoted (Friends reference, anyone?) and is no longer even touching the retainer.

Seriously.  I mean, really.  COME ON!

So guess what I'm doing the first Tuesday of my Spring Break?

1:00 Retainer Fix Up By Way Of The Dentist Who Said It Would Be A Pain In His Rectum (that's a direct quote) But He Loves Me And He Is There For Me So He Will Do It.

2:00 Gum Graft Across The Street By Way Of The Periodontist Because They Are Making Me Even Though I Don't Want To.


To forget all about this drama, I'm trying to organize and focus my thoughts on Valentine's Day tomorrow.  Because today is not really Valentine's Day here in these parts.  

I know!

My room parents are in charge and we they came up with four centers.

1.  Hadar's Valentine Craft!

Click the pic to check them out!
Just in case you already had Valentine's Day today, you
can save it for next year.
But if not, and you're like me, get it! 
Super easy and ADORABLE!

2.  Twister with a Twist

Click the pic for more info
Because this is not inappropriate at all and should be completely hilarious.

3.  Pin the Heart on the Bee

Click the pic for more info

4.  Decorating Cookies (Of Course) 
We The kids are not allowed to eat them during the party.  Just the frosting and toppings and candy that accidentally gets on our the kids' hands during the decoration process.

The only thing I have to do is take pictures and hope that all the wonderful parents will be willing to leave so that we can have Fun Friday without an audience viewing the hyperactivity and subsequent sugar crash that is bound to happen.  

Maybe this non-Valentine's Day post is too late for you.

Maybe it's not.

Does anyone else have to wait until tomorrow to celebrate Valentine's Day?  Or is that just me?  Has anyone else's PERMANENT RETAINER failed to do its job?  Or is that just me?

PS  Don't forget to enter my giveaway -- lots of my bloggy friends are participating!  You can win an item of your choice from my "store" and a $10 TpT gift card.  :)

Happy Non Valentine's Day!



All You Need Is Love Giveaway!

Today was a crazy day.

It started off with waking up in the middle of the night because Murphie can't hold it all night long.  Neither can I, as a matter of fact, but at least I get to stay in my house, upstairs, and I don't need to put shoes on in order to do it.  I know she will be able to hold it all night eventually, but I really hope it will hurry up and get here because lack of sleep on my end is just not any good for anybody.  Mainly me.

Then I went to school.

Enough said.

Now I am teaming up with some of my favorite bloggers who have become some of my best friends for a HUGE giveaway.

Basically, in a nut shell, each of us are giving something away.   

I am giving away one item of your choice from my "store".  And I'm also giving away a $10 gift certificate to Teachers Pay Teachers in case you don't want anything from my store.  Because maybe you teach sixth grade.  (Kim)  Or maybe you teach fourth grade.  (Tara)  Or maybe you just don't like what I have to offer.   Shrug shoulders.  To teach their own, right?

Teach their own . . . get it?

This will be my first time using Rafflecopter.  All the cool kids are doing it.  I succumbed to peer pressure because a light breeze could push me over.  

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Talk About It Tuesday

Happy Tuesday to you!

First, thank you so much for all of the love and good wishes about my Murphie girl.  I also appreciate the "you've got my back" when it comes to her name!

I went to school and it felt like I had a baby shower.  One of my little girls brought Murphie treats and a toy, while two of my teacher friends also brought her treats and toys.  You'd have thought the gifts were for me the way I reacted.

For those of you worried about her care during the day, I want you to rest assured that she is not alone very often.  My hubby gets to work from home anywhere from two to four times a week, and my school is about two miles from home.  So, if necessary, I can come home on lunch.  But the hubs can also bring her to work once she has all her shots.  She will be extremely spoiled.  

Okay, onto the good stuff!

The Bachelor!

AshLee got the first one-on-one.  Tierra called her a cougar because AshLee is 32.  Tierra might have been feeling extra feisty because she was sleeping on a cot.  Of her own free will.  Even though they were staying in a fancy hotel with nice beds.  Crazy is as crazy does.

Sean and AshLee swam to a catamaran.  {I was a little uncomfortable because the cameramen wouldn't stop showing off AshLee's body.  And they did not show off enough of Sean's.  I would like to draft a letter reminding them that this show is called The Bachelor.  Hello?}

AshLee talked about the drama with Tierra.  She called her Pouty Pants.  I liked that.  Sean seemed to absorb AshLee's words.  Who knows?

