Checking In . . .


Robes!  And slippers!
I am suddenly inspired to write a play about Teenylocks.

Okay, so I'm in the Dominican Republic and I'm blogging.  This was not part of my plan, but I never scheduled any posts or re-runs (like I prefer to do while on vacation) before I left.  I know, I know.  I am a Looney Tune Whackadoodle.

In my defense, it rains every morning here.  Or, at least it has for the last three days while we've been here.  Then the sun comes out and all is right with the world.  So I'm inside, in my pajamas, Steve is asleep next to me, and I just finished a book.  

I read the Andy Cohen Diaries.  I couldn't put it down.  He is hysterical.  He also drinks and smokes pot a lot so beware of that.  But I was laughing a lot while I read it which I'm sure makes strange people around me think I'm a Looney Tune Whackadoodle, too.

Today we are leaving the resort and going on an excursion!  I say that with fake enthusiasm because I really don't want to do anything unless it involves lying on a lounge chair, eating, and reading.

But it should be fun.  We're getting on a boat and we're going snorkeling and then we get to swim with sand sharks and sting rays because that's not dangerous at all, don't ya know.  It doesn't matter how many times I'm told that these sand sharks don't bite people and the sting rays don't have their stingers . . . I'm still going to be scared out of my freaking mind.  Hello?  SHARKS AND STING RAYS?

We will have to see if I survive.

Are you on pins and needles?  Because I am.

In the meantime, I have to say very quickly that I was able to post my Reader's Theater for Advanced Readers {Holiday Edition} and I even had a giveaway on Facebook . . . but for some dumb reason, I am failing at bundling the Holiday versions {kinder, beginning, advanced} together!  It is really chapping my hide because I had no troubles with this when I bundled the Fall editions.


I tried a bunch of different things and nothing worked to make the file size small enough.  


And then I remembered I'm on vacation and that this was stupid, just stupid, and I got over it pretty quickly and gave up.  Which means that when I say I tried and I tried, I probably tried two and a half times and then said whatever, let's go get a snack.

The only way I can reconcile this problem in my head is to discount all three Holiday editions so that they come out to the reduced price of the bundle that does not exist due to I'm in the Dominican Republic and I Don't Have Time For This!

So.  That's what I've done.   If you want all three versions of the Holiday plays so that you can differentiate for your readers, they are all discounted right now so that if I do, in fact, get past the technological issues I'm having (and snack eating issues, as well) then you will not have lost any money.  


Business is taken care of.

I'm going to start a new book now.  Or I might go back to sleep.  Or maybe I'll have a breakfast snack (Pringles count as breakfast, right?).

If you have swam with sand sharks and stink rays, please comment below so I know you're alive.

Please and thank you.


Teeny's Secret

I have a secret.

But not really.

I was just trying to play around with the wording and make it all cutesy and clever and that's all I could come up with for my title.

My not-so-secret secret is that I went to Victoria's Secret tonight after school.

I never go there.  I do, in fact, like to get my undies there but I usually just buy a ton and then go back every once in awhile to get more.  That might be every year or so.  Or every couple of years or so.  I don't know.  Underwear is not a top priority for me because no one ever sees it.  And I buy my bras at Target as you can see in this post {HERE}.  In other words, I'm not really a Victoria's Secret customer, per se.

Well, I went to Victoria's Secret anyways.  Tonight.

Because Steve and I are going on our trip and I thought some new undies would be a good idea, and I also thought maybe I could look for a nightie or something because . . . well . . . we'll be on a trip and . . . uh . . . er . . . never mind.

And, sure enough, as I've got my hands filled with some undies and I'm checking out some silky stuff, I run into a parent and a former student.  


However, I didn't have the student in my class.  My partner did.  But that was back when we had smaller class sizes and we were year round, and my partner was truly my partner on my track.  And this parent was a PTA person and she was very involved.  So we knew each other.  It wasn't like we couldn't place the other person. 

And now, here they were, in Victoria's Secret, with the little girl looking all grown up, although I bet you she was only fourteen years old and I'll tell you right now that my mom never took me to Victoria's Secret for underwear or bras when I was fourteen years old.  JC Penney was the way to go.  Or Beall's.  Or Anthony's.  I'm just saying.

They said hello and asked how I was doing, and I got all flustered and verklempt because I was holding nighties and looking at silky barely there adult things, and I proceeded to knock over some other womanly lacy racy things hanging on a rack that I ran into in my attempt at backing away.

It's true.  I did.  I knocked over some stuff and they fell off their hangers onto the floor.  I wish I was exaggerating or making this up, but I am not.  I kid you not.

So then I had to pick up all of the lacy racy naughty things and try to hang them back up again, but I am here to inform you that string does not really hang up on a hanger.  I'm of the mind it should just get wadded up and thrown into a drawer but, like I said, I don't really shop at Victoria's Secret so what do I know.

Then, after I had made my decision on a simple, yet tasteful something-or-other, I got in line.

And the parent and former student were in front of me.

Again, I wish I was pulling your leg, but I'm not.

