Five for Fraturday

It's Saturday!  It's Saturday!  It's Saturday!

And, believe it or not, we're going to a class about living trusts.  Yes.  Living Trusts.  It is official.  I am old.

I'm going on record and saying that it wasn't me who made these Over the Top, Best Saturday Ever, You Wish You Were Me plans. You gotta give credit where credit is due so . . .  job well done, Steve.

I wore my cute booties to school the other day . . . and they were cute until about first recess and then my feet started killing me.  I made it until about 2:00 and then declared that I couldn't do it anymore.

I can't do this anymore, I declared.

These booties are hurting my feet, I cried.

I'm taking my booties off, I yelled. 

And, not wanting to be the only one in socks, I told my kids they could take their shoes off, too.

At dismissal, they asked me to wear my booties again soon.

Piles of Paperwork.
(And Girl Scout Cookies and Coke Zero)

More Piles.
Plus snacks in my Lunch.

These pictures were taken on Wednesday.  My teammates and I had a long planning meeting.  Several times, they asked me if I could grab my Teacher's Edition or my copy of this-or-that or did I have that thing that our principal gave us . . . and every single time, I couldn't find what we needed.

As the meeting went on, I felt like I was losing my mind.  

Where was my stuff?  I always know where my stuff is.  I'm on the ball, people.  I am organized.  I am anal.  I have issues, remember?

But now I have new issues and I don't know where my stuff is.  Like, for real.  I know it's in my room somewhere, but I've yet to find any of it.  

It would probably help if I looked for it.

My teammates said they liked this out-of-control side of me.

Which begs the question . . . what's wrong with the other me?  Hmmm.

I ordered new Converse!  Yay!  Can you tell which ones are the new ones?  ;)

My old pair are literally (I'm not kidding, I'm not exaggerating) my old pair are twelve years old.  And please do not tell me that twelve years ago you were in elementary school because I do not want to hear it, thank you very much.

So it was time.  Obviously.

By the way, the backdrop in this picture is my wine fridge.  This is my most favorite spot in our house next to my office.  And my bed.  And my couch.

I love this spot.

Doesn't the wine fridge make my converse just look more classy?

Yesterday was Jon Jon's birthday.  A bunch of us wore our T-shirts and made a video singing Happy Birthday to him.  It was a great way to start our day!  

I love our staff and our spirit!

Jon has received SO MANY cards and little gifts.  The outpouring of love is honestly so overwhelming.  If you or your class sent Jon a card, I can't thank you enough.  I am so appreciative and I know Jon and his family are, too.


If you hop on over to my Facebook page, you can grab a freebie from this pack until the end of the day.

Or, if you'd like to win a pack, just leave a comment on this post right here with your email address.  What I mean is that you don't have to leave a comment and say anything meaningful necessarily, but I need your email address in case you win so put it in the comments, and also feel free to leave a meaningful comment if you have something meaningful to say.


I'll pick FIVE winners tomorrow!

Have a happy Saturday (and I'll try to be happy at my Living Trust class).


A 100th Day Tip

Hooray for the 100th day!

We had ours yesterday.

Or, to be exact, we made yesterday be the 100th day.  We're pretty sure it was really today, but Wednesdays are early dismissal days which means it's the perfect time to get the kids all riled up and hopped up on sugary fruit loop necklaces. 

Oh?  You were spinning in a circle and then you fell down?  Well, the bell rang!  See you tomorrow!

We're thinkers at my school.

I told my teammates how I always prep the fruit loops necklaces and while one knew all about it (I got her onto it a couple of years ago), my other teammie had no idea and thought I was a genius.

I say that humbly.

But if enough people agree . . .

Anyway . . .  ;)

If you haven't had your 100th day yet, maybe this will work for you.  And if you already had yours, well more power to you - you're practically on summer vacation, you lucky duck, I really don't like you anymore.

I used to cut the string (I have a sample one that I keep from year to year that fits 100 fruit loops) and then I would tape off the ends.

I should rephrase the I prep it sentence and say I have a parent volunteer prep it at home.

But then the kids would string their fruit loops and they would fall right off.

Right off, I said.  Onto the dirty carpet.

