Talk About It Tuesday

Let's go over a couple of things, shall we?

1.  Conference This Weekend

2.  Bible Study Last Night

3.  Field Trip Today

4.  Walk With Murphie After School

5.  This Equals I Am Tired And Did Not Take Notes While I Watched The Women Tell All Things Bad About Juan Pablo

I am sorry.

I do apologize.

But it's true.  I did not take notes.  Usually, I write my thoughts on my laptop during the watching of the show.

But this morning, in an effort to be healthy and awake and in the land of the living, I watched the show while I was on the treadmill.

And I don't have a fancy treadmill with a place for my Macbook and I don't have a fancy body that can type while I walk because I have been known to trip while walking on the treadmill, and it is known as a dangerous piece of equipment, and one should always be paying attention and/or watching TV when using it -- not typing.

So there's that.

But I do have thoughts about it.  And I remember most of them.

First, let's talk about Andi and the Fantasy Suite Disaster.

I would like to go on record and say that in my younger years, I used to try to like a guy even if I didn't.  If a guy liked me, I liked him back.  Whether he was a good guy or not.  I was dumb, I liked being liked, the end.

So I can totally relate to Andi thinking she was falling for him only to discover that she didn't actually like him as a person and really only liked kissing him.


I just pretty much described my entire dating life up until I met my husband.

However, at the same time, I think she kind of overreacted.

I don't know.

And I think Juan Pablo under-reacted and might have been embarrassed.


But it's definitely not confirmed and I don't even have a source.  I just know that someone mentioned that they read it and then they told someone and that person told me and now I'm telling you.  So do with it what you will.

And that is not gossip.  That is Reality TV Breaking News at its finest.


Women Tell All.

My thoughts:

1)  A lot of the girls do not like Juan Pablo.

2)  A lot of the girls think that he is hot.

3)  Sharleen defended Juan Pablo a lot, but she does not regret leaving.  He is not for her.

4)  Most of the girls said he never asked about them, but Sharleen said he asked a lot about her . . . 

5)  He kept saying "OKAY" just to annoy Andi.

6)  Renee is seeing Mike The Situation.

7)  No, she's not, but she called her relationship with a new man A Situation and since I know all about the Jersey Shore, I freaked for a second.

8)  Andi STILL does not like Juan Pablo.  At all.  And she is available.  

9)  Is this a set up for Andi being the next bachelorette?  I don't know.  

10) They showed bloopers.  I didn't laugh very hard.

Nothing was really earth shattering.  Not really.  It was just okay.

They did interview Catherine and Sean and he said their wedding night was FIREWORKS and then she had to go and say, "Quick Fireworks" which made Chris Harrison say, "Join the club" and the whole thing was just really awkward and uncomfortable because we don't need to know any of that.

Not any of that.


Just no.

And I can pretty much promise you that Sean and Catherine got into a little argument about that when they went backstage.

Oh, and there was some stupid Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy Who Knows What Preview For A New Movie and I fast forwarded because it was dumb.

The End.

Claire and Nikki are left.

And I have no idea if he will even pick either of them because there is a lot of crying going on in the finale.

A lot.

There is even one scene where Claire throws herself across the bed to cry.  It isn't very dignified but it gets the job done.  The job being Absolute Assurance That Everyone Knows You Are Distraught.

So we will see!!!!!

What were your thoughts?  Did I forget something important?


  1. I agree--I think Andi overreacted a bit. I was on her side last week but this week I was just like "Come on Andi, let it go!" One thing I still can't stop thinking about is the whole back and forth about the word "default". I love how Juan Pablo was sooo adamant he did NOT use that word because it's NOT in his vocabulary. Who would argue with him on that? Juan Pablo's English dictionary could fit the pages of a short children's book.

    PS. Good for you for walking on the treadmill and walking Murphie! Way to be active! I am still awaiting a day over 32 degrees to venture outside for some exercise so I will live vicariously through you for now haha

  2. 5) He kept saying "OKAY" just to annoy Andi. BAHAHAHAH!!!! Seriously. This might be your best TAIT yet!!!!! *throwing myself across the couch dramatically*

  3. Cannot comment on your Juan bc just can't bring myself to watch him, but did see trailers of the ladies throwing themselves down in buckets of tears. Good times!
    Bless you on field trip day. May the force be with you :)

  4. Our local ABC station in Atlanta, WSB, did some intense investigative reporting the other day downtown and is telling everyone that Andi's 3 month personal leave has been approved! Bachelorette, here we come!

  5. Lol...I love it..."Mike the Situation"! I'm not sure how I feel about Andi being the next Bachelorette. I like her, but I feel like the next bachelorette should be really outgoing and personable. I guess we shall see what happens this Sunday.
    Fifth Grade Wit and

  6. I totally agreed with your post...about Andi overreacting! I think that Juan Pablo just wasn't that into the girls he didn't bother to get to know a lot. What more can we expect from a bachelor on a show, really?...it's not like he's a politician or anything ;) I don't care for either girl in the final though...how about you? I liked Andi but not after her overraction...not sure how I feel about her being the next bachelorette.
    Elyse :)
    Proud to be Primary