And rather than stand there quietly, at a safe distance so as not to call attention to myself, I promptly dropped my phone.  Onto the tile floor.

BAM, it said.  (But do not fear because my fancy-pants phone case protected it.)  BAM, it said.

They turned around.

We said hi again.  I smiled.  I picked up my phone and showed them that my fancy-pants phone case protected it.  Although I might have said fancy-panty.  I'm not really sure.

I prayed to melt into the floor, but it didn't happen.  So I just held all of my stuff, wadded up into a big mass of fabric, and waited my turn.

I think next time, I will just order online.

Because you know I didn't try anything on.  

I mean, now that would be embarrassing.


Winners! (and an issue)

Just stopping in for a real quick post to announce the winners of my new Reader's Theater for Kinder Kids {Holiday Edition}!  
I'd stay and chat a little longer but I'm feeling under the weather.  

And when I say feeling under the weather, I mean I am about to have a repeat of what happened right before I went to Jamaica.  Except this time, it's right before I go to the Dominican Republic.  What in the world!?  Read number five on this post {HERE} for the scoop and then feel sorry for me.  Thank you so much and I'll feel sorry for you if you want to leave me a similar horror story.

Without further ado, congratulations to:





Check your email, girls!

Everyone else, I forgot to discount it yesterday which is what I always do when I come out with a new pack so now I feel really bad.  It's discounted now, but if you already purchased it, please email me at ateenytinyteacher@yahoo.com so I can make it up to you!  

Alright, I'm out of here.  I'm off to see the quack doctor at Urgent care.  



Reader's Theater - Holiday Edition

Happy Sunday!

I think I will be drinking lots of coffee today because it is super windy and I think there is a wind chill factor in effect.  

I just checked my weather app and it doesn't actually say that there is a wind chill factor in effect, but I really think there is.  The effect is that the wind is making me chilly.  And that's a fact.  You can't argue with fact.

I ventured out to church and that was enough cold weather for me.  I've been staying inside so I was able to upload my Reader's Theater for Kinder Kids {Holiday Version}!  I'm so excited to prep these today.  Well, let's be real, I'm not exactly excited to prep them because that takes work, but I am excited for my kids to get their hands on them.  Some of my struggling readers have made a lot of progress and I think these plays might be just the thing to help them gain some confidence.

If you'd like a chance to win this pack, just leave a comment with your email address on this post, and I'll pick 3 winners tomorrow.  AND, if you'd like to double your chances, you can also head to my Facebook page and enter there as well!  :)

I am off to finish the Advanced version . . . while I drink coffee and stay out of the wind, of course.  



Five for Fraturday

Happy Saturday!

I'm here to report that I have five school days left and then I am on Thanksgiving vacation.  

And by vacation, I mean vacation.  Read on.

This is a resort in the Dominican Republic.

And I'm going there.  With Steve.  For Thanksgiving.

I KNOW!  I can't even really explain how it happened, but it's true.  I plan on doing everything that Andi did during her stay whilst there when she was the Bachelorette.  

Unless it takes a lot of energy.  Or bravery.  Or athleticism.

I should probably re-read my old Talk About It Tuesday posts and make sure that Andi spent her time in the Dominican Republic reading, lounging, sleeping, eating, and being waited on by lots of men.  Which, in my case, means Steve.  ;)

Anywho, we won't be with our families during Thanksgiving but, somehow, both families told us it was okay.  So we are taking their word for it, and utilizing some sibling spies to let us know if anyone is talking behind our backs about how upset they are that we aren't there for Thanksgiving.

I mean, we are the life of any party.

And, if you don't believe me, just refer to the paragraph above about the reading, lounging, sleeping, and eating thing.

I'm not sure you're going to believe this next photo.

But, seeing as how it's a photo, I think you'll take my word for it.

Thursday was the Book It! Reading Challenge (read all day) and my principal was up to the challenge.  She offered to read to all of our classes and then . . . when she wasn't reading to our classes, you could find her in the quad, in a beach chair turned towards the lunch tables, ice chest beside her, READING A NOVEL.

All the day long.

I was so super jealous.  What a way to spend the day!  Reading to kids AND reading a novel.  Yes, please.  Sign me up, please.  

So, anywho, she read to my class and she was AMAZING.  

And then, I either did something brave or stupid - take your pick.

I asked for her permission to post a picture on my blog.  And she said yes.  She actually typed, "Of course!  I don't mind!"

Isn't she adorable?

Thanks, Mrs. L!  (Just in case she's reading this.  Which, if she is, I might die.  But that's neither here nor there and that's what I get for asking permission and it makes my tummy hurt a little and I wonder if I will survive this and I feel sweaty and panicky now and what was I thinking and I think I'll stop typing now.)

I met my good friend, Sheri, for dinner this week at BJ's.  She is very healthy.

And she runs.

This particular night, she asked me if I wanted dessert.

"DESSERT?!" I said.  "You never want dessert!"  

"Never mind.  I don't need it," she said.

But I interrupted her while she was speaking and I said, "YES YES YES, we are getting dessert, it's too late, you can't take it back now, what do you want, do you want a PIZOOKIE?"