So then I got smart and taped only one end, but then tied off the other end with a fruit loop so it had a stopper (or an anchor or whatever).

I thought I was so smart back then.

BUT THEN, all of the strings would get tangled before I could even start passing them out so I spent the majority of the time telling the kids to eat their fruit loops while I tried to untangle 32 strings.  By the time everything was untangled, all we had left was kids strung out on sugar and no more fruit loops with which to make a necklace.

It was a problem.




I still have a volunteer measure the string, tape off one end, and tie a fruit loop to the other end.  That has stayed the same.  Although, my teammate used curling ribbon for her string yesterday, and I am so doing that next year.  That eliminates taping off one end.  I just keep using this one roll of kite string that I have magically never run out of from year to year . . . 

Then, you fill up a baggie with fruit loops (no counting - just a bunch) and you put the string inside.




When it's time to start the necklaces, you just put a baggie on each desk.

Everything they need is inside!





My kids used mats to sort ten fruit loops into ten circles to be sure they had 100 before starting.  I'm sure that's how you do it, too.  They were allowed to eat broken ones, ones that were stuck together, and any that they could sneak without me seeing.  :)  If they had left overs in their bag, they got to keep them.  If they needed more (no one did - my volunteer did a great job), then I had a left over stash for re-fills.

If you need a mat, you can get mine {HERE}.  It is not fancy.  I don't laminate them.  I make a set of copies each year since they get so sugary and dusty and some kids lick them.


So we just throw them away at the end.

So there you go.

That's my tip.

That's all I've got.

Well, I also have left over fruit loops for munching on during the school day which is a huge bonus and the number one reason I love the 100th day.


PS Next year, we're talking about having a 120th day instead.  We are so Common Core.  ;)


Talk About It Tuesday


I started District Assessments today.

We're not going to talk about that, though.  


Uh uh.

Let's talk about people we don't know in real life instead, shall we?  I mean we've got two whole hours of our good friends, Onion Girl and Black Box Cover Up!

The episode began with Chris Harrison telling the girls that Prince Farming's three sisters would be arriving to meet them and determine who would get the next one on one date.  No one knew when this would happen . . .

Then they were given the first group date card which had a message about "going natural" so all of the girls were afraid that they weren't going to be able to wear makeup.


Instead, Chris took them to a lake to see how or if they could be one with nature.  

A couple of the girls were confused about how to be one with nature.  They thought it meant you had to get naked.

I am serious.  Ashley I. (the virgin, if I remember correctly) took her top off and then Kaitlin took her bottoms off.

Chris cheered.

And I threw up a little.  Talk about Tacky the Bachelorette.  Kelsey, the cute girl with the bob haircut, was not a happy camper and I can't say as I blame her.  I'm more of a Kelsey girl, I guess.  Team Kelsey?  I don't know.  Call me Crazy (or Girl Who Keeps Her Swimsuit On) but I don't see Chris picking any of the naked girls as his future wife.

And, if he does, well I just don't know him AT ALL.

Kelsey was over the date.  O.V.E.R. I.T.  And then she found out that they were going to be camping there.


For the whole night.  I really meant it when I wrote that Kelsey was not a happy camper.  Literally.  Not a happy camper.

Immediately, I wondered where the bathroom was and whether or not the production crew would bring me my contact solution and mouth guard if I was on that date.  I mean, were these girls prepared for an overnight?  I need to be prepared.  I hope a little contact solution and a mouth guard doesn't mean I'm high maintenance . . . 

Back at the house, Chris' three sisters arrived . . . Jillian was upset that she had been tanning, sweating, sleeping, drooling, and wearing a small bikini.  In other words, she was upset that she was herself?

I don't know.

The sisters took the girls aside for a one-on-one interview.  Jade, a young sweet girl we don't know that well, kind of stood out in a young, sweet, girl type of way and the music was soaring like a Disney movie, so I kind of knew she was going to get the one-on-one.

And, sure enough, she did.  It was all about being a princess and the clock striking midnight, etc.  Britt was shocked that she didn't get it.  She said she wouldn't be surprised if she got it, but she forgot to say that she would be shocked if she didn't.  Because she was shocked.  As in, her whole mouth came open.

Back on the camping date, the girls let on that they don't like Kelsey.

