Reader's Theater Fall Bundle Part 2

It's Thursday.

And it's late.

But I'm here.

And, just in case you were wondering, tomorrow is Friday.  GLORIOUS FRIDAY!

I'm here to announce the winners of the Reader's Theater Fall Bundle and then I'm off to eat some dinner and maybe walk on the treadmill.

And by treadmill, I mean sit on the couch.

Congratulations to:





Now, you may not want to know this, but it's true.  Traci over at Dragonflies in First messaged me and pretty much told me in a step by step process how to get all NINETY of my plays in a bundle and small enough to load on TpT.

Insert SURPRISED emoji here.  You know, the one with the big eyes.  That was me when I read the message.

And then I hit myself upside the head.

Because, truth be told, I'm a little mad at myself for not contacting her in the first place because I've said before that Traci should work at the Genius Bar.  Because she is a genius.  

And I am not.  

Not that I need to point out the obvious.

So maybe I'll try again.

Or maybe I'll just go have some dinner now . . . 


Reader's Theater Bundle


I tried and I tried and I tried.

And, well . . . quite simply,  I failed.

I cannot give up chocolate.  (I didn't try that hard.)

And I cannot bundle all of my Reader's Theater plays.  I tried very hard to do it.

Somehow, somewhere along the way, I have written NINE Reader's Theater packs.

When I figured that out, I wanted to know how in the world I had the time to do that and which reality show I must have missed while I was writing ninety plays.


I have had a few requests to bundle all of my plays.

And, after hemming and hawing, and eating chocolate, I finally decided I'd do it.

But I couldn't.

The file is way too big.

So I compressed each pack individually, tied it all up with a pretty bow, and then I compressed that.


Still too big.

So then I googled it.

Google said to do everything I had already done.

So then I yahoo-ed it.

Yahoo said to do everything I had already done.

So then I asked some friends.

And, even though their advice was good, it didn't work, either.

So I gave up and I ate chocolate.

And I looked at Instagram.

And I took Murphie on a walk.

And then I may have taken a nap because this was after the Zac Brown concert and I was out way too late the night before and I am old and I need more sleep than the regular concert-go-er.


Instead, I bundled just the Fall plays.  I mean, I have all three Fall packs in a center tub right now so that I can differentiate for my learners so maybe you need to have all three, too.

Shoulder shrug.  

I don't know.

So there.

That's the best I could do.

I mean, it's not like I didn't try.  You heard what I said.  I tried three different times!

It's 20% off.  I think.  It might be a tad bit more than 20%, but I never said I was a math wizard so we'll just call it 20% and move on.  It will always be 20% off.

I gave away three of these bundles on my Facebook page, but I thought I'd give away three more here . . . so just leave me a comment on this blog post with your email address and I'll announce winners on Thursday!



Five for Fraturday

Happy Saturday!

This was a busy week with report cards . . . and school.  And life.  And just living.

I am very thankful for the weekend.  And, even though I said I would sleep in, waking up at 7am is okay if you go to bed at 9pm the night before.

I am a party animal.  Look out.

Oh, Murphie.

I did not my put my shoes next to her.

She found my shoes, curled up around them, and fell fast asleep.  This little quirk of hers cracks me up and I hope she always has it.  She will wedge herself next to a chair or a wall or a bed post or a book or a glass of wine . . . but if we buy her a comfy expensive dog bed, she will rip it to shreds in five seconds flat.

Have you seen Marsha's Spinner Games??!!!  Oh my word, I love them!  Last week, we used her Math Spinners and this week we were busy with the Rhyming Spinners.

And look at how cute the spinners are!!!!  I wish I could take credit, but that is Marsha's idea, too!  You slip each spinner card into a blank CD case!  So it's super easy to switch them from week to week or even day to day.

Our math program came with about 40 clear plastic spinners so I just taped the spinners to the top of the CD case.  My kids love these -- I highly recommend them.  

This just looks like an ordinary bucket, right?  We each have one and we have to keep it under our sink.  It is filled with emergency supplies.

Thursday was the Great Shake Out of California 2014 or Something Like That and because the date was October 16, it happened at 10:16am.  Lots of businesses participate, too.  Our district practices every year -- we are supposed to pretend THE BIG ONE hit and it's an 8.0 or higher earthquake.  

Basically, we duck and cover, exit the classroom, and then our kids sit on the blacktop for about an hour while the teachers run around and pretend to do our jobs.  My job is First Aid.  Because I am CPR certified, as well as fine with blood.  Blood does not bother me.