Then there was the obligatory water rushing over their kissing bodies in the sand.  The big wave that crashed over them and got sand up their cracks was edited out, mark my words.  That's what happened to us the one time my hubby and I tried to be romantical.  Now we just say "it's your turn to pick up the poop" and it's super romantical the times we don't argue about it.

AshLee had some "news" to tell Sean at dinner.  It was built up with suspenseful music . . . I was on the edge of my seat  leaning forward off my pillow.

AshLee got married when she was a junior in high school!  The horror!  And then she got divorced when she was a senior in high school!  The shame!  But Sean accepted her and so then she screamed at the top of her lungs that she loved him.  I'm thinking she may like him a little more than he likes her . . . 

Tierra found out she got the second one-on-one and started complaining.  With an arched eyebrow which also made her look a little like Angry Spice.  Or Scary Spice.  Or a spice that I would never add to my food.

On their date, Tierra and Sean walked around the town of St. Croix.  She went shopping with Sean and he knew her so well because he bought her things!  Because don't ya know that when a guy spends money on you it means everlasting love?  It has nothing to do with how he treats you or you treat him or even whether or not you're THE ONE that America wants Sean to send home.  Buy me jewelry?  It's meant to be.

They danced in the streets and Sean really liked her personality, and he thought they were having a great time.  I was trying not to puke.

But thankfully, Sean talked to her about the drama while they sat on some steps.  Tierra just kept fake smiling and arching her eyebrow . . . and then later, she felt as if there was distance between them.  Sean was being distant.  Because he has a BRAIN.

Tierra later told Sean that she was falling in love with him.  This was code for she wants the rose, and she wants to be on TV longer, and she wants more jewelry.

Group Date - Sean woke Desiree, Katherine, and Lindsay up at the crack of dawn to go on a Sunrise to Sunset activity.  

They each spent time with him one on one, but there was also some awkward chicken fighting in the ocean.  

The group date was nice.  The girls were nice.  Sean was nice.  All was well.  Katherine told a sad story and didn't cry.  Desiree told a happy story and did cry.  Lindsay got the rose.  Stop crying, girls!

Lesley got the last one-on-one.  They hung out in a secret garden of sorts.  And then Lesley had difficulty telling him she loved him so she suggested they pick fruit.

I'm going to try that the next time I'm nervous about something.  Do you think a parent questioning me about my homework policy (of which none exists) would respond well to the suggestion of possibly picking some apples?  Or should I suggest cherries?

Shay, Sean's sister, who also happens to write the blog Mix and Match Family, showed up in St. Croix to help Sean.  I love Shay.  I feel as if I know her now.  And her children are the cutest things ever.  You need to read her posts on Tuesdays.  Wait.  You still have to read mine.  Okay, first read hers and then come back and read mine.

Shay wanted Sean to know that he should not pick THAT ONE.  You know, THE ONE that the other bachelors have picked that no one should pick.  As in, Tierra!

AshLee and Tierra had a big blowout.  In between chasing Murphie around the house, this is what I took away from it.

AshLee:  You're rude.
Tierra:  I'm sweet as pie.
AshLee:  I say good morning and you say nothing.  Only your eyebrow arches.
Tierra:  I can't control my eyebrow!  
AshLee:  It's in your character!
Tierra:  My eyebrow has nothing to do with my character!  I can't go around smiling 24/7.  I'd get freaking tired!
AshLee:  You're rude.
Tierra:  I can't control my face!
AshLee:  You're rude.
Tierra:  No!  I have sparkle.  My mom and dad said so!  And you can't take my sparkle away!
AshLee:  Go sit on your cot.  Go on.  Go.  Go to your cot!
Tierra:  {eyebrow arched, sparkling all the way} Sabateur!  

Sean decided to get Tierra in a conversation with Shay so Shay could see for herself what a whackadoodle she was.  Although Sean said it in a nicer manner.

Tierra cried when she saw Sean.  But with a smile on her face.  It made me nervous.  People, hide your children.

Tierra:  I'm so sensitive.  And I have such a big heart.  You know this is hard for me.
Sean:  {eyeroll and big sigh}
Tierra:  {holding her eyebrow down with her hand} AshLee is mean and this is so hard.  I'm scared.  {still holding eyebrow down and pleading for him to throw her a bone}
Sean:  Hold on.  I'll be right back.