Oops.  Maybe I have her pegged wrong.  Maybe I'm not Team Kelsey.  I need to be on a team where people like me.

They think Kelsey is fake.  Dun dun dun.  

Onion Girl was there . . . she tried to do the Tooty Ta but she had no clue how to do it correctly.  And then she said some weird things to Chris and kissed him . . . and said things like I hope that resonates in your mind tonight in a really really really qweit vwoice so as to appear sexy or something, but really it was annoying and I just wanted to yell speak up already, ya big ole whackadoodle, you're scaring me!

Ashley I. and Chris did a lot of kissing and I wanted to throw up again.

I wonder if I'm getting sick (it's going around) or if all this kissing is just plain disgusting and everyone's microphones need to be turned down.  It is so gross.  Bleck.  I could barely enjoy my Girl Scouts Thin Mints (and wine).

Chris gave Kaitlyn the rose and the other girls wanted to throw her in the lake.  Watch your back, Kaitlyn.

They all went to sleep and Ashley I. snuck into Chris' tent to tell him that she'd never had a boyfriend and that she was a virgin.  But Ashley didn't tell him in plain English which meant Chris was confused due to his half asleep state.

The next day, the girls learned that Jade got the Princess One-on-One Date and Ashely I. was so upset because no one would appreciate the Princess Date more than she would and when she describes herself, she describes herself as a Disney Princess and she can't even look, it actually pains her to look . . .

Jade looked amazing (and Onion Girl looked like she had a black and white striped sock squished onto her head as some sort of beanie) and the girls were dying from jealousy and envy and every other that should have been me and I wanted that date and blah blah blah.

Jade went to the ball and Chris had no clue who was coming because the sisters picked her.  Chris calmed his nerves by pretending to ball room dance by himself and I'm pretty sure he was told to do that because it looked so fake and nerdy and awkward and, let's be clear, he is no Derek Hough.  Poor guy.  (And this is coming from me who has no clue how to ballroom dance and, for all I know, he was doing it correctly and had a special tutor on the set.  I'm just going by my eyes.)

He seemed happy enough to see Jade walk down the stairs.

Jade is very sweet.  I think I already said that.  But seriously, she is!  She seems like a down-to-earth good girl.  He gave her the rose and then he told her he had one more surprise for her.

I guessed it.

Can you guess?  

Well, you know it!  It was a private concert!  Okay, it was an orchestra, but still! They danced as if they were a prince and princess in real life!  Then they kissed.  But nicely.  Jade didn't try to suck his face off.  It was refreshing in a all of this kissing up to now has been so loud and gross and Jade's kissing is much more calm and quiet.

When the clock struck midnight, she ran down the stairs just like the real Cinderella!  Everyone say it with me:  


The next group date was for six of the girls . . . they each received a box with a wedding dress inside.  They got dressed, caught a limo, then caught a plane, and then caught Chris in San Francisco where they got in another limo.  They went to Muck Fest MS (raising awareness for Multiple Sclerosis) where they had to race through mud and muck in their wedding dresses.

Chris ran it, too.  Jillian took off like a . . . like a . . . well, anyways.  The other girls didn't stand a chance.  Jillian kept kissing her muscles.  She might as well have said welcome to the gun show and I have weight lifting trophies and I'm stronger than any man so I can move hay and drive heavy machinery so pick me to live on a farm and you can be my cowboy and I'll wear the overalls.

Chris hung back with the other girls and helped them which was nice.

Jillian stayed for a one-on-one . . . and Jillian talked and talked and talked.  Chris didn't get to say anything.  He just nodded a lot and thought of unicorns and dancing fairies (his words, not mine).  

Chris thought the setting was romantic . . . but Jillian wanted to tell dirty jokes and ask would you rather questions.  It was awkward.

Chris started to figure out that Jillian is not the girl for him.  And he told her he is looking for his wife and he did not give her the rose.

I was worried for Chris because Jillian could really hurt him.

But then she cried because she couldn't be vulnerable around him and share her feelings, other than her feelings about muscles and jokes and competitions. 

Goodbye, Black Box Cover Up That I Did Not Understand Because When You're In Public, You're Supposed To Wear Clothes That Cover Up Your Bits and Pieces.  Goodbye.