I don't have to run around.  I have to stay at the First Aid station and wait for victims who show up with placard necklaces that say "Unconscious" or "Lost a Limb" or "Severe Bleeding".  Then my team and I decide how to treat the poor soul which means we make them sit down with us in the shade.  It's usually upper grade students who volunteer for this or a couple of support staff.

We even have a couple of parents pretend to be out of their minds with worry and they try to climb the fence and get their babies.  It's hilarious.  It's not supposed to be, but it is.  Especially when the upper grade kid is trying to act like he doesn't know the mom that is trying to climb the fence, but all of his friends are laughing because she keeps yelling, "TRENT!  TRENT!  MY BABY!!  COME TO MAMA!"

Okay, so anyways, it's good practice for us because we figure out what we could do better or what's not realistic or where a different team should meet, etc.

And, by the way, that bucket is not an ordinary bucket.

That's right.

Once you take out all of the emergency supplies, it's a toilet.


And I have no doubt I would have to use it because I always have to go to the bathroom.


I would probably have to use it more than once.

Let's all take a moment and bow our heads to pray that I will never be at school if the Big One hits.


I am actually typing this blog post at my desk.  Sitting in that chair.

I cannot wait to start decorating.  

First on the list is a desk lamp. 

Steve is currently working on cupboards and a big counter for the closet . . . so you can't look behind me because it's kind of like a construction site on the other side of the room.

I have spent every morning in here reading my bible.  And every night in here grading papers and working on school stuff.

It actually makes me want to be more productive!  

So that's a win for everyone, I'd say.

Although, as you can see, I do have a TV.  That's because I need some background noise -- (Well, not when I'm reading the bible -- I have to concentrate when I'm doing that.) -- like I said, I need some background noise when I'm working.  I just do.

This is Zac Brown and his band.  Or the Zac Brown band.  I don't know.  

I think I know one of his songs.

I'm sorry.  I don't usually listen to country music.  But Steve does.  So that's all I know.

We are going to the Zac Brown concert today with some great friends (my teaching partner and her hubby) and we'll be tailgating and eating tri tip sandwiches, too.  Our friend that coordinated the whole thing is celebrating her one year anniversary of living with and surviving breast cancer.  She has had a long, hard journey, but you would never hear her complain.  She is an amazing person and we are all excited to go and support her and help her celebrate life!   We are all wearing pink!  :)

I got a new, soft, pale pink tunic from Old Navy.  My thought is to wear leggings with my brown boots.  By the way, I can wear boots and leggings and a sweater because it's overcast and the high is only 78 degrees today.  People, that's fall weather.  Steve says my outfit idea is the perfect thing to wear to a Zac Brown concert.  But I'm also aware that others will be wearing jeans and tank tops and cowboy boots.  So I don't know.

I don't own cowboy boots.  Or cowgirl boots.

So I'm still trying to figure out what to wear . . . but at least I know it will be pink!  :)

PS  A tunic is a long shirt or sweater type of thing.  So, for me, almost everything is a tunic.


Parent Conferences

Parent Conferences are coming up again.

I swear we just had them but, apparently, it's been a year.  A WHOLE YEAR.  They are coming up the week after next.  We have a minimum day schedule which means our kids go home at 12:32pm.  And we still get one recess and one lunch.




And, for the first time since I've been working in this district, we are also having one whole non-student day that week so that we can have more conferences during the day.

I think that's what you have to do when you have 59 kids in your class.  Maybe.  I don't know.  Shoulder shrug.

Anywho, this is where you guys come in.

Every year, our entire teaching staff gets together during one of our Professional Collaboration Teaching And Meeting And Not Working In Our Classroom Times (I might have gotten that wrong, but you get the gist) to coordinate sibling conferences.

In other words, we make sure all sibling conferences are back to back (to back to back) so that the parents only need to come to school once.  For example, they might meet with me at 12:40, the sister's teacher at 1:00 and the brother's teacher at 1:20.

Back to back to back.

Kerry, my twin, said that her school in Texas does not do this and you just have to hold your breath and hope for the best and/or look at Facebook or Instagram or blogs on your iPhone while you wait in between your children's conferences.  Or go to Target in between.  Or, even, go home and cook dinner and go to sleep, and then go to the other kid's conference the next day.

I couldn't believe it.  Your school doesn't coordinate sibling conferences?!  WHAT?!

When our staff gets together on this particular Coordinate Sibling Conferences Day, and we have preference notes from parents and we have noted who has a sibling in whose class, and who has more than one sibling in multiple classes, it is mass chaos.

Mass Chaos, I said.

