Five for Friday

Hallelujer.  It's Friday!!!!!  And it's not raining.  And I am not having a freak out session about presenting at a conference.  And I am not waking up early tomorrow.

And it's Five for Friday Time!!

I am DYING to tell you all about this, but it's just a sneak peek.  I am being mean today.

I will tell you all about it on Wednesday.  And not one minute before.  So don't even try.

Just mark your calendars and we will talk on Wednesday.  Be sure to check back.

And no, my carpet didn't get the chicken pox, thanks for asking.

In all fairness, Murphie told me she wasn't ready. 

Then she asked me to delete the pic from my phone because she couldn't believe her eyes were closed.

But I just cracked up.  And now I'm showing you.

And, contrary to popular belief, that piece-of-whatever to the right of her is not poop.  It's not.  It's a piece of bark or other natural substance found in one's backyard.

Really.  I already checked.

I found this To Do List on a student's whiteboard.  

This girl is a force to be reckoned with.  Just look at her list.

She is still working on a Thanksgiving book and hasn't given up on it yet. 

I gave up on a Pronouns lesson yesterday.  And I was supposed to teach it yesterday.

And, are you as worried as I am about Flat Stanley?  

What does she want to do to him?

My niece, Madison, tried out for cheerleading yesterday at her junior high.  It's for next year's team.  She has been working so hard all year and taken different classes and different one-on-one coaching, etc.  It is her passion.  A million girls tried out.  And, if you didn't know, 32 is a million when your niece is trying out for cheerleading in TEXAS and they only take 12 girls.  In fact, 32 girls trying out for cheerleading in TEXAS might constitute FOUR MILLION.

We prayed and prayed.  I prayed and prayed.  I carried my cell phone everywhere today because that is professional.  You never know when you might need to google something that a Smartie Pants Kid asks.


And I got a little carried away with my Emojis.  

It happens.

It's a real thing.

The hubby sends me the Countdown to Jamaica everyday.  Sometimes, twice a day.

Here's the countdown for today.

You might also notice that at 5:07pm, I said I was leaving school in ten minutes and my sweet, supportive hubby told me to take my time.

So I did.

And I got home around 6:00.  And now here we are.

Tacos and margaritas are coming right up, he said.

So I better get a move on and grate the cheese.  That's what I do.  I'm the cheese grater.   The grater of cheese.

Sometimes, he has to take over.  It's not my fault my arm gets tired.  I'm just itty bitty, you know.

Wink wink.

And PS no, we don't buy the already grated kind of cheese because supposedly, freshly grated cheese tastes better.  I have no idea because I have always grated the cheese.  

What do you do???

Fresh or Already Grated?

Yes, that's a real question.

Along with any Emoji Hazards you might want to tell me about.



  1. I LOVE reading your blog posts! Your sense of humor is fabulous! As for cheese, freshly grated is the only way to go. I can attest that it definitely tastes better! Enjoy your dinner. :)

    Fifth Grade Wit and

  2. The pre-grated one has some kind of starch or something on it to keep the pieces from sticking together. So, freshly grated is a winner. I am tall and don't tire easily, so I will come to your house to grate cheese. And since you have such gracious manners, I will be delighted to stay for tacos and margaritas!

  3. Always look forward to your posts! It's been a tough week, needed the chuckle!

  4. What fun to read! Those dots on your carpet look very interesting. I'm guessing they're place markers for students when they come to a group meeting on the floor. Murphie just looks a little tired. Maybe he's waiting for some of that grated cheese!

  5. I would smile and laugh hysterically a lot more often if we worked together. Just sayin'.

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  7. Love that picture of Murphie! :)

  8. Oooh! I think I know all about those chicken pox!! I have them in my classroom too, and I looooove them!!!

    ABCs and Polkadots

  9. Grated for sure! Can i hop in your bag and stowaway to Jamacia? I wont bother you lovebirds...i will sleep on the porch in the hammack!

  10. Your carpet looks like a geo board--how cool would that be? I buy the pre-shredded only as a time saver!


  11. I never grate cheese if I can help it, but it probably IS better!

  12. So glad I stumbled onto your blog via Five for Friday... you are hilarious! I love the to-do list you found on the white board. I'm worried about Flat Stanley too!

    P.S. I buy the cheese already grated meaning I must be L-A-Z-Y.
    My Carolina Classroom

  13. I know it cost more but it is such a time saver & doesn't mold as fast as the block does!

  14. Haha! Another great post! You always make me laugh! I use the grated cheese cuz I'm lazy

  15. I slice it myself. I don't generally grate it. I also like the polka dotted floor. I'll check back to see/read what you have in store.

  16. The Great Cheese Debate! Ha! At our house this is the verdict: Teaching full-time=spend more and buy it grated. Teaching half-time=we can't afford it and I'm home "all day" as my husband says so now I grate my own. (And slice up cubed cheese for snacks instead of buying cheese sticks!)

  17. We have always grated our own cheese too. Much less expensive and I do think it tastes better! But we use our bullet now. 5 seconds and a block of cheese is gone. It's amazing! And I'm dying to know about the dots!

  18. I love the "chicken pox" on my classroom floor! Hope you do, too!