At the Cocktail Party, Ashley I. decided to clarify what she talked to Chris about in the tent.  She told in no uncertain terms that she is a virgin.

He was shocked.  But he admired it and he respects her more now. However, Ashley I. was freaked out because he didn't kiss her.  So she cried and cried and cried.  And cried.  And cried.

And cried.

She is exhausting.

THEN . . . Ashley I. told all of the girls that she's a virgin and . . . WAIT FOR IT . . . Becca says I AM, TOO!

REALLY!  Ha!  But Chris doesn't know.  WE do, though.

Britt took Chris aside and pretty much laid into him about the nudity on the camping date, and how Kaitlyn got a rose after she took her bottoms off, and how Kaitlyn keeps getting rose after rose after rose, and what is going on, and what's your thought process . . . 

And Chris didn't like it.  Nor could he form a complete sentence about it, either, when he should have just said I am the Bachelor, I will do what I want, my relationship with Kaitlyn is none of your business, are you going to be this bossy if we get married, I want to be the boss, alright little lady?

Instead, he spoke to all of the ladies at one time and basically said Britt, you can go home now.

Not really.  But he did say anyone was free to go if they were questioning his intentions.

He gave Britt the very last rose.

Maybe he does want a bit of a boss.  I don't know.

He said goodbye to Onion Girl.  FINALLY.  Who, by the way, felt nothing.  Instead, she made weird noises and smiled creepily.  For real.  

Then he said goodbye to Julia (the girl whose husband committed suicide) . . . she cried, he was choked up, but Chris said she was not the girl for him.  She was very gracious.

The previews for next week look very exciting and filled with drama so let's all cross our fingers that it takes place before the last five minutes of the show.

Kelsey ends up on the floor, gasping for air, as people wonder whether to call 911, and she looks like she can't breathe.

I'm sure she's fine, though, because I haven't read anything online about it.


What did you think?  


Name That Character (Please)

Today is Sunday.  I'm having a completely different feeling today than I was having last week when I knew that I was off the next day.

I am not off tomorrow.

In fact, I am going to be busy with District Assessments (which kind of snuck up on me or dare I say . . . completely took me by surprise because I had no clue we were having District Assessments this trimester since we haven't had them in about two years) and I also have a School Site Council Meeting after school tomorrow.  

Oh, and it is going to rain.

I guess I will need to wear these:

Yes, I got them!!!!!!!
I've never been more happy for rain on a school day.

But in the meantime, I need your help!

Nikki at Melonheadz Illustrating made two clipart images for me.

Exclusively for me.  I say that with my nose in the air and in a very snooty voice like I'm somebody important or Nellie Olsen.  Exclusively for me.  Snoot.

My goal is to take these two adorable clip art images and create two characters exclusively for my Reader's Theater packs . . . and maybe have one whole pack (or more) just centered around these two . . . in a Lucy and Ethel, Batman and Robin, Peanut Butter and Chocolate, Gerald and Piggie, Wine and Me type of way.

That's where you come in.

I can either name these two characters Dog and Cat . . . or I can get creative.  But I am stumped.  I've had a couple of friends say that I have to name the dog Murphie (Nikki sort of used pictures of Murphie as a puppy for her inspiration because I sent them to her as a suggestion) but I don't know if I should.  I can't decide.

Both character names need to be non-gender specific so that you don't have two boys arguing over who has to be the girl or two girls arguing over who has to be the boy and blah blah blah, just read already!

So I can't have a Bob and Annie or a Duke and Duchess or an Edward and Emma or a William and Kate.

It has to be more of a Thunder and Lightning, Cheese and Cracker, Ice and Cream type of situation . . . 


Should these two adorable little characters just be Dog and Cat or should they have names?  If you think they should have names, please leave some suggestions for me!  I'm thinking I'll see what the majority says and then we can have a little contest!  

Am I the only one that thinks a little naming contest would be fun?  Is this because I don't have kids of my own?  

Hmmmm.  I wonder . . . 

Rest assured that I do know these characters are fictional and do not exist in real life.

I know, I said!


Okay, seriously, help me!