It is horrible.

I can't stand it.

I can't take it.

Everyone wants to talk to everyone and people are shouting over each other and yelling across the room, "I NEED OLDHAM!" or two teachers are yelling across the room, "WE NEED OLDHAM!" or "WHERE'S OLDHAM?"

Well, I'll tell you where I am.

Cowering in the corner with my Super Organized Conference Grid praying and hoping that I don't have to erase anything.

It is extremely complicated, but it is the only way we do it.

Over the past few years, I've started emailing teachers and getting it over with before the staff actually meets.

However, a couple of teachers think that's cheating so it's frowned upon.


But, somehow, and I don't know how, it all works itself out and the parents only end up having to come on one specific day for one specific block of time.

So my question to you is . . . DO YOU DO THIS AT YOUR SCHOOL????!!!!!!!!

**I do not have 59 kids.  I have 30 currently.  I did have 31.  I can have 32.
It just feels like 59.


Freebielicious Giveaway!

Happy Sunday!  :)

The Freebielicious girls and I want to share an awesome product with you!  We are hosting a super cute giveaway for custom classroom t-shirts from ClassroomFaces.com. We will be giving away a class set* of custom t-shirts to THREE lucky Freebielicious fans!  YES!  I said three!  I KNOW!

These t-shirt designs go way beyond regular ole t-shirts.   The people at ClassroomFaces are so creative, they found a way to print a collection of drawings from every child in the class on the set of t-shirts to create a truly custom design! Nobody else in the world will ever have a t-shirt exactly like the one your class designs. The website may be called "Classroom Faces" but there are SO many more options for children to draw than just their face. Sample designs on the website show creative ideas using student handprints or drawings of the school mascot.

The Freebielicious girls designed our very own set of Classroom Faces t-shirts because we're a tight-knit group and thought it would be a great way to show you how cool these custom t-shirts are. We enlisted the help of our talented friend (and fellow Freebie gal) Nikki from Melonheadz to create custom drawings of each of our faces. (and this has nothing to do with the fact that I said I couldn't draw my own face or the fact that I said it was too much pressure or the fact that I am lazy)  The finished t-shirts were absolutely ADORABLE!   I love my new custom Freebielicious t-shirt from Classroom Faces.com.


Creating a class set of t-shirts featuring your students drawings is easy. Each child just needs to create a simple drawing. To create t-shirts with one-color ink on a solid colored t-shirt (like ours) each child needs to draw their picture using a fine point black marker. The ClassroomFaces website has downloadable templates that you can use to guide your students. Full-color illustrations on a plain white t-shirt are also possible. Look how cute these t-shirts are! 

Freebielicious fans that order a class set of t-shirts can save $1 on each t-shirt and receive 1 free teacher t-shirt with their order using promo code FREEBIE14. Orders must include 15 or more paid shirts to qualify and must be postmarked by December 31, 2014

Enter to WIN a Class Set of Custom Classroom Faces T-Shirts

Now that you have seen how adorable these t-shirts are, it's your chance to try and win a set for your classroom. The wonderful people at ClassroomFaces are graciously giving away a class set* of custom t-shirts to 3 lucky Freebielicious fans! Each set is valued at over $250. Stop by the Freebielicious blog for your chance to WIN! 

YAY!!!  :)

Oh my word.  I wonder how many times I said t-shirts in this post . . . 

*Up to 24 t-shirts will be included in each prize pack. Winner can choose to order a class set of traditional single-color t-shirts or tshirts with full-color illustrations. Additional t-shirts can be purchased for $11 or $13 (depending on t-shirt size and style). Shipping is free for winners that live in the US. If a winner requires shipping outside of the US, the winner is responsible for shipping costs. (Shipping to Canada costs between $5-$20 depending on weight and location). 


Five for Fraturday

Happy Saturday!

That's a rug.

And a chair.

On top of the taped off floor.


The room is being painted as we speak.  Or, as I type.  You say potato, I say french fry.  I feel as if I'm speaking to you as I type so it's all the same to me.

The rug and the chair are from Target.  I copied my twin.  She has the exact same rug in her office.  And the chair?  Well, it has a twin, too.

I got two.  

I can't wait to have you over for a cup of coffee in my new office.  We can talk business.  And, by business, I mean reality TV.

The chair had to be ordered online and I was really worried about whether or not it would be comfy . . . because even though it's super cute and fits the size of the room, Steve (wow - look at me, saying his name all casual-like, ain't no big thang) kept insisting that it had to be a comfortable chair.  Oh men.

Well, hot dog, it's comfortable!  