So that's what we got.

And not just any ole Pizookie, either.

We got the Salted Caramel Pizookie.
I only have one thing to say about it.


It's cold here in California.  It's been cloudy and gray pretty much all week and the high has been 70 degrees.

I know, I know -- that's not cold to some of you people in other states but we are practically freezing, especially when the sun goes down.  Really.  True story.

I've been coming home and having a cup of coffee practically every day.

And that's a Harvest Coffee candle that I'm burning, too.

It makes me feel all warm and cozy.

And fall-ish.  And holiday-ish.

Who's with me?

I love this pack from Vickie Plant!  We have been working on sequencing and already did two of the activities from it this week.  My kids are loving the read alouds (I already had three of the four listed and I am borrowing the last one from our library) and they are becoming champs at putting everything in order.  I highly recommend this if you need a little something-something for Thanksgiving!

And that's about it.  That was my week.

Super eventful.  Just like me.

Have a super Saturday!  :)


It's Not Mine

Hello!  Tomorrow is Friday!  I could get used to a three day work week that starts on a Wednesday, let me tell you.

Today, I collected a bunch of paraphernalia on my desk.

This is good for you to know in case you want to send me a gift.  You could send me something for my collection.

Except for one thing . . .

I'm not actually collecting anything (unless you count chocolate or wine that disappears quickly as a collection).

My kids find things.  And then they bring them to me.

But, usually, none of it is mine.

It's Not Mine, I say.

I also say something to this effect when someone tells me that they can't find their pencil/marker/eraser/textbook/whiteboard/desk/chair/etc.  I say, "Well, I don't have it."  Unless, in fact, I do have it because I had to take it away for one reason or another.  

So, any who, most of the time, It's Not Mine.

Here's today's collection:

Alright, so some of this is mine.

For example, that dinosaur pointer.  That is mine.  And now it's broken and no one knows how it happened.  

I don't know, they said.

It wasn't me, they said.

Eyes averted, looking away, looking anywhere but at me.


Well, I didn't do it, I said.

The pencils?

I have a place for pencils.  But, somehow, someway, my kids bring pencils to me.

The paperclips?

I have a place for paperclips.  But, somehow, someway, my kids bring paperclips to me.

The pen cap?  I have no clue.  We don't usually write with pens like that in my room and, when I need a regular kind of pen, I can never find one.  So that pen cap is clearly not mine.  It's most likely contraband.

The rubber band?  I never have rubber bands, either, so someone has some 'splaining to do.

And, lastly, that number one label?  Apparently, it fell off of a basket in our classroom library.

Fell off.  Even though it was HOT GLUE GUNNED onto the basket, along with eleven other baskets, and the labels have been adhered to the baskets without any trouble for about . . . oh, I don't know, let's say . . . fifteen months, one week, four days, and two hours.

Yeah, I'm sure it fell off.

Does it seem as if my kids are destructive?  Because they really aren't.

But something happened today.  

And I don't know what it was . . . but I think I'm just going to go with . . . there was a full moon or we had a short week or Tae Kwon Do was canceled.

One of those . . . 

In any case, to take care of this collection, I did what I usually do when I want to leave my classroom looking all nice and neat . . . I threw it all away.

Yes.  Even the paper clips.  Even the pencils.  Even the pointer that I could have taped or bungee corded or zip tied or what have you . . . sometimes, you've just got to make it all disappear.

And that's what I did.

Don't report me to the Recycling Committee.

Thank you.


Veteran's Day

Happy Veteran's Day!

I am on the last day of my four day weekend.  It's gray and cloudy and cold.  In other words, the absolute perfect reason to stay inside under a blanket with a cup of coffee.  I will go on record and say that I did get up early to take Murphie on a long walk.  In part to make sure she got her exercise and in part to make sure that she would let me sit still on the couch.

I'm smart like that.

Because we were off yesterday, I didn't have a chance to teach about Veteran's Day.  And, yes, I could have done it on Friday . . . but . . . well . . . I didn't.  And I don't really have an excuse unless you count it kind of snuck up on me and I wasn't prepared an excuse.  

So tomorrow is the day!  And we'll talk about why we had a school holiday the day before.  We might also have to do a mini lesson on today, yesterday, and tomorrow but that's neither here nor there.

I have done a bit of research that will probably not help you out in the least seeing as how you might have needed it yesterday.  But just in case . . . 

I love this pack from First Grade Schoolhouse:

And I love this craft from Miss Kindergarten:

I'm hoping to do a little bit each day.

Because it's only a three day work week.

I probably didn't need to point that out to you, but I felt like writing it down.  We have a three day work week and then it's the weekend again.


Last year, I blogged about how our kids wrote letters to our troops for Thanksgiving.  We will do that again, too.  

I have a couple of versions for you.  Just click the picture to download your own if you need one.

As for me, I'm probably going to spend the day alternating between snacking and napping and binge watching Felicity.  I am re-watching the first season on Amazon Prime and I am in love with this show.

I have issues.