Five for Fraturday

Happy Fraturday!

I'm starting to have some very early Sunday blues.  On a Saturday. Two weeks of Spring Break will do that to a person.  That is why, in my opinion, Spring Break should last for three weeks.  Or maybe four.

Or maybe we could call Spring Break summer vacation and just be done with it.  Who's with me?

Well, let's catch up on my very productive week, shall we?

This will be it for my Jamaican vacation.  Then I will talk about it no more.  Although, I make no promises.  But I will try my very very very best.

I made a little collage for my your viewing pleasure.

1)  Look at how much my hubby adores me.  Awwww shucks.  
However, since I'm not at all about being fake, I'll give you the back story on this.  Our friend told us to look at each other and this was taken right before I said, "Wait.  What?"  But doesn't it look like he just absolutely adores the ground I walk on?  Maybe this will be our Christmas card.  

2)  Reading.  On my paper white Kindle.  Every day.  As much as possible.  

3)  A little surprise in the hotel room one night.  

4)  A view of our room.  We had a sort-of-private pool that we shared with other people on our wing which is why it was sort-of-private.  

5) I almost stepped on that crab in our sort-of-private-apparently-looks-like-an-ocean-and-from-then-on-I-had-to-be-worried-about-sharks-and-jellyfish-and-other-scary-things-pool.

6)  Another little surprise in the hotel room one night.  Plus there were flowers in a big ole bubble bath!

7)  The famous Rick's Cafe which is supposedly on the list of top ten bars in all the world.  People cliff jump here.  I just had a rum punch and watched.  I'm no dummy.

This is the best tank top ever.  I got it at Nordstrom.  Look how great the care instructions are!


If only all of my clothing could be taken care of this way.  Well, actually it is, but it's not supposed to be.

I need to go back and get one in every color.

Yeah, buddy.

Oh, people.

Remember how I had a bladder infection before I left for vacation?  Well, guess what?  The day after I took my last antibiotic, all of my symptoms returned.

And I was only half-way through my vacation.

In Jamaica.


I had to go see the resort nurse.  And he was male.  He was a male nurse.

Which, by the way, did you know Jamaican men are extremely handsome?

You need to keep that in mind.

So I had to give another urine sample and sure enough, I still had blood and protein and bacteria in it which I just did not understand seeing as how I thought alcohol killed everything.   

So a doctor was called and money was exchanged (now I have to try to get reimbursed from my insurance company - oh joy kill me now) and then Handsome Resort Nurse gave me a shot.

In my bootie.

Which he got to see.  He got to see my naked bootie.  

I'm telling you -- come on vacation with me.  You won't get sick.  I will.

Then I was prescribed another antibiotic.

I am pleased to tell you that neither the resort doctor or the nurse asked if I was a meth addict when they took my medical history.

Instead, they were very concerned about finding an antibiotic that would allow me to continue to be in the sun, drink their country's rum, and have lots of vacation fun.

I just loved them.

A lot.

I was dragged into a Bass Pro Shop yesterday.  It was against my will.

And I don't ever need to go again.

And I thought I was stuck inside forever.

But I made it out alive.

The hubby got hungry, thank goodness.  Did you know it has a restaurant?  

Well, we didn't eat there.

Because there is a Brio close by and we both wanted their spinach artichoke dip which is uh-mazing.

I am working on a new Pin It! Word Families (Long Vowels) edition this weekend.  I need it.  My kids need it.  

I hope to have it up tomorrow.  It will all depend on how lazy I am today.


That was my week.  How was yours?


  1. That DEFINITELY needs to be your Christmas card! I NEED to plan a vacation!! Your time in Jamaica sounds amazing!

  2. Oh, my goodness... I'm sorry you're still suffering with your bladder infection, but that story might just be better than your experience on the plane! :) I, too, thought the rum punches consumed while on vacation would kill any sort of bacteria/infection/virus/etc. that might be running through the body. ;)

    Mrs. Beattie's Classroom

  3. You crack me up! Thanks for the entertaining read! Sorry to hear about your shot in the butt from the handsome male nurse!

  4. I'm thinking FL needs to get with the program and give us a 2 week Spring Break! Sorry you still did not feel well during your vacation. Glad you got some reading done, I only had 1 week and got 5 books read. Imagine how many could have been read if I had 2 weeks!

  5. Why do shots seem to always have to be butt shots?

  6. Always my favorite of the week! :) I smile ALL the way through this! He DOES adore you. Totally. :)

  7. One of my best friends went on her honeymoon to Jamaica in the fall. Jumped off that same cliff. Broke her back. She's been in a back brace ever since. I don't blame you for watching!

    Love the pictures!

    Mrs. Thigpen's Kindergarten

  8. I am so jealous that your spring break is two weeks. We get a week in February and a week in April but that is never enough time to really go anywhere without spending a million dollars or spending time on a red eye on a school night. I'm also super jealous of your vacation but not of your booty shot!

  9. So wish we had 2 weeks for spring break! Your vacation looked fabulous. I loved that you went to the school in Jamaica too! So sorry you had to visit the nurse while you were there. At least he was cute.. You had me cracking up with your comments about the Bass Pro Shop. We decided to stop in one the last time we went to Vegas, since everyone is always talking about how you have to go. Well, the whole family felt the same way you did. Once is enough...been there done that. Looking forward to your new Pin It! my kiddos love that center when we have it.

    Luv My Kinders

  10. Yay!! We so need your long vowel pin it pack too!! I will be the first to buy it!! I am sorry you to go through all that on vacation!

  11. Our Spring Break is (finally!) this week! I headed out of town for a few days with my family and on the drive we passed a giant Bass Pro Shop right off the highway. I giggled, thinking of you....and then of course had to share the story of your pic on Instagram with my hubby. Glad you at least got a yummy dinner that day!

    ABCs and Polkadots

  12. Hi Kristen,
    I'm so envious of your wonderful vacation! How awesome for you!
    I bought and ordered your Parts of Speech Cards. I cannot for the life of me get them to download as a Compressed Zip File!!!!!!!! Argggghhhhh! Is there any other way to send them to me? Bless you child!
    Tanya Madden

  13. Yay for your Spring break. Looks like it was a well needed one! Ours is next week. Can't wait! Thanks for stopping by my blog. You won my Sassy Sight Words pack. Please e-mail me when ya can @ justwildaboutteaching@gmail.com so I can send it over. =)

    Just Wild About Teaching