We made our Sentence Buddies this week!  I can't get enough of this guy and I think this is my third year in a row using him.  Thanks to Stephanie, it's FREE!

She is brilliant, don't ya think?

I might have been considered brilliant, too, had I taken pictures of my own sentence buddies, but I didn't.  I was too busy, apparently.

There is really nothing to say about this picture except to say . . . 

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.  I just love Murphie's paws.  I can't get over her paws.

Okay, to build on the Sentence Buddy, we used Kelley's Super Sentence Writers pack.  

This pack is SO GOOD!  And SO FUN!  And my kids know SUBJECT and PREDICATE now!


You know how I keep it real?  Well, here's something real.  I have never taught subject and predicate before.  I mean, don't get me wrong, I've taught the naming part and the action part, but I never called it the subject and the predicate.

But now I do.  Thanks to Kelley and this pack.  And guess what?  My kids could handle it. 

Plus, there's a song.

So we sang it.

You get the song in the pack.

GET THIS PACK.  You can read all about how Kelley uses it in her classroom {HERE}.

We have been taking all of this Sentence Buddy and Subject and Predicate stuff and writing opinions.

I know.  It's like I don't recognize myself, either.

And, not to mention, look at the Four Star paper in effect.  Yes sirree Bob.

I am loving my new little crafty miniature clothespins . . . I hot glue-gunned them to the laminated construction paper before school started and they have made switching out student work super easy!  


Seriously, who am I?




I'm talking about circles today.

Although, we're not studying shapes in math.  We are actually working on five and ten relationships.  I really enjoy five and ten relationships because pretty much every single kid in my class is successful with five and ten relationships which means my relationship with math is a happy one right now.  And that's just good for everyone concerned.

Here's the deal . . . Tara over at Little Minds at Work showed me a fun quiz that I had to show all of you.

Because my results cracked me up.

My results made Hadar laugh, too.  And, to be honest, Hadar is the one who said I should blog about my results.  Which was good because I really didn't have anything to blog about besides how great my relationship with math is right now.

And how my feet hurt because I don't think I sat down once today. But you probably don't need to know that because we've talked about shoes before and what I should and should not be wearing.  Is it weird that my Toms let me down today?  Because they did.

So here's the quiz.

First, you have to look at some shapes and decide which one appeals to you the most.

Then, you scroll down and see what that particular shape says about you.

I'm sure you've all done something similar.  For example, at our last professional development day, I learned that I'm an ESFJ.  Which, if you asked me now what that meant, I'd say I have no idea.  I just know it means I'm a nice person.


So anyways, on this quiz, I picked the circle.

I liked the circle.  

It looked nice.

It's round.  

It's kind of soft looking.

It's like the world.  Or a cookie.  Or a pie.  

Or a smiley face.

Or a cookie.

The triangle seemed too sharp, the square seemed too . . . well, I mean, who wants to be square?  No offense to anyone who picks a square.  And then there is also a squiggly line that I didn't even understand and I wanted to sort it into another category because I really didn't consider it a shape and what kind of quiz is this anyway?


It's a pretty good quiz because here's some stuff about circle people.

1.  We like people.

2.  We like harmony.  (this has nothing to do with music, apparently)

3.  We are peacemakers.

4.  We are good sports.
*When I first read that one, I thought wait just a darn picking minute, I am terrible at sports, I scream and duck if a ball comes near me, I don't even understand any part of football, what kind of a stupid quiz is this and then I realized it meant we ARE good sports.  And I like to think I am.  If I'm reading a book, I'll give it to you after I'm finished.  Afterwards, I said.  No problem.  I think that makes me a good sport, don't you?

5.  We are fun loving and laugh the most.


I could stop right there.  

Hello, my name is Kristin and I AM A CIRCLE.

Some other things it said about circle people are that they have a hard time saying no (true), they hate conflict (true - I've already told you I'm still dating some high school boyfriends because I couldn't break up with them), and the motto of a circle person is, "I'll do it - somebody has to."  


But here's the kicker:

It tells you what kind of Meeting Behavior you like.  As in, if you have to go to a meeting, what's it like for a circle person?

I will quote it.

Create Harmony.

Well, now I think we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this quiz is absolutely one hundred percent accurate.

I mean, HELLO?!

Go take the quiz!  And it's not really a quiz.  Look at the shapes, pick one, and then just read about yourself.  

Then tell me what shape you are!  Especially if you're a squiggle  -- I MUST know if someone is a squiggle!

Click {HERE} to take the quiz.

I think I need to go look for a cookie . . .