Five for Fraturday

Happy Saturday!  We don't have any plans today which is so so so nice.  I love when we have the whole day in front of us and there is nothing scheduled.  I just poured myself a cup of coffee, I'm sitting in my office, I've got Parenthood on in the background, and I'm still in my pjs.  Life really doesn't get any better than this.  

Well, it would be a little bit better if this brewed at home coffee was an actual Starbucks Salted Caramel White Mocha, but it's okay, I'm content.  I wouldn't want anyone to think I'm spoiled or anything.


I'm going to explain this video first.  

This is Murphie.  This morning.  We were sitting out in the hallway and I wanted to show you how she "talks".  

Sometimes, I think I am living with a cow.  What do you think she sounds like?  Murphie is a talker and does this all the time, but mostly when she's tired, waking up, wants to play, is excited about something, is in the car, hears an ambulance, or sees someone.  

In other words, she is almost never quiet!

(I think people think that about me.)


What else should I be doing at 8:41pm on a Tuesday?

This was pretty much the only hairstyle that I could even try to copy out of the thirteen hairstyles listed, and I couldn't even do this one.

And, yes, I was trying to copy this one at 9:00pm on a Tuesday.

Sadly, I do not have hair skills.

It is tragic.

My neighbor, Lindsay, sent this to Steve and me.  Her first grade daughter, Zoey, was writing notes for an oral presentation on what it means to be a good neighbor.  She wrote it all by herself.

We cracked up!  Steve thought it was so sweet that he is making Zoey's favorite dinner (spaghetti and meatballs) tomorrow and we're going to have a big Sunday meal together.

The funniest thing is that sometimes Lindsay has to tell her kids that Steve made something in order to get them to eat her food.  They will balk or say they don't want to try something and all she has to say is, Steve made it! and they they will eat it.

Okay, so I know that this movie has created some controversy and can be deemed political and all of that . . . so I'm not getting into any of that.

However, Steve and I went to see this on Thursday (THURSDAY! A SCHOOL NIGHT!  I TOLD YOU I'M A PARTY ANIMAL!) and I have two things to say.

Number One:  Joel from Parenthood is in it and he is a Navy Seal and he is big and kind of scary.  I really liked this side of Joel.

Number Two:  Our audience clapped at the end.  (I did not start it.)  And then it was completely silent when we filed out of the theater.  The last time that happened to me was when I saw Passion of the Christ.  

It says a lot, I think.

If you follow Jon's Facebook Page, you might have seen that he is receiving GOBS AND GOBS of mail and packages for his birthday!  It is so exciting and I'm so happy for him!  If you or your class sent Jon birthday cards or letters or messages, thank you so so so much!  I truly appreciate it!!!  He even received mail from Australia!  (there are a lot of exclamations in that paragraph so you may want to cover your ears because I am, in fact, using my high, squeaky excited voice)

These are just some of the letters and cards he has received.  It is awesome! 

And that is all.

I'm off to pour myself a second cup of coffee and rewind Parenthood because I can't type this and pay attention to all the drama on Parenthood at the same time.

Have a wonderful weekend! 


Talk About It Tuesday

Hello there.  

Monday nights are taking on new meaning for me.  I have so much to do on Mondays now, what with The Bachelor, Celebrity Apprentice, and Vanderpump Rules.  

It's almost too much.

However, I can't kick one out of the lineup so I just stay up really late.  Which means I am now dragging . . . let's get started so I can go sit on the couch and watch the Housewives of Beverly Hills.

The episode began with Jimmy Kimmel waking up Chris.  And then Chris, aka Prince Farming, said the F word.  Um, I thought he was supposed to be a Prince.  This kind of threw me for a loop.

But he was awfully cute in the morning.  I will say that.

It turned out that Jimmy was going to be there for the week.  He was going to help plan the dates and cause all sorts of trouble.  And, seeing as how last week's episode was practically putting me to sleep, I was all for Jimmy joining in on all the dates and festivities.  The more the merrier is what I always say.

Kaitlyn got the first one-on-one.  The date card was written and planned by Jimmy and said "exclusive club, sweeping view, vaulted ceilings, and unlimited hors d'oeuvres".  Everyone thought it would be a super fancy date.

Until the limo dropped them off at COSTCO.  That cracked me up!