I have to admit I was afraid there was a rosebush nearby.   I was nervous.

But then Sean did the right thing.


He told her it was time for her to go.  She apologized and actually accepted it gracefully.  

Sean:  Are you going to be okay?
Tierra:  No.

Well.  There you have it.

Wait.  Not quite.

In the minivan ride of shame:

Tierra:  I can't believe they did this to me!  I hope the girls got what they wanted.  I'll get through this.  I'm strong.  No one is going to take my sparkle away.  

{Arched eyebrow.}

End scene.

Sean knew exactly what he wanted to do with his roses so he canceled the Cocktail Party.

The music became suspenseful as Sean told the girls he didn't like drama and then he looked directly at AshLee.   DIRECTLY AT HER, I said.

They were all worried for AshLee.  The music and tears didn't help.

In the end, the hometown date roses were handed out to:  

Lindsay (already had one), Desiree, Katherine, and AshLee.

Poor Lesley - she just had to pick more fruit when she should have been professing her love for Sean.

Meanwhile, AshLee stated that "this was her husband" and "love does conquer all".  Ummm, I don't know.  I don't have a good feeling about that one.  I think she might get her heart broken . . . who's with me on this?

Katherine was a hot mess because Lesley left.  She felt Lesley and Sean had more in common.  And she was just putting it out there.  It was kind of weird.

There are previews for next week in which Desiree's brother and Sean appear as if they're going to go at it.  I want to go on record that Sean does this as another prank on Desiree.  Whatcha think?  I just can't imagine an actual fight over this . . . 

Well, that about wraps it up.  Let me know what you're thinking!


Introducing . . .

Hey everyone!

I'm off today!  Anyone else?  We get today and next Monday off -- one each for George and Abe.  

But I had to get up early today . . . 

Because of this little girl . . . 

I couldn't take it anymore.  I was too sad and the hubby was too sad.  We put our name in to a couple of rescue places and were approved for a little girl puppy.  Even though we wanted a boy.   But we rearranged our thoughts and the next thing we knew, we wanted this girl.  Badly.  We went shopping and bought a bunch of stuff . . . only to be told (the day before we were supposed to bring her home) that there was a mix-up, and the director had given her to a different family.

My eyes might have leaked just a little bit over a puppy I had never met.  Just a tad.  

And then . . . another rescue called us and said they had some puppies at a foster house and did we want to take a look . . . 

I'm sure the hubs can fix the big gaping Kristin-sized-hole-in-the-front-door sooner or later.

We drove far and wide and then after a few hours of stepping in pee and being chewed on by ELEVEN puppies, we picked her.

We thought for sure we would get a boy.  I was kind of counting on it.  I don't know why.  Just because.  Maybe because Foster was just so cool.  And Sydney was . . . well, you all know how Sydney was!  So I pictured us getting a boy.

And then we didn't.

And I only had a boy name picked out.  For, like, YEARS, I've had this name picked out.  

So the twin helped me with a little twist on the spelling and we're keeping the boy name even though she's a girl.

Even though soooooo many people have had opinions about it that it's not even funny.  Even the girls at the vet gave us grief.  

Now I get why some couples choose to keep their baby's name a secret until it's too late and the name is permanently on the birth certificate so even if you don't like it, there's nothing you can do but call the baby a nickname behind the parents' backs.  


She's our Murphie girl.  And we love her.  And she knows her name!  She does!  So back off already!  

And, just to be sure no one confuses her for a boy, we pinked her out.

Her collar is pink, too, but it's reflective so there's a glare.  I think.  I don't know.  Could be that I'm not a professional photographer.  Just a nerd who puts flowers on her dog.  And I'm married to a man who picked out the flower.  Plus he picked out a pink heart charm with fake diamonds to hang from the collar.  It doesn't bother me in the least that I can't remember the last time my hubby gave me flowers or bought me fake diamonds.  Uh uh.  Nope.


Our little 11 week old Murphie girl has really helped us with our sadness.

And if you'd like to change her name because you don't like it, you are welcome to come over at three in the morning when she needs to be let out of the crate for a potty break, and we can discuss it then.  Deal?

P.S.   We have a baby gate set up in the family room so Murphie is only in one part of the house.  I left her alone to use the bathroom and when I came out, she was waiting for me on the other side of the bathroom door.  I can barely get my legs over that baby gate and apparently, she can jump it already.