SCKC 2014

Happy Saturday My Presentation Is Finished And I Am As Light As A Feather How Are You?

It went well.  I presented on how I use my Reader's Theaters packs in my classroom and then we had a little make and take session.  This was strategic planning on my part because then I only had to present for 20-25 minutes and then I got to chat while the attendees worked.

I am no dummy.

Everyone seemed really excited about using the plays in their classroom and everyone made and took.  

Some took my scissors, too, but we don't need to talk about that.  Peeshaw!  Scissors schmizzors!

What we do need to talk about is the Blogging Bash!

It was super fun -- it was sold out -- we gave away prizes and goodie baskets and products -- and we talked and talked.

And I got to talk on a microphone a few times, as well, and everyone should be proud of me that I did not start singing The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow.  Which, actually, it will not because it's Rainmageddon here.

It was super nice to meet people and talk to people -- especially about the Bachelor.

I just love people.  I can't get over how nice everyone was.

Not to mention, I kinda sorta had a guy try to pick me up.  Not literally.  (That has happened to me before because people tend to think they can just pick me up off the ground.  True story.  We'll save it for another time.)  But we went down to the hotel bar after the bash for a little celebratory drink and this man started talking to me.

About math cirriculum.


I'm telling you, I still got it.

He wanted me to check out his booth.

I had to tell him I was married.  I can't cheat on enVision.  My district would kill me.

He left and then he came back and stalked me.

Everyone said so.

See what you missed?  A great time had by all.

Are you sad?  Don't be sad!


Click on the picture and it will take you to a fun little slide show about all of us --- AND you can get a freebie from each of us, too!

It will be like you were right there!  

And we can pretend we met!


I'm going to go cheer on some of these girls today in their presentations.

It will be so nice to be an attendee today and not a Nervous Wreck With Tummy Issues.



  1. I love your blog. This morning I was a bit distracted by an animated daredevil woman with an unzipped zipper. It said "play now". I didn't I kept reading but she or parts of her were jumping all over the place. Does that show up with everyone or is that part of my profile? yikes!

  2. Sorry it's raining while you're down here! It literally rains here like twice a year and it's this weekend :/ Hope you had fun at the conference!

  3. I know you did a great job at the conference!

  4. I'm sure you did an absolutely fabulous job. Wish I could have been there to see/meet/glean from all you blog-stars!! And I know you're getting rained out in California, but I'd trade you with the 6 inches of (more stinkin') snow we're getting ready to have here in KS…arrgh.

  5. I was so excited to meet you and attend your session. You did not disappoint!! I had a great time and I really appreciate the make and takes! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  6. I am so glad your presentation went well. :) But I'm really dying to hear about what you think about the Bachelor's Fantasy Suite episode. I think Juan Pablo's a little sleazier than I realized. What was Nikki wearing on that horse?! And did you hear the sneak preview comment Andi made about closing her eyes and waiting for it to be over?!!!! Oh my word.

  7. I had so much fun meeting you! The conference was fun & I loved seeing all the "celebrities " that I follow. :-) Thanks so much for my basket!

  8. It was so nice meeting you at the conference. The conference was great! I was a little disappointed your session was all full and so was Miss Kindergarten's session. Hopefully next year you guys will present in a bigger room.

  9. We 'mustache' you if you are into manipulatives... You are just too much girl! Loved our lil weekend together. Can't wait to do it again-minus the stache perhaps!
    ~Christy & Tammy
    Fluttering Through First Grade

  10. You were fantastic!!! Well done lady!