Now, I hate Costco.  I mean, I love it because where else can you get 500 sheets of card stock for $7, but I hate it.  Steve could spend all day there while I just want to get in and get out.  But that's never ever possible because you have to stop and look at everything, and eat things, and check out the new things, and then you have to sit on all of the patio furniture, too.

Jimmy's point to the date was that a Costco trip was a normal couple thing to do and he was right.  It is.  It is real life.  Along with picking up dog poop and emptying the dishwasher.  UGH.

They were a little disappointed that Costco was their date, but they made the best of it, and Chris was impressed with how go with the flow Kaitlyn was.  

They ended up getting in some inflatable ball thingamajig (I told you Costco has everything and you have to try it out) and Kaitlyn was laughing hysterically.  It was actually quite cute.

The funniest part was that they had to unload the cart into the limo and the trunk didn't even close.  I so related to this because, once, I took my Mini Cooper to Costco (it was actually a Sam's Club, but just go with the flow like Kaitlyn) and I ended up buying more than what was on my list (my list was K-cups, laundry detergent, and card stock which I ended up getting, plus I ended up with some pillows and a sweatshirt and some pickles and a Rotisserie chicken, and a pizza, and some toilet paper, and some paper plates, and some other stuff) and when I got out to my car, I realized I had a Mini Cooper.  And that I had driven in it to Costco.  And it was in the parking lot.

It is too perfectly safe to drive home with a pack of 36 rolls of toilet paper in your lap!  Who said it wasn't?   

In the end, Chris and Kaitlyn had to prepare dinner together because Jimmy was coming over to the house for dinner.  While they waited for Jimmy, they talked, laughed, and kissed a lot . . . they're awfully cute together.  Really.

Does anyone else think that Kaitlyn looks a little bit like Punky Brewster?  

Finally, Jimmy showed up.  He was funny, of course, and asked a lot of questions.  And he made them uncomfortable which he said was his speciality.  Jimmy Kimmel talked mostly about the Fantasy Suite and what that entailed . . . ahem . . . and it was hysterical but I fear writing it all down in case my blog becomes something that will end up getting shut down due to inappropriate whatever type shenanigans.  So use your imagination.  

Chris gave Kaitlyn the rose.  And then Jimmy finally left.

But not really.  Because there was a shot of Chris and Kaitlyn in the hot tub (OF COURSE) and then the camera panned out and there was Jimmy, eating a chicken wing.

I died.  I mean, we're all basically Jimmy In The Hot Tub as we watch each date unfold.  Except I'm not eating a chicken wing.  I'm eating ice cream or chocolate.  Am I right or what?

Back at the house, they showed Jillian working out like a crazy person and then once again, the black rectangular hide inappropriate body parts rectangle showed up again and I just do not get it.  Is it a joke???  Or is she seriously having her butt hang out everywhere?  


The group date was next.

Jimmy organized a Farm Test Hoe Down to see if the girls were Farm Living Ready.

First up, the girls had to shuck corn.  Only so many girls advanced to the next round.  After that, the girls had to go collect an egg from a chicken coop and then crack it into a frying pan.  A certain amount of girls advanced on.  From there, they had to milk a goat (where Jillian's bottom was once again covered up with the black box!!!!!) and then they had to DRINK THE GOAT'S MILK!

DISGUSTING.  I can't stand even regular milk so I can't imagine how that tasted.  

Only three girls moved onto the the last part which was getting into a pig pen and then picking up a pig.  I think.  I'm not really sure.  

Carly won.  So she got to have a little photo shoot with Chris.

The girls got all dressed up and they had a little cocktail party.  Carly stole him right away and kissed him.  And then he kissed . . . hold on.  Let me count.

One, Two.  

Okay, so two more after that.  But the way it was edited, it made it seem like two hundred. He said it was the point of the process.  Sure, Chris, sure.  Uh huh.  I believe you.

All of the kissing made CRAZY-BELIEVES IN ALIENS- LIKES BIG NOSES-MACKENZIE really upset and she didn't feel special anymore so she made an extremely weird face (seriously, her facial expressions are bizarre) and asked him why he kept kissing other girls.

