So tomorrow is already Wednesday so that's good.

Last night I had dinner with the parentals because my niece was home from college for Easter weekend.  We went to Ruby's which is one of her favorite places (they make shakes and malts and they are delicious and I am pretty much 100% sure that it was me who introduced her to the chocolate-banana concoction because it is seriously the best shake ever) and I had some nice and well needed family time.  :)

And, as far as tonight goes, I have some Housewives to catch up on and the very much anticipated True Tori documentary!  Tori Spelling is going to tell her side of the story.  

Oh yeah!

Another thing that's Oh Yeah (how's that for a segue?) is GoNoodle!

I know I'm not the first person to tell you about this, although I should have been because, honestly, and this is a true tori, but I found Go Noodle months and months ago.


And then I had some technical problems.  Issues, if you will.  As in, I did not have sound and then when I got sound, the videos were dotty.


So I was confused.

And sad.

And then I had to teach something hard like regrouping or prefixes or something, and I lost my train of thought and just made up a song or something, and pretended I was a rapper.



After Spring Break, I was out of rapper lyrics and my kids were starting to get a little too big for their britches (this happens every year) and I remembered GoNoodle when I saw Kelley at Teacher Idea Factory talk about it on her blog.  And I was like, OH YEAAAAAAH!

So I tried it again and it was a Brain Break Miracle because the sound worked AND nothing was dotty.

GoNoodle is brilliant.

It's free.  It's fun.  The brain breaks are short and sweet and motivating.

You get to choose a class champ.

We voted for Squatchyberger.  And instead of chanting asking me politely for GoNoodle every day after lunch, my kids say, "Squatchyberger!"

Which is funny.

Every time you do an activity, your class champ earns minutes towards the next level.

Once you've reached the next level, your champ gets into the Transformogrifier (spelling not known - I do not know - I am making this spelling up because I am not even sure how to pronounce it, but don't tell my kids) which is like an elevator and it goes up to the next level, and then when your champ comes out, it is BIGGER and STRONGER because we were doing physical activity!!

Well, if we don't all hoop and holler about that.  I tell ya.  It's very exciting.

In fact, because either I am tired after my Jamaican vacation and/or the best teacher in the world, I don't know, take your pick, we have already MAXED OUT Squatchyberger.  

It happened today and I wasn't expecting that news, but it's true.  We maxed him out.  We made it to Level 5 so Squatchyberger might be retired - or maybe he went to Jamaica to rest.  (You can actually choose to use the same champ over again, but we are picking a new one.)

We got to print out a Champ Graduation Certificate and everything!!!

Here are some candid shots of us in action:

Don't mind me.  Making us all gather together 
and watch on the teeny TV screen
 is just a way for me to feel like I am in control.
It's just the way I am.
That's something that I do not control.
I do not control my need to control things.

Oh, look at me.  Being all flexible.
Kids spread out around the room.
I am so fly by the seat of my pants flexible.
Who said I was rigid?

Kelly said it best when she answered the question about how do you get the kids to calm down after they been all jazzed up?

Well, you don't.  I mean, they're tired.  They just did physical activity and they're happy.  And oxygen is in their brains or something (that's what I've heard) and so we're ready to focus on math.

Something like that.  I think that was the gist.

In other words, there's not a lot of struggle with that.  When the brain break is over, it's over.  

There are also calming videos.  We did one where I almost fell asleep except the lady's voice on the video told me to thank my legs.  And then she told me to thank my hands.  So I did.  That's a true tori.

We also earned activity time just for singing Let It Go.  

And no, we have not done that one four times in a row.  We have not!  Who keeps telling you these things?

Here is just a little snippet of us singing Let It Go.  And yes, there we are, all gathered together in front of the teeny TV screen. I don't know why I do that.

Maybe I'm reliving my childhood.  

Shoulder shrug.


I told them we might as well take a field trip to Hollywood and go on American Idol.  I mean, we need to take this act on the road.


I am not kidding.



Click, sign up, or just try the demo.

Well, okay, try the demo if you're afraid to sign up, and then sign up. 

In the meantime, I think I'm going to have spaghetti for dinner . . . 


  1. I GoNoodle too with my Kinders, and it is seriously the best.thing.ever! I think every time I have said "Oh look, it's time for the transmogrifier..." I've pronounced it differently every stinkin' time!

  2. I love GoNoodle. My students think they are controlling the character with their activity! They also think my Promehean board stops working when they are too loud. It's magical!!

  3. GoNoodle seems awesome! Thanks for sharing :) Your class champ is (was?) so cute!

    The Blossoming Teacher

  4. My students LOVE GoNoodle!! Have you experienced Maximo yet?! He's my favorite!! A little Antonio Banderas crossed with odd blue monkey. ;)

    Mrs. Beattie's Classroom

  5. I had to take notice of your name plate holders on your kids' desks because I have been coveting them for awhile now. Tell me, do you love them? Are there any drawbacks? I ask because I know they're not cheap so if I'm going to invest in them I want to make sure I'll use them!

  6. So I went there and checked it out. Then I signed up. Now I'm here to say thanks. It's awesome! I am so excited to begin this way kiddos tomorrow and I know they will love it too. You are awesome and have so many great ideas and resources! Thanks! :)