It was AWKWARD and Mackenzie is a nut.  And immature.  And weird.  And then later on in the show, I think I saw that she was 21 or some other ridiculously young age which makes me want to tell her she is out past curfew and it's a school night.   She is, in fact, young.  But it doesn't mean she has to be so immature.  I mean, she is like a little girl.

Then Chris tried to kiss Becca, but she didn't want to because it's so new and she didn't want to rush it.  GOOD GIRL, Becca.  Make him work for it.  She felt that she didn't want to have to kiss him to get a rose.  ALRIGHT, Becca!!  Representing all good girls everywhere!  Becca isn't going to need a Black Box Cover Up on her!  GO BECCA!

I am now a huge fan of Becca's.

Well, Becca got the group date rose so THERE YOU GO.  I am validated.  I mean, Becca is validated.  Becca and I are like.this.

The next one-on-one was with Whitney, the Fertility Specialist who has a squeaky voice.  They went to some bluff or something (honestly, I think I tuned out a little so you can let me know if I'm missing something important) and they had some wine and snacks.

Their date was kind of serious whereas his date with Kaitlyn was much more carefree.

But then . . . they saw a wedding happening below and Whitney said they should crash it so they decided to.  They changed into fancier clothes, bought a gift, and did it.

Now . . . to me, it seemed as if this was spontaneous and not at all planned or scripted by ABC.  But who knows?  I don't know.  The "cameras" supposedly didn't follow them in (which was outside) but still.  We watched it all unfold so cameras were somewhere nearby and close enough to hear their conversations.

At any rate, Whitney was great with all of the strangers and Chris was very impressed.  It made me really want to crash a wedding because I think I would be really good at it.  I say that humbly.

I just mean that I will talk to anyone about anything and I like to do it.  Call me a Conversation Crasher because I do it all the time.

They danced, they kissed, they connected, they had fun.  It wasn't as serious as it had started out and became more carefree.  Chris was completely smitten with her by the end of it.  He said he could see her as his wife and that she made his day.

It was sweet.  It was AW SHUCKS SWEET.

The next day Jimmy let the girls know that the cocktail party was cancelled, but that they were having a pool party instead.

Julia had some one on one time with Chris and told him the whole story of how her husband committed suicide.  He really wanted to know and asked her if she was okay talking about it.  He was a really good listener.  Like, a really sweet, good, sincere listener.  It made me like Chris a lot.  But I felt bad for him because he barely knows her and he was having to comfort her.  However, he handled it really well. 

Then Britt pounced on him.  He was trying to talk to her and she just kissed him and he tried to talk again, but she interrupted him and then he had to stop talking because she was sucking his lips off his face and he couldn't use them anymore to form words.  I realize that's an extremely long, run-on sentence, but that's kind of exactly how their encounter went down.

Jade finally got some one-on-one time with him . . . she asked him for a tour of his house.  And let me just tell you that she wore HIGH HEELS with her swimsuit.

High Heels.


At a pool party in someone's backyard.  WHO DOES THIS IN NORMAL LIFE?  WHO?!

Chris gave her a tour and then they "tested" out the bed by jumping on it.  Of course this led to making out on the bed.

Which, I'm just going to say . . . there was a point in which I felt that Jade needed the Black Rectangular Box blacking out her top area because I couldn't tell what I was seeing, but I thought it might be . . . I thought it could be . . . 

Well, I went to get Steve because he's a man and maybe he might know . . . and he said he thought it was the lining of her swimsuit or possibly her microphone pack.  Or something.  But he didn't feel that it was a body part.

Well, there you go.  I'll trust a man's opinion over my own even though I am a woman and I have the body part in question.  


Jillian waited in the hot tub for Chris so he joined her.

And then Mackenzie, Megan, and Ashley I. crashed their time.  Jillian let them know she barely had any time so they left and waited a bit, and then returned. 

Well, that's when the drama ensued because Jillian wouldn't leave even though she had enough one-on-one time with Chris and the girls, especially Ashley I., thought that this was absolutely disrespectful and not okay.


Ashley I. was very emotional.  It was exhausting.  It was so exhausting that she couldn't even carry her plastic cocktail glass up the hill and she dropped it.  It just hit the ground, spilled all over, rolled down the hill, and then she didn't even go after it because she was so distraught.  The poor thing.  You'd think she's dating the same guy as eighteen other girls or something.

Chris ended up finding her later and took her aside.  They sat on top of a walled off balcony (this is important) and she cried and laughed at the same time.  I'm sure Chris found this completely hot and he was not at all alarmed.

At any rate, they started kissing, and Ashley I. practically pulled him off the balcony and almost made them topple over the side.  At one point, she was standing up and he was still sitting.  I say this to let you know she was into it.  He had to kind of hold onto the nearby-pillar-thing to keep from falling to his death with her on top of him.

At the Rose Ceremony, Jimmy kind of officiated the festivities.

Ashley I. told us that she told Chris to give her a rose at the beginning of the pack and not make her wait.

Okay, Ashley I.

Chris either does not follow directions well, doesn't care, or wanted to teach Ashley I. a lesson because he called her LAST.  Ha!  HA!  


Three girls went home.

There were two that we didn't get to know that well, and I don't have anything to say, really, and Amber (the girl from last week who said I Want To Kiss You and she did).

This left Onion Girl who I'd forgotten about.  Onion Girl is still there!  He gave her a rose!  But she was not anywhere on the episode.  I don't even know if she was on the group date.  I honestly forgot all about her.  Was she there?!

She's going home soon.  Surely.

Chris Harrison told Jimmy he had to go home . . . that was super funny because he was crying in the limo.  I cracked up.

And that's it.

What did you think??!!


ABC Order Freebie

I just love Sundays when I know I have the next day off.  Don't you?

So this week, we learned how to put words into ABC order.  It has come up casually over the year, such as Hey! All the names that begin with A are on the top row of the cubbies!  or I think I know why Zoe is the last one in line, but I haven't formally introduced it. Not to mention, I have had a kind of revolving door and so my perfectly perfect "Kids Are In Alphabetical Order By First Name" is no longer perfect, and actually makes me look like I don't know how to alphabetize when Abigail's cubby comes between Jack's and Kate's.

(All names have been changed to protect whatever.)

I started out our lesson by using the Houghton Mifflin Sound/Spelling Cards that are a part of my curriculum.

I put out three cards and had the kids help me get them "in order".  We even sang the ABC song which made all of us nostalgic for preschool.

I know that song!  I sang that song in preschool!

Me too!

Me too!

I love this song!

Why don't we ever sing this song?

Because it's a baby song!

No, it isn't!

Memories.  Anywho . . . 

We started off easy, with only three cards and the first three letters of the alphabet mixed up.  The kids helped me get the cards back in ABC order.

Then I made it a little harder and added the letters D and E in the mixup.

And then, finally, I grabbed random letters to see if they could put them in ABC order even though several letters "in between" were missing.

We started with 3 letters.

Then I made it harder with 5 letters.

The kids got this concept right away.  It was fun, engaging, and a little bit of a challenge so they referenced our word wall and ABC letter cards on our Focus Wall to help them.

Finally, we put words into ABC order.

I have several sets of these picture/word cards and I handed each table group seven or eight cards to put into ABC order together as a group.  

The kids LOVED IT!  One group cracked me up because they sent a scout over to the side of the room where the big Houghton Mifflin sound/letter cards are and he would determine which card came next.  

As I checked each group's ABC order, I would have them collect the cards for me, give them a new stack to try, and then check a new group.  We probably did this five or six times, and each time I would add cards to make it more challenging.

I loved hearing them yell, "We got it!  We got it!  Come check ours!"  

Anyways, as I took pictures of this, I realized you might want the word cards and then I felt bad that they weren't "cute" enough.  These cards are old.  OLD.  But they do the trick so that's all that matters.  I made sure to include a picture along with the word so that my struggling readers would feel successful.  That's also all that matters.

But . . . I decided to spruce them up for you (you're welcome) and offer a black-and-white version if you want to save on ink.  I highly suggest making a few sets.  I have five sets (one per table group).

Click on any of the pictures or click {HERE} to download yours.

Obviously, you could use these cards for any number of things (and I do).  But I hope you can use them!

Have a great day!  You know I'll be printing and laminating my own updated version since they are so much cuter.  Even though the old ones work.

Cute is cute.

Am I right?